What do you like to solo?

Let’s lighten the mood around here, shall we? After all, I am cranky when my buttons are pushed, but generally I am a pretty silly old bear. Let’s talk about druid fun!

As druids, they call us hybrids, but I prefer ‘jack-of-all-trades’.

Hey, we get to sorta melee like a rogue, heal like a priest, tank like a warrior, or blast like a mage. Sorta. Kinda.

Sure, we don’t come ‘out of the box’ as versatile at any one role as a ‘pure’ class does. I’ll accept that. Sure.

On the other hand, the druid class really favors fast thinking, flexibility, and improvisation.

I tend to approach life from an ‘in your face’ point of view, so it should come as no surprise that I favor moving in as a cat in stealth, getting my hits in, and switching to caster to pop some HoTs and then into bear for the long haul if things go wrong. But there are plenty of other approaches to playing our class, and they are all fun!

One of the things I like the most about druid is something rogues have long delighted in; going into group content solo in stealth, and taking on bosses for fun (and profit).

Granted, there isn’t much challenge for any 70 in soloing something like Shadowfang Keep, no matter how much fun it may be.

But there are things in this game that can bring a challenge and lots of fun, even for the 70, and I’d like to hear what your favorites are!

I’ll start the ball rolling by saying that I like to go into BRD and have me some fun in there. I’m a miner, so all that Dark Iron Ore is nice, plus getting to the Black Forge to smelt it down whenever I want. But beside that, if I am looking for fun I can stealth on by the trash and take on darn near any boss I feel like. If I want a true challenge, then I dare myself not to use stealth at all. Take on the trash too! A lot of those early dark iron dwarf pulls are trickier than you might think, what with the multiple healers in the pack.

Obviously, soloing the Scarlet Monastery in search of the rare Tabard drop is something that many folks do at some point, but what else is out there to solo that you enjoy?

Maybe you like to run the Deadmines as a speed challenge, just to see how fast you can get a 100% clear.

On a seperate but related topic, how many of you have put together all-Druid (or druid/rogue) 5 mans to stealth run higher end content? All-60 druid/rogue stealth tribute runs used to be quite a lot of fun.

Come on, share with the bear… what do you like to run?


12 thoughts on “What do you like to solo?

  1. I enjoy stealthing instances (UB/SP) for herbs…. it’s always a little bit thrilling grabbing a bunch from in from the feet of a pathing bog giant, or super-close to a group of 4 elementals that are guarenteed to beat me down if I blow it.I also enjoy soloing Group(2) and Group(3) quests for the challenge of it all. Especially if they involve killing single nasty elites.


  2. I had fun farming Stratholme to get my Idol of Brutality. Farmed LBRS to finally get my UBRS key that I never completed pre-BC :). Did a 45-minute baron run solo and chuckled at how difficult it could be 5-man at 60.Like karthis, soloing Group(2+) quests is always a nice challenge.


  3. I have farmed the end boss of sethekk halls with 3 rogues, myself as a feral tan & a resto.They all got Dungeon Set 3 legs, and I got a pretty healing cloak (Im now resto, and I still have it)


  4. There’s something about playing in stealth that’s just plain thrilling. It’s not about how much damage you can do, and it’s certainly not about what gear you’ve accumulated.Because at 70 it often doesn’t matter if they spot you — you can probably take them. But if you’re forced to fight, you’ve already lost the game. And you really, really want to win the “You can’t see me” game.I used to wonder (when I only had my druid) how other classes managed without stealth. Now that I have a few upper-level alts, I just pity them a little.But to answer your question, I think the most fun I’ve had soloing was pre-BC when I soloed RFD in caster form to build up weapon skill. Hitting the bone pile and seeing if I could take all those skellies (bear form ftw!) was great, great fun.


  5. not sure if a druid can take the ‘short cut’ to the forge easily or not. Myself I have to cut through the summoners tomb….


  6. Oh yes, the short cut to the forge ni BRD is easy as pie for Druids, actually.A little pulling/smashing of the wandering fire elemental in the lava pool, HoTs on self and /bound away!Even in the pre-BC level 60 days soloing the run to the forge was a piece of cake… in fact, that is another thing I helped my rogue buddy Melpo do, to get his MC key attunement.Wow, time sure does fly, don’t it?


  7. A last word, the big difference between now and then on the black forge run… back then, I cuoldn’t easily solo the fight against the one elemental that stands guard right on top of the forge. It was always a pretty solid fight, using all my skills to win. A feral build with Natures’ Swiftness seemed to be the key back then.Now, of course, it’s a snoozer to take him down. /sad


  8. When I was level 40 I went into SM: Library to grab the book for the Mythology of the Titans quest. I was able to solo Arcanist Doan, too. Stealthing is nice, too, for those quests that require you to pick up some object in the middle of a camp or on top of a tower. Get in, get out, quest complete.


  9. As a rogue, I always wonder if I don’t miss out on loot/money/xp when I stealth through all that crap.It makes things go faster to quest though.Also, it makes it harder to play alts now. I play mostly solo, so switching to an alt that can’t stealth into a camp and take out one guard (instead having to kill the 50 going there and back) is kind of tough.


  10. I’m soloing LBRS and Baron now to get shards for leveling enchanting. I wish I could do UBRS 😦 I have the key, but need 2 more friends to click the pedestal by Pyroguard Emberseer in order to get by that point. Boo, soloing the Beast would be epic!


  11. At 60 I always liked going into BRD and soloing the elemental boss that drops the idol.Now that I’m 70, I really want to go back and finish my UBRS key. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to solo LBRS, but after reading these, I’m pretty confident.


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