Just a link shoutout

I want to give a nod of great appreciation to the blogs I read that either inform me, delight me, or do both.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that I refer all questions on the resto side of Druid life to Resto4Life. If you have any questions on restoration specs, or want a very good read, you definitely need to go check her blog out.

On the feral side, another blog that I’ve been reading lately that kicks butt is Of Teeth and Claws. Very good, and he’s covering a lot of great tanking topics. If he keeps doing such a great job, I’ll soon be out of topics to post here.

And of course, since I’ve been leveling a Priest alt lately (level 22! Woo!) I’ve been looking for great Priest blogs to peruse.

Well, if you too want to learn more about the life of the Priest (the frisbee throwing kind), then you need look no further than the Egotistical Priest (love that name) or Priest Power.

All four fulfill my requirements when reading a blog.

A) Good info, tips and insight.
B) Fun writers whose humor and personality really shine through, and make you want to kick up your feet, stir up some hot chocolate and hang out for a while.

You could easily spend a week going through their archives and enjoying yourself.

If you haven’t checked them out yet, what are you waiting for?

P.S. I’d give a shoutout to Big Red Kitty, whose infectious humor on his Wednesday WoWInformer column drew me into this, but he’s a mega superstar, so pffft.


3 thoughts on “Just a link shoutout

  1. Thanks for the mention. I’m really happy for the presence of both of your blogs. How else would I know what buttons to spam when I go through Stockades? =)


  2. Hey BBB – thanks for the shout-out. There’s plenty of room for multiple bear blogs out there, or else I never would have started my own after I stumbled across yours. =)For example, your kitty dps article discusses how to do maximum damage in cat form and actually use your skills (gasp!). While you followed the same progression as me (mangle, mangle, mangle, etc. evolved into using other skills) we arrived at different end results. I have plans to post about that soon. 😉


  3. Hehe, you can’t worry about what someone posts or doesn’t post, or you’ll go crazy.Trust me…the priest blogging community is pretty broad. Everything’s already been done…I just do it differently. =]You have a unique style and humor – even if you say the same thing as someone else, it’ll make sense to different people.


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