Work, work, work

Well, today was another day of not much time…. had to make up all the yard work I got out of by sleeping in yesterday.


I knew I’d only have about 30 minutes online, so I chose to spend the time doing dailies to farm alt money.

On that topic, I think tomorrow I’ll spend some time working on a request I had back during the Gold and Epic Mounts post for a detailed list of what daily quests there are, where to find them and how to qualify to do them.

I research so you don’t have to!

Have fun clawing faces, and I’ll see you online!

One thought on “Work, work, work

  1. Daily quest help would be good info for me. I’m mainly focused on pvp so after dinging 70 I didn’t spend much time grinding rep, 5 mans and Kara are out of the question. Pvp is expensive though, so better methods of making money are always welcome.-Pakasmohks


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