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I was browsing the new changes from last night’s Beta build that MMO-Champion posted.

Cassie was standing over my shoulder, watching as I scrolled through the undocumented class changes.

You know… you KNOW you have scored a hit with your latest changes, when I scrolled past the Paladin section, and heard Cassie draw an involuntary breath like she’d just been sucker punched.

I looked up, and saw her eyes shining with a vindictive glow, like she had seen the fires of hell unleashed, and it was her hands that set them free.

I looked back at the screen to see what could have prompted this unholy glee.

There was only one Retribution change listed;

retadin oomph

I looked back up at her, and she said, “That’ll teach them to try to run away from me! Oooh, I hate that!”

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I’ve mentioned my plans to mess around with Professions before WotLK comes out.

One thing that makes it easier for me to think about dropping Engineering on my Druid and taking it on my Hunter, is that there are only a handful of recipes that are drops to worry about. I don’t have that many to try and replace.

Plus, the things that Engineering gives a Druid? Not so useful.

But for a Hunter? Pretty awesome.

Engineering gives you the ability to make Jumper Cables that can rez others. With Feign Death, a Hunter can realistically have a chance to drop a Freezing Trap, run like heck, then Feign Death and survive a wipe. With Jumper Cables, the Hunter might be able to then rez a Healer that can bring the rest of the group back up.

I’ve seen it work. Really! Sometimes, anyway.

Hey, even a blind squirrel gets a nut once in a while. Jumper cables work… sometimes. I think.

With a Druid, if he survives, he can rez anyway. In WotLK, there will be unlimited non-combat ressurection, so even less need for a Druid with Jumper Cables.

There are the teleports. I love having the teleport to Gadgetzan, but realistically, Druids can Teleport directly to Moonglade whenever they like. It’s a long flight to Gadgetzan from Moonglade, sure, but hey. It’s cool.

Having a Teleport to Gadgetzan for my Hunter would be pure fun. 

An Engineer can make a very cool mechanized Gyrocopter.

On my Druid, I use Swift Flight Form ONLY. So, I made my Gyrocopter, but it’s in the bank. Kind of sad. And for a land mount, I have my awesome Birdie from Sethekk Halls.

But in WotLK, not only will my Hunter be able to make the Gyrocopter, but it has been confirmed that there is a new Engineering spell called ‘The Hog’, where you will be able to craft and have a motorcycle with passenger-carrying sidecar.

Okay, are you serious? Really?

C’mon… a motorcycle?

I have a vision, my friends. I have a vision of a group of bad ass biker chicks, wearing cool outfits, roaring across the land.

My hunter has the eyepatch already, and I NEED, not want but need a leather jacket craftable by Leatherworkers that displays your Tabard insignia on the back.

Black. With silver chains and spikes.

I’d make sure our guild logo was a bunny faster than you could imagine.


I know that Warhammer 40k, the tabletop miniature version anyway, had the Orc race have those options, because I had biker Orcs with the full leather jacket/spiky helmet. So I doubt WoW will go that direction, and we probably won’t get Leatherworker leather jackets, biker boots, or any of the other fun stuff.

And it wouldn’t really fit with the WoW theme anyway, no matter how much I’d like it.

But I can haz motorcycles… and big guns.. and teleports, and scopes and jumper cables and the chicken gun. And repair bots. And ammo.

Yep, my only thought now is, I need to switch to Engineering fast so I can level it up and get into Karazhan so I can get that Scope recipe off Attumen before I drop it from Windshadow.

How do you folks feel about the motorcycle?

Do you feel like I do, and want to make a biker gang, or do you think that this is just another thing you wish they didn’t do to ruin the fantasy feel of the game?

I have to admit, I have seen folks say they hope to see Northrend bring a return to the fantasy roots of Warcraft, because the Outlands to some extent brought us too much sci-fi.

I can appreciate that point of view. I just want my biker gang!

I just wonder, where in Azeroth will I decide to place the setting for the first Sturgis Biker Rally.

My first thought would be to hold the First Annual Sturgis Bike Rally at Gadgetzan. It’s good for both factions, you can get drunk on Nogginfogger and brawl in the PvP arena no matter what your faction, and then head north across the hills (the Black Hills?) to race at the gnome’s speedway.

Oh, I am so there.

Melpo, it may not go live, but for now it is posted in the site and on Wowheads’ WotLK info database… so I’m going to accept it as real. For now. Subject to revisionistic meanies.

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As Wrath of the Lich King slowly approaches, every beta build change brings a new wave of beta testers flooding the internet with info about the latest tiny tweaks.

I see various different opinions around the blogosphere about how good or bad this is, and I wanted to share with you my own personal outlook on the subject. I thought some of you might be interested, since if you know where I stand on it, then you will know what to expect from my blog over the next few months.

Sound fair?

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It is with great pleasure that I share with you the first real preview of the new hairstyles for male characters in Wrath of the Lich King!

These images are collections of wowmodelviewer characters datamined by Andrige from the beta, as he describes in the comments below. Andrige submitted these here that they might be shared with others as a glimpse into some of the new hairstyles we have to look forward to.

You should expect that, as we are still very early into the beta process, there are many more still to come, but I think that it is cute to see some of what we have to look forward to.

Andrige is a well known and highly talented WoW cummunity artist, best known for his modified shapeshift skins and a host of other Druid-related art projects.

He sent the male images to me and the female images to Phaelia of Resto4Life.

You can check out the male images by following the links below, and you can check out the female images by going to Resto4Life’s article here!

Take a good long look at the male night elf hairstyle on the left side… is that? I think it is!

Woot! Bonus style points!

Thanks, Andrige!!

*Disclaimer: Andrige wanted me to mention that, because he isn’t familiar with all of the existing hairstyles, that it’s possible some of these may already be in the game. Also, that the first batch he sent me was supposed to have the other hairstyles, but that he was having too much fun admiring the Night Elf Mohawk and forgot.*

*And to those wonderful people in the WoW Insider comments claiming that Andrige drew all this stuff, I refer you to his flat out statement in the comments of exactly where and how he obtained these images, and how you can too… so next time, please read before making an ass of yourself and accusing everyone of fraud.*

Links to each full sized image!

Edit: Added the dwarf pics that I forgot, thanks to Erthshade for pointing that out. Thanks bud!

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Well… crap, I can’t believe I’m doing this.

FOUR MONTHS until this damn thing goes live, and I still can’t stop talking about it.

Oh, to hell with it, this is just too massive NOT to mention…

Hey, remember when we used to have, like, keys?

And they filled our bags? FILLED our bags?

And we bitched and whined for months and finally Blizzard gave us Keyrings?

Well…. you know those pets and mounts you have in your bags?


Yeah, believe it or not, that’s where I’m going.

As seen in the European Forums, and as reported on WoW Insider, Community Manager Wryxian has come out of nowhere to just drop the bomb on us with news that our pets and mounts will be taken out of our bags, and placed on their own spelltabs…

You will be able to drag them onto your bar and program macros as normal, they just won’t take up bag space anymore. You can take all of them, everywhere.

Coming soon to a WotLK near you… a random pet summoning Addon to make the most out of your hundreds of pets. Bet on it.


I swear, I heard Ferocious Bite yell so loud that it shook me in my chair.

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