Grinding rep to prep for 2.3!

A lot of news keeps rolling out on patch 2.3. And some of it is tasty to us poor downtrodden Engineers.

What has to be, so far, one of my most highly anticipated releases with the patch is the introduction of Engineering crafted flying mounts.

HEY! I said ONE of my most anticipated, not THE most anticipated!

Actually, in order of preference, what I’m most looking forward to are;

Most of those take care of themselves, but what about the Engineering flight mounts? When the patch goes live, is that the time to start thinking about what you’ll need to make one?

Nay, says I! What better time than now to prepare yourself, so you can be one of the ‘first on race day’ to have your very own Engineering flying mount?

I mean come on, these things are choice!

I’ve followed the hard work that the wonderful folks at MMO-Champion and Wowhead have done to document the Engineering Flight Mount info that’s come out of the latest PTR. And thanks to them, we have the preliminary materials lists for making these sweet craft.

For the standard Flying Machine Control, we’re gonna need;

  • 350 Engineering Skill, expert riding skill (225) and level 70
  • Adamantite Frame (2)
  • Fel Iron Bar (30)
  • Handful of Fel Iron Bolts (8)
  • Star Wood (8)
  • [Fel Iron Toolbox]
  • Elemental Seaforium Charge (4)

The actual mats needed to make all of that are;

  • Fel Iron Ore (112)
  • Adamantite Ore (16)
  • Mote of Fire (1)
  • Mote of Earth (22)
  • Star Wood (8)

And breaking that down one last time… Fel Iron Ore, Adamantite Ore, Motes of Fire and Motes of Earth are all commonly acquired Mining materials. Now that you know how much you need, stockpiling them should be no problem.

A little more investigation reveals that Star Wood is easily purchased from most Enchanting Supplies vendors, as it is a reagent used by Enchanters to make Wands. So the next time you are in a large city, ask your local guard where the Enchanter trainer is… very likely you’ll find a Supplier nearby that can sell you 8 Star Wood.

Finally, we come to the Elemental Seaforium Charge. The [Recipe: Elemental Seaforium Charge] to make this is purchased from the Consortium Quartermasters in Netherstorm and Nagrand, at Revered reputation.

I find that I do not HAVE Revered reputation. In fact, I only have Friendly.

Ok, no problem… head off to ‘Ye olde auction house’ and buy some, right? After all, it’s not BOP.

After two weeks, I have yet to see any Elemental Seaforium Charges in the AH on my server. This, to me, means two things.

  • First, if I want my mount it looks like I need to grind my Consortium rep.
  • Second, there is an opportunity to make some serious cash off of any other Engineers that want their mounts, but don’t want to grind the rep.

The mats cost is low, and you can sell them 4 per stack. If I grind to the recipe, I bet I could actually make some nice alt twinking cash from this recipe… for a little while.

As a side note, while checking on prices at the AH on Engineering stuff, I realized I never saw any [Goblin Jumper Cables XL] for sale there. As my Hunter alt is a Goblin Engineer, and my main is Gnomish, I went and farmed some mats and made three. They’ve sold on my server for 45g each, first time. And they are cheap to post, so if they dont sell you’re not out much. Word to the wise, this might be a nice sideline for you as new players take Engineering for the mounts, but take Gnomish spec for the neat toys… and can’t make their own Goblin Jumper Cables XL.

I put off the Consortium reputation grind in order to take a look at what mats I’d need for the upgrade to Turbo-Charged Flying Machine.

For the upgrade, the additional mats you’ll need are;

  • 375 Engineering Skill, Artisan riding skill (300) and level 70
  • Flying Machine Control
  • Khorium Power Core (8)
  • Felsteel Stabilizer (8)
  • [Hula Girl Doll]

The Flying Machine Control is what you create for your standard mount. So that will be taken care of.

The actual mats needed to make the rest of the stuff are;

  • Primal Fire (8)
  • Khorium Ore (48)
  • Fel Iron Ore (96)
  • Eternium Ore (64)

Of course, you will also need a Hula Girl Doll. A what? That’s right, a Hula Girl Doll. And this is one of those wierd items that is sold by Griftah, the scam artist normally found in Lower City. The Hula Girl Doll will be new in patch 2.3, so you can’t buy it in advance. And it will sell for 100g (at the time of this writing). I’m hoping it’s not going to be a limited quantity item.

I set out to acquire the mats for this, and store them away in the bank. I refused to pay AH money for anything I might find while Mining, so it took a while longer, but as of last night, I had farmed my last Mote of Fire from mining Fel Iron, and made my last Khorium Power Core. I have every material to make both machines, except the 4 Elemental Seaforium Charges and the Hula Girl Doll. And I have all the mats to make the charges, I just don’t have the recipe yet.

It’s something to do while not running Karazhan, right?

Last night, all the mats in palce, I started the grind for Consortium reputation. I started following up all those long abandoned Netherstorm Consortium quests that my lazy bear butt never finished, and farming Zaxxis Insignia. I got a lot of farming and questing completed last night, so as far as I can see, I only need 350 more Zaxxis Insignia to reach Revered. That amount will be lower if I can get a group together to finish a few last quests.

It’s funny, the things I’m willing to do to get a new Epic Flying Mount. If only I put forth this kind of effort to get Heroic keys!


12 thoughts on “Grinding rep to prep for 2.3!

  1. When i was doing the Consortium grind, I found that me favorite spots were the ogre caves in Nagrand. Beads don’t drop as often as the insignia, but Ogres is easier to kill than space mummies so it works out about the same. But the caves was great ’cause they would often have a couple of adamantite veins so you could score some ore along the way. Happy huntings, either way!


  2. Oh, and how rude of me…I was so bothered about reader not alerting me to your post that I forgot to thank you for linking me!Thanks for the link. ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. I sooo hate rep grinding and consortium seems to be the hardest to grind out. Like James said, don’t forget about the beads in Nagrand. I farmed those for a while when I had ideas of getting Haramad’s Bargain (necklace), but gave up once the Mithril chain of Heroism finally dropped.Also, did you do something different with this post? It did not show up in my reader. I wanna make sure I don’t miss any other posts!


  4. I’ve done a little wandering on the PTR and the Hula Girl Doll didn’t appear to be limited quantity. Griftah’s got plenty to go around. :)And don’t worry about the heroic keys, grinding to revered is a lot of work that will be unnecessary anyway when 2.3 knocks the requirement down to honored for all of them. Just keep working on revered the other ways if you want to get it before the patch, and play in heroic mana tombs later if you decide you want exalted.


  5. I hate Shadow Labs… sorry Mosshoof, but there it is.I’ve yet to run Shadow Labs (my L63 druid is my highest level character, so I just haven’t done it yet). We’ll see how much I love it or hate it when I get there.Right now I’m grinding Cenarion Expedition rep up towards Honored. When I get tired of the bog lords, I work on the troll quests in Zangarmarsh. Only 140 more unidentified plant parts before I can start doing CE quests. I’m looking forward to L64 when I can take my Braxxis staff out of the bank.


  6. I hate Shadow Labs… sorry Mosshoof, but there it is.And I KNOW I have to get my heroic key to run Sethekk and get Epic Flight Form… but I want to wait quietly until the patch, get my key by default, and never run Shadow Labs again.And also, I do use the rep calculator, I love it because it reminded me how much rep I could still get from quests, most of which it turns out I hadn’t finished. So that was a fun discovery.I think the Etherreal Prison Keys don’t drop unless you have compelted the quest to go find them for the IDs… which I had not done until last night. Now that I have, I am looking forward to hopefully getting a few of those keys and getting Revered faster :)Last point… for all my miners out there. Jewelcrafters prospect ore to get their rare gems. In many cases, rare gems ON THE AVERAGE sell better than the ore, if the ore is priced right. Jewelcrafters can prospect Adamantite Ore and Fel Iron Ore… Adamantite is best by far, but those levelign up will use the Fel Iron for a while. Khorium and Eternium cannot be prospected… none of the uncommon ores can.On my server, 1 stack of adamantite ore sells, every single time, at 22.5g per stack. Bars do NOT sell nearly as well.I have Jewelcrafter friends that typically do dailies, take the money and buy ore off AH, then prospect the ore and sell the rare gems. Or cut them. Or whatever.I know that with Epic Flying, I typically get between 4 to 6 stacks of adamantite ore in 3 hours, without really trying, just buzzing from daily to daily and flying across ore points instead of taking Flight Paths while playing as normal.That’s 100 – 125g per day, without trying. I cleared my 28 slot mining bag out as a test. I turned every single fel iron and eternium into fel iron stabilizers to save space, stuck my Khorium stacks in another bag, and started the week, saturday night, fresh and clean. Last night when I logged out, my 28 slot bag was FULL, in every single slot, with stacks of adamantite, I had 20 khorium bars extra, and 2 rare gems. I’d farmed 33 Primal Earth, 8 Primal Fire. And I have 2.5 stacks of adamantite in my characters’ bags that I don’t have room for in the bank. If you want to make money, and you have any flying mount, I heartily recommend you download the latest Gatherer addon, download the wowhead database addon, import the database to get a list of every ore node in the game to date, and then go farming ore following the points. My favorite zones are Terrokar Forest loop, followed by Zangarmarsh half loop on way to Blades Edge Mountains. Do dailies, fly back same pattern.


  7. Another good place to figure out your rep farming strategy is Just plug in your name and realm, and it grabs your reputation information from the armory, and calculates how many more times you need to do the turnin quests, or clear instances.And don’t discount heroic keys — you are very close to being Revered with Lower City, which means you can get the Heroic Mana Tombs key — and running Heroic Mana Tombs gives Consortium rep. So if you feel like instancing instead of grinding, try running Shadow Labs for the Lower City rep.


  8. It does seem like the Zaxxis raiders are camped more often than not, however, given the quick respawn rate of them and the fact that the Insignias have a 50% drop rate makes them a little bit more desirable in my book. While I was farming these guys for Consortium rep for my engineering, I also had 3 Ethereal Prison Keys drop for me as well… an added bonus, as using these to aquire an Ethereal Prison I.D. Tag will net you 500 extra Consortium rep… not to mention a blue BoP item that usually had a decent resist enchant which drops off of the spawned mob when opening an Ethereal prison.


  9. Don’t forget that you can get consortium rep from ogre beads in Nagrand…you turn them in to the Consortium guy that’s at the Consortium outpost in Nagrand. I’ve heard that beads drop worse than insignias, but the ogres are easier to kill…your choice. Also, the Zaxxis raiders have always been camped quite a bit when I was there.


  10. My Druid (alt) is still stuck at 64 and i’m kinda bored with him (Moonkin atm and don’t wanna go Feral as i already have a Prot warrior alt and i think Kitty could be boring) and he happens to be my Engineer… so no flying mount for me anytime soon :(As i’m down to my last 100g anyway (damn raiding is expensive) i’m gonna drop my adamantite en fel iron on AH when 2.3 hits us, perhaps some lazy engineers can at least get me out of the gutter ๐Ÿ˜›


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