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You guys know me by now.

You know that, idiot that I am, when I’ve got a good way of making in game gold, I run right out and blab it to the world. At least, that part of the world that comes and reads da blog.

The last time I did this, it was to share my excitement and enthusiasm for killing trees in Skettis to farm herbs.

Well, we all know how THAT turned out.

I still remember Cassie, reading my blog that day, asking me what I thought was gonna happen if I tell everyone about my favorite way of making money in the game. “But dear”, I replied, “I hardly think telling the 30 people who read my blog about the trees is gonna bring the economy of the game crashing down.”

Well, this one might just hurt, because it is a direct competition. But damn, it is so sweet.

Now, for this next trick, you need Engineering skill high enough (305) to have Zapthrottles’ Mote Extractor, the Epic crafted Engineering goggles that allow you to see mote clouds on your mini-map, Epic Flying Skill and an Epic Flying Mount, Cartographer, the Cartographer Routes plugin and the Cartographer ExtractGas plugin.

As you fly around in Nagrand, you will see Windy Clouds pop up on your mini-map. You get there, use your mote extractor to pluck precious Motes of Air from them. You get between 3 and 5 Motes of Air from 1 Windy Cloud.

When you nail a Windy Cloud with your Mote Extractor, the Cartographer ExtractGas plugin records that on your mini-map and big map.

As you learn the spawn locations for Windy Clouds, you use Cartographer Routes plugin to create the optimized route to fly to hit all of those clouds as fast as possible.

Then do laps. The respawn rate on the clouds is amazing.

How amazing?

I ran the circuit in Nagrand for exactly 1 hour yesterday.

At the end of that hour, I had 14 Primal Air.

You do the math.

And since this also works with Motes of Water in Zangarmarsh, Motes of Mana in Netherstorm, and Motes of Shadow in Shadowmoon Valley, if one area is already being farmed, don’t compete… just move on.

After all, with rates like that, who needs to farm all day? Get in, get yours, and get gone.

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