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Today patch 5.2 goes live for World of Warcraft, and the feeds are a-buzzing about what the future brings.

When I look over the game since 5.0 came out though, what I have spent the most time doing and enjoying has been older content.

The new stuff is great, don’t get me wrong. I’ve enjoyed raiding, questing, dailies (yes, damnit I do!) and other fresh content.

The changes done to older content and the new things added to it, though, have made far more of an impact on me.

Pet Battles have had a profound impact on my gameplay.

WTF I hear you say? “But Bear, you haven’t even DONE a pet battle since finishing leveling a good team and doing the world collections. How could that mean crap compared to the coming of Da Burger King?”

It’s simple, all the new pets to tame through the world got my ass OUT in the world. Then all the pets added to old raids got my ass in the old raids sniffing around.

And that reminded me… hey, I love those old raids.

Remembering I love the old raids is part of why I fell for the Warlock experiment, because Dark Apotheosis.

It all goes back to Pet Battles.

Well, that and the addition of Transmogrification. And didn’t that open up our interest in the old content even more?

The old content functionally remains the same as it was in Cataclysm, what has changed for me is the addition of a new feature that casts old, ‘tired’ content in a new light.

Do you really think I’d have gone back into AQ40 as many times as I have without the allure of pets or transmog gear? Back in the day, I ran it to get a Red bug mount, and I was done. I could have done it more, but it takes more than a nice view to commit to a couple hours running old content. There needs to be something to seek, some prize to obtain, some treasure. Even the faint hope of rare treasure can breathe life in the hunt.

It’s all about giving us new objectives to send us into old places… at a higher level where the old places feel fresh because what we can DO in them has changed.

I’ve run Molten Core I don’t know how many times now across multiple characters and playstyles, and every character has been able to overcome the packs of smoldering hounds, but HOW they do it is frequently different… and I love it. I approach a familiar fight knowing what to expect from the enemy, and get to try new things.

Or remember how difficult it was to get past the Salamander boss with all those damn healers chain casting Dark Mending. Yeah, good luck with out-healing my DPS NOW assholes!

It’s not that they added new content as much as that they added the new features that interact with the content, and send us back in there to have fun doing it.

Also, when I’m raiding current content, I’m not looking around much. Raid leaders typically are on the clock, and want to push ahead to the next fight.

I go back into some of these old raids, and I’m so overpowered with delight that I can stop to sniff the slime, admire the skulls and chains, and wander through the hallowed halls of Ulduar thinking “Wow what a gorgeous, magnificent structure! What incredible artistry in the design!”

When soloing Karazhan or Blackwing Lair, there is time now to admire our surroundings without holding 9 or 39 other people back. I love that.

And there are still items to be found out there that were very rare, and tie into the lore. Special things.

One such thing is The Battered Hilt. It’s something I was lucky enough to buy on the Auction House for my old, abandoned Horde Paladin while Wrath of the Lich King was still current. Special quests to play through, unique adventures, and the result being a weapon design that is amazing and can be worn as a transmog even though the usefulness of the item is long past.

For years I’ve wanted that experience for Alex on his Death Knight, he loves Icecrown Citadel and the lore of Arthas and the ice dragons and stuff so much. With Wrath being such old content, and the Battered Hilt such a low drop rate, I never had it drop for me when farming, and I never saw one on the AH again.

Last night, thanks to another new feature, the Black Market Auction House, I was able to win one for my son. It sits in his mailbox right now, waiting for him to take the quest and begin that journey into the Wrath lore.

It makes me wonder, it really does.

What other new features could be added someday that would again revitalize the older, existing content?

I’ll tell you what the first answer that springs to my mind is.

Player housing, or to put it a bit differently, Player Strongholds.

Hold on, don’t jump down my throat just yet. Let’s think about this.

It’s become a very real possibility now. Instead of just releasing a feature, they’ve been adding the technology necessary to support it in bits and pieces, integrating it into the game.

We’ve been working on the farm… and now we’ll be able to ‘buy the farm’. Our own area, persistent, but phased so only we enter and leave it, or even see it unless we are in group with someone else and bring them into our phase.

There is a primitive shack there, and stairs, and there are persistent items that you can interact with and pick up.

Consider for a moment the backend programming that has gone into the farm tools. If you pick up the shovel and have it in your bags, there is no shovel on the farm. If you throw the shovel away somewhere, when you return to your farm, there it is, ready to be picked back up.

And now we’ll be able to bind our hearth there, if we choose. We can’t rest there yet, but we can hearth to our farm, our ‘home’.

I think, I hope we’re seeing the test bed for Player Strongholds, and someday in the future some out of the way area near to capital cities or as part of a new land will become available for us to stake our claim and hold as our ‘own’… phased and overlapping with everyone else.

Perhaps even something we earn as a reward for our part in the Horde/Alliance offensive? It used to be common to bind a particularly powerful ally to you by granting them land and a title so long as they swore fealty to you as their overlord. Can anyone deny that our characters, individually, have been groomed and presented as powerful heroes and trusted allies?

King Varian Wrynn seemed to trust me with the life of his son once, and I was asked by the prince to intercede for him with Jaina Proudmoore. These leaders trust and value my opinion… would it be such a surprise if I was bound by oaths of fealty to the King, through the grant of land and a title… said land being an old, ruined tower in the middle of a highly contested, dangerous zone that could use taming?

What could we expect from a Player Stronghold, based on what we’ve seen on the farm?

It could start small, a stone tower or other minimal fortification. Then, over time and completing quests it could be ‘upgraded’ into a larger, reinforced stone structure. And ever again larger in stages as we progress.

And it could have a hearth set there, or be made into a place to rest. And it can be as remote as Blizzard wishes, because now we have the capability to grow/create our own portals!

It can have NPCs that stay there, making their home in our Stronghold as vendors, reforgers, daily quest givers, etc. They could be our friends, our servants, or our honored guests. As we quest in the outer world and rescue NPCs or befriend them, we could invite them to come to serve us in our Stronghold, or even offer them sanctuary from the war there.

In the privacy of our own Stronghold, we could even host refugees from the other faction as part of a quest series… and play host to ambassadors, and even in time perhaps a cross-faction peace treaty?

And our large, empty Stronghold would need furnishings. We could go out into the old content, raids, instances or in the world itself to find items to interact with that binds to account, that we can then place in our own home. Furniture. Rare treasure mechanics, anyone?

Perhaps even stuffed monster trophies through the new profession of Taxidermy (minor spoiler for those that haven’t done the new Nesingwary quests in the valley yet).

The fascinating thing is, the technology is all there right now.

All the bits and pieces we’ve played and enjoyed in Pandaria, if it were taken and placed in a new way, would be a massive game changer pulling in all of the old content again, just like Pet Battles did.

I know that some players would be pissed, “Oh my god, now I’m supposed to raid Firelands for a couch to match my loveseat, wtf Blizz”, but you know… some players are pissed every time the wind changes direction. I could give a shit less what pisses some players off. The whole concept excites the hell out of me, especially because it’s so possible now.

What I think of is the test of any new content… will it be accessible to everyone? Will the time spent programming it equate to more hours played, more fun had, more investment in the game, more feeling of belonging and identity within the game world, encouraging me to renew my subscription? Will it all fit in to the existing story?

Hell yes. Take what has been created and tested, roll it into a new Stronghold I can unlock through a quest chain, give me people I can befriend on an individual basis like the Tillers that will come to my Stronghold to chill, and let me go out in the world and old content looking for rare drops and loot to decorate with.

Do I think a new class of loot, furniture drops, would ever be added? No. I would expect them to be ‘found’ items in the environment like the Treasures are. Go through Karazhan and find a nice couch you can click on to loot in the Concubine quarters, for example. Or a painting on the wall.

I for one would welcome the opportunity to loot and pillage Shadowfang Keep. :)

Will we see this someday?

No idea, I’m just passing the time on a snowy Tuesday Patch day morning.

But tell me, when you look at all that they’ve done, doesn’t it make you feel, maybe just a little, like it’s a possibility?

Oh, and to everyone of you that read this far… I hope you enjoy the new content. As great as it is, it’s still the next step on this incredible journey we take, not the last step.

I swear this game gets better every patch.

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I was just reading the latest post by Rohan, which is about new the PvP quests and zone in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

He grabbed my attention with these words;

“The PvP area is interesting. It’s a free-for-all zone, so you can attack your own faction. Only 4-person groups are permitted in the area. Larger raids get disbanded automagically.”

Oh my God.

Rohan’s post title asks the question, Genius or Madness?

He also goes on to make it clear that, yes, a four player group CAN and in fact WILL attack other groups of their own faction, and kill them. Happily.

I’ve long had the opinion that Blizzard looks to other games for inspiration at times. They let some other game company be the test bed for new or wacky concepts in MMOs, wait to see what gets attention or works out successfully, then adopts parts for World of Warcraft.

Just my own opinion, and I don’t see anything wrong in it. Why not try and learn from success to grow your own offering?

Here is a perfect concept to steal… I mean, be inspired by.

If a Battleground were added that wasn’t faction based but group based set up as a free-for-all, and you could attack and kill teams of your own faction as well as the opposite, I promise you I would start playing it.

It wouldn’t even be difficult to justify in the lore. Both factions are already familiar with Adarrah and her mercenary band, and journeyed with them on a hunt for treasure into Uldum.

How hard would it be to have a Battleground where teams were ‘recruited’ by Adarrah to go in, hunt for and ‘secure’ priceless artifacts as sub-contractors for the mercenaries?

You put together your own merry band of cutthroats and head off to some forsaken island in search of ancient Mogu treasure, and once there you find you’re not the only crew that had the same idea. Suddenly, you’re fighting the island fauna and the other teams of BOTH factions to be the first to find and hold the treasure, winner take all.

I would love to have the chance to run across some particularly obnoxious player of my same faction on another team, recognize them, hunt them down and kill them.

Or, better yet, have the guild set up multiple teams and all queue at the same time, hopefully to end up in the same Battleground and hunt each other down for keeps.

Awww yeah.

Oh, and mighty master Rohan?

Genius. Sheer genius.

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Lots of Ch-ch-ch-changes coming to the game in Patch 5.2, yessiree.

There are a few quirky things changing in the next patch, whenever it comes, that have tickled my funny bone.

Bye bye item upgrades, I’ll miss you!

No more item upgrades for the duration of 5.2 (and maybe ever? Ya never know).

The item upgrade vendor is going bye-bye, but the assumption is, he’ll be back.

Boy, did I get THAT call wrong, huh? I figured they had finally added the perfect system to give us continuous room for gear improvement. You reach a plateau on what you can win in LFR and raids, bad rolls, bad luck, hey at least you could still improve your gear with Valor and Justice points, and not feel cockblocked by Lady Luck.

Sounded reasonable to me.

Seriously, I was way off.

The vendor is being taken out in patch 5.2, to “encourage us to spend our Valor on new items instead of upgrading old ones”.

Umm, can’t I be trusted to decide what is best to do with my own damn Valor points? Lord knows, if I have ‘em, I earned ‘em.

This my friends is a beautiful opportunity to see the results of government interference in the marketplace.

We have a currency, Valor points.

In an unregulated market, we would have goods and services available for us to choose from that we could spend our currency on however we wished.

The stuff that was in demand would see the most purchases, the stuff that people didn’t want would gather dust.

Since in all cases, all the currency goes to the same seller, regardless of what goods or services were purchased, and everything is digital, nobody is losing money or market share.

So, if we earned the Valor, and we like the system… why do we need to have the vendor forcibly removed to limit our choices? If we didn’t want to upgrade gear, if we didn’t have a desire to do it or see any benefit from it, then we wouldn’t. There are too many other things we could spend Valor on.

So, why not let the market decide what we value enough to spend Valor on?

No clue.

But this isn’t a simple thing, who cares, no worries, etc etc.

If the market remained free, I could, purely as an example, level a new character to 90, and at that time craft or buy a Darkmoon Faire inscription trinket which is extremely good for most classes, and then spend Valor points to upgrade it very near to being a best in slot contender. A great trinket, continued market for Inscription trinkets on the AH, and I can lessen how it might hold me back from iLevel gating in LFR queues.

Sure, I might also want to have a trinket from the new faction that will be an iLevel 520 or whatever. But, as a new 90, I can have a darkmoon Faire trinket waiting for the ding, and only have to earn 750 to make an upgrade.

The new stuff, no matter what you do you can’t have right away, you need to grind heroics and earn reputation before you can buy it, and you need a lot more Valor than a single upgrade would cost.

These are choices I like to be able to make for myself, balancing my time investment against the expected reward. Having the choice taken away from me for my own good doesn’t really thrill me.

Each of us has our own idea what we’re willing to pay for upgrades in terms of time, money and daily questing/reputation grinding.

Buff the player, AND Nerf the raid?

The other change that I think is funny is that the existing content is going to see a 10% nerf.

Where the heck did that come from?

I was certainly wrong about this one, although I’m not sure I said what I thought in a blog post before.

I was sure, and I mean positive, that Blizzard was going with buffing players as their way to get us past raid choke points.

With the announced increased drop rates from existing LFR, increased spawn rate of Galleon to match Sha of Gold, AND the new LFR that would give us big upgrades over existing content, AND new Valor items in the 520+ range, I thought we were going the ‘buff the player’ route.

Of course, that would require players who were stuck and wanted to progress to, you know, run all that other content to get the upgrades, and there would still be some RNG involved. I don’t care how high they increase the drop rates, SOMEONE ain’t getting their Sha-touched weapon for a few weeks. Because, you know, bosses with 4 or more drops you can use to compete for, damnit.

And yet here we are, existing raids to be nerfed by 10%.

Not only that, but did you hear about the progressive LFR nerf?

If you are in LFR, and you wipe on a boss, the entire raid will get a 10% buff for the next attempt on the boss. STACKING.

I know for a fact I am not the only person sitting here thinking how cool it would be to take a team of 25 premade, queue for LFR, and intentionally wipe 9 times JUST to take a 100% power buff for a spin.

You know DAMN WELL you’re thinking it, too.

The goal we’re talking about is how to catch players and raiders up when brand new tasty raids are released.

If the new hotness comes out, and you’ve got two raids yet to clear before you ever get to see it, it’s disheartening. So, how to catch you up?

There are two different attitudes involved when choosing between nerfs and buffs.

It doesn’t matter what your true situation is.

Maybe your raid team plays two hours a week, you’re having bad loot luck in the Vaults, so you keep clearing MSV over and over each week trying to get those few critical pieces before moving on. You’re not pushing the ID or moving on, because damnit you need better drops.

Maybe you really aren’t good at coordinating as a team on some bosses, or have an imbalance between melee and ranged that make Garalon or Elegon tough to handle. And is it just me, or are those names easy to swap at times?

Hell, maybe the enrage timer on Garalon is just a real bitch, and it’s frustrating knowing you just need to eke out a little more DPS to get past it.

It doesn’t matter.

If you decide to accelerate the pace by nerfing existing content, and especially giving those that completed it before the nerf a Feat of Strength, what you’re doing is saying to all those still on earlier raids, “You needed an easy setting to go on”.

True or not, it’s how you feel.

If, however, you add more powerful items in the game that players can get if they run all of the alternative content, like LFR, Daily Quests and Valor vendors, then you’re not nerfing content or adding an easy mode as much as you’re giving the players a chance to become powerful enough to overcome the obstacles faster on their own.

I know it has the exact same effect of making the content at it’s existing settnig easier, but one is someone is lowering the bar for you, adn the other one is you taking action to improve yourself to overcome the existing obstacle.

To buff yourself feels more positive, proactive.

I was following along so well… buff the player, don’t nerf the content… and then they went and said they’re going to do both, and confused the heck out of me.

Ah well. I’m still having tons of fun, so don’t mind me. I’m just puzzled by the whole thing.

Have a great weekend!

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My Hunter is now my main, and as I’ve played him consistently since shortly after Pandaria launched, I’ve found myself at the great position where I’ve got everything I could want from LFR and from Valor vendors… so I don’t have to do a damn thing if I don’t want to and still be good to go in raids.

I even finally maxed my 6000 Valor for Wrathion the idjit punk kid last week, and I’m in no rush to do the PvP battlegrounds. Sooner or later, sometime this week, I’ll do it. I’m not looking forward to it, but I’m sure eventually I’ll get the wins I need. Even a blind bear gets the honey sooner or later.

As you may or may not know, I spent many weeks frustrated at the lack of a weapon drop.

I’m not going to belabor the point. It sucked. I had a Legendary gem and desired a weapon with a Sha-touched gem slot, and didn’t get diddly. Not for lack of trying, but random is random, you rolls the dice and you takes your chances.

Which would be fine, except other players on other classes had no problems at all. “Oh yeah, I’m duel wielding ‘em. No worries.”

Many, MANY Hunters feel that pain. Some of them have been trying even longer than I did, and all I can say is, I know, I understand, and I hope and pray you get your Taoren too. I know the Godmother is about ready to take an axe to her monitor, and I don’t blame her one bit.

So, on behalf of Hunters everywhere, I’m going to send out this little note to Blizzard.

Blizzard, I like your new LFR loot system.

I know many people whine about large sacks of gold, but I’m not here to whine about your large sack.

I like the lack of loot drama, and am glad to wave farewell to the bitching about who deserved the drop more that used to break out in Dragon Soul.

Also, thank you for the bonus rolls. It’s a nice extra reward for doing daily quests. I appreciate it.

The problem I have is NOT with the loot system.

My problem is with the loot distribution.

Your loot system offers me loot based on the class and spec I am on. When a boss dies, the only loot I might win is what the boss has that I could actually use.

Great idea. Love it.

The problem comes in when the boss has multiple things that could be used by my class and spec.

In the future, please do not place THREE items that a single class and spec could use on ONE BOSS.

Placing three items on a boss that a single class and spec can use means that even if you only need ONE of those items as an upgrade, using your bonus roll could get you any one of those three, or nothing at all.

This is annoying enough in normal circumstances, but bearable, even kind of fun when there are other options.

Like with trinkets, even if you’d really like that one drop, there are alternatives from Valor gear vendors and from BoE Inscription items. You have multiple options, and sure one item might theorycraft out to being the best, or be a Tier piece, but even so you’ve still got choices.

When you place a classes only possible Sha-touched weapon on a boss that has two other usable drops for you, it’s horrible.

If you’ve already got a low chance at winning ANYTHING, and then finally you get lucky and do get something, now you have to hope like hell it’s the one thing out of three you actually need.

I’ve been there, frustrated as heck.

In my case, after enough weeks of failure I took the step of running Terrace of Endless Spring THREE TIMES each week, saving my bonus roll for each of the three Lei Shi kills to maximize my chance of winning the weapon.

All to get four chances at one piece of loot from a boss every week. And it still took more than three weeks after implementing that plan to see the gun drop. Not from a lack of drops, I won gear. Just, not the one piece I wanted from the three possibilities.

For Hunters, Lei Shi has the Ranger’s Chain of Unending Summer (Mail Agi belt), Terror in the Mists (Agi/Crit trinket) and Taoren the Soul Burner, our Sha-touched weapon.

Three different drops useable by Hunters, and very nice items, too.

Just… don’t do that again. Please, don’t do that again.

One usable drop yes, two maybe, three OH HELL NO.

I know distributing all this stuff for so many slots is a pain in the ass. I understand.

But please, please don’t do that to us again.

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This post is for me to share with those of you who are interested a well written article on gun control issues.

The piece is written by Larry Correia and posted on his blog, and while it is very long, he states in clear terms everything that I have grown to understand and believe from my own personal experience about the subject of gun control within the United States.

To be clear, I agree with Mr. Corriea in every single respect that he wrote, although I have less faith than he does that there would be as many teachers or administrators in each school across the country that would be willing to volunteer to be properly armed, trained and committed to using those weapons in the defense of the children in their care.

I personally lean more towards schools having a budget for local off-duty law enforcement professionals to be hired to serve as security during school hours. There is already an established practise of off-duty law enforcement officers being allowed to hire on as uniformed security at bars and nightclubs, so the issue there would be cost, not establishing a process.

If you disagree with my position, I understand. Everyone has their own experiences in life that inform their beliefs, and there are few things in this world that inspire as much of an emotional response as guns do.

But just as you have your own experiences and beliefs and I respect your right to hold them firm, I have lived my own life and come to my own understanding of these issues, and I stand by them just as strongly.

What Larry Corriea expresses in his article is what believe to be a true representation of gun control legislation and the facts behind the various issues. And because I do feel this strongly about the subject, and because my blog is about me being honest and up front about what I believe or am passionate about, I’m sharing it here.

Everything I write here on the blog from my own life is true. Absolutely true. In an age of internet anonymity and attention seeking through lying, I write about what I’ve actually done and seen, and I’m not going to pretend that the current political advantage people are trying to derive from a horrible tragedy doesn’t make me feel a bit sick.

When I write a storytime about getting drunk on Parris Island and sleeping it off on the top of a water tower, by God that is the literal truth of what happened. I’m not trying to make myself seem cooler, or smarter, or whatever. You read some of my stories, you’ll see. I’ve done some incredibly stupid things in my life, and the real story is I’m a lucky son of a bitch who could have been dead for, well, for being careless with my own life.

Maybe it’s just how I grew up being exposed to the black humor of law enforcement officers like my father, and then the rough humor of the Marine Corps that leads me to think there is a funny side to my stories. Maybe when you read them, instead of amusement you think “What a stupid bastard.” It doesn’t matter, whether they are funny, sad, or stupid, they happened the way they did.

It was all real life and how I responded to it, and that is where I’m always trying to come from.

How is this at all relevant to gun control and my sharing it here on my blog?

Here is some more of my true life.

I don’t talk about my first ten years of life on the blog for a reason that seems good to me. To my mind, there wasn’t anything positive in those first ten years to talk about. There are no funny stories, no cute anecdotes, I don’t have a touching teachable moment.

My folks got divorced at a real early age, my mom was manic-depressive and violent, VERY violent, and she got custody. She wasn’t able to hold down a steady job, and so we went where it was cheap and she could get emotional support from her family – the inner city of Miami.

My childhood was one of violence. Serious violence. I have been stabbed before, I have seen shootings and beatings, I have been chased by a pack of kids bent on beating me bloody with sticks, chains and broken bottles on a football field after school.  There was nothing thrilling about it; I was running for my life, as scared as it is possible to be. Whenever I hear the song “Here come the high astepper”, I think about that moment, and believe it or not I smile, because I can smile now at shit that scared me to death at the time. I was a high-steppin’ son of a bitch THAT day, that’s for sure.

I had a bottle smashed over my head by another kid, just because he wanted the bottle and I had it in my hand, and it drove him into a rage. I was three. My head was split open and stitched up, and I can still feel the scars.

I was attacked by a group of much older kids when on my bike. I was smashed right off the bike, and then beaten bloody. It is hard to remember, since nothing got broken that time.

In Miami schools, I was once threatened, seriously threatened, to be killed by gang kids. not joking, not bravado, but a serious threat to kill me if they were able to catch me after school. I tell you now, with absolute honesty, that for over a week I carried a gun to school with me, every day, in fear for my life and knowing that if I told my mother I would simply be beaten, beaten as hard as you can imagine, for daring to lie to ‘try to get out of having to go to school’.

For those curious about such things, the gun was a Baeur .25 automatic, a small pocket pistol kind of thing, and yes, it was loaded and yes, if those kids had managed to corner me, and come at me, I would no shit have drawn that weapon and used it. I was absolutely certain they meant to kill me, and I did my best to scurry like a rat scared out of my mind of being caught by the kids, and also of being caught skipping school by my mother.

I never showed the gun to anyone else at school. It wasn’t a cry for help. It wasn’t something to be cool. It was something I prayed I wouldn’t get caught with or get in trouble for having, and that I hoped and prayed I wouldn’t need by being cornered by them. I spent most of my time that week not being seen, heard or caught by them. I was invisible.

Fortunately, I hid well. I found places to be, like the library, anywhere but the school at any time except a millisecond before and after the bell rang. They couldn’t find me, so they went after other kids and forgot about me. But, ah what could have been. I could have been just another senseless statistic in the news.

As soon as I figured out they forgot about me, I slid that gun back in the dresser drawer I found it in, because I was just as scared of being caught with a gun as I was that I’d get beaten or stabbed to death.

I wasn’t afraid of being bullied. Everyone gets bullied at some point, and in my school all the damn time. There is a lot of truth that standing up and fighting back, and doing it so as not to make them feel they HAVE to fight to prove they aren’t scared of YOU now, that makes you more work than they were looking for, and they go torment someone else. This wasn’t that, this was a gang thing, and there was nothing else to do but hide and pray and be ready if they caught me.

Everyone has their own experiences. Mine don’t make me better or worse than other people.

I’m putting it out there so that you understand, before you talk to me about gun control,  inner city violence, abject poverty, the availability of guns and how effective gun control laws are or could be, please don’t make the mistake of stereotyping me as a clueless middle-class suburban white guy sitting fat and happy with a cigar and a brandy, relaxing in my wealth earned by stepping on the faces of the proletariat. I have a pretty firm grasp of what inner city life is like.

If you don’t want to hear about it, if you believe that if I oppose gun control I must be evil, biased, heartless or greedy, then I do understand. I am not sharing Larry’s article out of a misguided sense of trying to convert the gun control advocate faithful.

What I hope is that someone out there has read about gun control and the issues surrounding it, heard a lot about gun control and violence through the news, but aren’t quite convinced they have the whole story, and are still open to learning more about it from other sources.

Will I alienate and anger some of you, who have been long time readers?

Unfortunately, I am sure I will, and that saddens me. I never start out the day hoping I can piss someone off or offend them. I don’t get my rocks off by hurting anyones feelings.

This is smiply what I believe. To pretend otherwise for fear of offending readers would be cowardly. This is a part of who I am, and I am quite happy about it. I can only hope that most of you either believe the same, are open to a different point of view, or are able to respect, if not my beliefs, than the fact that I am willing to stand by them.

So long as I have this venue for expressing my own strongly held beliefs, I am going to take this chance to share Larry Corriea’s article with everyone I can.

I keep saying how important this is to me, and I want to be clear why. I’m old now, I’m 44. I am well past the age of your usual activist. The world is what it is, and my ability to influence it in any way is small at best.

My son is nine years old now. He’s almost ten. I grew up in violence that he could not even remotely dream of. To me, that is the one major victory of my entire life. Everything else, EVERYTHING else in my life is meaningless crap, except that the life my son is living is so much better, so much more loving than anything I ever knew in my own.

My son, to my knowledge, has never been bullied at school, the playground or at home. Not in any way I would recognise. He might have had some pushing thing or an argument over whose turn it is to use a toy, but nothing where a knife or broken bottle might come into play. I have a hard time even conceiving what that would be like; I have no frame of reference for it. There is a reason why I am wholeheartedly behind paying so that my son can go to a small private Catholic school, and it’s not because of the stirring religious message and the Friday mass.

One of the things I worry about is how to keep him from absorbing a message of intolerance or hatred towards others with different lifestyles or views. I have accepted that worry in exchange for being free from worrying over whether he’s going to get shanked between classes. Okay, yes, that’s a joke. I live in Minnesota in the suburbs, I’m pretty sure that if he goes to public class out here, he’ll be okay, no shanking.

All of it, all of his life, all of our care to help him grow in love and kindness can be wiped away in an instant, in a heartbeat, simply because the school that my son and all other children his age attends is wide open to any predator with a will to make his name as a psycho, without any possibility of an effective response within 10 to 15 minutes of that first moment of horror.

As a former Marine, I know how useless a response ten to fifteen minutes after the first gunshot would be.

I feel that what we hold most precious in our lives, what we cherish the most, is what we should protect and defend the strongest, with everything that we have.

And I also feel that gun control legislation, in all of it’s many proposed forms, is useless in addressing that problem.

The only issue in all of this debate that I care about is, “How do we ensure the safety and security of our defenseless children”, and no matter what anyone says, I do not believe we are going to accomplish that goal by placing new rules on what types of guns are allowed to be sold in the future, by actively taking existing guns away from law abiding citizens, or by keeping better records on people who have had mental health issues or are on certain medications.

If the debate does not center on a proactive response that provides a fast, immediate reaction against violence at the time it occurs, than it does nothing about the core issue that I care about.

I want my son to have the life that I never had, and the opportunity to grow into the kind of man he chooses to be. And I will oppose with everything I have any son of a bitch that turns it into a sound bite for votes or a power grab for bigger government, or a chance to get a personal agenda rammed through out of fear and the passion of the moment.

Thank you for your time.

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