Bare Butts on the Ready Check podcast!

As I continue to work out the epic battle of the Paragons of the Klaxxi, the blog stagnates.

Sorry about that.

Whilst I labor on, if you’d like a bit of bare bear bouncing may I direct your attention to the Ready Check podcast, where I was a recent guest. Very recent, like this last weekend. We had ourselves a big bear brawl of a good time. no, really, it was a freaking blast.

Cassie rates the podcast episode highly, saying “why is it the only time you’re funny and charming is when you’re on a podcast? Why do I get the bitter and nasty bear?”

You hear that? She clearly said I’m funny and charming!

So please, go visit Toman, Flaps and Hunni for season two, episode 8.

Stay awhile and listen as we explore;

The perils of the Paragons!

The torment of the Tournament!

The chills of the Challenge!

And so much more.

Come for the bear, stay for the brilliant podcast personalities.

Ready Check.

Voted #1 podcast crew I’d most like to go on a pub crawl with, paws down.

And speaking of pub crawls, if you’re in the UK, don’t miss out on your chance to attend the special event Ready Check has put together for Blizzcon on Saturday, November 9th in London, the Barcraft-on-Thames!

I’m told there will be prizes, Blizzard Blues, streaming Blizzcon and truly outstanding people. I wish I could see you there!

So go, tell me all about it. I bet it’s going to be a blast.


Sorry, no, really.

Due to circumstances truly beyond my control, I won’t have the big announcement/update ready until I get a teensy bit more research done.

Personally, I blame Samwise and Perry Gatner.

In the meantime, I will seek to distract you with shinies.

If you like podcasts, and listening to random people talk about role playing games and such, then as a BBB reader it might interest you to know I was a guest on the first episode of a new gaming show, “Gaming in the Bear Cave“, created and hosted by Ursiheil for the Versus the World Productions podcast lineup.

There ain’t a thing about WoW in it, but it was fun to chat for a bit about role playing games in general, and PBeM games in specific. If that’s the kind of thing that interests you, why not go check it out?

Hey, there’s a podcast out there somewhere!

The fine folks over at the CASTaclysm podcast were nice enough to invite me as a guest last week, and I think it was a pretty good time.

That is Bear speak for, they’re a bunch of crazy bastards.

My kind of guys. :)

It’s now available for download as an mp3 from their website directly, and hopefully by the morning it will be live on iTunes. It’s Episode 22, and it wasn’t on iTunes when I just checked, so if you don’t see it there, you ain’t crazy.

I hope you enjoy it!

Podcast alert! Going LIVE in 3… 2… 1….


I’m going to be on the CASTaclysm podcast, which is streaming live, like, in 5 minutes!

Here is the link, if you’re somewhere near a computer, and have any interest at all in hearing it and taking part in a live podcast.

Guess what?

I don’t even talk about Cataclysm Druids on my blog, but they kinda forced me into agreeing to talk about Cataclysm.

No, I don’t know what I was smoking.

Come on, you know you want to be on Ustream with me.

Awww, he's so cute!

Just a short note here.

We did another Sidhe Devils Gone Wild podcast on Wednesday, “WoW, unscripted”… also known as “Wow, train wreck…”, with the Lady Jess, Bre and myself. Ratshag was unavoidably detained. As in, he ran far and fast.

If you’re interested in our WoW podcast and haven’t heard it before, you can find it at Sidhe Devils Gone Wild, and it’s also available (I still get a laugh out of saying it) for download at iTunes.

Every time I see our podcast on iTunes, I feel like a Pirate. “Arrgh, we’ve hijacked yer nice clean Apple image, matey! Off the plank with ye!”

If you haven’t heard it before, really, I’m gonna warn you. It’s truly not scripted, nor is it edited in any way. Not even if I blow the bloody intro 3 seconds in, we just keep rolling along until someone whispers me, “Wrap it up, I got a nap to take!” We don’t even pause the thing for potty breaks. If you want something thats totally not ‘politically correct’, or carefully worded so as to not offend someone, if you just want to kinda “sit in” on a vent chat while playing or farming herbs or skinning or fishing, then this is the podcast for you. If you want hard hitting news… umm, no. Just, well, no.

I won’t go into a blow by blow here, but I’d like to say, I saw the cutest damn thing ever while we did it.

We decided to do the podcast while running a couple normal instances, just the three of us, me tanking, Bre healing, and Jess melting faces, and when we were done with the third boss and were going to jump down into the water, I was still in Bear form when one of the two Priests “floated” me.

There I was, a big ol’ Bear, floating in place… and my legs hung down kinda paddling in the air. Cutest widdle thing ever!

THEN someone tossed a Baby Spice on me, and I becamse an itty bitty cute widdle floaty Bear the size of a pet!

Screenshots were taken, and if you’d like to see one, go check out Lady Jess’ latest blog post.


Another podcast… where will it end?

Sidhe Devils Gone Wild Ep 2 is now available, striking while the whole Patch 3.2 thing is hot.

Bre, Lady Jess and Myself tackle the important topi…. oh, who the hell am I kidding, we just gossiped about what we liked or didn’t like when we logged into a WoW with 3.2 in it.

Next Wednesday, we’ll try and pry some sordid details out of Ratshag… about what? Heck, we’d settle for ANY sordid details. We’re that kind of crowd.