A Public Service Announcement

As many of you know, and some may actually care, with the release of Patch 2.2, Voice Chat was integrated into the game.

So far, voice quality has had very poor reviews, but the fact remains that for those players not in a guild with Teamspeak or Ventrilo servers, or for those that are running a PUG through an instance, it provides a way for the players to communicate vital intructions rapidly, without often tedious typing.

However, this new technology is not without it’s risks. Thankfully, I’m here to help!

Let’s take a standard pug situation, okay? As a PURELY hypothetical example.

You have formed a pug using the Looking For Group channel, Elune save you, and 5 total strangers are gathered together to run Black Morass.

Now, someone asks if anyone has done the instance before. It just so happens that of the 5 players, 3 have run it before, and two are running it for the first time for attunement to Karazhan.

Now, one of the experienced players suggests that everyone enable their in game voice chat. Two of the players say they don’t have mics. “That’s okay”, says the experienced player, “You can just listen in on the isntructions for the run, and type in any comments or questions you might have.”

This plan is soon set in motion, and much success is enjoyed by all as the steps to the run are explained quickly, players get questions answered, and during the run itself there is no confusion or missed signals as the party leader calls out over voice at each phase, the name of who is to use their warp-attuned crystal to summoon a Warp Dragon next.

Loot is gained, attunement is completed, and much rejoicing and /cheering is done.

Now, here is where my advice may save you a little pain or embarrassment down the road.

Keeping in mind this is a hypothetical situation, and bears no resemblance to reality, let’s say that you have never used Teamspeak or Ventrilo in the past. If you enable your World of Warcraft in game Voice Chat, it may surprise you to find out that, by default, any mic you have attached is automatically on. Push To Talk is an option that must be selected.

Now, this by itself may not be a problem, unless of course that you do not KNOW that you have a microphone attached to your system at the time. Say, for example, a mic that is integrated into a Webcam.

The time to find out that you have a mic attached, AND that it is on and broadcasting, is NOT towards the end of a run, when the other players can no longer restrain their laughter.

Although if you are playing with friends when this happens, they are SURE to be helpful and let you know all your wonderful habits that you do when you think you are alone… like muttering constantly to yourself as you fight bad guys, and the humorous things you say as you send your Felguard in to attack.

Remember, this has all been hypothetical, and does not bear any relation to anything that may have happened to any of my friends recently.

Oh, and Kemi, Jay says that you DO sound sexy… just thought you should know.


4 thoughts on “A Public Service Announcement

  1. Lol! Yeah, a word to the wise… The offending Webcam in Kem’s case has NO visible microphone: no holes, no slits, nothing to indicate that it has a microphone. Luckily it was just Jay, Kem and me – could have been embarrassing if it was folks we didn’t know. It was very funny at the time tho. XD


  2. Hmmm…my observation when testing WoW Voice Chat (WVC) was that Push-to-Talk (PTT) was the default, and Voice Operation (VOX) was the selectable option. I wonder if that changed on Tuesday? In either case…funny story. 😀


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