Thinking about Hit Rating Expertise and Defense makes my head hurt

Sorry about the lack of posting so far, I’ve been working on my article for WoW Insider the last two days.

If you’d like to see what I wrote about Hit Rating, Expertise, Defense skill and Defense Rating and Resilience, then by all means go and check it out.

I’m sorry, but my head hurts now. And I have to go to a meeting about metrics and Six Sigma analysis.

At least I have internet. Cassie has been at home all day with zero Comcast. The bastards.

Conspiracy Theorist!

As many of you know… yesterday, the Blizzard giveth, and then the Blizzard tooketh away.

For a brief time, getting your own Mojo was as easy as a death run through Eastern Plaguelands and on into the lowbie area of Ghostlands.

But then, the news broke out into the world. First MMO Champion, and then WoW Insider, and I’m sure a slew of others got the word out. “Go, ye mighty craving frog pets, and get yours now while supplies last!”

And then, at about 3:00 PM Central time, the supplies ran out.

Yep, someone at Blizzard saw the news coverage, saw that folks were getting frogs and having fun in IF and Orgrimmar kissing like crazy, and they freaked.

Watch with us, as the scene unfolds….

“Holy Crackers!”, they cried, “We didn’t intend for that many folks to have fun all at once! Something must be done! Fast! You! Boy! Get me that guy we keep chained in the basement for fixing bugs!”

“But sir”, comes the reply, “He’s almost finished writing the code to fix a host of game-balancing issues and Paladin core gameplay issues that the Forums brought up a year ago. Can’t we let this go for a day or two? We can catch it on Tuesday for scheduled maintenance.”

“HELL NO!!! Are you insane?!? By Tuesday, everybody on every server will have a Mojo! They won’t be rare items to show off, to prove how leet the players are! How are raiders supposed to show they’re better than everyone else, without items like this in the game? Shut it the hell down, now!”

“All right sir, if you say so. But aren’t you afraid that rushing a fix through so fast might have unforeseen consequences?”

Unforeseen consequences? You know what I got to say to your unforeseen consequences? 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS, baby! That’s what I got to say to that! Now shut the hell up and shut that Mojo down!”

A poor coder scribbles frantically as a huge, sweaty, bald man stands over him fondling a whip. “Code faster!” “Sorry sir. Speeding up sir.”

“All right sir, the patch has gone out as an unnannounced hotfix. The next person to try kissing Prigmon will get nothing, with no explanation why. It should cause quite a bit of confusion, and lots of wasted time traveling across a dangerous zone for the next hour or so until the word gets out.”

“Good, good. That’ll teach the little buggers!”

An hour passes.

“Sir, bad news.”

“Didn’t you hear me earlier, boy? 10 million subscribers. There ain’t no such thing as bad news. Now tell me what you’re whining about this time.”

“No sir, this looks serious. Ever since the hotfix nerfed Mojo, lag has been increasing across the board on all servers. It almost looks like a memory drain on the servers. And it’s increasing. Reports are coming in from every server that some instances are crashing, and are no longer letting people back in.”

“Who cares about the noobs running instances? As long as the Battlegrounds and the Raids are fine, let ‘em QQ. Now, I’m trying to watch a tape of the new Terminator show here. Don’t come bothering me again unless something brings down the BGs or the Raids.”

“Yes, sir.”

Another hour passes.


“Dammit, what freaking now?!?!

“Sir, I’m sorry, I know you like Summer Glau, but you said you wanted to know… all Battlegrounds, instances and Raids are down. Dead. Kaput.”

“Well, okay, that could be bad. But I just got the chips out of the microwave. Hmmm…. Hell with it, screw ‘em. Just ignore it for now; if they don’t like it, they can log off for a change and go see what color the damn Sun is. Do ‘em some good. Hell, they should thank me for giving them a break. Now buzz off.”

“Yes, sir. [sigh]

Another hour passes….. [you having fun yet?]

“Sir? I thought you’d like to know, we don’t need to worry about the instances and BGs and Raids being down anymore.”

“Oh yeah?”, the drunken voice slurs from the depths of the recliner, as waves of cheese-covered nachos tumble from the slumped figures’ belly. On the massive TV in front of him, in the Blizzard ‘War Room’, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is coming on the air. “Problem fixed itself, did it? I told ya we knew what we were doing. Built them servers darn tough! No hotfix can take ‘em down! Now get me another beer.”

“Oh, no sir, the instances and stuff are all still bollixed up. No, it’s just that no one seems to care! The players seem to have taken the opportunity to talk to each other, organize, and find new things to do on their own. They’ve gotten raiding leagues formed, and massive server-wide raids on capital cities are underway even as we speak. The players have never been happier. It’s amazing, the level of fun they can get up to when they don’t have the same old thing to run.”

“WHAT!?!?! The HELL you say! How DARE they have fun in ways I did not personally authorize? That’s it, take those servers down, NOW! I’ll put a stop to that shit!”

“But sir! Well, okay sir, if you say so… I’ll get the notice posted up on the login screen right away.”

“Like hell you will! You must be new here, boy… we don’t warn ‘em, we just put up a rolling timer in general chat… and it shouldn’t say ‘Server Restart’, neither… they can understand a restart. Say ‘Server Shutdown’ instead. That’s nice and vague, it could mean minutes, hours or even days. That’ll panic the little bastards. Now, I said get me another beer.”

“Right away, sir.

This little behind-the-scenes view at Blizzard Weekend Tech Support has been brought to you by Guinness… enjoy a Guinness today!

Free Mojo Pet! For reals!

According to a forum post in MMO Champion, the previously rare Mojo pet frog, the one that you had to run Zul’Aman and get from Amani Hex Sticks, is now free outside the instance.

Well, seeing as I have the flight path, I hustled my butt over there to find out if that’s true.

It is! I can tell you first hand that you can get your own Mojo for free.

What you do is go to the Zul’Aman instance entrance area, in the Ghostlands. It is just north of Eastern Plaguelands, kind of north of Lights Hope Chapel end of the zone.

Outside the ZA instance, over near the tents past the Flight Path, is a troll named Prigmon. If you walk up to him and blow him a /kiss (select him and type /kiss, that is) you will get your very own Mojo added to your bag!

As special bonus fun, if you blow your pet frog a /kiss, YOU turn into a frog too! Check out Cassieann having some fun frog-on-frog action!

And one last thing… if you are mounted when you blow a kiss to your frog, you become a mounted frog! Wahoo!

Go forth, ye multitudes, and frogify.

EDIT ALERT!!! Blizzard hotfixed this one almost instantly, as of 3:00 PM today, Sunday, it is no longer available from Prigmon. I’m sorry I found this out and posted it too slow for more of you to get your Mojo.

What video for tomorrow – You decide!

I have a nice selection of videos to choose from… and before I make an executive decision, I thought I’d take an informal poll. Let me know which of these sounds most appealing to you for a video.

Keep in mind, these ain’t ‘how tos’… they are paired with music I love for raiding. But if you’re gonna watch a video, ought to be something fun to watch.

What I have captured so far, that you have to choose from;

  • Two feral bear tanks take down Zul’Aman bear boss Nalorakk
  • BigBear tanked guild takedown of Terestrian Illhoof
  • BigBear cat DPS guild takedown of Shade of Aran
  • BigBear tanked guild takedown of Prince Malchazaar

So let me know, because your opinions will 100% determine what goes up tomorrow.

Linking to an awesome pre-Kara Priest gear guide from Matticus

Just because I can, I’m linking to the pre-Kara level 70 healing Priest gear guide that World of Matticus wrote.

Check out his awesome guide here.

I thank you so much, Matticus, for writing that, and for all of the skilled Priest players for adding to it in the comments.

Not only does it show me what to look for in the Auction House ahead of time, but it helps me focus on what to aim for in faction grinding, and in instances I will want to run for drops.

My only problem with it is that you discuss taking two professions, Enchanting and Tailoring. Now, of COURSE I’m taking Tailoring… I had 375 Tailoring on my Druid at one point (until I had all 20 slot bags, anyway), so I’m all about getting the Primal Mooncloth set.

But I have chosen to take Jewelcrafting on my Priest, and actually am already 305 JC, just drooling to get to level 50 for the next and last step.

I was, again, 375 Enchanting on my Druid at one point, before reshuffling my professions (wow, the only proffs I haven’t had maxed on my Druid at one point are Blacksmithing and Leatherworking. How sad is that.)

I just don’t see, personally, how the BOP benefits to Enchanting other than the +20 Healing to a ring would offset the money making opportunities of prospecting your own ores, and having the BOP Trinkets like Figurine: Talasite Owl, Figurine: Living Ruby Serpent, and a couple nice BOP epic gems that would be helpful upgrades.

Of course, I am speaking strictly from the point of view of someone that has Mining maxed out on an alt. I totally agree that nothing is as optimized for use with Tailoring as Enchanting is, if that is your only character in the 60-70 range.

I’m just saying that, for me, I’d rather have two professions on my Priest that provide sweet BOPs, and also can make me some cash and benefit my other characters.

I got SO fed up with not being able to enchant the gear of my alts. THAT is why I dropped Enchanting. After the 30th time I had to find another Enchanter to trick out my Hunter or another alt, I took a step back, said “Screw this“, and dropped it. I’ve never been unhappy with that decision.

Anyone else have any thoughts on JC over Enchanting for Priests? Or something else over both? If synergy is NOT an issue between two professions on one character, and given that Tailoring is a MUST have, which would you prefer? I really want to know, before I go the rest of the way to 375 JC.

EDIT: Oh, and I’m not talking about taking both of those figurine Trinkets over what Matticus recommened. I’m only talking about replacing the Lower City Prayerbook with the Figurine: Talasite Owl. FYI. I loves me the Scarab. can’t wait to heal in Black morass to get it. :)

Where do we go from here?

I’m in kind of a rut in the game…

Let me explain.

I have tons of stuff going on all the time… I am recording video when I am doing things that seem interesting, and I’m leveling my Priest, and running Karazhan or Zul’Aman or helping Cassie. Or herbing. All great, tons of stuff to do in game all the time.

But Windshadow really hasn’t got any personal goals, other than ‘get Badges for gear upgrades in Karazhan’.

I’ve gotten into the mindset of thinking that Windshadow is as advanced as possible, considering her gear and where we are as a guild in progression.

But that’s not true. There is always something you can improve. I need to step back, look at where I am, and set some goals.

First goal, is to figure out what I need to do to replace my Dunewind Sash with an epic upgrade.

I mean, seriously… I have had no complaints about my Dunewind Sash, it’s awesome, but it’s the last blue in my cat gear set… come on, I haven’t cared abnout that crap, but when you’re down to only 1 blue left, it’s time to make the effort to actually replace the bloody thing, so I can have all epics in cat… for at least a few months before the next expansion. :)

The second thing, I think, is to make a list of those Engineering patterns I don’t have, and go get ‘em. I know I don’t have the Rocket Boot pattern, for example.

I’d try to increase my fishing skill, but frankly, I just can’t do it. Maybe after my Priest is 70, THEN I could justify blowing dozens of played hours fishing. Even with the need for +30 Stamina Spicy Crawdads, I just can’t bring myself to do it.

But okay… epic belt upgrade, list of Engineering recipes to seek out. Cool.

I love my Hunter, but as our guild has a lack of tanks, I don’t get to play her in guild events. I’m not happy about it, everyone else seems to be playing their alts and having fun, but when you’re short tanks, not much can happen to change that. Goal for the future for Windstar has to be to save up for the epic flying mount, and plan on going in 5 mans, even as a pug, to try and get another piece of set gear for the reduced cooldown on traps. And hope I get to do something opther than tank someday. If not the Hunter, than maybe when my Priest gets up there.

And finally, my Priest. She’s level 38 now, and 52% rested. I am going to continue to play her whenever I can steal the time, and make my personal goal to be 40 by the weekend, and get Exalted with Stormwind at 40 so I can get the Horse mount instead of the elephant.

Those are my personal goals for my characters…

What are you planning to work towards on your characters? Is there a particular item or recipe you wish you had, that you’re grinding rep for? An instance or raid you run as much as possible for a particular drop? Or maybe a skill you are trying to level.

Let me know! I’d like to hear about it.