Cue the singing nuns!

So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, good night,
I hate to go and leave this pretty sight.
So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, adieu,
Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu.

yes, it’s true, I am leaving you, my friends.

For a week, anyway.

As many of you have probably noted with scorn, this last week has been entirely devoid of posts bearing any sort of worthwhile information. Instead, despite having had some emails with questions that are just too tasty to leave unanswered for long (I’m looking at you, Conquernfool), I have settled for recaps and commentary.

There are two reasons for this.
First, I have been supporting my team at work solo, doing the work of two, during a time when we are ramping up production dramatically and adding new customers. This has left me quite short on ‘research the intrawebs’ time.
Second, my family is leaving on Saturday morning to take a trip halfway across the country, to visit relatives and basically to congregate in our hordes. Many others of the Big Bear Butt network of local relatives are also traveling across the country during this time. It’s not quite a full fledged family reunion, but it’ll come quite close. Lots of the meet and greet, not so much on the ‘big ass party with munchies’.

How this affects you, my gentle readers, is that we will be staying at my grandma-in-laws home in the Pennsylvania hills, and we will be without cable TV (or satellite), and phone service during the duration.

Yes, I know. Believe me, I know. But at the moment, this is a poor broke bear. No hotels are possible. We decided at the alst minute to spend the extra $300 to fly isntead of drive our van, and then my car broke down this week and needed a sudden $300 infusion to get going. /dapain.

We hope to stop by local libraries and internet wireless hot spots for email and such, and I can write posts in text to upload later, but be warned that my posting times for the following week will be sporadic. I’ll try, but I certainly won’t have awesome new researched posts for you to devour.

I hope to see you all again on a steady schedule starting Monday Oct 1st.

one last note… we are going to be gone during the one week when new fall shows start. So I will be utterly dependant on our programmed VCR for the season premieres of the Unit and Heroes, not to mention continuations of Kitchen Nightmares and Top Chef. And Cassie is looking towards the Greys’ Anatomy and spinoff starts. Sigh. one power failure and poof!

Wish us luck!


4 thoughts on “Cue the singing nuns!

  1. Good, I can’t wait. For the rest of you I’ll give a little teaser. I asked BBB if he could give me list the better professions that will aid a feral, leather wearing bear. I figured if I made my own armor I could keep my butt from looking too big, but other professions might be good as well. He sent me his quick short answer but is sounds like he is working on the detailed answer. I can’t wait.Thanks BBB for your great blog. Keep up the good workConquernfool.


  2. I’m going to post what happens on all of those shows in the comments here.mwahahahaha!Or I won’t because I’m really a lazy person. :PHave fun in the PA.


  3. Single point of failure is… bad planning.Ask a friend to tape, too. Trust me, there are few things more curiously uplifting than discovering you needed your backup plan but it worked.


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