Congrats to Jayboi on reaching level 70!

This post is a testament to the determination of a truly noble, and tragic, figure.

Our own Jayboi has reached level 70 with his human Mage.

YES! On this day, his quest to level (and beat my hunter alt to 70) is complete.

Let us take a moment to contemplate this achievement.

As seen on Warcraft Census’ website, Jayboi has played this character since the very first week of July.

Although the first time Census takes note of Jay is July 6th at level 23, we can assure you that he reached that level within a weeks time. If that.

Indeed, think of this noteworthy accomplishment. Jayboi came to us a refugee from Star Wars Galaxies, a victim of the hideous “NGE”.

He had not played WoW before that time. He was lured by the power of the dark side of the force… um, oops, I mean by his friend Ymi. (Which in some circles is considered the same thing).

And here he is in the space of a month and a half, a lofty level 70 Mage.

And his gear is quite exceptional due to his unflinching assault on all instance content.

Jayboi has, sarcasm aside, been an inspiration to me in the way he remains willing to tackle instances with strangers, despite the many, many, many, many horror stories I am sure he could relate.

Yes, Jayboi has accomplished a feat that I believe shall remain unequalled amongst all my friends. Never again shall we see his like, a powergamer par excellance.

Jayboi, we salute you.

Now, two things.

1) Go back and try to experience some of that lovely content you blew past with your alt.

2) For gods sake man, go outside and look at the Sun!

Jay opens his door…. “Aieee! It burns! It burns!”

5 thoughts on “Congrats to Jayboi on reaching level 70!

  1. Yes, congrats. I’ve been playing WoW Since January and I just reached 60 this past weekend with my main char (Druid of course). I also have two alts that are level 34 and 14. I’ve also got a full load with work, wife, kids, car repairs and house repairs.Conquernfool


  2. Wowza. Congrats, Jay! It took me almost a year to get my first character (a Druid) to level 60. And then another month or more after I started leveling him when BC came out to get him to 70. Although I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess you don’t have a wife like mine who makes sure she gets more attention that WoW. 😉


  3. /saluteAwesome leveling. And.. don’t forget… Jay’s also done battlegrounds to the max.To celebrate your 70th… Here’s a (secret weapon) macro for you Jay… Use it instead of Frostbolt:#showtooltip#show frostbolt/stopcasting/cast [modifier:alt] Frostbolt(Rank 1); Frostbolt/stopmacro [target=pettarget, exists]/petattackAlt click/press for FB rank 1 (1sec cast to quick load Winter’s Chill). If ur pet’s out, it’ll attack your target if it isn’t already attacking something else. Otherwise it’s just a standard max FB (but u can’t spam it.. wait til the end of ur cast).Use the ? macro. It’ll sort out the right button artwork and tooltip.


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