Less stress incoming!

I have two things to kick your week off with a smile!

First, let’s see a show of hands of folks that have been level 70 for months now, and still don’t have all the Heroic keys for instances.

Anyone out there besides me? Anyone?

I know that it was a big day when I finally hit Revered with Cenarion Expedition, and could get my Coilfang Reservoir Heroic key.

Of course, reaching Revered with Keepers of Time was also exciting at first, until I tried my first Heroic Durnholdt run and got my big butt handed to me. Not so happy with the Heroic Keepers of Time instances….

But to date I still don’t have any other Heroic keys… time after time, my guild has called for tanks for Heroic Mech, or any of the Honor Hold instances… and Big Bear Butt can’t join in their reindeer games.

In my own defense, I could have done the grind for rep, but I was too focused on getting 5000g, and then on getting a big flying dragon. Now others run heroics, and I fly a dragon around. Such is life.

As many of you might have guessed, this is leading somewhere…. it has been confirmed by a Blue poster over at Blizzard that as of Patch 2.3, the requirement for Heroic keys is being downgraded from Revered rep to Honored.

Let’s let that sink in for a minute…. if you have not, as of yet, completed your 10+ Shadow Labs runs to get Revered…. now you don’t have to. You can run other Heroics for Lower City rep instead.

Of even MORE importance to my Druid brothers and sisters…. if you have the Epic Flight Form quest (like I do) and have been stuck at the last part, requiring the Revered rep with Lower City so you can do a Heroic Sethekk halls run (like I am), this means that you don’t have to grind that rep anymore… at Honored you can get your Heroic Sethekk Halls and go get your Epic Flight Form.

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t done it because I hate Shadow Labs. So this is welcome news.

Of course, every Hunter that counted on PUGs wanting Lower City rep to help them get their Sonic Spear from Murmur are now gonna be pissed, but what can you do?

The other thing that I hope will put a smile on your face is this Coke commercial from our friends in China. I’m not going to ruin it; you simply have to see it to believe it.

I may have to give over my allegiance to the Dew if Coke can pull something this cool out of their butts.


8 thoughts on “Less stress incoming!

  1. Certainly a welcome change…. folks with limited playtime (like myself!) shall rejoice!Although I would have preferred it come BEFORE I ground out most of my Lower city rep (0.5 runs left) and HH rep.Oh well…. at least I don’t need to go bonkers running Bot/Mech/Arc for the key.


  2. ahahah amazing commercial… But if you liked the coke add, please make sure you see the toyota one, it’s even better IMHOhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1OMQiFS4DQ&mode=related&search=


  3. I’ve got all my heroic keys…but this change will certainly make raising an alt more appealing. The main reason I have not seriously considered leveling an alt for end game play has been the dreaded rep grind.


  4. The only heroic key I have right now is Coilfang Reservoir.Kara running is taking up most of my instance time, so doing the multiple runs needed for the other keys seemed out of reach. This is great news!


  5. I’ve just reached 69 this weekend and wasn’t looking forward to rep grinding so this is great news. I feel sorry for those that have almost reached exhalted, but I’m sure there will be other goodies that will be worth the rep grinding.Conquernfool


  6. I figure the some benefits to this. Means I’ll be able to run heroic Ramparts without having to do Shattered Halls over and over and over, which is mildly good. But you can get to honored with several factions without running a single instance, I fears some young adventurers with more ambition than gear or experience is gonna get in over they heads and the only drops their party will see is a whopping repair bill.Guess I wishes they’d instead consolidate it so’s you need revered with one faction ta get into any heroic. Would make it easier for many but not too easy for some. /shrug


  7. You know what Ratshag? I think you’ve got a damn good point there.Personally, I would never attempt any heroic outside of guild. For PUGgers, however… adventurous souls that attempt the isanity of doing a PUG of a heroic… this would spell DOOM!


  8. Heroic PuGs are not that hard at all. I’ve done Slave Pens a couple of times in PuGs and in Guild and honestly, the guild runs were slower…


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