Bonus post day… Okoloth’s Armory Musings for Druids

I know, I know, I already posted twice. I’m addicted to writing for you guys. And what I was just checking out, even though it’s three months out of date, is still just unbelieveably fun.

So, like, totally two posts ago, ya know? I soooo showed how I put those mouseover hotlinks in my posts. Really! I’m serious! And it wasn’t me what done it, it was that awesome uber geek Okoloth!

Ugh, writing like that makes my head hurt. Sorry.

I was perusing the rest of the insane data mining that Okoloth has on his site, where he makes mention of a data mining spider he’s running to troll through Blizzards’ Armory page and collect data on all of us… all the time. Damn, it’s the man! THE MAN!!!

At first, I thought he was just tracking active players, server populations, etc. Turns out he has been tracking FAR more than that.

In particular, he wrote this report that breaks down, as of 30 July 2007, the total amount of active level 70 druids across the entire WoW server base, everywhere. He then analyzed us based on spec, gear breakdown, everything. Did it to hunters in an earlier post, too. How many folks use the Stylin’ Purple Hat? How many are Exalted with Netherdrake rep?

Seriously… do yourself a favor, and go read this. It is just amazing…

For the record… his data shows a total of 5592 active Druids across all WoW Realms as of 30 July 2007… with Balance 10%, Restoration 30.08%, and Feral a whopping 59.92%! Woot! We shall rise and overcome, my Feral brothers and sisters!


5 thoughts on “Bonus post day… Okoloth’s Armory Musings for Druids

  1. Wow! Only 10% Balance?? Of the 120 or so druids in my guild, 10 are lvl 70’s. Of the 10, 90% are balance and 1% is feral. Of the lower levels, there are more Balance coming up than Feral, and only 1 Resto to speak of. Yeah that’s right, 120 druids and only 1 freakin Resto in the bunch. We’re sad…


  2. No problem! I am only too aware that, just because I was THINKING of the feral druid as being perceived as being less valuable than the restoration druid in raids, because ‘only warriors can tank’, I know that doesn’t mean that it sounded that way on screen :)I am excited because there are a whole lot of our furry brethren out there to hopefully show how well we can work as a tank or DPS… NOT to overshadow, but simply to stand shoulder to shoulder proud and loud, in our own unique way. 🙂


  3. Your overcoming immediately follows a paragraph that lists spec diversity and exultation at Feral Combat’s staggeringly significant percentage.IF you mean that Feral druids are meant to overcome a perception of inadequacy in the role of tanking, a better statistic to precede your WOOT! would be the populations and percentage of protection specced warriors.I hate to be a nitpicker sir, but you recently achieved a bit of respected authority on all matters ursine. We certainly don’t need our leaders drawing lines between our trees the way Paladins are notoriously done.That said, I read BBB every day. Keep up the good work.:-)


  4. Sure! I’m not sure what you THINK I intend to overcome, but I assure you it has nothing to do with how many other druids are resto or balance 🙂


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