Why I do that thing I do

Kirk over at Priestly Endeavors posted something that kind of made me blink. Big Red Kitty has experienced something similar recently.

I’m talking about folks that read a blog post, or in BRK’s case an article, and respond in the comments something along the lines of “I read what you wrote, and I know more than you, and you did not tell me anything I wanted to know, and you are wrong, so you need to stop blogging or writing articles. You are stupid, your advice is stupid, so shut up and go away. kthxbye.”


[Pulls out soapbox, checks reinforcing braces, gets up on top and taps mike… “Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?”]

It’s okay, no need to fear a full on rant. I’ve been playing my hunter the last couple of days, so I’m in a mellow mood. Something about sending my ghost saber Moonclaw out to eat people is very relaxing.

I don’t know what other people may expect out of a blog. I myself do not go to blogs looking for ‘the answer’, expecting a professionally researched, flowcharted, powerpoint slide presentation on the minutia of level 70 end game hunter gear, in stepped progression and difficulty of obtainment, with sidebar notes on preferred enchants and gem, and a break down of AH prices by server.

Maybe some do. Maybe some folks actually expect that kind of thing from the blogs they visit.

I don’t. And you won’t find it here.

One of the most amazing things, something that just continously shocks the bleeding heck out of me, is the number of bloggers that DO put that level of professional research and preparation into their posts. And to you writers, I tell you true.. you are wonderful, and your efforts are highly appreciated and admired, your dedication and commitment to helping others is inspirational, and I wish you nothing but the fame and adulation that you deserve by your adoring fans.

But thats still not why I read your blogs, nor is it the level of effort that I expect you to make. It’s great, and I love it, but I am perfectly happy when you just come out and playfully share your day with me.

If any of the folks that I described above, the readers that expect and demand absolute perfection, complete and total accuracy and a professional presentation from every post have made it this far, then let me point out something your little ‘cult of entitlement’ mind might not have grasped yet.

My blog is not for you.

I don’t write this for abusive asshats looking for the secret powerleveling guide. Not at all. Not one single post is written with consideration for your needs, wants or desires.

As an aside, and of little actual importance to the discussion, but it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to, I was a Marine for a loooong time. Long enough for more than two enlistments, and we’ll leave it at that. Maybe that is why I am as cranky at this kind of attitude that is prevalent on the official WoW forums as I am. But I honestly do not believe that anyone or anything in this universe owes you, personally, a damn thing without any effort on your part being made to earn it. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

I am not here to make money. This is not a business. You are not my customers. There is NOT a customer service help line at the end of aisle 3. I do have a commitment to provide the best, most entertaining, truthful and informative blog I can, but there is no money back guarantee.

What this is, is the outgrowth of my admiration of other bloggers’ writing and helpfulness and humor towards others. I have read and enjoyed other blogs, and I have thought of the other players of WoW, just like me, who sat at thier computer and wanted to share their knowledge, their stories, and their love of this game we play with others who may possess that same joy, but have no friends nearby or on the same server/guild to share it with.

I have seen the great work of other bloggers, and in my hubris decided that, whether or not I had anything of real value to share, I would still like to try and be a part.

Because the community I have seen here talks to each other, follows the joys and triumphs of each other with delight and congratulations, responds to the sorrow of failed boss battles or painful guild drama with words of encouragement and sympathy, and shares with each other our ideas, our knowledge, and our insights.

This community is here because it has grown from a few wonderful people who started sharing their knowledge, ideas and stories. They made a place that we like to visit. They have become friends whose opinions we come to value and respect, and whose stories we love to read.

And if they are at all like me, they do it because the reward that we get is to have the pleasure of meeting and talking to others that love this game, and the satisfaction of knowing we have helped at least one person find an answer to a question they might not even have known they wanted to ask. Most often, it may be a question that we had ourselves, and now that we have found an answer, we wish to share that discovery with our other WoW playing friends.

Every time I see a comment from someone that says that what they read here has helped them in some way, that pleases the heck out of me.

But the people who drop me a line just to tell me they enjoy reading the blog and wasting a few minutes each day having a laugh or two… those people are the whole reason why I’m here.

Please don’t come in here looking for an answer on something, and think that you are entitled to belittle the efforts of me or any other blogger, or to be abusive or nasty in the comments to anyone else.

This isn’t the WoW Offical Forums. If you know so much, and our ignorance or inaccuracy offends you so greatly, then instead of being an abusive, derisive asshat, I invite you to start your own blog, and set the rest of us straight.

For the rest of you, for the people that come to read for fun or for a quick answer, or who yourselves write about your own amazing experiences and lessons learned…

Thank you very much for sharing, and making this community a place where I want to be.


9 thoughts on “Why I do that thing I do

  1. I have never and never plan to search blogs for hugely accurate stats, that’s not what I play WoW for anyway ^^ When I see a piece of gear I don’t get out my compasison software and say… hmm… If I get that I’ll get a 0.07% damage increase on averge over the length of a 12 minute boss fight… I say ooo, 27 more AP in exchange for 2 stamina, I’m having THAT.

    I read blogs because they’re interesting and funny, and for that I’ve LOVED some parts of BBB’s work, just read “What do you mean, you DI’d the tank?” and honest to god it’s the funniest thing I’ve read all week, I salute you for it. I just got my druid (Darómaa) to 70 2 days ago and reading your Druid Tank starting gear guide was one of the best things I’ve found. I mean it’s obvious that some decent research went into it, but hey, it gives simple answers without even asking the questions. Anyone who ever wants to complain about it will have to get past me first.

    All in all, keep up the good work. I wish I had the patience and skill to write a Blog…. and the material to write about ^^


  2. Not to be a thread necro :)I’ve leveled my hunter and warrior to 70 and have found good advice on these blogs for both classes!Now I’m dabbling in the druidic waters and am liking what I’m finding more and more as I gain levels and experience. A guildy recommended your blog and I’m avidly reading through your posts.I want to thank you for taking the time to post your insights and expertise and your stories! You’ve already helped me IMMENSLY with my kitty burst dps cycle and with ideas on my spec. This is just a long-winded way for me to express my thanks! I look forward to your blogs!


  3. I don’t think it’s a big deal for people to challenge something here or there if they really think the blogger was incorrect, but they’d better be able to do it constructively. If they just come out and say “omg u suk u dont no anything” they’re just making idiots of themselves.


  4. first thing i want to say is i have the greatest respect for anyone who served or is serving in the armed forces….Thanksi could tell you were the whole entitlement concept comes from but that would be getting in to politics and this i not rushes blog =)as for leaving comments…if you find something wrong all you have to do is be nice and say “BBB the fragments of your dilithium crystals are not aligned right” and let it go at that……


  5. All i can do is shake my head… (/shakehead) I was brought up to believe that “I am not entitled to anything but the things I work hard for.” I just don’t understand where the whole entitlement concept comes from? am just sad because ppl that are like that just rub me the wrong way most of the time, unless (for the most part) when I don’t care (honestly).


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