On the road – Tuesday

Hi folks!

I just wanted to give you a quick update.
We made our flight from Minneapolis to Pittsburgh, a nice short hop on a small cramped plane. It was a 40 seater, and the seats were just…. Ridiculous. Big Bears with wide shoulders are NOT their target demographic.

Sometimes I think that there is a 4’tall beanpole of a design engineer that gets hired to do the build up of planes and cars, some guy with the temperament of Frank Lloyd Wright, and when someone dares challenge his dimensions, he fires back, “What? It feels perfectly fine to ME!”

Anyway, we arrived in Pittsburgh, snagged our rental car, a Grand Prix that is billed as a full size, but lemme tell you… another car designed for much smaller folks. In this case, the headroom is a joke. Like, my head brushes the roof the whole drive. Double ugh.

We drive across much of Pennsylvania, and take the I-70/I-95 to Richmond, Virginia. To make the most of our trip, we are going to spend the weekend with my best friend and his wife, who have relocated down there.

A recap of the weekend… some beer is drunk (a brand owned by Guinness that I can’t quite remember the name of now… damn good, but apparently hard to find. I’ll have to ask him to remind me later.) We watch a couple movies (Red Sun starring Charles Bronson and Toshiro Mifune. Why is this film not on DVD? A spaghetti western starring Bronson and Mifune, as a classic team up. Samurai and gunslinger hunting stolen gold and a stolen sword? I mean, c’mon people. The movie itself is incredibly awesome, marred only by a mediocre musical score and some choppy editing towards the end. Rescore this one and publish it on DVD, what a fan favorite this would be. Idiots.) and The Shooter with Marky Mark.

Mark Wahlburg. Am I the only one that thinks of Mark Wahlburg as a poor mans’ Matt Damon? Bourne Ultimatum… great flick. The Shooter…. Not bad. It had its moments. It also had its clichés. Hey, screenwriters…. Having a sniper shoot another sniper THROUGH his scope is not just a cliché… it’s bad filmmaking. Just stop. Sniper duels are good if well written, but please… stop.

Anyway, we had fun, good times getting caught up. His new house is gorgeous, and the community is very upscale. We were invited along to a block party while we were there, and if one judges food based solely on the cost of ingredients, then the neighborhood is way too rich for my blood 🙂

On the drive back up to Pennsylvania, we stopped off at the National Marine Corps Museum, about 1 hour north of Richmond on I-95. Mrs. BBB had been telling me about it, but I thought she was referring to the Raider museum in Richmond, so I hadn’t planned on going. She finally just loaded up the website and asked me if I still didn’t want to go. Umm, wow. Nice looking museum. Ooops. Sure dear, that looks nice.

The Museum is just outside the gates of Quantico, and at the time we arrived was the nearest thing to being deserted. Go go Monday morning visitors! The place is clean and new, and while the exterior is foofy, the interior is solid and filled with beautifully detailed dioramas, artifacts, and multimedia productions.

The simulated briefing and beach landing at green beach in Iwo Jima was excellent, as was the video recap of General MacArthurs’ amphibious assault on Inchon. I took many pictures, and two of the ones that I thought you might enjoy were the Minigun and a large scale painting of Lady Liberty.

We had lunch in a period recreation of Tun Tavern, Philadelphia, a working restaurant on the second floor of the museum that serves period entrees and desserts. For my many, many non-Marine readers, Tun Tavern is where the US Marines were born, with the first recruits, in 1775. Of course, they were the Continental Marines at the time. But Tun Tavern is considered the birthplace of the Marines, and of course you would expect the Marines to be the kind of idea someone came up with in a bar. I bet tequila had something to do with it, too. MrsBBB recommends the Bread Pudding with Bourbon sauce.

After the museum, the Big Bear part of the trip was over. We made our way back on the road, and completed the 5 hour drive to the Greensburg/Jeannette area of Pennsylvania, where I now get to enjoy the benefits of zero internet, and no cable TV. I bought a pair of rabbit ears, and I can get a fuzzy ABC and NBC. Sigh.

Well, as the saying goes…. The worst day on vacation beats hell out of the best day at work. I’m gonna get caught up on my sleep.

Take care of yourselves my friends, and I’ll see you again before too long.


4 thoughts on “On the road – Tuesday

  1. @howard… Nice to have driven out that way… I love the Virginia area as fall rolls in.@kestrel… actually, it wasn’t. I am quite well versed in my harps and Guinness…. to my wifes’ dismay. I don’t drink much, and I don’t drink often,. but I have a large collection of rare Guinness glasses… and a few shirts. No, this brew was actually Smithwick’s Draught, which has recently begun being imported into America by Diageo, who also imports the Guinness. I enjoyed it a great deal, and I hope it catches on.@Brehm…. Was it the one with the 4 wheel drive pickup? I think I saw it… /wave /hiya!


  2. The beer was probably Harp Lager, a most excellent brew, and one I drink regularly.Someday, I’ll get to the USMC Museum: My mother and brother were both Marines (I’m retired USAF).


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