What do you mean, you DI’d the tank?

I thought I’d seen it all.

At least, I thought I’d seen every darn thing people could do to throw me a curve ball in this game.

Last night I was forcibly reminded that I am a casual player, because I’m sure every other tank has had this happen to them before, but I was totally without a clue when it happened.

“When WHAT happened?” I hear you ask?

Well, let me tell you a little story… [grin]

So there I was, in Karazhan again. This time, it was gonna be different. Group 1’s main tank Joppers was going to spend the week straightening Group 2 out, and he had plans for us. Big plans.

“We’re going straight in to Attumen, then we’re going to take down Moroes and after that we’ll take down Maiden.”

Pretty bold plan for one night, considering he’d never run with Group 2 before. A Group that still has yet to down either Moroes OR Maiden due to what I like to call ‘10% issues’*.

I was pretty excited though. Seeing as how none of us had any prior experience in Kara, having someone along to drive us forward that knew how the flow should go could make a massive difference.

So in we go, and from the first it is clear that the tank is going to have none of this ‘coddling the casters’ crap. He does a quick run down of what he expects, Blue Square for ice trap, star for shackle, x for off tank (me), Moon for fear, burn such and such down first, etc. Then he says “Everyone when you need mana get it on the run and stay on your toes we have a lot to get done and I’m not sitting around”.

BOOM! With that the first pull begins and it’s just pull pull pull after that.

Attumen was downed in about 21 minutes from entering the instance, and I had a blast the whole way. As a main tank, I usually pretty much stayed bear and did my thing.

But here I had a clear agenda. The main tank was marking, and if there wasn’t a red X, then there was no off-tanking. That meant that when the tank started a pull, I could be in cat form and gear for DPS on the tanks’ targets, switching to bear only to grab broken traps and such, or shift into caster for spot heals and innervates, etc. I got to actually feel like a versatile class helping out all over the place. Lots and lots of fun. 😉

Like I was saying, we downed Attumen in record time. We were gratified to hear that we pretty evenly matched Group 1 for time to progress to this point. Then we got the next surprise, as instead of heading for the ballroom, the main tank said we’d be taking the shortcut through the pantry to Moroes. Shortcut? Okay, cool.

Well, I don’t know that it was shorter, but it was fun to do something a bit different.

We blasted through at top speed, and it was great seeing the Group come together. The main tank was pushing as fast as he thought right, and the group rose to the challenge. He clearly expected everyone to be on the ball and do their own jobs without coddling. There was no babying, none of the “Is everyone sure you’re ready?” stuff that I tend to do. He treated everyone with respect, with the expectation that they were mature and skilled enough to do their jobs without being told, and most of them responded by damn well doing them. I was amazed and gratified. If there was a pull he thought might be difficult, he’d stop for a second to caution us that so and so would hit hard, and to be on top of things, and he’d pop a Ready Check and then boom! off to another pull.

Things were going so well, that before we knew it we were at the first pull from the chamber where Moroes and his dinner guests reside. That doorway is guarded by two stewards, and the main tank warned us that they hit hard, and he marked a red x and skull, then pulled. I dutifully shifted to bear with bear gear, grabbed my x and dragged his ass off to the side so everyone could see the skull clearly.

Now it was at this point that something went wrong. I don’t know what, but people started panicking as if there were a horde of adds or something among the casters. As far as I could see, as I spun my views around, there were still just the two stewards. Then the main tank went down and all holy hell broke loose.

I still don’t understand what happened to cause the complete panic that I heard on Teamspeak. It’s not as if we were strangers to wipes or uncontrolled chaos. Our previous runs should have taught us to be adaptive and prepared for the worst.

At any rate, when I saw the main tank go down, the skull he was tanking broke for the casters in a straight line. I Feral Charged, picked him up and spun him around on me. Seconds later he died and I still had my original X on me.

Absolutely no worries, right?

YES, there were a couple players dead. But we had three paladins, me and a resto druid, and a priest. We had so much rezzing power that we ALMOST could wipe scores of times and jump right back up.

And thats when IT happened. IT.

Let’s recap… a couple players down, including the main tank, and one steward well and truly focused on me.

Well, what happened next is partly my fault. I still do not know by heart the moves and special abilities of every mob that I will be facing in Karazhan. If I did, I would have reacted a lot faster to find the reason for what happened to me, and I could have fixed it before it was too late.

This is what happened. As I began lacerating the steward to keep aggro firmly rooted on me, my buttons stopped responding, and my movement keys and mousemove stopped responding, EXACTLY as happens when stunned.

And here is where I made my critical error. I assumed that the steward could stun, and had stunned me, and that it would break in 3 seconds. And instead of looking away from the action to check the timer that should have been counting down stun duration next to the minimap, I kept my eyes on the screen, spamming my growl hotkey in anticipation of the stun wearing off so I could stay right on top of things.

And stun didn’t wear off. And still didn’t wear off. And as I waited and waited it STILL didn’t wear off. And I continued to wait in growing panic as the mob finally took off from my still, unresponsive form, and went to go tear the group a new one. And I could only watch in horror as it took down every single other player, and then, instead of coming back after me, it left the room to go back where it came from!

I just couldn’t believe it! I still stood there stunned and unable to move… except, now that I wasn’t surrounded by spell effects of casters and swipes and special effects and heals, I could see there was some sort of glolden glow around me… almost like…

And someone announces in guild chat that they DI’d me so I could rez the group after the wipe.

Someone… cast Divine Intervention on me… without saying a word in Teamspeak… so I could rez the party after the wipe… when we had a soulstone up…. and when we HAD NO WIPE INCOMING!!!! I was on top of that one lone mob so hard it wasn’t even funny. It took FOREVER for it to break off of me and go after the rest of the party.

At this point I gently put my headphones down, and swore bitterly at the screen for two solid minutes.

After getting the swearing out of my system for the moment, I calmly went looking through the 20+ buff icons in the upper right portion of my screen… and sure enough, there was the Divine Intervention icon, with a timer showing about two minutes left.

I gently right-clicked it to shut it off, just as I could have if I’d been smart enough to know that it wasn’t the mob that stunned me… it was one of my own teammates.

Honest to god, that is the very first time ever that anyone has cast Divine Intervention on me, as the main tank, in the middle of a fight, no matter how bad things looked. Ever.

I remained calm as I typed into my friends’ chat channel, to my buddy Jay, who was on the run with me…

“Someone DI’d me in the middle of the fight when we were in no danger. That is SO going in my blog.”

He lol’d

* 10% is a phrase from my Marine Corps days.. back then we took it for granted that we Marines were the ‘best of the best’**… but that even among our ranks, there was that “10%” of worthless asshats that would never do anything right if they could help it. From boot camp on, anytime we’d talk about a situation where one person screwed it up for the rest of us, that person was a ‘ten percenter’, or the situation would just be referred to as, “Well, there is always that 10%.”

** Of course, we also took it on faith that the Navy had 40%. 😉

Just kidding, folks. Just kidding.

33 thoughts on “What do you mean, you DI’d the tank?

  1. looooooooooooool.. I know this is an old post, but as a Dual Spec Prot-Holy Paladin, I was helping heal on Loatheb and as soon as the MT rain in, I hit 1 but I was on the wrong actino Bar (6, not 1) and I DId him an killed myself, obviously.

    I was like: O_o… because I didn’t look at my screen.. I just assumed i’d start spamming FoL until Neucrotic Aura… so stupid, but it’s a story. 🙂 Got loot from that fight, too! Hahaha..
    THX-4-T7 Shoulderslol


  2. Tanking Bane … most of the group is down but the two healers and me because of some unfortunate firey ground stuff. One is a pally the other is a priest. We got through all of the air phases so at this point this is a fight of attrition. I get feared … no biggie (druid butt has good armor). Bane then suddenly takes off after the healers even though I had a 20k threat lead before the fear. Trying to figure out why … I was Bopped!!!!!!!!


  3. for the first two or three lines i thought someone was retelling me then i remembered, curved ball.. the hell they would on an EU. am i right yadadadada. ty vm for the ditty though.


    joppa ( belmort )


  4. Speaking of DI and Kara. Did a run against Maiden a while back after I moved some of my bars around. Deadly Boss Mod screaming about incoming repentance so I click “Blessing of Sacrifice” on the tank to heal through the repentance. I now see the “Release” window pop up, and everyone is full of panic on Vent. One healer down, tank out of it for 10 seconds as he’s trying to figure out what happened. All melee has now been killed and Maiden proceeds to chop the healing tree down for lumber. Much hatred ensued.
    After admitting what happened, paying for repair bills and moving DI far away from Blessing of Sacrifice, Maiden was downed. Of course she drops healing gear……


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  6. As a Shadow Priest in Kara, I usually renew shackles every 15-20 seconds. It can be harrowing while adds are up, but use Moroes’ vnish as you shackle Timer. Whenever he vanishes, re-cast Shackle. Works like a charm.


  7. Once I was hanging out in an Inn in Theramore when a level 70 paladin from my guild comes in.

    “Tell my wife…” He mutters.

    “Huh?” I say, drinking hard liquor and sitting in a chair.

    “I LOVE HER!” He yells. Next thing I know, he’s lying on the ground and I’m surrounded by a yellow bubble.

    “Lol,” I say, and then try to move. “Wait…”

    “WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!?!…hic!” I say.


  8. The Moreoes fight goes a Lot Smoother when you take out the Pally 1st, then Priest and Keep the Fury/Arms Warr shackled until the end. The Pally Mob will Dispell all the traps, DoTs and Shackles against her and Moroes’ minions.

    Hey… I think I have run with LoLOmgNubPally1!
    Went into H Mech with a PUG Healer on the Daily. The 1800 heals Holy Pally REFUSED to give me (Hunter) Kings and Insisted the Prot Warr needed Might instead of Kings. The other 4 of us were guildies and on Vent together. This was “Supposed” to be quick a Badge/Shard run and we just wanted to get it over with, We “discussed” our displeasure but started anyway and I guess we really pissed off the Pally. In the middle of the 1st Pull she cast Salv on the Tank and Bubble Hearthed out. ?$&^%#! We PUG’d a 1400 Resto Tree and completed it without a wipe.

    I have had nice Pally’s DI me because I exceeded 90% of the Aggro… Then I stand there like an idiot because I can’t figure out why my Feign Death button is not working and I cannot move!

    If you think it’s getting that bad… DI Yourself so you can Rez the rest of us!

    I’m not immune to doing “Stupid Things” myself… In my frustration over the “Umpteenth” H Shatt Halls PUG wipefest I accidentally used my Jumper Cables to Rez a Mage laying next to the Priest… we looked really dumb standing there staring at each other while the rest of the group ran back…


  9. You know what they say, “It’s all fun and games till someone gets hurt.” Well, here’s one not so fun. I’ll set the stage for you first, way back in the day when BWL was the omgz end content of WoW, the guild I was in had only been in BWL for few months. But here we were one late night, deep in to the instance and someone’s getting cranky because they don’t have enough DKP to get their T2 chest piece and everyone’s like “Well if you show up to raid more you might have more DKP….blah blah”

    Anyway, so far its been a great run, (other than the QQ) and we are bound and determined to do a full BWL clear tonight so we don’t have to come back just for Nef the next day. I’ll fast forward to the good bit…

    So here we are now in the middle of the Nef fight and everything is going smooth as silk, dragonkin skellys have droped, class calls are going smooth, elephants and giraffes are running free….you get the idea. Nef is at 20% and here come a warrior class call (warrior was our MT at the time), warriors stuck in zerker stance, healers get ready….Now just as a side note I’m playing a rogue at the time so all I can see is Nef’s back feet so I’m like stab, stab, slash, cut, rinse, repeat not really watching what’s going on around me and I notice that vent suddenly gets all quiet like…in mid sentence…so I think CRAP I just DC!!! Nooooo Bloodfang, I cometh!!

    I sit up a little straighter in my chair just in time to see Nef turn on the casters and nuke them right down to their boots. OMGZ!! Is the tank down I ask myself (quick glance to raid frames) NO he’s right there not moving!! CRAP the TANK just DC’d!!! Where’s the off tank ?? …. He’s Down OHNOZ!!1 …Nef 9% wipe inc.


    **The following conversation is to the best of my ability to remember so “Bear” with me

    Guild Leader: What just happened?
    Main Tank: Someone DI’d me…
    Guild Leader: Who?!!
    LoLOmgNubPally1: me 😀
    Guild Leader: Why?
    LoLOmgNubPally1: I thought it would be funny 😀
    * translation = (I’ve got poopy pants I don’t have the DKP for my Chest Piece)
    Guild Leader: /gkick
    Guild Chat: LoLOmgNubPally1 has been kicked out of the guild by Guild Leader.

    Rez, Buff, pull Nef, nef down, we win.

    Moral of the story is accidents happen, learn from them and move on, after all it only took once for me to pull agro on Vaelastrasz and wipe a 40 man raid, I still have guilt about it years later 😀
    But for you to be a total nubcake and wipe a raid on purpose ….I hope your guild doesn’t know you IRL.

    Real men post on their mains:
    Petrov: 70 Feral Druid – Burning Legion
    Sallaxie: 70 Mage – Maelstrom
    Qwiq: 70 Rogue – Maelstrom


  10. A couple folks and I run an alt Karazhan group every Saturday for badges, kicks and loot for toons we’ll never be able to sneak into BT. Although my main is a druid, my alt is a draeni paladin–listen, there are a lot of buttons there. Seriously. Although I’ve never made the clutch-move of DI’ing the tank, I’ve done something arguably worse.

    Generally speaking, our Karazhan runs turn into a mass of ridiculosity on vent, fueled by end-of-the-week OMGZERS and alcohol. We’re right around the final pulls, just after the chess event and right before Prince, and I’m doing the whole LOLADIN thing (aka pressing Flash of Light until my fingers fall off) when the enhance shaman pulls aggro off one of the noob tanks. Three margaritas in, I’m like “DUDE I GOT THIS”–and I BoP the tank. Instead of the enhancement shaman. Complete aggro wipe, half the raid gets eaten.

    Conversely, I’ve also BEEN the tank who’s gotten accidentally BoP’d and that’s fun too. Half of it is, as you said, trying to figure out why you can’t hit the mob that’s going crazy anymore.

    Good times. 🙂


  11. Love the blog.

    As a newly retired Chief Navy IDC who served many a float w/ 1stMarDiv…I would have expected abit less than 40%. Really? 40? C’mon


  12. As a Holy Pally I am not fond of the DI, sure i will use it when 6/10 members are dead, but I have also been in situations where a DI causes the wipe. Me and my guild has proven that a holy pally and a resto shaman can drop nightbane at 3%. As for the NAVY comment, its still 10%… it just works the opposite way.


  13. My old raiding guild used to have two paladins who ‘couldn’t afford to repair’. As a result they would trade off DIs if it looked like things were going to go wrong… which made it damn sure things were going to go wrong, because it left us two healers down!Nice post, I imagine I’d be exactly the same, waiting for the stun to wear off and swearing at my screen, cursing Blizzard’s name and generally too stung out to notice a golden shimmer around me.


  14. As a paladin, DI is a very hard ability to use properly. Wait to long, and you’ll find that you’re the only resser left alive.Too soon, and you’ll turn a possible victory into a certain wipe.


  15. @anonymous:The stewards in Karazhan have an “i win” button they often hit right under 50% that heavily increases their damage and stuns the tank. They’re pretty much steamrollers. If you have ’em, definitely the time to bust out the “oh crap” trinkets.BTW, fantastic story. We all have goof up moments like that. One time back in Molten Core I tried to battle rez a priest and ended up clicking a mage in my haste.


  16. I still don’t understand what happened to cause the complete panic that I heard on Teamspeak. Any chance you can share what caused the panic and mighty Joppers to take a dirt nap? I’m curious, and love to learn from other’s misfortunes (hopefully avoiding a chance to learn it the traditional way).


  17. Well, yes we do know who did it… but as you said, he does a great job. Sometimes, shit happens. And the way he admitted it was hysterical. I still stand by my statement that I’d rather have someone TRY to save the group from a wipe, then someone that has no clue what’s going on and is running around like a chicken with their head cut off.Oh yeah… and you haven’t made your way into the blog yet, Respy… At this point that might be worthy of a medal or two the way I rip on folks in after action reports.I can foresee a day where someone says, “Respy must be a kick ass Retribution Pally… BBB didn’t complain about him last night.”


  18. Well, We do now know who it was. And I have to say Great Pally. I dont remember the exact incident, but I was present for the confession when you asked, *Raises Hand* was the response and I ROFLMAO. Because I totally thought it was my dumb ass :D.Love the tales, just keep me out of them. :)Respy


  19. My original char was a pally (now I play a dranei warrior). Once in BRD we where just entering I had rearranged my bars. My fingers automatically wandered to the place where my BoM was – but I had transfered it somewhere else. Instead I clicked DI…While looking at the mobs I killed myself and bubbled the tank… Body memory aint all good =D


  20. What an awesome story. I’ve been DI’d many times before as well as other Paladins. I’ve never seen any kind of Druid get DI’d.I agree with Lypi for the most part, but I’d say take it one step further. Get them to shackle every five seconds (after every 3rd heal even).


  21. On Moroes, our shacklers usually recast shackles every 10-15 seconds, regardless of how long the tooltip says they should last.Last week our Moroes fight was especially entertaining, as the OT DC’d just after I (bear tank) pulled. Luckily our healers were really on the ball with dispel and cure poison to get me moving quickly onto him again when he blinded or gouged, and pretty soon, the first two adds were down, and the rogue took the OT position, and ate the majority of the blinds to come.I felt pretty good about that fight, but I still have the greatest of respect for our Kara group 2 (not lesser players, just run at a different time), since for weeks they have been running Kara successfully with no priests – and hence no shackles. All their players have learned to be right on the ball, using their abilities to the fullest.- Lypi


  22. Oh, heck yes, the priests should have a macro like:/cast [target=focus] Shackle UndeadAnd before the pull they should target their mob and:/focusNot that I’d need one of those because I’m a bear tank too. 😉


  23. And no, it’s not the pally that DI’d me that’s gone. I don’t even know who did it, and it doesn’t matter, it was an honest mistake. I’m sure it was. Really! I may make fun of it, and I was absolutely torqued by it at the time, but some people panic in different ways, and I prefer someone who panics by trying to DI a rezzer and save the party from a wipe/run back then a person that panics and flees the room.


  24. No. We had continous trouble with the adds breaking shackle early or resisting ice trap and running free without being picked up.We identified two problems to work on before next run; 1) Help the Priest to enable a shackle macro and practise it’s use.2) Request that a particular player not return in the future.We had 9 solid great players and I really was amazed and delighted. The other player just isn’t quite ready for the challenge yet, and needs some time to prepare by running instances more.


  25. I want to make one more “I’m an idiot” correction… doing my research into Kara/Moroes, I have come to discover that the Ghostly Stewards cannot be taunted. I shouldn’t have been waiting to Growl, I should’ve been waiting to hit Mangle followed by Lacerates.Live and learn 🙂


  26. uh-huh. That is pretty much my first experience with DI, except I was the healpriest and it was a lower instance. Oh – except he DI’d me right where the boss did his elephant chain patrol. Out of DI, get aggro, die.


  27. Great story and awesome retelling. I missed the title of it before I started reading and was flat ironing my hair when I saw the line “And thats when IT happened. IT.” at the bottom of my screen. I frantically put down my flat iron to scroll down to find out what “IT” was. LOL. I can’t say I’ve ever seen that happen, either. But hey I guess it’s better to have overzealous Paladins than those who don’t realize they have an ability called Divine Intervention. Right? Right? Okay, maybe not. We did have one paladin that BoPed our tank in the middle of Moroes. A good laugh was had by all. Two weeks later. O.o


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