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Just a short note here.

We did another Sidhe Devils Gone Wild podcast on Wednesday, “WoW, unscripted”… also known as “Wow, train wreck…”, with the Lady Jess, Bre and myself. Ratshag was unavoidably detained. As in, he ran far and fast.

If you’re interested in our WoW podcast and haven’t heard it before, you can find it at Sidhe Devils Gone Wild, and it’s also available (I still get a laugh out of saying it) for download at iTunes.

Every time I see our podcast on iTunes, I feel like a Pirate. “Arrgh, we’ve hijacked yer nice clean Apple image, matey! Off the plank with ye!”

If you haven’t heard it before, really, I’m gonna warn you. It’s truly not scripted, nor is it edited in any way. Not even if I blow the bloody intro 3 seconds in, we just keep rolling along until someone whispers me, “Wrap it up, I got a nap to take!” We don’t even pause the thing for potty breaks. If you want something thats totally not ‘politically correct’, or carefully worded so as to not offend someone, if you just want to kinda “sit in” on a vent chat while playing or farming herbs or skinning or fishing, then this is the podcast for you. If you want hard hitting news… umm, no. Just, well, no.

I won’t go into a blow by blow here, but I’d like to say, I saw the cutest damn thing ever while we did it.

We decided to do the podcast while running a couple normal instances, just the three of us, me tanking, Bre healing, and Jess melting faces, and when we were done with the third boss and were going to jump down into the water, I was still in Bear form when one of the two Priests “floated” me.

There I was, a big ol’ Bear, floating in place… and my legs hung down kinda paddling in the air. Cutest widdle thing ever!

THEN someone tossed a Baby Spice on me, and I becamse an itty bitty cute widdle floaty Bear the size of a pet!

Screenshots were taken, and if you’d like to see one, go check out Lady Jess’ latest blog post.


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Sidhe Devils Gone Wild Ep 2 is now available, striking while the whole Patch 3.2 thing is hot.

Bre, Lady Jess and Myself tackle the important topi…. oh, who the hell am I kidding, we just gossiped about what we liked or didn’t like when we logged into a WoW with 3.2 in it.

Next Wednesday, we’ll try and pry some sordid details out of Ratshag… about what? Heck, we’d settle for ANY sordid details. We’re that kind of crowd.

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Let the games begin!

Allow me to unveil the secret project…

A brand new podcast!

By all means, hurry on over to our new website, and bask in the glory that is;

Sidhe Devils Gone Wild!

Let me tell you exactly what this is.

This is Bre, Big Bear Butt, Ratshag and Lady Jess complete and unedited, in the pure spirit of that classic 70’s porn.

What is our podcast about? Nothing whatsoever, anything you can imagine, and more than we should ever share.

This is  a podcast that is WoW, unscripted. Four people chatting about whatever comes to mind, all messy and blotchy and without airbrushed touchup.

Did I mention the cheesy 70’s porn vibe? Just checking.

We have a vision for our podcast, a mission statement if you will.

“This is a World of Warcraft podcast that makes whelpling farming go a little smoother, and fishing seem less of a chore.”

An alternate tagline would be, “If you’re going to waste an hour fishing, why not listen to our podcast?”

I truly hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

This… this is a mugging of all things professional.

Just think Seinfeld; the podcast.

If people are pissed at how I’ve treated Blood Elf ladies, wait until they get a load of our Night Elf lady logo!

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Just a friendly reminder that Mike Schramm and the nice folks at have invited me to attend their 100th Anniversary WoW Insider Show podcast Saturday, July 25th.

The show is scheduled to start at 3:30 Eastern time, and I’ll be there with my new bear feathers on!

I hope to see you there!

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Sorry for running silent, running deep around here lately.

I’ve got the gear stuff on hold right this second, because, believe it or not, I am expecting a few more changes to itemization weighting before 3.2, things that haven’t been announced yet in their final state. So, if you’re waiting with baited breath… go brush. Whew, stinky!

If you’ve been craving more of the Bear (and after all, who doesn’t) then may I suggest you tune in this weekend (Saturday, around 3PM Eastern time) to the Insider podcast, where they are holding their 100th Anniversary podcast, and rumor has it a certain ursine individual who has a big butt and cannot lie may have been invited to attend.

You know you love hearing me chat with Mike Schramm. It’s okay, you can admit it.

In other news, I’m busier than a one pawed bear in a salmon stream. I haven’t even had much time to log in or play lately, let alone work on blog stuff, because I’m short staffed in my department (in a good way… cut out the dead wood! Woot!), interviewing applicants to fill the opening, and at the same time preparing for some incoming audits by addressing maintenance concerns that must be complete by August 7th.

No worries, just wanted to explain that things aren’t dead here, I’m just spending a lot more time at work late, and at home we’re having fun with Alex and doing more family stuff. As things get addressed, more time will become available to stay up late to write. :)

In the meantime… I’ve got the PBeM story churning in my head, DYING to have the next turn written, I’ve got the Ultimate Bear Drinking Storytime to write, and the evil secret project of doom to blossom… evil blossoms! Evil! Like, invasion of the body snatcher blossom flower evil, like flowers that shoot Spock in the neck and make him happy and get laid evil! These are seriously evil blossoming ideas here!

Oh, and when you DO see what the evil secret project of doom is, remember one key thing;

It’s ALL Breana’s fault. ALL of it!

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

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