Raid Song of the Week #4 – Eye of the Storm

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This weeks’ choice was a very hard one. Not because I didn’t have any choices. Oh no!

Thanks to your great suggestions, I have enough choices of killer songs for different moments in Raiding (from boss kills, to boss wipes, to general trash clearing) to last me a year.

The difficulty is, I knew I wanted to put a Cruxshadows song up tonight, because they have dominated my Raiding all this week. Every boss fight, every trash clear… they’ve been there. But which one to pick?

There are three Cruxshadows songs that I have on my rotation that seem to bring very good luck on my Raids, especially this week… and if silly superstitions to explain success are good enough for multi-million dollar baseball players, I ain’t gonna argue.

In the end, I chose Cruxshadows – Eye of the Storm, from their new Dreamcypher album as this weeks’ choice.

However, if you like this one, then I also strongly recommend Sophia from the same album, and Winter Born, from the Ethernaut album.

Bless Amazon… I don’t get any kickbacks from Amazon if you go there, I linked them because Amazon lets you hear samples of each song from an album… so hopefully you can see for yourself.

That’s it for this weeks’ raid song, and remember, keep those suggestions coming in!


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