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I have been doing a teeny little bit of looking for a certain something-something, and I just happened to get lucky tonight.

Say hello to my leetle frien’.


Wait, what did you think I was talking about?

Never mind, I don’t think I want to know.

That’s right, I now have a wonderfully pretty purple ghost tiger Spirit Beast, and he’s very pretty. I don’t know why, but he is a he. Roll with it.

All I did was visit that marvelous website Petopia, hit her recently added pets page, move on down to that gorgeous image of Gondria the Spirit Beast that was added in the latest patch, and checked out the particulars.

Petopia told me that I could find these beauties in Zul’drak, that they were tameable, and that my normal kitty chow would do just fine.

Moving on to Wowhead’s entry on Gondria, I learned that there were 5 spawn locations Gondria was known to frequent, I found a nice /target macro Nuker had created to help search for Gondria, and Cassie (God bless her) read further and told me that Gondria is a Neutral Beast. That last bit turned out to be important.

First thing I did was add waypoints in my Cartographer map  for the five points (63.4, 42.5) (69.4, 48.7) (62, 62) (66.4, 78.4) (77, 70).

I then added the macro that Nuker wrote, which he displayed as follows;

/tar Gondria
/stopmacro [noexists]
/w [Your Name Here] You’ve FOUND >%t<

I of course modified it so it said;

/tar Gondria
/stopmacro [noexists]
/w Windstar You’ve FOUND >%t<

Now, I spent a bit of time cruising around those points looking for him, spamming the macro. No luck.

Then, after a little Obsidian Sanctum run, Cassie came downstairs for a neck rub, and told me about the Spirit Beast being Neutral instead of Hostile.

The importance of this turns out to be that all of the other beasts in the area ARE Hostile… and Hostile beasts are Red dots on your minimap when you have Track Beasts on. Neutral ones are Yellow/Gold.

So, if I turn my Track Beasts on as I cruise my route of 5 marks, Gondria should stand out as a nice pretty gold amidst the red. Neat, huh?

I said that sounded like a great idea… I logged in, put it on, and was chatting to Cassie when she said “What’s that there?”

“What’s what where who huh?”

I looked at the screen. That there was a gold dot amidst the red, sure enough. I hovered my mouse over the dot on the minimap, and the name Gondria stood out bold as brass.

I had logged out over one of the spawn points, 66.4, 78.4 to be exact, because it seemed one of the two with the most critters, and to my mind meant one of the two most likely to see a kitty spawn. Lo and behold the beastie was right there under my flying feet. If it wasn’t for Cassie, I never would have logged in, in the first place, let alone noticed the little gold dot.

A few hand shaking moments later, a dismissed gorilla (bah bye, sucka!) and I had myself a beautiful purple glowy kitty.

With the joy this brings, as you can see from the picture, I’ve still got a problem.

A kitty that pretty needs a damn fine name.

That’s where I hope you can help me out, because I used up the last of my imagination when I came up with Moonclaw for my Ghost Saber when he was only level 20.

This kitty deserves a powerful name, resonating with majesty and soul.

I sure hope you’ve got a few suggestions for me!

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The decisions were difficult to make. I want to be very clear about this. We received a lot of great entries, and every single one of them was very well written, and in almost all cases it was easy to tell that a lot of energy, a lot of enthusiasm, and a lot of your personal thoughts and imagination were caught up into your stories.

In choosing the winners of the contest, we tried to pick the stories that we loved the most that embraced and ran with the concept of bringing your own character into a personal moment with Arthas, as we defined in the original post.

There were a great many stories that were extremely well written and imaginative, that we felt were great… but just did not fulfill that one rule, that it be about you interacting directly with Arthas.

In the end, however, we could not simply disregard every entry because they chose to write about or around arthas rather than face to face. It was also about imagination, after all.

So we chose four winners from the group that wrote a story of their character directly interacting with Arthas, and one winner that wrote an extremely imaginative story weaving their in game activities with the recent patch shenanigans, into a story where the presence of Arthas was there, but there had been no true interaction between them.

So here we go, the list of winners who will be receiving a book. Over the course of the weekend, I will be sharing those stories with you, one story per post. I think their work deserves it.

A huge thank you to everyone that entered. I only wish I could give every one of you a book, because you far surpassed my wildest dreams with your creativity, your ingenuity, and your passion.

In no particular order the winners are –

Malphailuron of Eredar (also known as Warriorpanda) with a story about the desire of preventing the evil that would be the Lich King… tempered with a love and trust in the faithfulness of the Light.

Hannelore with a story that, while short, invested an incredible amount of emotional power, of passion and dread into her brief encounter with the Lich King that made me want to see a lot more of her adventures.

Cowsareus of the Twilight Hammer EU, who wrote a stirring story of a Druid seeking to work in the way of nature, preparing for a future spring right at the start of the most brutal winter.

Kraggette of Anvilmar with a story of intrigue and betrayal on the very eve of war against the Banshee Queen.

And, last but not least, Ærynn Lómëhtar with the entry that, as I said, may not have quite fulfilled the concept of a face to face encounter with Arthas… but was our choice to represent all those that went nuts with great stories that just didn’t follow the rules.

Congratulations to all of you, and to everyone that wrote such stirring stories.

All of the entries will eventually be posted in an archived format later, so that all of them can be enjoyed as they should. Just because these five were the winners in no way means the other stories were bad. Far from it. Some of them were just incredibly wonderful, including the POEtic efforts of Krizzlybear, and the explosive fun of Honorshammer. Those stories certainly should NOT just vanish into the darkness.

But in the meantime, the winning five will be here on the blog this weekend!


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The votes are in, and I’ll definitely get another group event going, hopefully within the next two weeks. 

It’s really nice to see so many folks saying they’d like to come chat for a bit. I have days when I start to feel that writing the blog is pretty silly, and that the folks that take the time to read, while really nice and super friendly… are just here because they’re utterly bored.

That someone would really take real world time to come by and have fun talking about the game and stuff with someone that is, technically, a wierdo internet writing stranger is very cool.

Hey, if some of you are really willing to hang out for a bit and have fun, that’s good enough for me to show up.

Keep in mind though, this is more than just a friendly get together.

We all share one thing. WoW. And WoW is srs bsnss…. we are srs people doing srs things. When we get together, it’s not to do something silly like have a damby pamby ice cream social, dangit, when WoW players get together like this it’s for a RAID!

Kinda like vikings.  Pick a target and descend to loot, pillage and destroy.

So we’re planning a raid, and planning a raid is srs bsnss too!

Even if all we raid is the buffet line.

We all play WoW. Many folks have scheduled raids every week, some folks are in guilds where attending scheduled raids is mandatory.

Others are going to need some reasonable advance warning to arrange for a babysitter, or spousal approval, or just to make sure it’s not the same time as their regular family bowling night.

I’m not kidding on that one… I know Cassie would be unthrilled if I just sprung on her “Hey, oh love of my life, this guy is having a thing at a place tomorrow, can I go?”, especially if the next night would just happen to be my turn to make dinner, give Alex a bath, or generally do normal day to day things. It might seem.. awfully convenient.

So as with any WoW raid… gotta have advance warning to give people time to prepare. Also have to set the time and date for when it hopefully won’t interfere with most folks in-game raiding nights. And also want to be convenient for folks that work during the day, or even would like to visit from an area close to but not actually IN the Twin Cities.

And finally, as in any raid… we gotta figure out what luckless establishment we are going to descend upon like a ravening horde.

It should be a location that is fairly reasonable for folks in different areas of the Twin Cities to get to, be open and friendly to everyone of any age, and still be kind of fun to hang out in.

Thankfully, everywhere in the Twin Cities is a smoke free establishment. Some of you may smoke, but I don’t, not for a very, very long time.

(Cigars with the Mannyac once or twice a year don’t count. Hmmm…. wonder if I can sucker Melpo into coming to a Tim Malloys night with me and having a cigar and drinking Guinness? MUST look into that. By the way Melpo, how you liking the Planetary comics I lent ya?)

I am open to suggestions on places we could meet, and on when would be an appropriate time. I’d normally think an evening in the middle of the week, but then I don’t know if the folks from the Chicago area or Des Moines would be able to make it. Assuming they were serious about coming, of course.

As far as when… I’m thinking in about two to three weeks.

Ooh! We also need a cute name for the raid! It can’t be a blogging raid without a cute codename!

So I now do what a good raid leader does… make someone else do the real work.

The suggestion line is now open open!

I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog reading, already in progress.

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Grumble N Autumn reminded me this morning that it’s Lunar Festival time, so I wanted to share one resource that might make getting your Coins of Ancestry completed a lot easier.

And that would be The Walkthrough for All Coins that has been put up on Wowwiki.

To whoever the writer of that guide is, my thanks. Awesome work.

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And to all, a Good Morning!

I hope everyone gets all the joy and adventure you could wish today…

and has a wonderfully happy time.

/Hugs to all!

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