What’s in a name?

A conversation with my wife, whom I shall call MrsBBB. This is a true story.

BBB: You know, having friends in WoW is wierd sometimes. I’ve known Tikky, Kemangi and Daak for a year and a half now, we’ve got our own yahoo group to chat in, we’ve got our own in game chat channel…. and yet I still don’t know their first names. They are Tikky, Kemangi and Daak.

MrsBBB: That’s because you’re a horrible person.

BBB: Well, I’m sure that’s a part of it, but I think the other part is that’s how I met them, that’s what I know them as, and that’s what we give a shout out to when we see each other. I wish I’d known at the time the name I chose for my first character would follow me forever… now I make all my alts start with Wind something so I don’t throw off my friends in chat.

MrsBBB: You are so not a Windshadow.

BBB: Hey, I’m a sad geek, I thought Windshadow sounded very cool for a night elf druid… I just got lucky that it’s something I like and makes a nice short nickname.

BBB: I swear, Blizz should warn you on the box cover, if you pick a name for your character, you better be darn sure you’re gonna be happy when everyone you meet shortens it to a nickname… I wonder if Melpo knew people were gonna call him Mel forever.

MrsBBB: Wind is a great name for you because you’re so long winded. And because you fart a lot.

BBB: ……

MrsBBB: If they knew you, they’d call you StinkyWind.

BBB: …… that is SO going on the blog.

Just for FYI, MrsBBB has, for the first time in the entire history of my playing this game, decided to try it for herself. We took one of my WoW Guest Passes, set up an account for her, and she created a Human Priest. She has so far reached level 5, and as I type this, she is upstairs running around looking for Milly’s Harvest.

She swears she hasn’t “Given in to the dark side” yet, but she seems to like this better than the sad examples of RPG games you get on the PS2 or Wii that she usually plays.

Wish her luck folks.


9 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Oh if only Mrs Daak would just give it a try…… sighHmm I must be the only one that got a longer name………Wind, what’s that all about then? I’m sure you started it.


  2. I hope Mrs. Wind stick with it… then you will be a very lucky Mr. Wind. It’s pretty hard to find something to do in common with your mate and WoW is a lot more fun with friends. I’m still searching for she-who-plays-WOW, LOL.As for the shortening of our toon’s name, especially our mains, I think it’s definitely something our fellow players do for us. For instance I can remember the first time a friend, Louis, started to call me Kinz and since then pretty much most ppl that I meet in game calls me Kinz even though I’m sure they didn’t know the first person who started to call me that. Pretty funny that at the time of naming my ‘lock I really wanted Kinslayer, as in one of the name given to Lews Therin Telamon (Rand Al’Thor), from tWoT. I think at that time someone had that name on Cho’gall so I had to use a ‘z’ instead but now that I reflect back, Kinzlayer is such a kewl name… and apparently a unique name, at least as far as I can tell on Armory. Also, Kinz sound a bit more unique then Kins, could just be me though.


  3. I’m still working on getting my fiancee to try it. She played MUDs with me, so I know that the latent geekiness is there….Karth.


  4. Be careful what you wish for – BBB is starting out right though.Separate account, separate computer (I think). Back in the day when I played EQ (the first one), I finally got my then fiancee to try it out .. on my account .. on our one computerIt only took about 6 months for that plan to hit the fan, but you couldn’t transfer characters back then, so her ‘main’ characters were on my account. .. Yeah that didn’t work so well.Now she is my wife and we both play WoW .. separate accounts (2 for her) separate computers (2 for her also) and all is good.Now if we can just stop yelling from room to room even when we’re on vent!


  5. O-M-GLucky guy!Now if only she likes it enough to somehow convince mrs. melpo to try it.I imagine I will dead and gone before that happens though.


  6. Fio and I are both sad and hopeless geeks. It’s the best thing in the world.I’d be a sad panda otherwise.As for nicknames, hehe, yea, it does seem kinda funny. But I LARP, so you can say “Hey Stephi/Janelle/Skippy/D/Cay/Leilu” and I’ll still look XD


  7. I can relate to both of your comments. My wife has played some computer games, so I thought I would get her to try WoW. At least to get her to understand my addiction. She hasn’t tried and the comments about one computer and one account is enough of a warning that I won’t push any more.As far as the name game. I picked a good name that fit me and my casual game play. Conquernfool. If you kmow O.A.R. you know the song “Set out on the voyage of the conquering foolsLooking for the gold and the modern day jewels………..Conquer some foolsHey we’re conquering fools”Me, I’m the anti-macho got to kill everything and be number one kind of player. My name however got reduced to Conq about the first week I used it. It still sounds cool so I don’t mind and I even use the nickname myself most of the time. My alt is a mid 30’s lvl hunter with the name Killntime. As you can guess he’s called Killn. Kind of opposites but I don’t mind. Now when I think about other alts, I’m going to have to be careful of what the nickname could be.Conquernfoola.k.a. Conq


  8. Oh man, I could picture my wife and I having a very similar conversation. Both because I also have “WoW friends” who I only know by their character names and also because I fart a lot.


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