“I have you now!”

It’s official. MrsBBB has gone over to the Dark Side.

Of course, she’s sooooo gonna kick my big butt for this 🙂

Yesterday, she decided that being able to talk to our friends, receive bags and some helpful gold loans from MrBBB, and play the Auction House were important enough to invest the $20 in the game.

I noticed that she is already using advanced AH search features while looking for rogue gear upgrades. She may not know what to look for yet as upgrades go, I said at our level her best bet is Agility and Stamina, but what do I know. She sure does know how to search smartly. Considering her advanced eBay and Craigslist skills, I expect very soon that she will have the Auctioneer addon tuned to perfection… and more money than my Main.

She trained Alchemy and Herbalism, has leveled First Aid to use Heavy Linen Bandages already, and is generally kicking ass.

She does have one question, however…..

Can anyone recommend good blogs or websites for new or casual rogues to read? For tips, reader-friendly guidance, or just fun stuff for rogues to do. She asked yesterday, and I forgot to post the question to you fine folks. Daakster? Melpo?

On a related topic, I resurrected my old warlock gnome level 6 alt, and ran that with her… I logged out last night at level 11 with my Voidwalker in hand, and a bag full of shards.

I don’t really know that I like the Warlock. My hat is off to all of you that have played Warlocks consistently, they seem very hard to coordinate attacks and manage abilities. The talent trees confuse the heck out of me. None of the abilities sound fun.

I’m debating simply going back to my lowbie rogue and rolling with Cassie rogue to rogue… but I dunno. I hate giving up a Warlock when they can summon and create Healthstones and such and be so useful. On the other hand, once Cassie reaches level 20 or so, I can bring my Priest back in and roll that way from then on. Any Warlock pointers? Kemangi?

I expect a break from Kara over the next three weeks, as I play my druid in PvP to earn the shoulders for tanking, and as I play an alt with Cassie.

I hope everyone has a great day…. and the more I play, the more grateful I am that I made the druid my first class… I love it more and more.

Take care everyone!

17 thoughts on ““I have you now!”

  1. Grats on getting the SO into WoW. Just be aware that if you ever try to quit, she may well be the force that drags you back into the game…At least that’s how it worked for my boyfriend.


  2. Kick me now…I thought I’d already added you to my Google Reader feed.Welcome to the Dark Side, Cassie (that’s what I call it when I Stealth). :)While my blog isn’t totally rogue-oriented, I do have two level 70 back-stabbers who are the epitome of “casual”–and I am more than happy to answer any questions that might come up.My first suggestion is not to worry about what to spec at this point–play what’s fun! That said, though–I’d suggest daggers (or at least, main-hand dagger) for the time being, so you can take max advantage of things like Pick Pocket, Backstab, and Ambush. Once you get to level 30, or 40, or higher, you might want to look more closely at some of the specialty builds: Combat Daggers, Combat Swords (Combat Maces is more PvP-oriented, but can still be practical for the casual player), Assassination (this can get pretty specialized pretty quickly), or Subtlety (I must admit, I do enjoy my Shadowstepper! But that’s not really a practical raiding build, believe me-although the spike damage from crits is pretty cool.).And I’m sure I don’t need to remind you of this, but whatever you do, HAVE FUN!


  3. Hey…cassie…get my email from BBB and I can send you some tips on combat swords and leveling that I learned as I took Melpo to 70. I will never claim to be the greatest rogue, but I can lend a hand with some stuff.


  4. Hiya! I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I love hearing about Cassie’s adventures. It inspired me to write several posts about leveling rogues and the tips I wish I had when I was coming up through the ranks. I’ve posted my first post in the series here: Dirty Tricks To Surviving


  5. Yes Affliction is probably the best leveling tree as the talents are good from the start. Sorry about the confusing comments earlier.Without going fully down the tree, you can pick up talents in the demonology tree in order to get nice bonuses to your damage and your pets damage.Re: Rogues, never ever ever Sinister Strike with a dagger. Dagger off-hand is fine and dandy, but always use a sword or mace or fist weapon in main hand. The damage coefficient on mainhand daggers is bad for instants like Sinister Strike. However, if the target is just sitting there ignoring you, Backstab is happy stuff.Cheap Shot, Slice and Dice, Sinister Strike x5, Eviscerate – recommended but not required.


  6. @Phae – OMG thank you, Parry dodge spin is the awesome! Seriously though, great blog… I started reading and I love it.Plus, any blog named after ONE of my favorite daffy duck/bugs bunny episodes is awesome. My favorite episode is… “Shoot him now! Shoot him now!” “He doesn’t ahve to shoot you now.” “Oh yes he does have to shoot me now! You heard me! Shoot!” “BAM!” “Ah… I see… PRONOUN trouble.”


  7. From my experience thus far, @70 for casual playing: Affliction (you don’t have to have UA but instant Howl of Terror is a must) is the best farming spec. Also if you have UA and those pesky gankers hit you they will feel that hurt, it ticks and it ticks a world of hurting with more +dmg. You may get killed but more then likely they will die shortly as well.FG-Demo with at least 45 pts (you must have 2/3 in Mana Feed and 3/3 in Demonic Resilience to enable your FG to be effective). The FG-Demo is great if you run into tight area where you can’t really move around often and fearing is dangerous. For me the FG-Demo spec is all about CONTROL… your FG hits like a truck and the mob ain’t going anywhere beside stand there taking it hard.Full on Destruction is just plain FUN. It is often not something most people associate with Warlock as being a direct face-melting class but with enough crit, hit, and spell dmg even POM-PYRO mages are envious. I truly reserve full destruction for BGs since I really don’t care how often I die in BGs… I can never use it like Drakedog with his mad seduce-nuke skills but when you aren’t worrying about death like in BG, OMG full destro is FUN to the MAX.


  8. Haha nicely done getting her into WoW. My wife refuses to entertain the thought, and seeing as I’ve been playing since Nov 2004 and she still hasn’t cracked I don’t see any breakthroughs any time soon.I’m really not sure what to suggest in terms of casual rogue blogs. You’re right about concentrating on AGI and STAM for her gear. I’d suggest the combat tree for leveling and using a good sword with high average damage (add min + max and divide by 2).Also, I have a lowbie warlock (around level 21) and I also can’t get into her. I find my druid, hunter, and rogue a lot more fun, even though I know locks are pretty awesome in pvp once you get to the higher levels. I just can’t get into the mechanics of the lock for some reason.


  9. Warlocks are a tremendous amount of fun, especially once you start delving into your talent trees. They’re basically a Hero class in all but name with the ability to heal, tank, rez, dps, crowd control, create healthstones (health pots), and generally easily pwn anything 3 levels higher than they are. As others have said, Affliction is the way to go. I dabbled with Destruction for levelling with my husband’s mage and tested Demonolgy for the Felguard to level to 70, but I’ve since returned to Affliction for her semi-permanent “farm Phaelia money and herbs” build.For a Rogue blog, may I direct you to http://parrydodgespin.blogspot.com. It’s written by my friend Valenna. He includes a few links to other Rogue blogs in his sidebar.Best of luck to you both! =)


  10. @BBB:The nice thing about the Affliction talents is that they are all pretty good immediately (like Kinz said, the demo talents aren’t good until the end of the tree), and they all work very well together.@kinzlayer:Never tried a full destro spec. Tried full demo for a while, but it felt way too much like playing my hunter. *laugh*My lock is only level 46-ish, but I was aiming at an old-school SM/Ruin style spec. Yes, UA is a little better damage, but not taking the horrifically awful (for PvE) Contagion frees up a lot of points for all the raid-support stuff (full Shadow Embrace and Malediction).Big one here, do not bite off more then you can chewAww – what’s the fun in that? :)Not so much “pull 6 at once”, but “pull those 2, dotdotdot, fear one off – oh, here come 2 more” and see how long you can chain that together. *chuckle*Work on your Fear-YoYo, Fear your target after you DoT ’em up and then cast Curse of Recklessness when they look like they might run into another group of mobs (rinse and repeat)…The cool part with this is that the Fear debuff is still there, so when it almost gets back to you, you just replace the CoReck and it goes running off again. 🙂


  11. @Jabiri… thank you very much. great advice, and it helped me to understand what I saw under ‘leveling specs’ in the Warlock Guides link in the European Forums. Which, I might add, coupled with the breakdown of each talent in the Affliction tree, made me understand some basic functionality a lot better. We’ll see how well I put that into play.@Kinz… I thought I saw something about that… sounds pretty unusual compared to other WoW class designs. I don’t know how much I like the concept of being a punching bag for mobs, but it might be fun to mess with.@Anonymous… took me a couple before I realized you meant taking 5/5 to make Corruption instant cast. Also, the reference to ‘Blue berry’… god I’m tired, it actually took me a few to figure out thats what you called a voidwalker. Sigh. So send the voidwalker in to piss a target off, have Cassie sneak in and backstab from behind, is what you’re saying. So far she seems to favor more of a combat swords build, but that is still good advice.@Cassie…. I’ll just have to call your brother for ANOTHER ride… and I changed my WoW account password so you can’t delete my main like you keep threatening. 😛


  12. I agree with Jabari that Affliction as you level is the easiest way. However I must also say that as you level, play around with the Destruction tree since it is pretty fun as well. The Demo tree is no fun till very late in the tree so it’s not something I would recommend for leveling.Drain-tanking is what you will want to do with Affliction most… DoT up your targets and then just let them wail at you while you drain their life away. Big one here, do not bite off more then you can chew. Don’t pull too many mobs, even with Fel Concentration having 5 mobs wailing on you will interrupt your drain life regardless and then having to recast drain life will just rip up your mana efficiency to hell. I see 2-3 mobs as being feasible.Work on your Fear-YoYo, Fear your target after you DoT ’em up and then cast Curse of Recklessness when they look like they might run into another group of mobs (rinse and repeat)… The problem of using Fear without conscious control is the random mobs that you may pull, sometime it might be one and then sometime it could be a whole pack of mobs.


  13. That’s it, mister, you are sooo getting your butt kicked when you get home tonight (oh wait, your car is dead and I’m supposed to pick you up after working – guess it will be a long walk home for you!) :)I have not crossed over to the dark side. I can’t! One of us has to stay sane for our child 🙂 I am simply a casual player having a bit of fun and am not addicted like the rest of you (course that statement probably only works until Jay tattles on me later for turning in a quest during my lunch break today) :)Mrs. BBB


  14. I know next to nothing about Rogues, but I can give some pointers on the Warlock side.1. Affliction is the best early leveling spec. Check out Savnock@Kilrogg on Armory for where to put the points.2. Don’t use CoA if it’s going to die too fast (i.e., the rogue is also beating on that one). Just Corruption, Immolate, and go on to the next guy. Lifetap on the run between guys. Don’t forget that you can use healthstones while grinding.3. spelldamage, spellhit, INT, STA. (low-level spell damage is hard to find – get all the jewelcrafting stuff made. The early +spellhit ring is very good, and you can sometimes find “of shadow wrath” low-level greens)4. It’s faster to use the Succubus when you get it at 20 – you tank them yourself with drainlife (with Fel Concentration preventing interruptions), or just fear them off and let them die on their own. 5. Once you get the hang of it, fearing something into a group of its friends is GOOD – saves you the trouble of pulling them yourself. 🙂


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