That’s one way to reduce aggro

Talked about Damage Meters yesterday, and somewhere in that muddy post there should have been two points. I’d like to revisit them a little, since it’s early and stuff in guild last night came up that kind of tied in.

The first is that I see Damage Meters abused by people that want bragging rights over other teammates, and in pursuit of the coveted #1 damage dealer position cause damage in excess of the tanks’ threat, pulling aggro away and causing many bad things.

(And most of the commenters have pointed these out, but I wanted to recap quickly… if you pull aggro away from the tank, not only are you yourself now going to find out how good your armor is, but you are now causing the healers to redirect their mana on you in a desperate attempt to keep you up, because they hate to see a player die on their watch. You are also causing the tank to hit his ‘panic overdrive’ to re-establish aggro, because he hates a player to die on his watch. And you might be pulling the mob into melee range of the Hunter(s), which drops their damage output on that mob just when you need it most. All in all, it’s asshattedness at it’s finest.)[Is that a word? It should be.]

The second point I was trying to make in there is that I see players who are not guild or class officers, use the rankings in a judgmental way towards other players, in a derisive or mocking fashion.

Now, in my own personal opinion, it is the second point that really frosts my butt.

The first situation is usually self correcting. It doesn’t take long for people to put their heads together, compare notes after a run, and come to some hard decisions.

“You know, if that (x-class) didn’t pull aggro away from the tank on every run and die, causing chaos and confusion, we wouldn’t have had any of those wipes.”
“Did you ask him to wait for the tank to get 5 sunders before kicking the DPS in, and watch his threat?”
“Yes, but he is still doing the same thing, anyway.”
“I guess we’re going to have to ask him not to go on runs with this group, then.”

Sadly, this apparently happened in our group last night.

I wasn’t on last night, instead I enjoyed a little time with my family… ok, maybe I logged in and did some daily quests quick, but other than that I was off.

But I did see that our group was in Kara, and after a very short run was already at Maiden. I wished them well, and the mood in the group at the time was festive, almost jubilant. Confidence was very high.

When next I logged in, hours later, to check the AH, I find out that the attempt(s) on Maiden were unsuccessful… and some players were asked to leave the group while they address certain, well, threat issues. It’s always a hard thing to ask a guild member, a friend and compadre, to not play reindeer games with the group. I certainly don’t envy the officers their decision. But not everyone can handle threat bombs like our friend Karthis does.

That’s a lot of yakking about obvious crap. I should go back and delete it, but what the heck, you already know I’m long-winded. Stream of consciousness rambling is the only style I got.

Point, point… I had a point when I started, and then I got off topic on asshats, and then I went to get coffee… where the hell was I? Oh, yeah! Right!

It’s one thing for people to throw up their Damage Meter score, in the interests of friendly competition, joking with some buddies. I see that once in a while in PUGs, in 5 man runs, and I certainly see no harm in it at all. Everyone enjoys something different, and I’ve PUGged with a pair of friends who both had Mages, who delighted in taunting each other with their Damage Meter ranking after almost every single pull. And honestly, they had me laughing my butt off, because they were taunting each other with who could do the most damage without going over my threat and pulling aggro. And they were both damn good. It was fun to be a part of. It spurred me on to greater heights of tanking, trying to really establish some serious threat on my mobs to let them play.

It’s another thing entirely when any player uses Damage Meters, or any other measurement, in an effort to belittle, judge or mock another player in game. I don’t care if it’s a guild run or a PUG, there is no excuse that I can think of where it’s ok to dump a bunch of crap on another player when they are being nice, playing the game, and having fun.

I don’t know about anyone else out there, but most of the people I play with or meet are great players, fun people, nice people, generous people, people that are playing WoW to have fun and hang with friends. There is always the hunt for better gear, for higher reputation, for that next rare crafting pattern, whatever. But at the heart of things they are darn great folks to hang with.

So the players I run into that like to hurt other peoples’ feelings or make someone else look like crap in some effort to make themselves look better or wahtever, just pisses me off.

Those players are the ones that make me wish there were no Damage Meters, not because meters themselves are bad, but only because the use to which they are put can be so easily twisted to serve a total asshats purpose for the moment.

I know that if it weren’t a Damage Meter ranking, then it would be using Armory to be judgmental over a players’ gear, or ridiculing their reputation advancement, or their spec, or whatever else they could find to hurt someone else to make themselves feel special. The core issue is not the Damage Meters, but the existence of the asshats themselves.

But I have this horrible dilemma.

My ignore list is full!

Please, Blizzard, please, make the ignore list larger…. much, much larger.

I do go in every 6 months or so and delete every name in my ignore list to make room… I have found that I almost never see any of those names pop up again. Almost as though the players I put on ignore for their behavior in the first place never stay on that toon more than 6 months.

But I’d like to have a list long enough where I don’t have to run that risk.


8 thoughts on “That’s one way to reduce aggro

  1. I use DoIKnowYou for keeping notes about:
    * gold beggars who won’t take no for an answer
    * the huntard/knoob/* who caused several wipes in a row, blamed me and/or repeatedly yelled obscenities
    * generous tippers
    * nice, fun, helpful players that don’t quite qualify for my friends list


  2. Crassus I believe there is an addon (or was at one time) that allowed people to rate people they have played with and it shared it across some channel with anyone else running the addon. it gave you info on how well or poorly a person behaves in a group, ninja looting, guild hopping ect. i need to find that one again.


  3. Asshatery/asshatedness… both going urban dictionary if not already there. Ok, they were both already there. Neologisms=fun


  4. I think the ignore list is too LONG…. and in the wrong place.You shouldn’t have a list of all the people you are ignoring, you should have a list of all the people who are ignoring you. And if the list is full, your /say, /yell, and /whisper commands don’t work.Solves the whole issue.


  5. On the other hand, sometimes people *need* to be admonished for their damage performance.If you’re in a team and a dps slot is underperforming the tank, that’s usually the threshold at which it’s reasonable to tell the person to step it up, if there are no circumstances to justify that performance.Far too many times I’ve seen primary dps’ers like hunters, mages, warlocks, etc not even putting out more damage than the tank, on a single target, not a paladin / consecrate type situation, either, and that’s just flat out slacking and putting the burden on your teammates to make up for your poor performance, which really isn’t fair to them, and could cause threat issues where they’re trying to go hard to compensate for your poor performance and not paying as much attention to threat.


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