Raid Song of the Week #2 – Ramblin’ Rover

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This is the second of what I intend to be a new weekly feature I’ll post on Fridays. Songs you enjoy playing while raiding or getting your back shredding done 🙂

This song is called The Rambling Rover, by Silly Wizard.

Now, it’s true that this ain’t exactly the most stirring, fast-moving song in the universe. In fact, it’s about the polar opposite from a fast, adrenaline pumping song.

However, it does fulfil two criterias…it’s a lot of fun, and it gets revenge on someone in game.

I’ve been taking a lot of crap from Jayboi in my guild lately about being an old, old man, with lots of joke about Depends, retirement homes, and a very short time left to live because of my incredibly advanced age.

So I thought it would be quite appropriate to put my feelings into song. And it was either this, or Chris Ledouxs‘ “It ain’t the Years, It’s the Miles”.

If you have a suggestion for a real Raid Song of the Week, either post it into comments or, PREFERREDLY, click that ‘contact the Big Bear Butt linky at the top right and mail it to me. If I use your song I will give you full credit for your excellent taste in raiding music.

No, this is not my way of getting out of writing a long post on Fridays. Honest. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Raid Song of the Week #2 – Ramblin’ Rover

  1. <– too lazy to email.I vote for “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes.That song gets me jazzed up every time I hear it.Unfortunately, work does not allow me to give you a Youtube link, so if you’re unfamiliar with the song, you’ll have to go search it yourself. Being a singularly lazy person, I sympathize with having to do this (see line 1)But it’s worth it, IMO.


  2. Those familiar with Guitar Hero 2 will recognize “One For The Road” by Breaking Wheel. You can listen to the song on their Myspace page here.Another good one is “Nobody” by Skindred, first heard this on Need For Speed-Underground, I believe. They have a Myspace page here where you can listen to it as well. While checking Skindred’s Myspace page I watched the “Ratrace” video farther down the page…. now that’s how I roll! (lol)


  3. I happen to love listening to just about anything by She Wants Revenge. The lead singer sings like a robot, but he somehow makes it work.'s one of my favorite songs by them, good for raiding as well.I also like to listen to Here It Goes Again by Ok Go if we’ve been wiping a lot. :)


  4. Sounds like some great suggestions already, looks like there is enough interest ill be making a song spreadsheet with credits, and going to check a bunch of songs out before next Fri. Thanks for posting, and I hope you have a great weekend!


  5. Well I can’t suggest a raid song, as I’ve never been on one, but just had to complement you on your taste. I love Silly Wizard!


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