Guild drama x10?

What a wierd bloody evening of gaming.

As a final recap, since it looks like I’m not going to return to Kara before Tuesday resets, we did go in Friday night and clear up to the Chess Event and complete it. We then had just enough time to take on Shade of Aran once before someone had to leave for the night.

A brief recap of the Shade fight, and then a long post about guild drama follows after the break:

Raid Leader tells us how it shall be… Blah blah “when you get sucked in, run to the alcoves or he nukes you dead” blah blah….

When he does… blah blah…. falling asleep…. zzzzZZZZzzzz…..

“PAY ATTENTION NOW! {eek!} When he casts Flame Wreath NO ONE MOVE or every one WIPES!! NO ONE MOVE!! NO ONE MOVE!!!”

We actually start the fight, and I run in to start aggro.

Shade sucks us in, we all run away to alcoves, no one is hurt by nuke…

Raid warning! Flame Wreath in 10 seconds… Raid Leader begins yelling in Teamspeak, “Flame Wreath is coming! No one move! NO ONE MOVE NO ONE MOVE NO ONE MOVE”

Flame Wreath is cast, someone moves instantly, and we all die.

I turn to gaze lovingly upon my wife, who sits beside me during this exciting moment, and say to her, “I told you someone would do it.”


So we went in tonight and ran a Heroic Underbog with some of the kickass folks in mah guild… Jayboi, Clana and Nawat. Pretty much the three heavy hitters of their classes, Mage, Priest and Warlock respectively. Had a Hunter from one of the top raiding guilds on my server along, cause he’s a friend of Jayboi. Guy uses a Scorpid, says that if you crunch the numbers, once you are VERY well geared and into Black Temple and Mount Hyjal a Scorpid is better DPS than a Cat.

I ain’t never gonna see the inside of Black Temple, so I’ll withhold judgment on that one. All I know is, my cats’ purtier. I figured I’d pass that tip along, in case anyone else out there runs a hunter blog and wants to dispute news reports from the front lines by crunching math :).

During the run, I got a piece of news that blew my socks off. We were all in Teamspeak, and someone casually mentioned in passing that a member has deleted her characters. Like, talking about what an idiot she was for doing it. And I had to stop them, since apparently I had missed out on a whole lot of new drama this week.

The way the news seems to break down is, a lady in the guild had gone off on my buddy Jayboi about two weeks ago, for no apparent reason. When I say no apparent reason, I mean that the other people on guild chat at the time had no idea why she went off on him.

Now, I wasn’t present, but I of course heard about it. And while I cannot say for sure what happened because of ‘he said, she said’, I can say that this is the exact same lady that plays the Hunter that I mentioned in a previous post, who had gone off on me from completely out of NOWHERE during the start of a Heroic Old Hillsbrad run.

Let me simply say that it came as no surprise to me to hear someone tell me that she had gone off on a person in a swearing rant, and he had felt as though he had no idea where it came from. I have known that feeling. Personally.

Two weeks have gone by since that moment. In that time, guild officers have told me that she has approached them privately, trying to use her long association with the guild, and her close friendship with the officers, to get them to boot Jayboi out of the guild. I have heard from others that she has sent in-game mails to folks telling them what a terrible person Jayboi is, and asking them for their support in having Jay removed.

As far as I could see during this time, the only action Jayboi had taken was to laugh when told about it, and say that he refused to reply back to that and just make it worse.

I will also say that she did not generate a lot of warm fuzzy feelings in the guild leadership and with the Raid Leader when the [Malchazeen] dropped, and a reliable and strong Rogue was on the run… and she, a Hunter, insisted on bidding DKP for it and won the bid against him. She won zero fans in Kara Group 1 for that move. In fact, it’s been over a week, and every night someone brings it up in wondering disbelief.

Now, before someone takes what I’m saying the wrong way, and thinks I believe she is wholly in the wrong on this… I don’t. I believe that she is one of the founding members of the guild, she is one of the officers certainly, and ever since the altercation I had with her, she has never been anything but very nice to me. She has always greeted me warmly in voice and guild chat, been helpful, and a pleasure to team with. And I know full well that Jayboi has a tendency to unload verbally on friends, and that it can be so brutal at times that a ‘caretaker’ kind of person may believe he is truly being hurtful, and be driven to want to shelter and protect whomever he is screwing with.

Jayboi, after all, is the one that made me believe in Water-mount PVP. The prick.

So yes, I can easily argue that she might have taken offense at something that he was saying to a friend, and that she rose to that persons’ defense by attacking Jay. I wasn’t there, I don’t know.

What with how this has gone, though, and her repeated attempts to win over converts to the ‘boot Jay because we had a fight’ cause, and her actions in kara which some took to be inappropriate looting, or at the very least selfish, I know her fellow officers have been pretty unresponsive to her demands.

So we’ve been dealing with it by not mentioning it. Hey, if my head is in the sand, then nothings’ wrong, right? Right! What problem?

But as bad as this has been, what floored me the most about this was what I heard earlier tonight while running Heroic Underbog.

It seems she logged into Teamspeak earlier in the week, and announced that she had deleted all her characters from the game, and would no longer be playing WoW because of Jayboi. [And I would presume because of the way her friends in the guild did not back her up.] And then she left, and no one has heard from her since.

Now, I just did a search on the Armory for her characters’ name, and it came back with ‘your search found no results’.

This tells me that, at the very least, she did in fact delete her main level 70 Hunter character. A 375 jewelcrafter/375 Miner with a lot of kara gear… including Malchazeer. {Sorry, I know that was a cheap shot… well, it coulda been a Cheap Shot, but she took his dagger… sorry, sorry…. I’m being bad}

Is it just me? Can anyone else understand what would cause a person who had one argument with another person, for whatever reason, to respond like this? She had many very good friends, close friends, in this guild. I know of one person who is simply devastated that she has left forever, highly upset and hurt.

I know that I’ve had a few disagreements with people in the past. I know, I know, I’m such a calm, level headed guy, you just can’t believe that. But it’s true!

Most often, my ignore list gets a new addition.

But I am simply having a hard time understanding why someone would quit the game entirely, when she had so many people who truly enjoyed her company and now miss her. I figure either there was a lot more going on, or she had some serious issues with feelings of abandonment from the other officers.

I can tell you right now, no matter how betrayed I felt, even if I thought the entire server hated my guts, I’d certainly not delete my character. Server transfer, maybe. Well, ok, no, I’d form my own guild and call it ‘Jayboiisadouchebag’ or something. And Jay, don’t. Just don’t. I know what you were thinking there. That’s why I made the name too long. o.O

But whatever. I wouldn’t delete my 2 years of fun and joy because of two weeks of crabbiness.

Whichever the case may be, this whole story just seems like a page taken straight from TJ’s post about girl drama and what to look out for, and it just makes me sad.

On the other hand, I know I heard more than one officer breathe a sigh of relief tha at least it’s over and everyone can move on with their lives.


14 thoughts on “Guild drama x10?

  1. LOL… ah, bless you Kemi. Yeah, I think you nailed the new guild in-joke…I am apparently a heartless bastard, because I already used it on Jay last night.Jay (Jeremiah? You gots a bullfrog there man?) said sommthing snarky to me last night, and right away I hit him back with “You dick! I hate you! That’s it, I’m deleting my characters and quitting! That’ll teach ya!”


  2. She lost her respect in the guild when she kept insulting me and I didn’t stoop to her level and just told the officers whats up, and to be honest to me it’s just good riddance, she didn’t bother to learn her class so she’ll be replaced by someone that does, and we’ll be better off.


  3. That’s an incredible story. Poor Jay… He’s a sweet guy too. Always chatting, always making quick witty remarks… always poking fun at me… she must’ve taken something he said the wrong way. Silly girl. Well, from now on I think I’ll keep my head down and only speak when I’m spoken to, not. =D


  4. I have been in many guilds, and there has been one constant… Drama with a capital D. Drama turns what should be a fun escape into a stressful mess. There is no excuse for getting so upset you destroy years of playtime, this is a game after all. My one big rule in playing WoW is that I go do something else if I am not having fun. A break from the drama will always clear your head and allow you to deal with it properly. These steps are even more important if you are an officer or GM, you must represent the guild in a balanced manner.


  5. 1) Bipolar, perhaps. Unstable, at least. A woman, definitely, which doesn’t help. (haha, sexism!)2) I’d like to say it’s more likely she transferred to another realm, but then she wouldn’t have the opportunity to keep reminding you all of how horrible you were to her and how she is so emo about it.3) Whatever. It’s over, and i’ve stopped caring; i recommend you try to do the same.


  6. Ouch. She was probably looking for a reason to quit anyway. Sometimes, threatening to quit is the only power people feel they have, I think. (Too bad she destroyed the Malchazeen in the process though… that really sucks.)


  7. Of course someone moved. The temptations to think “But just a little bit won’t count” is just too strong.Nasty drama llama situation to have goings on around you, even if you ain’t directly caught in the crossfire. My rather limited experiences with persons selecting to permanently die is that often times the stated reason ain’t the real reason. Real reasons may be personal, may be too complex to explain, may simply not allow the claiming of the moral high ground. Or they may not even be understood by the person whats got’em. So my ignorant guess is that there may be unknown (possibly non-Azeroth) issues which contributed to her decision. Probablies we’ll never know, though.


  8. Overreacting is pretty common. She can always ask to have her characters back, so she’s never truly gone, just the gear. They rarely return your gear, if ever. I think that’s a myth. In any case she probably overreacted, and when she realized she did she didn’t have the guts to fess up and swallow her pride to admit it. This is one of the cases where I’m a big asshole for thinking it’s funny when people do stuff like that.In a week you’ll have forgotten her almost completely, and in three weeks someone’ll mention her name in the passing because that person misses her and mentions it :pOr she returns. Apologizing. Or just returns without apologizing.


  9. Doh, can’t believe someone would do that. She might be one of those people that think if you’re not on her side then you’re on the other person’s side and hate her. Sadly, those kind of people don’t realize that other can either be neutral or disagree without ‘being against them.’


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