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I’m playing my female Worgen Priest. The starting zone, without Heirlooms and as a caster, require, get this – skill. I actually died once getting swarmed early on, because I wasn’t checking my six and somebody else drug a ton of mobs to me before inconveniently dying.

Anyway, not the point.

Female Worgen are very cool… but once you go furry, I think they give you hideous ideas.

It suddenly occured to me, what with the whole werewolf thing, and the storyline and where I was…

And what with that handsome Prince Greymane so overjoyed to see me…

I’d love to see some new shirts in my store.

A nice werewolf claw graphic with a portrait or some kind of tribute to Prince Greymane, with the words “Team Greymane” scrolled across it, like all those Twilight “Team Jacob” shirts you used to see so many of.

No, I make no apologies… I’m simply a sick puppy. And now, off to Gilneas again!

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