Daily Quests Part One – Sha’tari Skyguard

Daily Quests Part One – Sha’tari Skyguard

Blackwind Landing

The starting quest to unlock Blackwind Landing quests requires speaking to a quest giver standing next to the flight master in Shattrath City. He will give you a quest called Threat From Above. You must fly to the Barrier Hills overlooking the northern part of Shattrath City, and slay 20 Gordunni Ogres. These are easily soloable for most classes.

Once you have completed and turned in Threat From Above, you will be given a quest to deliver an Explosives Package to Sky Sergeant Doryn at Blackwind Landing. Blackwind Landing is located at (64,66) in Terrokar Forest, in the Skethyl Mountains. The Landing is just outside a bowl shaped area surrounded by high mountains called Skettis, home of the Skettis Arakkoa.

Once you deliver the Explosives Package, you will be able to take quests from the Sha’tari Skyguard here. The first Daily Quest is immediately available from Sky Sergeant Doryn, called “Fires Over Skettis”.

Daily Quest: Fires Over Skettis
Reward – 11 gold, 99 silver
Sha’tari Skyguard Reputation +350

A few notes on Fires Over Skettis;

You can do this quest in Druidic Bird Form. The explosives DO work.

The Monstrous Kaliri have a dismount attack that unseats riders, usually plummeting them to their death. You are immune to this in bird form. They can hamstring you, but they cannot shift you back to human.

When you inevitably aggro a Monstrous Kaliri, you have two choices – outrun their aggro range or land and fight. If you immediately ascend straight up, the Monstrous Kaliri cannot attack you while ascending to match your altitude. This works best when you are in normal flight form.

Epic flight form (or mount) simply moves too fast. On an epic, you will reach the ceiling cap and stop before the Monstrous Kaliri loses aggro, giving them the opportunity to hit you. I have found that if using an epic form/mount, it works better to scend and move forward simultaneously, and at the apex of your climb, mouseview without moving to look behind you, and then instantly use the mouse to change your direction to move right back where you had come from. For some reason the Monstrous Kaliri don’t respond fast enough to hit you during the brief altitude change when you are moving away from their direction of travel. Your mileage, however, may vary.

The second daily Quest is now also available, but does not come from a Blackwind Landing quest giver. Instead, it is an escort quest that is activated by finding the Skyguard Prisoner, an NPC that spawns in one of three locations in Skettis.

Daily Quest: Escape From Skettis
Reward – 11 gold, 99 silver and choice of EITHER 2 Volatile healing Potions OR 2 Unstable Mana Potions.
Sha’tari Skyguard Reputation +350

A few notes on Escape From Skettis;

The Skyguard Prisoner gives the quest, and spawns in one of three locations (see below).

He is always on the upper level (but under a roof) of an Arakkoa platform, in a bamboo cage, with a gold exclamation point overhead. The platform he is on will always connect to another platform via a bridge, and that connected platform will have a walkway leading to the ground.

The escort quest consists of you guarding the Skyguard Prisoner as he walks from one platform, across the bridge to the other platform, and then down the walkway to the ground. Aside from any normal mobs on the platforms or Monstrous Kaliri that may aggro, there will always be two Skettis mobs that spawn to attack you.

There is only one Skygaurd Prisoner at a time. If someone else is doing the quest, everyone else must wait for it to be completed or failed for the Skyguard Prisoner to respawn.

The quest can be shared amongst an existing party. If there are other people already camping a spawn of the same faction (Alliance or Horde), ask for a party invite for the quest prior to the Skyguard Prisoner appearing. Most folks will be glad of the help.

The instant the quest is completed by anyone, the Skyguard Prisoner spawns in one of the three locations; it can be the same location as the last spawn.

· (60, 75)
· (75, 86)
· (68, 74)

Finally, it can help to quickly discover if the Skyguard Prisoner is at one of the three locations while flying by creating a Macro that looks like this;

/target Skyguard

Spam it when approaching a spawn point to give a fast idea if he is there or not. If not, you can wheel around to one of the others.

4 thoughts on “Daily Quests Part One – Sha’tari Skyguard

  1. I’m breaking things up across the posts, because there is simply too much for me to put in one post, even for my legendary walls of text. On the intro post, I mentioned that the pre-requisite for daily quests is level 70 and a standard flight mount. That is, riding skill of 225. You will need a flying mount OR flight form (druid) in order to reach the areas for the quests. The ONLY daily quests you can NOT do without an epic riding skill of 300 are those associated with Netherwing.As soon as you hit 70 with your flight form, or hit 70 and buy a flying mount, you can begin doing the Sha’tari Skyguard and Ogri’la quests. I covered Sha’tari first because you only need to kill 20 ogres to reach the dailies there. This is the easiest to get to.For Ogri’la and Sha’tari in Blades Edge, you need to complete a 5 man quest chain first. I will post the Ogri’la/Sha’tari section tomorrow.Thanks! I hope this calrified things.Wall of text crits you for -5000!


  2. I believe you already explained it in a round about way but I wanted to clarify – the daily quests are not completable (if thats a word) without epic flying mount?-Pakasmohks


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