Daily Quests Part Two – Becoming Neutral with Ogri’la

Ogri’la and Sha’tari in Blades Edge

This is the second major Daily Quest hub. I lump them both together because they are actually sharing the same little camp, with the Ogri’la in the south half of the camp and the Sha’tari in the north. The Sha’tari camp is kind of like a little heli landing pad with three huts. The Ogri’la, on the other hand, have a full service station with vendors and quartermaster.

I’m covering the section on becoming Neutral with Ogri’la next in this sequence because there are many pre-requisite quests necessary before you can begin questing in the Blades Edge Plateau.

In our first section, the Sha’tari Skyguard in Terrokar Forest, all you had to do was run a simple “kill 20 ogres” quest to open the area up for your plundering.

Here, it takes a lot more dedication. But it is still doable solo, if you are patient and help a group out.

In simple terms, consider the Ogri’la and Sha’tari Skyguard in Blades Edge Plateau to be one group. While completing the quests here gives you reputation with BOTH factions, you must complete the quest pre-requisites to become Neutral with Ogri’la to open the entire area up.

Let me be clear about this; you cannot quest with either Ogri’la OR Sha’tari in Blades Edge Plateau until you become Neutral with Ogri’la.

This is a common stopping point for many unguilded or casual players. The quest chain to become Neutral with Ogri’la is a series of 5-man party mini-boss fights, requiring all members to have flying mounts or flight forms.

The good news is that IF you are patient and polite, you CAN get this done without being in a 5-man party. We’ll talk more about that later.

First, your qualifications. As in our previous section, you need to have Riding Skill of 225 and a means of flying, whether it be a Druid flying form or a Flying Mount. You also must be level 70. You do NOT need epic flying skill of 300.

There is a quest chain you must complete to become Neutral with Ogri’la. This chain starts with V’eru (57, 45) in Shattrath City. He directs you to speak to Grok (64, 69) in the Lower City portion of Shattrath.

As a side note, I find it hilarious that, in order to reach enlightenment with Ogri’la, first you need to ‘Grok’. Yes, yes, I know, I have a silly sense of humor and a passion for the works of Heinlein. It still cracks me up. Anyway…..

Grok will send you to speak to Mog’dorg the Wizened, the quest giver that will be sending you on all your tasks. Mog’dorg is located in Blades Edge Mountains at (55, 45), near the Circle of Blood, and is only reachable by flying up to his perch.

Mog’dorg will initially assign you three group tasks that require a good party of 5 to safely complete. All tasks that he assigns will have to be completed before you can continue. This part of the chain is usually referred to as the ‘Gruuls Sons’ quests.

Mog’dorg’s first challenge is for you to kill each of the three sons of Gruul, and loot an item in their possession. Each son has their own quest. All three quests must be completed before the last two group quests will be offered.

Important note! Many folks that I see doing these quests in Blades Edge make the mistake of accepting the three ‘Gruuls Sons’ quests, pulling together a 5 man PUG to complete them, and then disband the PUG before completing the turn in. These poor souls then find themselves faced with more group quests, and with their PUG scattered to the four winds. Don’t be like them. Be aware that it ain’t over until you are proclaimed the King or Queen of the Ogres!

So don’t let your group go. You’ve been warned!

Okay, now at this point you’re saying, “Crap, I really hate PUGs, and I run casual so I don’t know if I’m ever gonna have the time to get a group together and do all that.”

Well, I have good news for you.

The first thing is, the Gruuls Sons quests, in fact every step of this quest chain, do NOT require you to actually kill the target. All you have to do to fulfill the quest requirements is to loot an item that drops from the target.

“So what!” I hear you cry, “You have to be in the group that kills the target to loot it, so what’s the difference!”

Ah, NOT SO! Here is where they gave casuals a chance. The item you need to loot for each quest is NOT in the targets’ inventory. Instead, it appears next to the targets’ body, and is lootable not just by the group members that killed him, but also, for a short period of time, by anyone that happens to be nearby that runs over and loots it.

What this means is that you can have many more than 5 people doing this quest and working together to complete it. You can get two complete 5 man groups together, or a 25 man raid if you want, and everyone can get the reward from killing the targets just once.

Or, for example, you can find out exactly where the target you need to kill is located. You can then hang out near the target, and wait for a 5 man group to come along. You can then do the polite thing, which is wait for the group to engage the target, and then heal them or add your damage to the target, and when the group is done killing it and looting it, you can run in and ‘politely!’ loot your quest item also. The quest item does not disappear when looted, you will not be ninjaing anything. (If that is even a word).

So if you are casual, and have no friends in the world (which would be sad in an MMO), you can still accomplish the entire quest chain by being patient and camping your target. Eventually, there will be more folks that need the Ogri’la chain that will be by. I think my friend Daak completed the chain in this way, and it only took him one night of following a particularly good group.

Ok, let’s get back on track. The quests themselves are;

Grulloc Has Two Skulls

Maggoc’s Treasure Chest

Even Gronn Have Standards

Grulloc Has Two Skulls requires you to loot the Dragon Skull from Grulloc. Grulloc is located at (61, 47) in Blades Edge Mountains. He is very close to the quest giver Mog’dorg, kind of at the end of the little valley just to the south. Again, when Grulloc is dead, the Dragon Skull drops at his feet.

Maggoc’s Treasure Chest requires you to loot the Treasure Chest from Maggoc. Maggoc is in Blades Edge Mountains, and paths around the Razor Ridge from (68, 74) in a loop to the North and then around to the Northwest, terminating at about (58, 61), kind of circling around the Razor Ridge area that encircles Deaths Door in a fishhook pattern. Again, when Maggoc is killed, the Treasure Chest drops at his feet.

Even Gronn Have Standards requires you to loot Slaags Standard from Slaag. Slaag is located at (19.7, 15.3) on the Terrokar Forest map, in a stone building on the Barrier Hills overlooking Shattrath City. Remember those Gordunni Ogres you killed for Sha’tari? Yeah, he’s up there. Again, Slaags Standard drops at his feet.

Once you have completed all three of these quests, and turn them in, Mog’dorg will have a new 5 man group quest available.

Grim(oire) Business requires you to loot Vim’gols Vile Grimoire from Vim’gol the Vile. When Vim’gol is dead, the Vile Grimoire will be at his feet. Vim’gols’ summon location is at (77, 31) in Blades Edge Mountains.

Grim(oire) Business is a little more difficult, in that it is not a typical tank and spank. Most of these can be completed by various types of groups, including ones that consist of 4 or less members. This one requires you to have 5 members, because each of you must stand at one of 5 points around the center raised dais, in order to summon Vim’gol before you can fight him. Like all the other targets though, he drops the Vile Grimoire at his feet when dead, so have no fear. If you find him challenging, just recruit a few more support types to hang out and help your group take him down.

Turning in Grim(oire) Business takes you to your last step. When you turn in the Vile Grimoire, Mog’dorg gives you your last group quest in the chain;

Into The Soulgrinder requires you to loot Skulloc’s Soul. This is the last quest, and it is a big event. And fun!

You must take Vim’gols Vile Grimoire to a summon altar at (60, 24) in Blades Edge Mountains. There, you use the grimoire on the altar, and Skulloc begins to be summoned.

As Skulloc is summoned, and begins to form, the multiple ghosts of Skullocs’ victims begin to spawn, and will attack the altar to try and stop the summoning. You must fight them off and destroy them or they will halt the event. This gets fun as there are lots of spawns, and no one can sit back in support, there is always a bunch of scurrying around to stay on top of the ghosts as they spawn all over the place. Great fun for the whole family!

Once Skulloc is summoned, it is a typical tank and spank. The victims disappear and you can focus on taking down Skulloc. When he dies, Skulloc’s Soul appears at his feet for the taking.

Turning this in completes the quest chain, makes you Neutral with ALL Ogres in Blades Edge Mountains, allows you access to the quests in Ogri’la, and gives you the joy of having your name proclaimed as the King (or Queen) of the Ogres!

As a side note, once you are proclaimed King (or Queen) and are Neutral with Ogri’la, you are now Neutral to ALL ogres in Blades Edge. They are no longer hostile to you, and will not attack on sight. You can still attack them, and you will NOT lose rep by doing so, but they will say funny (and sad!) things while you’re killing them. They will also now respond to your emotes, such as /fart and /dance. Honestly, I find it fun as can be.

All in all, it’s pretty damn cool.

Your work with Mog’dorg is done. He will give you one last quest, to speak with Chu’a’lor in Ogre Heaven… which is of course actually Ogri’la at (29, 57) up on the western Blades Edge Plateau.

This concludes the section on how to reach Neutral with Ogri’la. Our next section will be about the actual Daily Quests that you can do in your newfound stomping grounds.


5 thoughts on “Daily Quests Part Two – Becoming Neutral with Ogri’la

  1. I’ve managed to do those 5-man quests w/ both my Druid and Hunter and man, being able to do the Ogri’la dailies is a GREAT way to earn money for that epic flying mount. Not to mention that once you get to exalted you can buy a few really nice epics from them!


  2. Yup, I did have a great group that invited me to tag along even though I wasn’t part of the group. Kindness like that really gives you a warm glow.Not only did they let me tag along but really helped me too. Giving coords for the next hit etc.I was a bit worried about ninjaing the drops so waited until all the party members had looted before I did. Be careful though, some of the drops don’t lie there that long.I had tried to find a group a few (make that lots of) times and was very lucky to find this one right at the beginning of the chain. In fact extra lucky because they did the barrier hills one again even though they had already done it. That was the toughest for a rogue because of the VERY nasty localised AOE that the mob turns out. Lots of running away and bandages for me!And of course how did I know about this strategy? Bear Bear Butt himself. It’s great to have friends in the know.


  3. I plan on doing that as soon as I get on next time. 🙂 THis is what I hadn’t been able to piece together. Mainly the part about seeing the two npc’s in shattrath.


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