Filler post – 4 Things Lists from TJ’s blog

I came to work today to find 3 production lines down with a weekend support shift that apparently was too busy watching youtube videos to do anything about it, and a water line burst in the office area so they are underwater. (And can’t process all of my emergency overnight repair parts purchase orders.)

Since I am scrambling to get some MONEY being made in this damn place, I’m copping out on a WoW related post. (Production math… lines down = no product made, no product made = no product shipped, no product shipped = LAYOFFS!)

TJ got tagged, and I’m claiming tagging so I have an excuse not to use my imagination. Feel free to mock my choices at will. And include your own lists, it’s always fascinating to see how crazy my readers may be.

Four Jobs I Have Had(not including this one):
Movie theater usher
US Marine
Over the road truck driver
Foam carver

Four Movies I Have Watched Again and Again:
Godfather part 2
Vanishing Point
Spaced Invaders
The Yakuza

Four Places I Have Lived:
Miami, FL
Okinawa, Japan
Oceanside, CA
Saint Paul, MN

Four Programs I Love To Watch:
The Unit
Buffy/Angel (damn them!!!!
Hells’ Kitchen
Top Chef

Four Places I Have Been On Vacation:
San Francisco, CA
Pittsburg, PA
Washington, DC
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Four Of My Favorite Foods:
BBQ/Hot Wings
BBQ Baby Back Ribs
Teriyaki Sirloin Tips

Four Favorite Drinks:
Mountain Dew (diet)
Mountain Dew (regular)
Captain Morgan Private Stock and Coke

Four Places I would Rather Be Than Here:
Taco Bell
Movie Theater


3 thoughts on “Filler post – 4 Things Lists from TJ’s blog

  1. Four Jobs I Have Had:Flippin burgers at Burger Chef(showin my age)Painting HousesDraftsman (before CAD)Quality Manager in Job shopFour Movies I Have Watched Again and Again:Lord of the rings seriesThe Matrix seriesIn search of the holy grailGone in Sixty SecondsTwo Places I Have Lived:Cincinnati, OhAvon IndianaFour Programs I Love To Watch:Inside Nextel Cup (Speed tv)Top Gear (BBC America)24Myth BustersFour places I’ve been on Vacation:Treasure Island, FlPikes Peak, CoAppalachian Trial (backpacking)Danial Boon National Forest, KyFour Of My Favorite Foods:BBQ RibsMedium well steak on the grillVeil cutletsThick jucy burger with the worksFavorite Drinks:PepsiTall cool glass of ice teaHot spiced ciderMaker’s and CokeFour Places I would Rather Be Than Here:HomeWatch a sunset on a secluded mountain topHiking & camping anywhere quietAzerothConquernfool


  2. Firm agreements in bold :-)Four Jobs I Have Had(not including this one):Toilet cleanerJugglerLife insurance telesalesEnglish teacherFour Movies I Have Watched Again and Again:The ApartmentThe Long Kiss GoodnightThe Replacements (don’t ask, I just don’t know)TombstoneI watch serious stuff mostly, but it seems the ones I go back to are nice and lght. Only The Apartment would feature in my all-time favourite films.Four Places I Have Lived:SingaporeReading, UKMelbourne, OzBirmingham, UKFour Programs I Love To Watch:Time TeamBuffy/Angel (damn them!!!!Ramsay’s Kitchen NightmaresDeadwoodFour Places I Have Been On Vacation:Copenhagen, DenmarkBarcelona, SpainKomodo Island, IndonesiaNew Zealand (mmmmmm)Four Of My Favorite Foods:Beans on ToastMarmite on ToastSouth Indian ThaliFried Fish SoupFour Favorite Drinks:Black coffeeEarl Grey TeaRed WineGuinnessFour Places I would Rather Be Than Here:HomeOn the top of a hillA gigAzerothWell, that’s your lot. That was really interesting to do. Cheers


  3. Ah nice, you once live in San Diego, you miss out on this year’s fire. Scarier then holy this time around in comparison to the 2003 fire since I have moved a bit north.So I was running an Arc on Kinzlayer the other week and one of my guildie used the Hollow End’s wand on me and I turned into a gnome in pirate costume… Last night I stayed up till 5 am (this morning) leveling my Dwarf hunter, hehehe, I’m a sad puppy. I had such a bad time on my first Alliance toon, actually first toon in WoW, and have been playing Horde ever since. But now I’m back to Iron Forge not to cause havoc, hehehe.


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