Daily Quests – Introduction

Daily Quests – Introduction

Minimum requirements – all daily quests require level 70 and a standard flying mount minimum.

The Netherwing Daily Quests hav the additional requirement of 300 Riding Skill (epic flight). You do not have to have the epic flying mount yet. The achievement of Netherwing – Exalted reputation grants you the choice of a free Nether Drake Mount.

There are three Factions that have Daily Quests available.

Sha’tari Skyguard

Each faction also has normal quest chains associated with them. The purpose of this post is not to go into all quests available in detail. This is to help you identify, prepare for, and unlock repeatable Daily Quests for reputation and Gold grinding.

Sha’tari Skyguard has two quest hubs, each of which has Daily Quests.
Blackwind Landing, located in Terrokar Forest. (64,66)
Skyguard Outpost, located in western Blades Edge Mountains. (28, 51)

Ogri’la has one quest hub.
Ogri’la, located in western Blades Edge Mountains adjacent to the Skyguard Outpost. (28, 57)

Netherwing has one quest hub.
Netherwing Ledge, located off the southern edge of Shadowmoon Valley. (66, 87)


Work, work, work

Well, today was another day of not much time…. had to make up all the yard work I got out of by sleeping in yesterday.


I knew I’d only have about 30 minutes online, so I chose to spend the time doing dailies to farm alt money.

On that topic, I think tomorrow I’ll spend some time working on a request I had back during the Gold and Epic Mounts post for a detailed list of what daily quests there are, where to find them and how to qualify to do them.

I research so you don’t have to!

Have fun clawing faces, and I’ll see you online!

Casual gamers – and angry spouses

So, we’ve talked about gaming and family. Let’s give a fine example of trying to balance the two.

My friend James, who has just celebrated the baptism of his youngest, Joey (congrats again, buddy), also plays WoW.

He has a dwarf Rogue named Melpo, which has been his only real character for about 1.5 years. He’s level 70, and trying to finish his Kara attunement.

So last night we had a bunch of friends on, some in the Singapore time zone and just starting their day all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and some of us here in the central time zone staring 10 PM in the face.

Our respective children are in bed… nothing stopping us from playing for a bit. Of course, we know we have to get up early in the morning, what with the baptism and party, etc. But no reason we can’t run the next stage of his Kara attunement…. Old Hillsbrad.

Well, at least in theory there is no reason. In the real world, we have what I call ‘too much infantry, not enough support’.

Among the 4 of us on and ready to go, we have two mages, a rogue, and myself as the tank.

Hmm…. not a single person that can take over tanking from me so I can do heals… and not a single other class that is a hybrid that can heal either.

Ironically, most of us have started leveling priest alts cause we’re getting tired of this, and want to melt faces. That’s quite beside the point, which is, at this present time…. no healers.

Now, it’s a 66-68 instance. I’ve run it many times before. The perversity of a warrior always being on the runs where the tanking ring drops from Lieutenant Drake, and also of course winning the roll, is beside the point. There will be no warrior on this run, so I know the ring won’t drop. We’re gonna run it for Jamie.

The question is… can we find a healer amongst our friends, one from our guilds, or a PUG healer to fill out the group, or will we have to run without a healer and DPS our butts off?

Well, by the time we all assemble in the Caverns of Time, get buffed, and everyone is all set and the respective children are ALL accounted for, it has gone from 10 to 11. I consider Old Hillsbrad a 1.5 hour run. In the group, I am the only one that has run it, so I’m figuring if we get going, I’m looking at 1 AM. That is doable. Sleep, phooey. Time enough to sleep when I’m dead.

The rest of the group decides to make a concerted effort to find a healer. One good friend comes online, that has specced her druid to resto, but she has a work assignment scheduled for early the next morning. She just CAN’T do it. Calls go out to the guilds we are a part of, but no healers are to be found. Trolling the LFG channel nets nada. Zero. Zilch. Zed.

And then lo and behold, Kemangi, the wife of our wondrous mage Tikky, comes online with her Warlock. “I can help” she announces. Outstanding, we’re gonna try and DPS our way through. Hah

Of course, we then run into the wonderful time sink that is the quest “The Caverns of Time“, an escort quest that is mandatory for every player to do, to be able to enter the Old Hillsbrad instance. Guess what? It is about 15 minutes of wandering around following a blathering idiot. And since this is the first trip for some of us, it has to be done. Twice. And one of our group has the bug come up where you can’t get the quest to start if you are mounted when you accept it. So we waste even more time trying to figure out why it won’t work.

By the time we bite the bullet, and everyone is ready to go, it’s midnight. We have no healer. But what the hey, what’s the worse that’ll happen? I’m used to getting up on 4 to 5 hours sleep, so I’m not too worried. Jamie, on the other hand, is going to have one crazy busy day. We do a gut check, he says he’s fine, he really wants to get this done. I’m not so sure, but he’s a big boy, and I figure if he thinks it’s ok, well, we’re doing it for him, so let’s get cracking.

So at midnight we go in, when we had 4 people ready to go at 10 PM, for a run that should take 1.5 hours. Welcome to casual land.

Let me tell you something though, having two mages on a humanoid only instance is highly amusing. Each pull in the barracks, and in Durnholde, we mark for two sheep, I take one or two to tank, and everyone DPSes anything else down first. James the rogue is tanking the targets that are the first to down as the DPS pours in, and the pulls go smooth as silk.

I rarely have any health problems, and even on the Thrall Death March, culminating in Thrall tanking one of the two healers supporting Captain Skarloc, and preventing us from sheeping both healers and burning Skarloc down first, we are able to do the whole thing with excellent results. A couple of times in there we have someone die, but the first time I have a rez, and the second it’s not that far a run.

All this changes with the last event, the Epoch Hunter. Everyone say it with me, class….. Dragonkin can’t be sheeped.

Damn it.

We burn through the first two waves of Dragonkin, but the third wave is just too much. I lose aggro on one that gets loose amongst the casters, I can’t keep my health up that long even with popping out and spot healing between waves, and the only reason we don’t all wipe is that Thrall dies and the Dragonkin fade out. Only two were left alive, Jay the mage and James the rogue.

So we regroup. I look at the time. We have reached 1 AM. I am dog tired. And I don’t see a way for us to handle all three waves and still be in good shape for the Epoch Hunter. So I call it. And I am really upset because we kicked butt all the way, but just couldn’t do it without a healer of some sort, or crowd control on Dragonkin.

Ah, I hear you scream “Wait!” as I say that. “But Big Butt”, you scream, “Druids can hibernate Dragonkin!”

You are absolutely correct. All I can say is that except for the first wave where we were ready and waiting, I did not find a moment during the succeeding two waves where I could safely pop out to hibernate one without having two mobs being tanked on top of me. I am sure a better tank could have done so. Maybe I could have if I wasn’t so tired. I dunno.

But I announce that I am too tired and I don’t see us finishing it this time, when at that moment James says that he has a paladin from his guild that is willing to come get the last boss done. At 1 AM server time.


Of course, now we need to decide who is leaving the group to make room, we have to run out of the instance to summon him, etc. Jay the mage decides he can bail since of the 4 of us he was the only one not 70, his mage is level 67. Not that we noticed, he does the DPS of a 70, I kid you not.

Well, we get ready to go… and the paladin can’t get in the instance.

He needs to do the escort quest first.

Everyone types “pizza break” and splits for 15 minutes.

When we come back, he is still on the escort quest.

When all was said and done, and the paladin was in and ready to go, it was about 1:45 AM server time.

We kicked off the fight…and about 5 minutes later it was done and successful. It was ludicrous how easy it was with a paladin providing healing support.

Yeah, yeah, I know, a well balanced group of 70s in Old Hillsbrad. It should be easy. At 2 AM it feels like a pretty hard earned victory if you ask me. And I am trying VERY hard not to ask myself if the results are worth the lost sleep and potential wife aggro.

So we get it done, James gets his next part of the chain complete, James is happy, everyone is happy, I thank everyone and bail for bed. I am grateful that I ahve managed to ahve a good instance run with my freinds this week. I know it’ll be at least another week before I see everyone online again together at the same time.

Bless my wife, she lets me sleep in until 9 AM without asking, letting me out of breakfast duties, AND letting me out of mowing the lawn for the day. I don’t think she knows just how late I was up, but she also knows I will be watching our son so she gets to sleep in Sunday, and I’ll be making the breakfast then, so it’ll balance out a teeny bit. But she makes real good waffles and bacon, so I’m still gettting the best part of this deal.

We head down the state for the baptism, and I see my friend. I was wondering how he would be doing, since he seemed intent on continuing on when I logged out. He’s doing good, he’s showing no signs of stress. He’s handing the guests and keeping track of his three little menaces with panache.

But at the end of the evening, his wife and my wife get their heads together and compare notes. And his wife tells my wife that James didn’t come to bed until 2:30 AM because of ‘that damn game’, and she looks square at me and asks me why I made him stay up so late! And my wife then looks at me and says, “Wait a minute, you didn’t come to bed until 2:30?”


All I can say is… if everyone was asleep when the playing was going on, and I wasn’t out drinking at a sports bar and risking a DUI, was it so bad? I promise I’ll get up early Sunday. Sweetie? Honey? It’s okay, right?

Uh oh….

From the mailbag – Mangle

Conquernfool wrote in;

Conquernfool is my first character that I’ve played in WoW and he is a lvl 58 druid with a talent spec in mostly in Feral. I just randomly chose talents with pretty good success. However, at 58 I still didn’t have mangle. So, based on your suggestions I respec’ed. I mainly do Solo work in cat form and selected those talents. I’ve tried to work on some mobs in Outland HFP with fair success, but after respec’n I’m doing much better. The next step is to start making macros to help with tedious tasks of switching out of cat to heal and back into cat quickly. Thanks for you posts.

Conquernfool, that is good to hear. I’m glad things are working a little better.

Your comments did inspire me to make sure I mentioned one key thing about Mangle if you are new to it.

If you are soloing in cat feral-specced, Mangle is an amazing ability. You’ll see that everyone pretty much agrees on that. The thing is, rarely do you see anyone say why they think Mangle is such a no brainer. After all, there are no lack of abilities on your cat bar to suck away your energy.

What Mangle does is replace your Claw ability outright.

If you have Mangle, you should never use Claw.

Let’s look at both for a second.

This is your Mangle that you can train at level 50, compared to your Claw that you can train at level 58.

Both Mangle and Claw are instant, and use 45 energy (in cat).
Both of them have their base costs reduced in exactly the same way by Ferocity.

And as you can see, Mangle just adds a whole lot more damagy goodness to your attacks.

And that additional damage from Bleed effects? Don’t just write that off.

Sure, your Shred gets extra loving from it, and if you are in cat doing DPS in raids or instance runs, this is why you should pop a Mangle to keep the Bleed debuff on your target, then switch back to your Shred attacks.

But you can only use Shred from behind the target, and when you’re soloing that option doesn’t really come into play much.

However, if you are like me, you like doing stealth runs with rogue friends.. or just have rogue friends that you duo with on quests.

Rogues also have attacks with Bleed effects… and they love the force multiplier effect from our Mangle debuff.

I hope this helps you out, and that you have lots of fun watching your Mangle crits tear your opponents a new… well, let’s keep it PG, shall we?


Evil friends… just evil

Big bear logged in last night, was greeted by an instant whispered invite to run Underbog, a second whispered invite to run Old Hillsbrad (I like calling it that, despite the LFG tools’ insistance that it’s called Durnholde), and Jay in our cross-guild chat channel posting “Hey buddy! Whatcha up to?”

I want to run Underbog, I want to run Old Hillsbrad (for yet another shot at the tanking ring), and I have about 1 hour of playing time available. So I regretfully turn each whisper down, and say Hi right back to Jay.

The following conversation is a testament to the evil bastards I call friends.

Jay; “So, whatcha got planned?”

Big Bear; “I’ve only got about an hour. I’m planning on making my lowbie Priest alt a Tailor/Jewelcrafter, so I was gonna go trinket to Gadgetzan and fly to Barrens for some serious Mining runs. I should get enough ore and stones in an hour to keep my Priest busy for the first 20 or 30 Profession levels.”

Jay; “I ran Ring of Blood earlier, the hunter from your first blog post was there.”

Big Bear; “Oh lord. How did it go?”

Jay; “Not bad at all. We had (names a bunch of guild officers) and two extra 70s outside the party helping… went great. I got this (Battle Mages’ Baton)”

Big Bear; “Sounds great. Glad to hear it went well.”

Big Bear; “On the subject of the blog.. I am pretty surprised nobody commented on the Aerial PvP article. I am pretty excited about the idea.”

Jay; “Nah. I think everyone is too busy talking about the new water mounts they’re adding.”

Big Bear; “…… what?”

Jay; “What?”

Big Bear; “What water mounts?”

Jay; “The water mounts they said they are adding.”

Big Bear; “Jay, what are you talking about?”

Jay; “The water mounts. The ones they’re adding for the water and land based area they’re opening up in a couple patches.”

Big Bear; “….. Jay, what the hell are you talking about? I’m on WoW Insider and the community forums all day. No one’s said a word about water mounts.”

Jay; “Blizz announced they’re opening up a new area prior to the expansion, it’s gonna be in Azeroth, and there are gonna be 200% speed water mounts usable in a new PvP BG. You’re gonna have to do a mix of rep grinding and Badges of Justice to get the mounts just to enter the area.”

Big Bear; “….. you are so full of it… where did you see all this?”

Jay; “I don’t see how you coulda missed it, it was announced on the WoW pop up interface when you start the game. The page that loads first with Blizz news links? It was right there. Had a link to a chat with Tigole from some German convention.”

Big Bear; “….. I have the announcement pop up disabled. My WoW loads straight to game.”

Jay; “Oh… so you didn’t see it. LOL. Dude, no one is gonna worry about your Aerial PvP cause they have new water mount PvP to talk about.”

Big Bear; “…..”

Jay; “Oh and….. psych.”

Jay; “I’m just messing with ya. Not bad for off the top of my head, huh?”

Big Bear; “You complete and total bastard.”

Variations in feral druid specs – no math!

Let’s talk feral specs at 70.

For druids, the basic feral path is pretty straitforward.

If you are going to be focusing on feral, then the goal is to spec enough points to get Mangle, and have the basics to be a solid tank and strong cat.

It’s more a topic for another post, but as far as gear goes, I maintain 2 full sets for feral, one that is focused on high base armor, agility, stamina and +defense, and the other focused on high burst DPS from strength, agility, AP and +crit. I highly recommend this. Don’t try to get both jobs done with one set, you’ll just be average to poor in both.

The basic foundation spec for feral is as follows;

Feral Combat (40 points)
5/5 Ferocity
3/3 Feral Instinct
3/3 Thick Hide
2/2 Feral Swiftness
1/1 Feral Charge
3/3 Sharpened Claws
3/3 Predatory Strikes
2/2 Primal Fury
1/1 Faerie Fire (Feral)
5/5 Heart of the Wild
3/3 Survival of the Fittest
1/1 Leader of the Pack
2/2 Improved Leader of the Pack
5/5 Predatory Instincts
1/1 Mangle

Restoration (11 points)
5/5 Furor
5/5 Naturalist
1/1 Omen of Clarity

Assuming you are level 70, this will leave you with 10 points to play with in small variations in spec, depending on how you spend most of your time playing.

Talents that you have to choose from that will help feral in some way, in no particular order, include;

Natures’ Grasp/Improved Natures’ Grasp (5 points)
Brutal Impact (2 points)
Shredding Attacks (2 points)
Savage Fury (2 points)
Nurturing Instinct (2 points)
Primal Tenacity (3 points)
Natural Shapeshifter (3 points)
Intensity (3 points)

Well, that’s 10 points to play with, and 22 points in juicy options.

So what can you take to get the most bang for your point buck? It depends on how you intend to spend most of your time.

If your druid is your main, and you are more of a casual player than a raider, then it is likely that you will want to choose to put those extra points into Talents that will help you chew faces and keep yourself alive in a tight spot.

For a casual soloing DPS cat, you want to increase burst damage/DPS, and give yourself interrupts and better spot healing. You’re going to want the ability to shift from cat to caster for HoTs and back again in a flash.

In that case, the first thing I’d recommend is 2 points in Savage Fury to up your Mangle (Cat) DPS by 20%. Second, put two points into Brutal Impact to give yourself another second on your Bash and Pounce stuns. That extra time to shift into caster, pop off your heals uninterrupted and drink a mana potion before shifting back is very valuable.

The last 6 points are pretty controversial.

If you want to balance out your DPS by being a good tank in pinch, then put 3 points into Primal Tenacity and 3 points into Intensity. The only tanking Talent you’ll be missing is the Shredding Attacks Lacerate cost reduction, and in my opinion having more up front Rage to establish aggro is more valuable then the Lacerate reduction over a long fight. Your results may vary… but if you are noticing problems, then you are probably tanking enough to justify taking Shredding Attacks over something else.

If you honestly intend to solo DPS most of the time, and intend to tank only on a fill-in or occasional basis, then you might consider putting 3 points into Natural Shapeshifter to decrease your mana costs while flipping back and forth, and give you more to use in heals. If you do this, you really don’t have an obvious option. for the other 3. You could put all three into Primal Tenacity, or you could put 2 into Nurturing Instincts to improve your emergency heals and 1 in either Primal Tenacity or Natures’ Grasp. It’s really up to you, and depends on whether you occasionally run PvP or rely on shift healing in your playstyle.

Keep in mind that for raiding or tanking, Nurturing Instincts is a worthless Talent. But, if you are soloing, and in your DPS gear, you should be heavy into +Str. Since Nurturing Instincts gives you a +healing based on a small percentage of your strength, it could prove to be a viable option for you, and give you that little bit extra to help you out while soloing the tougher mobs.

My advice is to try and find a balance that works best for your playing style. If you can afford to, try different variations of your spec and see what feels most effective and comfortable.

Before we get into tanking, I want to point you to an outstanding thread over in the WoW Druid Forums.

Now, let’s talk tanking.

If you want to make sure that you are specced to be the best tank you can be, first and foremost, and you’ll take the hit in soloing efficiency, then the choices are much easier

You’ll want 2 points in Shredding Attacks for the Lacerate rage reduction, 3 points in Primal Tenacity for the Stun and Fear resist, and 3 points in Intensity for instant Rage generation first.

The other 2 points could go in either Savage Fury or Brutal Impact.

This can be a tough decision. The Savage Fury will help your damage output while soloing (remember, since the patch it does NOT improve Maul, Swipe or Mangle – Bear!), but the Brutal Impact will serve to reduce the total damage you take tanking by prolonging your stuns, as well as improve your stun duration in both cat and bear. If you are really looking to maximize tanking, then your choice should be Brutal Impact.

I hope that this can help you take a look at the way you like to play your druid, and balance your spec accordingly.

Any comments are welcome!

Edit – No one has mentioned this to me yet, but I see I overlooked one thing. If you are raiding, or running instances as catform DPS regularly, then you need to fit Shredding Attacks into your build. Shred is the raiding DPS cats’ bread and butter attack, and except for those times when you are reapplying Mangle to keep your debuff up on the target, you should be Shredding your furry little heart out. Sorry for the oversight.

Two words – Aerial PvP

Lot of talk about Wrath of the Lich King in forums and on WoW Insider, musings over what new content is going to be in the expansion.

I think it’s waaaay too early for that kind of thing.

But I want to leave speculation on upcoming content behind, and throw out there what I want to see happen, something that Blizzard already has proven they can implement in the existing game;

Aerial PvP.

Hear me out, now. Think about it.

You make an instanced arena. Put some floaty things in it that serve no purpose. I don’t know about you, but I think Nagrand has plenty of those to spare.

Now, of course you need your pre-requisites… your flight skill level determines which Aerial Arena you are qualified to enter.

Hey, let’s really have fun and let there be 2v2 and 3v3 teams.

Ah, but how to do battle? How to score wins?

In the current system, you have two choices. You can choose to disable spell casting while mounted, or you can choose to allow casting but it automatically dismounts you.

I agree with that, and I see no reason to change that. We need an option that only changes gameplay while actively in the Aerial Arena.

What Blizzard has done with Shartuuls’ Transporter Event and Teron Gorefiend, I Am is prove that they can temporarily give you a new caster/pet bar that adds abilities and spells to your character.

These are spells that you can use during a specific event, and when the event is over they are removed.

In this case, I could see the beginning of the Arena match starting with both teams on tall, slender pillars on opposing sides. The bottom of the Arena could be lava, green goop, whatever. The point is that when the match begins, each player activates their chosen mount. Once on their mount, a new caster/pet style bar pops up that would have your attack options.

The purpose of the match would be to unseat your opponent. The team that still has a player airborne wins the match.

I would LIKE to see the Horde and Alliance each have different attacks. Heaven would be each race having a special attack animation. Thrown dynamite for dwarves, woven nets for elves, thrown spears for trolls, whatever.

At it’s core I think there should be a long range slowing/hamstring style attack, and at melee range a dismounting blow.

I could see the caster bar having nothing fancier than a Net attack for long range hamstring, and a Lance attack for melee range dismounting.

I don’t think I’ll get any argument that those damn Monstrous Kaliri prove that Blizzard can make aerial based attacks that hamstring and dismount aerial riders.

So with already proven and existing methods, Blizzard has all the tools necessary to give us Aerial PvP.

The only thing that would have to be refined would be targeting an opponent in 3d space with a net attack… assuming they added a hamstring style move for PvP tactics… frankly, I would be delighted just to get a lance for melee ranged unseating and go head to head with another dragon rider!

God, my imagination is running wild… I can see people suddenly farming their Sha’tari Skyguard rep to get the epic mount with the smallest graphics footprint in the game to better scan the skies to see their prey… leatherworkers going into overdrive selling Riding Crops… heck, make the quest reward for defeating Captain Skyshatter a faster speed boost than the Riding Crop, or give it a dismount stun resist, and watch that quest get taken very seriously indeed!

C’mon, anyone else out there feel the same? We have these awesome dragons we love, and bombing them again in Blades Edge Plateau is fun, but I want to bring the war to the skies!