There’s no crying in Kara!

(Be warned… this is a full on rant, with some mild profanity ahead. If you are sensitive, you can skip this post. It is only a rant, after all.)

A League of Their Own. God I love that film. Great movie.

Tom Hanks had that one perfect line in a film filled with them. “There’s no crying in baseball. There’s no crying! Ref, she’s crying.”

Like, he’s appealing to the Referee, about one of his own team crying, like he expects the Ref to hand down a ruling or something. “That’s right, miss, league rules state there is to be no crying. You’ll have to stop or be suspended from play.”

To me, and many of my Marine friends at the time, it was just the perfect statement of a typical macho man, taught to ‘suck it up’ when faced with pain or hardship, and not complain, faced with a woman that is playing a ‘man’s game’ who has the sheer audacity to act human! Oh, the horrors! The poor guy is so stuck in his way of thinking that he just can’t quite grasp that, maybe in some part of the world, it’s actually okay to admit that, “Hey, you know… this sucks. It really and truly does. Don’t mind me, I’m gonna go off in this corner over here, and weep at the sheer frustration I’m feeling because of all of this BS. No, you guys go right on ahead. And when I’m done crying, I think I’m going to kill about 5 million Ogres in Nagrand until I feel better.”

We used to toss that line around all the time, when the bullshit level really started reaching the ‘weep in frustration’ point. It always got a laugh… cause it reminded us that we played the same damn game he did. Don’t ever admit you hurt, or seriously complain about pain. You suck it up and bitch about something else.

And, oh god did we find other things to bitch about.

Well, this rambling does in fact lead somewhere.

When we play WoW, there is a tendency to try not to hurt anyone else’s feelings in the guild.

In a good guild, anyway.

So there are a lot of things that go on that can really be a royal pain, that you may not feel it is appropriate to mention out loud in guild chat because you might hurt someones’ feelings. If you go there, even if you’re right to feel that way, you are still the one that was a jerk and said something about it.

You’re supposed to suck it up, be a good guildie, and take it, because we are all in this together. And you should never hurt another persons’ feelings.

And I agree, 99.9% of the time. In fact, I feel a bit of guilt myself because earlier tonight I was in such a bad mood that I was rude to one of my good friends in the game. Just for a second, but it only takes one pissy remark to hurt someones’ feelings.

Jay, I’m sorry dude. Hit me up next time I’m online and tell me all about your new piece of cool gear. My bad.

Yeah, we’re not supposed to be rude, or mean, or judgemental about our fellow guildmates.

But tonight, I’m gonna go there. Oh yeah, that’s right. I’m going there. Hold on tight.

I’d like to dedicate this rambling rant on the soapbox from hell to my ill fated Karazhan run of about 30 minutes ago.

1) I have a life. (I can hear my wife laughing at that one). My time is valuable to me. There are many things I can be doing with my time. I have all of Heroes Season 1 to watch on DVD before Season 2 starts, just for an example.

If the Karazhan run is scheduled 5 days in advance on the Calender addon, and you sign up for it the day that it is posted, then you had better do one of two things. Either show the hell up on time, or log in BEFORE the run, and let someone know that real life came up.

If you don’t show up at all, you leave no word, and you make us spend 90 FREAKING MINUTES trying to fill your critical slot that no one else signed up for or planned to be there for because, hey, guess what? The run was filled on the calender!

Then guess what. I want to hit you. I mean, physically walk over to your house, make you put down the bong or whatever, and smack you. With a bus. On fire. Filled with scorpions.

We counted on you, and you apparently could care less. Not to show up, not to log in and tell ANYONE during the five days in advance that something came up, nada. Just a no show.

Thanks a lot. the next time you log in and ask for a BM run? Yeah. That sound? Crickets. And don’t even bother asking why. Just do me a favor and /gquit. kthxbye.

2) If we are in Teamspeak, and we have 6 people online for a 10 man run that was scheduled to start 90 minutes ago, and the raid leader is searching hell or high water for more players in guild, friends lists, and LFG channel, may I respectfully submit that this is NOT the time to begin a freaking argument with him over DKP systems and how unfair they are?

You know what? The chances are good at that point in your life that you are never going to be organized enough to down the boss in the first place.

Whine about loot after you’ve proven you can support the run, and actually get the boss down.

Whining about DKP is best reserved for when your well tuned team has moved on past Karazhan. Ok?

40 man Onyxia runs, Molton Core, that was DKP stress. 40 man group downs a boss, and the Mage loot drops. 8 mages freak. THAT is what DKP is for. If you’re on a 10 man Kara group that runs together and works well together…. there is only 1 other person of your class likely to be on the run. Are you seriously telling me you can’t just ask the other person if they need it? You can’t settle on a /roll? Wtf?

This ain’t a PUG of Kara, guys. This is a guildie event. Chill the hell out, and act like adults. You start whining about DKP and loot before we even have a full 10 man team, and I’m wondering if you’re just here to gear up before moving on to a more advanced guild.

3) If you are going to log in ’90 minutes’ late for the run…. on the other side of the continent… and insist that those of us that were on time, and at the meeting stone in Deadwind Pass, summon you…. make sure that you buy or farm your consumables ahead of time, and REPAIR YOUR FREAKING ARMOR FIRST!!!!

I’d like to stress both of those points again…..

First, repair your armor. Even if you were minding your own business, cruising around Barrens farming low level ore for your alt, and got called up by the guild to “please, pretty please” sub in for an asshat that didn’t show up for their scheduled run… you should still say “Sure, I’d love to help my guild friends out. But before you summon me to Kara, I need to go and repair my armor. I’ll pst when I’m ready. Should be 5 minutes. Thank you.” Is that hard? Seriously, is that so damned hard?

And second… farm your own damn consumables. Maybe you’ve never used a potion before in your life. That’s fine. Maybe you are a soloing god, able to crank out vast DPS and tank as a Paladin, bubbling your way through Attumen solo. That is wonderful, and I am proud to know you. Honestly, your knowledge and mastery of your class humbles me. But we came to play, we’re in a raid, and everyone depends on everyone else to do their jobs properly. Bring your own damn consumables.

I am a meatshield. I have two jobs; piss off whomever I’m supposed to piss off so they don’t go crush the squishies, and to make the squishies’ job as easy as possible by having high armor, dodge, and health to live long enough to let them regain mana once and a while in between heals.

To that end, it is my job to not only have gotten the gear and invested in the enchants to make that happen, but to have farmed or bought the scrolls, potions and food that will improve my chances. I have researched what consumables will help me do that best, I have then gone out and gotten them. I brought them with me, because I don’t expect the mage to bring tank consumables with him just because I’m lazy. Oh, and bringing enough for others is nice, I love guildies that do that and I offer around whenever I have the spares… but you should give enough of a crap to roll your own if you wanna smoke it. Don’t bogart the Warp Burgers.

(A post on consumables is coming…. I promise).

And one final bit of advice… please, please, please get your gear enchanted. If you think your gear is good enough to go into Kara with, then you should think it’s good enough for enchanting.

I am sick to death of people that turn 70, get the guild to powerlevel them through the Kara attunement, and then think that they have done their part, so when’s the raid? Huh guys? When’s the raid?

True story. As my Navy friends might say, this is a ‘no shitter’;

Newbie; “I signed up in Calender for Kara Group 1, how come I was bumped to Group 2? It’s not fair. I was signed up yesterday.”

Officer in guild chat replies, “The people in Group 1 have been running Kara for a while now, they all know each other and work well together. We are forming Group 2 now, and we would like you to work with Group 2 and get a good bond going.”

Newbie, whining “But I signed up for Group 1 on the Calender! It’s not fair! You can’t bump me! I signed up yesterday!”

Guild Officers, 5 of them, now spend the next 20 minutes rehashing the same point in different ways, trying to get through. And being insanely polite about it. “The event was listed on the Calender so that the Group 1 leader could see which of Group 1’s members and alternates were going to be on for that nights’ run. It doesn’t matter if you signed up, because you are not part of Group 1.”

The newbie, spending that 20 minutes intentionally not getting it, “But I signed up for Group 1. I don’t wanna go with Group 2. It’s not fair.”

A question gets asked in Guild Chat… “Why don’t you want to help Group 2 grow? Do you just expect to walk along with a team that already knows the battles, and get easy epics?”

30 seconds later, the expected /gquit comes.

If you expect to have the guild gear your lazy ass up in Kara, then I don’t want to know you. Good riddance.

4) If you need to go afk, SAY SO!!!

Like, say, for example…. you are part of the crew going after Moroes… and you have cleared everything except for the last two sets of Stewards…. and the raid leader asks “Is everyone ready?”

Ya know what… that is a fine time to say, “Hey guys, I have to go afk for a minute, my mom wants something.”

No, really, it’s fine. Please do. I appreciate it. It’ll give me a minute to get a Diet Mountain Dew. Go right ahead. You are a scholar and a gentleman and I tip my Dew to yew.

What I do NOT appreciate is silence… followed by the raid leader saying, “Ok, MT pull”… followed shortly thereafter by a wipe… and when everyone rezzes or runs back, looking down at one guys’ corpse… and someone saying “I guess they went afk…” and 5 minutes later, having that person come back into Teamspeak, saying, “Sorry guys, my moms needed me for a minute.”

Oh yeah…. and having that happen TWICE.

Don’t be shy. Speak right the hell up. Preferrably before the pull, thank you very much.

Please, cheer me up by sharing some of your fun raid stories… don’t be shy.

Edit: One last thought. I’ve been asked in real life, at work, why I get so cranky about my time being wasted by little bullshit. And I’ll share with you a story that one of my favorite artists and performers, Henry Rollins, once said in his Spoken Word. I think it was on “You Saw Me Up There”.

He said something along the lines of, “When I’m going on a trip around the world, I get ready ahead of time. I’m prepared. I’m in the ticket line at the counter at the airport and I’m psyched. I’ve got my carry on the right size, my stow away bags are clean of any contraband, my ID is in hand, ticket is prepaid, shoes and belt are easy to get off for the metal detector, I’m good to go. Go ahead, ask me if my bags have been out of my sight. Ask me! I dare you!”

“And I get up there, and there is one person at the counter ahead of me. And this person does not have the first idea what is going on, or where they are. ID? Ticket? These are new concepts.”

“And the attendant is having to spend 30 minutes explaining these most basic of concepts to this person, who is too lazy to ask any kind of question before ever setting foot in an airport.”

“And it occurs to me… you’re killing me. You’re killing me…. just a tiny bit. These minutes of my life are gone, spent standing in this line, because of you. You just killed me…. 30 minutes worth. Gone forever. 30 minutes I could’ve spent doing anything else, but waiting on you to pull your head out.”

And that is why I get so frustrated so damn fast. My son was upstairs playing… and instead of going in, getting the guild run done and getting out, I sat for 90 minutes. 90 minutes waiting for people that signed up to show up.

And I say to myself…. “Maybe that should be the last time I sign up.”


18 thoughts on “There’s no crying in Kara!

  1. *hugs* Ack, sounds like you’re having loads of fun.But honestly, stuff like that needs to be said. Some people won’t learn unless it’s beaten into them, and there are plenty of people who think the world owes them something.Those who spend the time gearing and working for their needs tip their hat to you. /salute


  2. Very good rant. I’ve not been in too may instances until now. I solo’ed mostly up to reaching Outlands. I ran in The Blood Fuance last night with my gulid (I’m the newbie). I’m a feral Druid so they asked me to be the tank. Not really geared up great for a level 61, but I was at least spec’d for it based on one of your older posts. I got about a third of the way through and over vent I asked, “Ok guys, I’m pretty new to tanking so how am I doing. Tell me what I’m doing wrong and what I’m doing right”. And to my suprise, they said I was doing pretty good. I just needed to figure out how to get more agro and hold the mobs better. I think that it was mainly my average gear. Oh, and the other thing, I was the lowest level guy in the group. the others were 62-68. I got some great pants and a ring from the 2nd and 3rd boss. I’m willing to learn and I asked early in the run to be sure I wasn’t doing something wrong, so I asked.Conquernfool


  3. Conquern, if you got the tanking ring that drops from the chest on the end boss, then hold on tight to it, because that is the best ring you’ll see until the ring Lieutenant Drake drops in Old Hillsbrad (Caverns of Time)…And take a gander and notice that it doesn’t say unique… run the instance as often as you’d like… you can wear two of em šŸ™‚


  4. Great rant, BBB. You said many things I’ve thought (more than once). I may well be coming back here for some quotes from time to time.I especially appreciate the comments about time-wasting (mine, and other peoples’). Time is one of the most valuable things I have, and sitting in my chair waiting for other people to do stuff they should have done YESTERDAY just gripes my ass to no end.


  5. One might think you have made this all up, but unfortunately your rant just mirrors a couple of situations most players have experienced throughout their carreers.


  6. Xizang, I would enver spout all that just to get a chckle out of people.At the time I wrote that, I had just come down off the run, after nearly tearing Jayboi’s ears off with my ranting, and swearing that if this was the way Group 2 was gonna go, then I was never gonna run kara with this guild again. I won’t say that I threatened to /gquit… but I will say that I had more than a few tells along the lines of “Are you gonna run kara tonight? You HAVE to run, you don’t have a choice.” And one of the fastest ways to get me to make a decision is tell me I have no choice. Oh, trust me, I’ll find a choice. And I guarentee it’s one you won’t like. As it is, I decided to keep running as long as my freinds are running it… adn try my best to ignore the BS.


  7. Nice Post! I feel your pain. In particular it sucks waiting for a run to start and thinking of 100 more important things I could do.


  8. I agree with everything above. I’d like to add one more….Some back info… My guild has about 15 regular raiders. We have “Team A.” The other five are people who are less able to commit to regular raiding. Every once in a while we hold runs for these Team B people who are far less hard core than Team A but want to raid. And so, I’d like to add to this list people who take a raid slot and then leave 45 minutes later. “the wifey needs me” or “I have to go pick up my bros” or “afk 20 minutes must go get my kid from his friend’s house.” The rest of the raid then stands there – and as I and the other GM start frantically looking for a fill in, we see in guild all the possible fill ins who were turned away for slots now all in heroics or have logged. Flash forward a week to the next non-Group A run and this person is flipping his pancakes over not being brought on the run…


  9. And one final bit of advice… please, please, please get your gear enchanted. If you think your gear is good enough to go into Kara with, then you should think it’s good enough for enchanting. I am sick to death of people that turn 70, get the guild to powerlevel them through the Kara attunement, and then think that they have done their part, so when’s the raid? Huh guys? When’s the raid? —I soooo agree! I was recently called a loot ninja (I rolled on this gear mind you) because the other person in the Kara run who also rolled on T4 gloves was rolling in half gear gear, gloves included, and thought because he still had green gear was entitled to the gloves. They weren’t enchanted, either. What you said, BBB, regarding that really struck a cord with me and it is all I can do to not post something on our guild forumm regarding this issue. Because being called a loot ninja stung, albeit far from the truth, but their sense of entitlement by just showing up and running Kara with a mostly epic geared group… the whole thing just sticks in my craw. It’s all I can do to not ream this person up one side and down the other for this and for wearing gear not really meant for his class but “because the stats are better”. What does that say about this person? They are putting absolutely no effort into playing their class well and are relying on others to get them their gear. Tell me, is there a proper way to broach the topic within the guild or is it better to “suck it up, Sally, it isn’t affecting you”..?Since this person doesn’t likely read these blogs, I’ll post mah name, lol.


  10. DKP guys. When you run kara for months and finally your POS bow drops, and you have 4 hunters, you need the points. Or when there are nonguildies and you, and you really want that loot, but the non-guildie-never-seen-em-before-in-my-live gets the loot, and you dont, that hurts. DKP in all 10+ man raids is the way to go. Its not that hard. Yes, most of us are adults, but when it gets down to 2 or more people wanting the thing, you dont want to waste months on end trying to get that piece of loot you should have gotten two months ago. This happened to me twice. Those others guys? Long, long gone. Got their loot and ran. I was stuck with one kara drop out of 8 runs (or more, I can’t recall). You never know how fast your ‘tight-knit hardcore’ group will dissolve once a person gets their loot drop.


  11. Man, are you in my guild?! šŸ™‚ We’re having all sorts of drama. We’ve got a very loose and sloppy structure. Start time is 8? Sure it is. Try 8:40 on a good night. I recently started leading some runs, and I explicitly state the start time and expect people to adhere. Anyway, we start ON time with the people who were there and ready to go. The run is going flawlessly. We’re a pull away from dropping the second boss on our schedule and the fun begins. Asshat logs in, bitches and says “why do I bother signing up for Kara?!” I just had to ROFL about that.


  12. OMG


    Having just joined a new guild and working with a new group of ppl with little to know experience in raiding, I cannot tell you how perfectly your just said all of this. I am now going to make this a must read for anyone who wants to raid in my group. 1 if the guild doesnt like it I’m going to gquit and 2 if the person doesnt do it im gonna raidkick!!

    Many thanks from the lady in the fat suit,



  13. Amusing and informative post — thanks!

    I just joined my first raiding guild and I’m already frustrated by the late start times. I may be a newbie, but when I sign up for a raid time, I log on at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. I have even left IRL plans to make raids on time, because I said I would. So while I understand that even in the best groups, real life happens, I still feel pretty resentful that I’m sitting in my office chair doing no more than listening to people shoot the shit over vent, while the party I just left is still raging.

    Does this make me feel somewhat entitled when the lock loot drops? It sure does. I do understand your commenters’ perspectives on, why should a newbie run away with the good loot while the dedicated guildie has to run the same instance for months. On the other hand, I might not be super-geared yet, but I’m on-time, I’m prepared, and I take the raid seriously. So yeah, I probably wouldn’t have wanted to run the Kara Group 2 either.


  14. Raiding = misanthropy… I just don’t see any way around it. Dealing with other people who fail to act responsibly and reasonably is the nature of the game I suppose. If you have a good group, raid consistently, and have a good time, consider yourself blessed with the very Light of Elune. For the rest of us, we will continue to have hit and miss nights of random pugs and latecomers. Happy hunting and raid on, the loots are as epic as the fails!


  15. See I found the problem with new people going into old groups is the fact that the old groups will not progress. My guild was NOTORIOUS for doing such; they ran Kara, and I KID YOU NOT, FOR OVER A YEAR. You want to know why? There were never two Kara groups. They always had to ‘help out the little guy’. That’s great and all but when ‘the little guy’ takes all the time away from the guys who are trying to progress, (not to mention not good enough gear and group dynamics always new = wipe wipe wipe!) then the newcomer takes the loot, and jams, then no progression is really made whatsoever, except for said little guy. And the rest of us are left paying a HUGE repair bill and being told to ‘come back next week.’ It gets old. Especially after a year.
    Understandably, it should be noted beforehand that group one is for the seasoned players and two is for the newcomers. I don’t know if you did that, but if you did, then there really should have been no reason for that guy to pull his stuff.
    And in reply to Selix… a lot of us seasoned players show up on time, but if we get dragged behind by newer players, then very little progression happens for anyone. You don’t want to be stuck in Kara for over a year. Believe me.

    Thankfully, I have since returned to my old guild and they ARE FINALLY progressing. They have two kara groups going and both are progressing nicely. They finally got into gruul’s and have almost cleared ZA. Me and my boyfriend were wondering if that was ever going to happen…


  16. Even better is when one guy begged to come to the ZA raid …. and then says in TS while we are going for a bear run that he needs to leave (after the gongs have started)


  17. This is soooo true. I was invited by a friend to a pug gruul run. (mistake 1) we actually got enough people, and started on time. (only miracle of the night) it took us an hour and a half before we made the first pull against HKM because it was an unexperienced group (and raid leader) that did not know the fight and there was much arguing back and forth about what strategy to use, who was tanking what, who was healing what. we got in 3 attempts at HKM and on the third one as soon as the wipe started people started bailing out of the group. not even a “sorry this won’t work gotta go” just a “… has left the raid group.”


  18. Just found the blog, and I’m really enjoying your writing.
    What’s equally frustrating to me is when I say ‘no’ to a ready check, or ask the group to wait a moment while I go get a soda/answer the phone/whatever, they ignore me and go ahead and pull anyway. I’m just DPS, so for most battles I’m not as important as the tank and healer, but it’d still be nice to not be abandoned somewhere in an instance. It’s even more annoying when for whatever reason not all the mobs are cleared, and I get squished while trying to find out where the rest of the group went.


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