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I was reading the latest post by Faeldray at Petaholics Anonymous, and enjoying it immensely, when it occured to me that I hadn’t mentioned one of the key things that had brought back some of my enthusiasm for WoW… and which was also one of the things that had originally killed some of my WoW fun.

And it all had to do with being a petaholic.

I think I mentioned it at the time, that when patch 4.0 came out right before Cataclysm was released, Cassie and I both rolled Human Hunters to enjoy the new quest revamps and changed world.

We also simultaneously rolled Horde characters, both Trolls, to try that new quest zone out and explore the flip side of the coin.

Well, we got ourselves up in level on our Hunters enough that I was struck by a funny thought.

“With both lowbie Horde in Barrens, and lowbie Human Hunters on Alliance, wouldn’t it be neat if our Trolls took turns completing the quest that summons Echeyakee the gorgeous White Lion, and let both Human Hunters tame him? We could be the only level 16s running around in Elwynn with white lions. That would be pretty cool.”

We did that thing. Both our Hunters journeyed to storied Northern Barrens, and we took turns summoning Echeyakee for each other.

I loved that cat. I quested through all of Westfall, Redridge, Duskthingieborezone and ALL of Stranglethorn with that cat on my new Hunter.

I really enjoyed the character in all ways.

But there’s a but. On this blog, how could there not be? A really big one.

When Cataclysm was finally released, it was my level 80 Hunter I leveled first. All the way to 85, and then ran things and got geared, and had a great time.

Along the way, leveling professions and all that jazz, doing the reputation chains… I had a hard time imagining ever leveling the second hunter, what with all of my other level 80s clamoring for leveling attention.

For a few months, the low level Hunter sat, untouched and alone.

I’ve long had every slot on Kael’thas filled, to the point that anything I want to make that is new is gonna end up with a level 50 something dying first.

I wanted to try a Goblin Warlock. I’d never leveled a Goblin yet, hadn’t seen the zone all the way through. Somebody had to go.

The Human Hunter, my only doubled class (except for my Troll Druid on the Horde side) was, logically, the one that had to go.

I deleted my Hunter, and in the process the cat I loved was gone.

After the Hunter was deleted, I realized that the white lion represented more to me than just a pretty pet. It was a constant reminder of a wonderful moment where Cassie and I worked together to accomplish something that had absolutely no effect on being more powerful, or better geared, or higher level… it was something we did just for fun and because we love playing Hunters and we love the looks of that cat, and it was something that was impossible for either of us to do without the other.

It took a week or so to really feel it, but killing that Hunter also killed a good bit of my enjoyment of the game itself.

Well, when I created a few new alts on Azuremyst, one of the things I’ve done is create a new Human Hunter. Different name, slightly different appearance, but in general the same character.

And Cassie, without my saying anything, surprised me this afternoon by telling me she created a Horde character on Azuremyst for the express purpose of leveling to the point that she can summon Echeyakee for me.

So, can lightning strike twice? Will I fall in love with a kitty all over again?

I think so.

I know people have some strong feelings that WoW has changed recently, that it’s no longer fun to play.

For myself, I can’t blame WoW. I blame myself, for bone-headed moves like deleting a character that had, in a short time, come to mean a lot to me.

Blizzard didn’t do that, I did. And if I hadn’t made the Goblin and acted sooner, Blizzard probably could have done something about getting the character back, kitty and all.

Has anyone else out there ever done something like that? Specifically, done something for practical reasons that you later really regretted for emotional reasons?

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Thank you very much for the wonderful folks that all emailed in so fast to give me a copy of my lost post, which is included below. I dearly appreciate it. Thank you specifically to Mee, Gregory L, Beefeater, Grimmtooth the Great, Bhal the awesome, Adamonius, Darth Solo, Dan M, Steven W and Ben O, the fastest emailers out there.

Again, thank you all very much.


I got an email this morning from one of my favoritest friends in or out of the game, whose name shall remain undivulged because I want to use a cool sounding pseudonym for him. Something like “Deep Throat”, but without the… interesting connotations.

I think I’ll henceforth call him…. “The Admiral”.

Anyway, so The Admiral had sent me an email, and while reading it, I was inspired to write this here post. Because what The Admiral wrote me about was a friend of his that had lost interest in playing his Hunter after the mechanics changes, and instead had found a new love… playing a Druid.

Playing a Feral Druid in Cataclysm

I can completely understand the fascination with a Feral Druid. Especially right now, if you are fortunate enough to start in the ‘right’ zone.

I am playing two characters through the new level 80+ content, my Druid and my Hunter.

I chose, completely arbitrarily, to start my Druid in Vashj’ir, and my Hunter in Mount Hyjal. I didn’t really know anything going into it, intentionally.

I’ve completed both zones now, and in hindsight, I’m insanely happy I chose to set them apart that way.

In Vashj’ir, it’s a Druid’s wet dream. Ahem.

The advantage to both mechanics and feel of having a character with instant cast swimming form in Vashj’ir cannot be overstated.

I never, ever used the seahorse mount in Vashj’ir. There was no point. With the press of a button I instantly become a svelte beastie of destruction, powering through the depths.

Herbing? Let me talk to you about herbing.

I leveled to 525 Herbalism just swimming superfast routes in the last zone of Vashj’ir, swoop in, herb and swoop off. Lots of times, I’d aggro things on the way to the Herb and not care, because I could scarf up that herb and be off before they got to me. 

Being able to fly around and Herb without leaving form in normal zones is nice, but it just feels like awesome to the tenth power to do it in swimming form. As a Druid, the water environment isn’t your enemy, it’s your advantage.

Of course, it need not be reiterated how awesome Bear Bouncing on the sea floor is. :)

Vashj’ir just feels like a Druid dominated zone to me. The other classes may visit, but we own it.

I started messing around in Vashj’ir on my Enhancement Shaman, and while I love the look of the seahorsie, it’s just not the same. Not even close. What, I have to actually dismount to pick something up? Really?

How quaint.

The Hunter side of things.

On the flip side, my Hunter has finished Mount Hyjal, and had a wonderful time doing it.

When the massive class changes came out, I really didn’t play any of my level 80s.  left them alone in favor of new race/class combinations. My single biggest pleasure was leveling a new Human Hunter.

I know a lot of players are dissatisfied with the changes that were made to Hunter mechanics, but I’m not one of them.

I have only ever been a Beastmaster, so of course I can only speak from my limited experience with only one spec. Also, I never really was much of a raider, so the performance at the upper echelons is not something I am familiar with. Please, don’t take this as a “there’s nothing wrong with Hunters so shush” commentary, it’s a statement that ”there’s nothing but awesome for my particular style of gameplay, but your mileage may vary.”

For my Hunter, the single biggest change, to me, wasn’t shifting from Mana to Focus.

It was nice, since I was able to empty my bags of worthless pots and mana food, and I’d never, ever have to worry about forgetting to switch from Viper back to Hawk again. But it wasn’t the biggest change for me.

No, the biggest change was putting the timing of pet threat control directly in my hands, finally.

Kill Command is wonderful.

Before the changes to mechanics, when I sent in my pet to attack, Growl was on auto-cast. In the old days, it served as a Taunt, automatically placing the pet highest on the mob’s threat list when it was cast, just like every player tank Taunt ability. Then, the mechanic of pet Growl was changed to be a hugh threat generating ability, rather than a true Taunt.

I’m sure the idea was, take the power of Taunting off of tanks away from Hunters in random pugs.

How many times did you as a tank experience that? “Could you please take your pet off Growl, he’s taunting off of me. It’s annoying.”

So, a good change. But not the best change. It only went halfway for me.

My core issue with the pet Growl mechanic had always been, the power was taken out of your hands, and placed on an autocast with a cooldown timer, OR you had to leave it shut off and activate it manually. Either a full loaf, or none at all.

Then the new patch changed the mechanics of Kill Command for me.

Now, I can leave Growl on all the time on autocast. It generates high threat for my pet every time it activates, which helps my pet generate more threat than I do over the course of a fight.

But I ALSO have Kill Command at my control, and when I use it, my pet does one hellacious instant CHOMP on the enemy, right when I want him to.

I have yet to see my pet not immediately grab aggro from the mob away from me when I give the command to Kill. And I love it.

I find that, WITH Kill Command, I never, ever use Intimidation. It’s superfluous for my solo play. Kill Command is where it’s at for me.

I don’t even wait for the pet to get to the mob anymore. I use Kill Command and timing to manuever the mob to die where I want it to.

I shoot the mob at range to get it to move towards me, use my send pet/mark target macro to get the pet moving, timed to intercept the mob at the appropriate point, and then at the precise point I want the mob to stop dead in it’s tracks, I pop Kill Command.

The feeling of control over the battlefield this gives me is a pleasure all on it’s own. It’s an illusion, of course, I’m not really in control, mobs could respawn, others cold charge in, etc, but it feels like it.

Even better, my Ferocity pets all seem to have enough health to hold their own JUST FINE against 3 to 4 mobs.

I now use my pets to pave the way clear before me as I race to an objective. You know, like an ore node deep in a cave.

As I went Ore farming in Hyjal, there’s this one cave full of ogres that always seems to have tons of ore.

It’s bloody well infested with ogres, though. I’d say the best solution is to roll in some canisters of VX and drop a boulder over the entrance, but what the heck. I’ll go in. Why not? My pet is badass.

I take that cave at a dead run. 

I’d run in and send the pet after the first mob in front of me to eat some face. I’d keep going, leaving my pet behind, and as I approach the next mob, I’d send my pet after that one as well. My pet would leave the first mob behind and go heading after mob two, and once in range, boom, Kill Command. I’d just keep going.

Four mobs in, and my pet has brought all four mobs to me, I’ve never been hit more than two or three times, I mine the node unbothered by interruptions, and then turn around and help my pet burn all four down to the ground.

No muss, no fuss. Plenty of health to endure.  

Seriously, I’m having a blast. My Hunter is better than ever for me, specifically because I feel that, win or lose, I have all the tools I could possibly want to control the flow of the battle, and keep myself out of trouble.

And don’t even get me started on Trap Launchers and new pets and more pet slots!

Play at your own pace

The new zones I’ve played in, Vashj’ir and Hyjal, are great. They’re very immersive, and have wonderful variation in quests. I liked them both.

I know that folks have been very concerned with the phasing, and how it may affect future replayability on alts. There is a worry out there that, on alts trying to level through the content fast, or on multiple characters that you want different experiences with, that the having the content be phased and require 100% conpletion of the previous quest hub before being able to move to the next will force everyone to have to do everything, all the time.

I can see it, but only time will tell how I feel about it.

What I am enjoying is how much fun, and I’ll be honest, how cute some of the quests are, especially in Hyjal.

I’ve been taking the game at my own pace, exactly as I said I would, and as a result my Druid is barely level 83, my Hunter is level 82, and both are at 0% in Deepholm.

Both are maxed at their gathering professions, but I am taking my time and enjoying the questing.

When I got to the forest fire part of Hyjal, being sent out to save bunnies and squirrels, I was delighted. But those little bastards can MOVE, man.

Then I got to go rescue three Fawns from the flames, and escort them back.

Tell you the truth?

I rescued more Fawns than I had to. And I didn’t revive a Fawn and then mount up and fly like hell back, forcing the little fawn to run like hell through fire to keep up, either. I carefully planned routes to keep the poor little woodland creature out of the fire and away from danger.

I really enjoyed that quest.

Then I encountered the Chuck A Bear quest.

Look, can I take a moment to ask wtf Blizzard is trying to say about me?

First, I run into the ‘go gather bear brains’ quest in Duskwood. Go out, kill bears, and bring back their brains.

Okay, that’s insulting, but then you loot a bear skull, and the tagline says, “This was a bear of very little brain.”

Now they’re sending me up in trees to throw bear cubs at a trampoline. I’m sure it’s perfectly safe.

I’m beginning to detect a trend. Ahem.

Okay, I’m just jealous, I’ll admit it. I wish the type of bear you were sent to kill to harvest brains in Duskwood also dropped flanks of big bear butt, just to make it clear who the bear of very little brain happened to be. That would make me very happy. :)

My point is, I’m taking my time, reading the quest text, and in some cases, I’m simply role playing my way through the quests. I’m not going for number of quests completed in the shortest time, I’m having fun at my own pace and enjoying the game. 

Along the way, I’m having a blast. It’s such a great game, and if there is fault, it’s simply that there is so MUCH I want to do, and I want to do it all right now.

Am I the only one?

How about you? Are you really enjoying the content of the game, exploring the world and the stories within it, taking your time?

Or are you really excited about reaching max level, getting geared up and taking on the end game group challenges together with your guild or your friends?

Or is it somewhere in between?

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Do you ever have that moment when you’re reading a book, or watching a movie, or playing a game, and it’s a REAL good book or movie or game, I mean cool as heck, but there’s this one thing that just leaps out at you, an opportunity lost, and you turn to a buddy and say, “Oh man, if they’d just done X, that would have been frikkin’ AWESOME!!!! Next level and then some!”

You know what I’m saying?

What they did is great, you’re really digging it, but this one thing just leaps out at you as an opportunity to go that step beyond, ludicrous speed, and you think, “oh wow, that would have just taken this shit to the next level, y’mean? Word.”

Okay, I’ll stop that. Sorry.

I had that moment today while chatting with Cassie about, of all things, Holy Paladin nerfs.

World of Warcraft is awesome. It’s amazing. They hit the ball right out of the park.

But can everyone be perfect all of the time, and think of EVERYTHING?

Nah. And we shouldn’t expect it. I know I don’t. I face every new challenge with a renewed appreciation for their excellence and imagination.

It’s a damn shame what they did to Old Blanchy.

Maybe in this case they DID think of it. Maybe they had a developer meeting where they weighed the pros and cons, with super awesome on one side, but some other issue on the other I can’t imagine bringing it down. Like limited long term utility maybe, not enough long term bang for the buck.

Because, you know, walking hand pets from max level Archeaology bring so much to the table. Whoops, a little snark backed up there, excuse me. [urp]

Me, as soon as it occured to me, I know if I’d been in a developer meeting, I would have gone for it. No half measures, no wimping out, this would have been my cause célèbre. I would have taken this to the streets, man.

Okay, my habitual teasing without specifics has gotten old, I’m sure. Cut to the chase, Bear, wtf are you talking about?

Three words:

‘Underwater only pets.’

Think about it.

C’mon, if you love anything about Hunters, just give it a second and think about it!

How totally freaking awesome would it be, as a Hunter falling into the deep water of Vashj’ir, your ship destroyed and you about to drown, to survive just by the skin of your teeth? And then, faced with living in this incredibly hostile underwater environment, to be able to tame an underwater swimming pet supremely adapted to thrive in these conditions and trained kill at your command?

Sure, a pet that you can ONLY summon underwater, but there to journey with you as you explore the underwater realms together?

HOW FREAKING COOL would it be to be a Hunter with a trained attack shark?

Or manta rays, or eels, or, dare I suggest it for the US Navy veterans in the crowd, a trained attack SEAL?

And of course, at level 85, I would make sure there would be the search for the ultimate in rare pets…

The rare Shark with FRIKKING LASER BEAMS attached to their heads!

Now, oviously this much awesome has to have limitations. I wouldn’t expect you to be able to summon it on land, for example.

But for the duration of your time underwater, you would have the ultimate killing machine on YOUR side for a change!

It’s not like it would be overpowered, I’d just make it be one of those flavor things, where you wouldn’t HAVE to abandon your favorite pet, but if you play a Hunter that you think of as the ultimate master of beasts, the supreme survivor, able to adapt to and overcome any environment, it would be the bestest.

Can you just imagine almost drowning, being saved, having a water breathing spell cast on you, and then having a nearby Hunter NPC named Mania standing nearby in the cavern, maybe over in the corner still half in the water with her shark near her idly swimming in endless circles, who if you approach and talk to her suggests… (suggests, mind you, NOT gives a quest), that “In an environment as hazardous as this, a smart Hunter learns to survive by taking advantage of the strengths of the local animal population. Oh, and have you met Fluffy, here? My, what big fangs you have, Fluffy! Oh yes you do! You’re just my little snookums, now aren’t you! Oh yes you are!”

(My apologies to Mania if this imagined characterization in any way annoys her. I do not know her well enough to know if she would ever have a pet attack shark named ‘Fluffy’ or ‘Snookums’. It’s nice to think so, though.)

Not a quest, of course, because the completionist within us would then make us want to do it, regardless of whether we ever want to tame another pet besides our beloved Snookums or not.

No, just a suggestion, almost like an easter egg, that maybe you might have something new you could try in this all new type of zone, if you really wanted to.

It would be a fun change of pace, it would feel incredibly true to the class and environment, and then once you leave Vashj’ir, you return to using other styles of pet that can, you know, breathe air, since while there ARE land sharks on shore, they generally come with rum drinks and the smell of tanning oil.

But when the time comes to do the Rock Lobster daily cooking quest in Stormwind, well, you’d have got a pet on hand to protect you while you swim around opening lobster traps under the docks. Right?

It would have been so incredibly epic, you know?

Blizzard’s developers can’t possibly think of everything, although they come damn close. This is just one little thing I certainly do wish would have made it.

I would have had a Hammerhead Shark pet named “TheStig”, renowned master of the hammerhead.

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I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time on my Orc Fury Warrior lately.

Cassie and I had been playing our Druid and Mage combo a lot, and then I thought it might be fun to let the rested bar fill up a bit before we moved past Hellfire. We’re at level 64, and we’re going to leapfrog from Hellfire directly to Nagrand. Since we’re on Alliance side, we did the bare minimum three quests in Orebar Harbourage to get on speaking terms with the Kurenai, and then we sat down to chill.

Queue in our individual pursuits.

Cassie resumed her own Draenei Fury Warrior on another server, while I picked back up with my Orc.

My Orc is kinda my “finish all the little stuff I never did in Vanilla” guy.

At this point, I’m really happy with all the stuff I’ve done. My Druid did just about every quest there was Alliance side, and the only thing on that side I always intended to do someday that didn’t get done was getting a Wintersaber kitty to ride. Blizz assures us they’ll still be there, so maybe next year. :)

On Horde side, though, there are Venomhide Raptors in Un’goro Crater that you can raise from an egg over the course of twenty days.

My Orcs been doing that, I’m on day 14. I might just make it in time.

I love how, every five days the little guy grows a bit more. As a tiny little baby I thought he was just sooo cute, but on day 6, wow! Adorable! On day 11 he kinda grew up into a mini-raptor pet, so my baby is almost all grownded up. :(

At least this kid I’m gonna put to work once he’s past his teens!

Besides that, I’ve been fiendishly leveling to hit 69. At 69, I get to finally grab Titan’s Grip… and equip those TWO Bloodied Arcanite Axes that I’ve now got in my inventory. Thanks to the Argent Tournament, of course. :)

I don’t really care if I ever get beyond level 69. All I want is to be able to brandish those two massive axes, one in each hand, and roar in a fierce manner on the loading screen. That’s all. After that, as Mater might say, “Okay, I’m good.”

Hey, didja hear that they’re doing a second full release Cars movie? Sweet! I know, right?

So, Orc leveling.

I’m sad to say that I blew through Hellfire and Nagrand in two nights, plus some last minute Netherstorm questing, and my Orc is now level 68 in Borean Tundra.

I’m sad, because what’s the rush? But I really don’t care about those in-between levels! I’m on the hunt for twin two-handers, damnit! AXES! NOW!

In other news, I hadn’t realised they’d changed the Cold Weather Flight training soit wasn’t a Bind on Account book anymore. You can’t buy it for another character, it’s training like any other… but it’s purchasable at level 68 directly now, for 500 gold.

I’m kinda sad, I have more gold on Alliance side, I was hoping my Druid could buy the book and mail it to the Orc, saving me the hassle of Neutral AH gold swapping. Blech.

Now, you might think the title of the blog refers to the hunt for level 69. Nah, that was just synchronicity.

While my Orc was tooling around Netherstorm, flying over towards the undead city in the southeast corner, Cassie stopped me and said, “Hey! What’s that?!?” and pointed into the distance at this tiny flying purple blip.

I fly closer, and find that she’d spotted this beautiful rare purple chimaera named Nuramoc flying in the netherspace between islands.

Hmmm. I browse Mania’s website Petopia ALL THE TIME and I don’t recall seeing a purple chimaera before. Lemme check.

Why look, it’s the only purple one currently in the game! How neat.


You know, I have this Hunter, and she likes shiny pretty pets… even ones with twin mouths full of razor sharp fangs.

Oh, why the heck not.

Off I went, logged out one character and back on my Hunter, and off I went to hunt for the elusive Nuramoc, who is listed as flying pretty damn fast.

I’ll cut this short by saying, yes, I did find and capture Nuramoc for my pet stable, but that sucker led me for one heck of a hunt. I knew he was potentially out there somewhere… and I covered most of the square footage of Netherstorm until I found him!

It’s amazing how, even after all this time, hunting for that super rare spawn can really quicken the blood, isn’t it?

With all the news Mania has been sharing lately about all the wonderful new pets available with a tameable Ghostcrawler being just the tip of the iceberg, Cataclysm is gonna be one wild ride for the pet-loving Hunter, isn’t it?

I can hardly wait!

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I like that blog post title. Almost sounds like an old 70′s movie, right? Like Thunderbolt and Lightfoot. Or maybe a comic book… but not something from Marvel or DC, more like one of those flash in the pan Chaos! titles from the 90′s, the kind with gratuitous cheesecake on the cover, like Lady Death, something that sold for no other reason than a graphic cover with scantily clad goth chicks.

Of course, I just pulled it from Jules in Pulp Fiction, but we can pretend that I had some loftier source in mind, right?

Oh, and not that there is anything wrong with goth chicks. Nope. All in favor, myself. Anything that breaks people out of the normal everyday is all right in my book.

Mah point, I say mah point, son, is to talk about the furious angah part in that there title. Now pay attention, boy!

(Why oh why hasn’t anyone ever done a live action Foghorn Leghorn movie? That’s what I want to know. A live actor portraying a cartoon rooster portraying a live actor. Recursive loop is recursive. Win!)

I’ve been liking my Warrior quite a bit over the last few days. I shifted to dual wield swords Fury spec, and blew through the last 13 levels. I dinged 61 last night, and there’s gonna be no sleep ’til Brooklyn or Bust, baby.

I’ve been having so MUCH fun, in fact, that I looked ahead to see when I could finally get Titan’s Grip.

Level 69? You can’t get your max Talent Tree ability until 69 now? Gaaah!

So anyway… I’ve got one of the Bloodied Arcanite Reapers, those wonderful two-handed axes, enchanted with Crusader. Okay, to be honest, I’ve got one of every type of Heirloom currently in the game except for the ring, I’m always too busy with that real life thing to be in the Saturday fishing tournament. I’ve even got two of each Trinket, and the old Emblem daggers.

But here’s the thing. With the Titan’s Grip thingie, and the way Orcs get Expertise from axes, does it sound like a good idea to dual wield Heirloom Bloodied Arcanite Reapers?

It’s not that hard to get another one, because I’ve got a character maxed out with the Argent Tournament. Heirlooms for Justice Points is a sucker’s game, the markup is ridonkulous, but for Crusader’s Seals, it’s just right.

You see, a Bloodied Arcanite Reaper costs 95 Crusader’s Seals. That sounds like a lot, right? The thing is, since 4.0 went live, getting a Crusader Seal in your blue bag from some of the dailies is now guaranteed. Something like Threat From Above, which of course my Druid can still solo easily, is now worth 3 Seals all by itself. And when you unlock all of Argent Tournament, there are all those extra dailies that give Crusaders Seals.

Even without running ToC, I’m pulling in 12 Seals a day, easy. I could get more crammed into a day, but why bother? It’s not like I’d be 69 by Friday.

But should I? For those of you with Fury Warriors, does  it sound like something that would be worth doing, for the fun of it as well as the gobs and gobs of DPS? My Hit Rating obviously would be in the tank, so whaddaya think?

Oh, and for those folks that may be mourning their “self heal” Blood spec Death Knight, let me tell you, your Blood spec didn’t go away. It simply moved to Fury Warriors. Between Bloodthirst and Victory Rush, and with the Glyphs that extend Victory Rush’s duration and effectiveness and the Glyph to increase healing from Bloodthirst, I’m never below full unless I’ve got 4 or more mobs on me. I sneer at Elites with scorn. /scorn!

Frankly, what with the haste/attack speed procs, it really does feel quite a bit like an old Blood spec Death Knight while running with Unholy Presence for the haste buff. And that’s a GOOD thing!

So, two points to the post. One, what advice do my Fury Warrior peeps have out there for dual wielding Bloodied Arcanite Reapers specifically, and Titan’s Grip in general, and two, hey, if you’re wanting Heirloom items and are kicking yourself for not buying before Justice points went live, go hit the Argent Tournament up for some cheap Seals.

And no, I’ve not abandoned my Frost Mage. Level 63 and growing!

Have fun, ya’all!

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