Karazhan – Break on through to the other side, yeah

From the title of the post, you might get the idea that my Kara Group had a breakthrough last night.

Yeah, you could say that.

Time for a little raiding progression and recap post, my friends. What have I been doing the last two nights?

Tuesday morning was Karazhan server reset time, so of course as usual all the good little boys and girls came scurrying out in the evening to begin the Karazhan grind once more. And yeah, I do mean grind, because when your Group is unfocused or is constantly changing players, the early fights are a serious challenge, and it can get very, very frustrating trying and trying and never getting past Maiden of Virtue (Boss #3).

It’s the same with every raid, or even hard instance, no matter what your level. If you attempt a run and you either have poor communication, a mix of players that are not used to each other, or a group of players who may not be geared well enough or experienced enough in their current class specialization, then it’s gonna be a steep learning curve no matter what level you’re playing at. I’ve seen folks try and fail repeatedly at Dire Maul wings and full clears of Blackrock Depths just as much as at Karazhan, so it’s not anything new.

Anyone remember timed Undead Stratholme runs? Anyone? When there WERE no levle 70s to bail you out, and you’d run over and over and over, trying to advance in your Dungeon .5 set questlines? [shudder]

As I’ve posted before, my guild has two groups that raid Karazhan. We just barely have enough people to fill two groups.

Group 1, of which I am not a part, was already mostly formed when I joined the guild. They have added other players since then, very good players that can play consistently every raid night without fail

I was approached about possibly joining Group 1 early on, but frankly there is no way that I can meet the time commitments every single week, every raid night to run in Group 1. But I can admire their hard work and determination, and I can cheer on their success. They have cleared all the way up to and including Prince a few times now, and every week they get it down even better.

In contrast, Group 2 generally makes due with players like myself, whose play schedules are a bit uncertain because of family/relationship commitments, work and school. Some folks can only play weekends, others like me simply can NOT play every single night. So every evening it is always a bit of a crap shoot to see if we will get enough attuned players online on time (or close enough to it) to go in.

Last week, there weren’t enough players online most nights to even try. We’d spend two hours hoping more people would log in. Talk about a waste of a good evening.

Last night our guild Raid Leader decided that Group 1 was getting things down well enough that it was time to start spreading the knowledge around. Two members of Group 1, a very experienced Hunter and a solid Paladin, both transferred over to Group 2 to help us coordinate and learn. In exchange, two Group 2 members went to Group 1 to learn by immersion.

Tueday evening start time is 6:30 PM server. As usual, I was on time to the second with consumables on hand. And just as usual, it was past 7:30 before most of the stragglers had shown up. We got charged up, went into Karazhan, I main tanked with a protection warrior as off tank, and we marched our Big Bear Butt down the stables, and took down Attumen and Midnight like a late night snack.

Of course, Group 1 was doing the same thing at the same time… and we each downed Attumen at around the same time. And Group 1 announced that both the [Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation], AND my [Stabilised Eternium scope] recipe dropped! While our loot was caster oriented! Grrr!

We decided to push on to Moroes the front way up the stairs next, so off we went.

Again, as main tank, I was responsible for pulling duty on the stairs, and I performed my function by pulling with Moonfire, running down the stairs out of Line of Sight, and then hitting Barkskin and using Hurricane on the charging mob of non-elites. using Hurricane seems to REALLY get their attention, possibly because I don’t have ANY threat reducing abilities at all. By the time Hurricane has run it’s course and I’ve shifted to bear, it only takes a few Swipes and the group is down at my feet, usually without having gone after anyone else. The only times it’s gotten chaotic is when a second group may get aggro’ed, and my Hurricane isn’t off cooldown yet.

Going in and clearing the room with Moroes, we quickly wipe out the trash and set up for the fight. We have done this part so much that all of us knows very well what to do. Mostly.

We set up, get lined up on Moroes, targeting marks get distributed, kill order is determined, shackles and ice trap rotations are organized, and we’re off.

Again, I’m main tank, and the Prot Warrior is off tank. Moroes is yet another in a long LONG line of bosses and mobs in Karazhan that are utterly unaffected by taunt. You have to establish your threat purely through damage, and if you are letting someone else maintain threat without another tank as backup, then if tank number 1 drops or gets stunned or blinded (as happens frequently on Moroes), global threat producers (can you say the Healers?) get a boss in the face for insta-wipe.

Let me say right now… since acquiring Earthwarden, the Threat Per Second I put out has gone up outrageously. If I am given just 2 or 3 seconds to establish threat on my target, there is just no catching up no matter what the group does. I was consistently maintaining 700+ TPS while in ‘infinite rage’ boss fights or multiple mob pulls. It’s just amazing. I luv that hammer.

Okay, so myself and off tank take on Moroes… battle commences… and a short time later, the bastard is dead. First attempt, and victory! This is cause for celebration!

We do a loot check, and a piece of DPS leather gear drops. There is myself, and a new Rogue in the Karazhan group. The way our DKP system works, the loot order goes in tiers of how much DKP you have in the hundreds. If I have 300 DKP, and another competitor for loot in the run has 250 DKP, 300 gets to decide if they want it first. If he passes, the 250 can decide, and so on into the hundreds, and then the 10s. If you take loot, minimum DKP cost is 50. If two players that want loot are in the same tier, say both in their 300’s, then it’s a bid. I didn’t invent it, it’s just how it is.

Well, so I had 200+ DKP at this time, and the new Rogue had just passed the 50 mark. It was solely my decision. The two problems were that I had never seen the Rogue in any Guild run before, ever. I didn’t know if he would turn out to be a consistent player, or if this was his one visit, or anything. If it was ANY other Rogue, that had been active in the Guild at all, it would be a no brainer. Why was I hesitant? Why didn’t I just say “Heck with it, good for you!” like I have with the [Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation] many times? Because it was [Edgewalker Longboots] that dropped… one of, if not THE absolute best Feral Cat Druid boots in the game… and I do a lot of Karazhan catform work when I’m not the Main Tank. This would not only be an awesome galactic level upgrade to my existing gear, but I would be actively using them in Karazhan with the guild. But they’re also Rogue loot, damnit!

In the end, I asked the Rogue in a whisper if it would be okay if I took them. I was totally prepared to pass if he seemed super excited, but he was nice and really seemed not to care at all, just happy to have been present for a boss kill… this time, anyway :).

So I got the boots, quite shocked at my incredible good fortune. And then we buckled down and moved on to Maiden of Virtue. Who proceeded to kick our butts twice, before we decided to try again the next day.

So by the end of Tuesday night, we had so far matched Group 2’s best historical progression ever. Two bosses in one night. As a Group, Group 2 has NEVER downed Maiden of Virtue. Ever. Despite what some members vaguely claim to remember. Trust me. I’d remember.

Which finally brings me to last night. We started up at 6:30 as usual. And also as usual, it was well after 7:30 before everyone was present and actually ready to go. This time the trash was gone all the way before the corridor leading to Maiden, so it was a fast run up to getting started. Also, unlike the night before, we had Clana the Magnificent to heal us through 🙂

We marched down the hall quickly and set up for Maiden. The Protection Warrior from the night before was standing outside Karazhan on standby, and we had another ranged DPS in our group in his place. Again, I was Main Tank. Now, in this fight, Maiden will periodically pump out a group stun. She also has an area of effect blast with limited range that can knock you OUT of the stun. When she stuns the group, she continues to beat on the poor tank, who is no longer getting heals. This time, our strategy was simple, but awesome; when the group got stunned, I had one Paladin as my designated healer for the stun, stnading at teh first step of the platform in my field of view in front of me. As soon as everyone was stunned, I would pull Maiden just close enough to bump him OUT of stun with her own AOE… and then I’d drag her back to the center of her platform.

Boom boom boom…. Maiden down, first attempt of the evening! I won’t pretend it was a certain victory… my health was getting real low, and everyone was running super low on health and mana, and there was no way I could Innervate anyone. But we did it, and now we know we CAN do it, and we’ll just get more comfortable with it over time.

So we checked loot, and she dropped Protection warrior plate, and Paladin Bracers… neither of which anyone could use. And we had no Enchanter. So we took two epics as vendor loot. CRAP!

Still, rejoicing was done. We had downed Maiden first attempt, and were ecstatic. We had some player substitutions as some floks had to log off, but we managed to keep a group of 10. We decided to at least go and find out which of the Opera events we were going to have for the week, so we’d be ready for Wednesday.

This was our first time past Maiden. We kicked butt through the minor trash, and and reached the Stage Manager. Our experienced Group 1 Hunter told everyone to stand off in a room down the hall out of aggro range, so he could go and activate the event. He’d die, but we would know what we’d face the next day. Then we’d go home.

So we’re milling around chatting in Teamspeak when the Hunter begins yelling, “Everyone run onto stage NOW! Go! Go! Go!

We confusedly run out to the stage, scrambling around, as the hunter is telling us that we have the Oz event and it’s starting any second, and off tank (the Prot Warrior) will be kiting Tinhead around, and I as main tank will be tanking Roar and Toto , and keeping them occupied, and then he went on to spread other info while the event itself activated…and I saw Roar for the first time, but no little damn doggie!

I grabbed Roar and began pounding him down and dragging him off to side, while frantically scanning the stage for a dog. “Where the heck is Toto? Who’s he on?” I call. The Hunter tells me he’ll spawn soon… and not to worry about facing two mobs, he’ll Scare Beast on Roar when Toto comes.

Again with the concern that I will die within seconds of tanking two mobs! I’ll never understand that. Don’t reassure ME you’ll scare away Roar, reassure the healers who are responsible for having enough Mana to keep me healed. I can live for a while with two mobs on me, it just destroys healer mana long term.

Anyway, I don’t get to see a lot of the battle with my Big Bear Butt in the way, but I pound on Roar good, and when Toto spawns I’m all over the poor little wolfie. I snatch him up, and keep them both locked up tight. Soon enough, Dorothee, Straw Man, Roar, Toto, and Tinhead are dead, and then the Crone and the Cyclone appear. I spend a good amount of the rest of the fight in the air, sucked into the cyclone.

Barely a moment or two into the fight, it seems, the Crone is down, and loot is being distributed. [Ruby Slippers] and [Earthsoul Leggings] drop.

Well, okay, so I guess we just went ahead and did the Oz Opera event. And completed it on the first attempt, again. So, are we going to quit now? Heck no! We’re excited now!

“Let’s go get Curator!” We shout, and run off towards the back entrance.

Now, I’m gonna cut this short(er). we cleared through the trash from the back entrance to the start of Curator. We set up for Curator with me as main tank. The off tank had to go offline, as did Clana who started sounding REALLY sick on Teamspeak.. like, botulism bad. But we found two replacements, somehow, and went on in. I had never even researched this fight, cause I certainly didn’t expect to be doing it so soon, so I asked the experienced folks what I should do. All they could tell me was to pin hm down and keep him focused on me. Everyone else had complicated roles concerning the Astral Flares and Evocation, but I didn’t even know what those were. I focused reassuringly on the idea that all I had to do was tank. It seemed wrong, because Maiden sure needed more effort, but the 5th boss is simple? I somehow doubted it.

I pulled Curator and drug him into my designated location. We began and I focused on pumping out as much unlimited threat on him as was bearingly possible. Pretty soon, I had him so far into the threat meter compared to everyone else that I could probably kite him all the way to Stormwind. A few Evocations came and went, and I tried to observe and analyse what little information I could see around my Big Bear Butt. It seemed to me that I was NOT getting hit during the times he went into Evocation. I didn’t know WHAT he was doing, but he wasn’t hitting me… I thought.

All of our casters were going super low on mana, so on the next Evocation I decided to test my theory. As soon as he went into Evocation, I shifted to caster, popped Innervate on our Priest, and shifted back. I didn’t know the precise timing of his Evocation, but I was confident I could shift back to Bear in time. Yes, I could, well in time. Enough that I probably could have popped at least three Lifeblooms or Rejuves off on people before shifting.

The Innervate certainly helped, but in the end we still had all casters go OOM, just as Curator hit 19%. I didn’t get heals, I died, and it was all over after that. If we had stopped his last round of Astral Flares before he hit 20%, we could have had him, but the Flares were still spawning when I went down. Lesson learned… on the first Evocation, I need to pop out and Innervate someone, and pop back in so my 6 minute cooldown has time to expire and I can use it again towards the end of the fight.

We did not take a second try at him, even though we had cleared to him, because some folks had to go. It had just hit 10 PM, we had only been in there 2.5 hours, but it seemed like forever. This week remains the most incredibly successful time our Group 2 has ever had. We progressed in two days all the way up to Curator. I think that is something we can be damn rpoud of.

Some times, all you can do is /cheer.


Blogspot – How to get mouseover item popups

Since I’ve had a few very nice folks whose blogs I love ask me how I put those mouseover wowitem popups in my posts, I thought I’d just post the info here for posterity. This post is 100% about how to add mouseover info popups to your wow item links in Blogspot, so if this does not interest you, you need read no further. I’ll have another post up about the alst two nights’ raiding soon.

Let me say right up front, I did NOT write this code, I didn’t work this all out, all I did was do some web searching to find where the creator of this, Okoloth, could be found when I saw other blogs that had the same thing. There is also a version of wowitem popups that works for WordPress blogs that dan O’Halloran posted about, but the version I’m talking about here is Okoloth’s work intended specifically for Blogger.

The original work was created by Okoloth at the Armory Musings blog…. for questions or the source post please go there, see his write-up and the comments, and post your own comments and thanks for his hard work there.

The nuts and bolts of this is that you will need to edit your blogspot Template to add a section of code. The code you permanently add will recognize your links for a specific item. After that code is inserted permanently into your blog template, whenever you want to insert a wowitem with an active mouseover popup, you can simply get the Allakhazam/Wowhead item numbers, and insert them and the item name into a snippet of pre-written HTML. I keep a word document with every snippet of HTML code I’ve used previously, so I already have a ton of examples.

Let’s go over specifics.


1. Login to your Blogger Dashboard
2. Click the ‘Manage: … Layout’ link
3. Click the ‘Edit HTML’ link
4. Locate a </head> in the Template HTML, and just before it copy & paste the following lines:

<!-- WoW Item Popup v1.3 --> <style type="text/css">
#wowitemfloat { position:absolute; left:200px; top:200px; z-index:100; }
.poor { color:#9d9d9d !important; text-decoration:none; }
.common { color:#ffffff !important; text-decoration:none; }
.uncommon { color:#1eff00 !important; text-decoration:none; }
.rare { color:#0070dd !important; text-decoration:none; }
.epic { color:#a335ee !important; text-decoration:none; }
.legendary { color: #ff8000 !important; text-decoration:none; }
.artifact { color: #e5cc80 !important; text-decoration:none; }
</style> <script type='text/javascript'>
function showWowitem( event, id ) {
var element = document.getElementById('wowitemfloat');
element.style.visibility = 'visible';
element.style.top = event.pageY ? event.pageY + 'px' : (event.clientY + (document.documentElement.scrollTop || document.body.scrollTop));
element.style.left = event.pageX ? event.pageX + 'px' : (event.clientX + (document.documentElement.scrollLeft || document.body.scrollLeft));
document.getElementById('wowitem').src = 'http://wow.allakhazam.com/ihtml?' + id; }
function hideWowitem() {
document.getElementById('wowitemfloat').style.visibility = 'hidden';
document.getElementById('wowitem').src = ''; }
<div id="wowitemfloat" style="visibility:hidden;">

</div> <!-- WoW Item Popup v1.3 -->

5. Now click ‘Save Template’


You’ve now installed the code to enable the item popup. All you need to do is craft a HTML link to trigger it into action.

[Gyro-balanced Khorium Destroyer]
<a href="http://wow.allakhazam.com/item.html?witem=32756" class="epic" onmouseover="showWowitem(event,32756);" onmouseout="hideWowitem();">[Gyro-balanced Khorium Destroyer]</a>

[Beast Lord Cuirass]
<a href="http://wow.allakhazam.com/item.html?witem=28228" class="rare" onmouseover="showWowitem(event,28228);" onmouseout="hideWowitem();">[Beast Lord Cuirass]</a>

Now, that is the entire core of Okoloth’s post. I personally had a lot of trouble in my HTML ignorance finding where in Bloggers’ template the /head was located exactly. In the end, I opened an “Edit… Find (on this page)” window and searched for /head. It popped up instantly. I copied/pasted the above WoW Item Popup V1.3 code into the template right before the /head, and it worked for me the first time. PLEASE, before you try it, do what Blogger suggests and save your template before making changes. If somehow this doesn’t work for you, I’d hate to think I was responsible for taking down a friends’ blog.

What Okoloth’s HTML Template code does is look for a snippet of HTML for the item you are inserting into your post. It will pull the item number you entered from the (event,#####) section of that HTML snippet. That number is what Allakhazam uses as their discrete webpage identifier for the item you want to link to. It adds that number to the end of an inquiry to pull the data on the items’ stats from Allakhazam.

Now, in the snippet of HTML that you modify and insert into your posts yourself, you’ll see a line, http://wow.allakhazam.com/item.html?witem=28228. That line in the HTML snippet is just a hotlink to where you want someone who clicks on the link to be directed. I do not personally like Allakhazam’s UI for my searching, so I have changed that in what I use to direct to the same item in Wowhead instead, as “Someone” in the comments yesterday so astutely noticed. 🙂

So the snippet of HTML I use for my actual post links are as follows;

[Gyro-balanced Khorium Destroyer]
<a href="http://www.wowhead.com/?item=32756" class="epic" onmouseover="showWowitem(event,32756);" onmouseout="hideWowitem();">[Gyro-balanced Khorium Destroyer]</a>

The snippet of HTML also has one other variable, the class=”xxxx” section. That determines what color the text of your item link is gonna be, and you can choose from the following categories;


  • poor
  • common
  • uncommon
  • rare
  • epic
  • legendary
  • artifact

The reason this has been easy for me to use in my posts, is the wierd fact that both Allakhazam and Wowhead use the exact same item numbers in their webpage links. I had heard that they were now both owned by the same parent company, but this still seems darn strange to me. Whatever the reason, so far for every item I’ve wanted to link to both websites have used the same item number. maybe it is a number that Blizzard iteself uses. I have no idea. Anyway, so I have been going to Wowhead, looking up an item, noting what number they used in the webpage for that item, and then inserted that number in BOTH my link, and in my (event,#####). I haven’t even been verifying the number in Allakhazam much anymore before posting, because when I publish the post, I quickly check every link to see if the data pulled from Allakhazam on mouseover matches the item name I wanted. Every single time, the info pulled from Allakhazam has matched the Wowhead item number. Freaky, huh? But it has. The ONLY time I’ve had a discrepency is when I tried to link the Idol of Terror that Wowhead has up from upcoming patch 2.3. Apparently, Allakhazam has not added that item to their database yet, so my link worked but there was no popup data for the HTML to find.

I hope that my posting this here will help you see what I am doing specifically, and will add another location people will find to direct them to Okoleth’s amazing work.

Heroic and early raiding gear for the Bear Tank

Welcome back to another enthralling episode of ‘I gots my Earthwarden, so NOW WHAT?!?’

There is SO much to do once you reach level 70 in the Outlands, that I think it is a pretty fair assumption that if you are a casual (or dedicated) player of World of Warcraft, that even if you hit 70 within a month of the Burning Crusades’ release date, you still haven’t secured every Heroic instance key, maxed out your professions, gotten to Exalted with Ogri’la and Sha’tari Skyguard AND Netherdrake, and put Kara and Gruul on farm.

Of course, if you have, then you can stick around after this episode and give advice on which pieces to choose to bolster +defense when your gear upgrades remove some of what you already had. 🙂 That’s right, I’ll put your butt to work!

Anyway, if you are a Feral Druid and level 70, then you’ve likely already seen one of the many ‘pre-raiding tanking gear’ posts that are around the internet.
There’s an excellent one at Adventures in Azeroth that I like, and then theres the pre-raiding tanking gear guide that I put together myself a while back.

Those lists are all well and good. Everything there can be attained from either soloing quests, patient stalking of the Auction House, or regular 5 man instance runs. All reasonable expectations for any competent druid, even if you are forced to PUG it.

But what do you do AFTER that? Sure, you’ve got great gear. Compared to a Protection Warrior, you’re already geared up to start tanking Karazhan, at a point where the Warrior is just starting to think about where to find his first good piece.

Today we’re going to talk about where to go for upgrades in Heroics, and in early Karazhan raiding.

The drawback to having such great pre-raiding gear is that there are very few items that are upgrades once we DO start raiding. If you figure that your gear is good enough to start raiding Karazhan, and you’ll pick your upgrades up from there, then I have bad news for you sunshine; there’s not that much to find in Karazhan for a feral bear tank. Our gear upgrades are a bit harder to track down than that. Nope, even if you’re technically ready for Karazhan, you are going to need to look elsewhere for the bulk of your upgrades. That’s right; Heroics.

And now, we’re getting back to the point that started this post… maybe you JUST hit 70. Or maybe you hit 70 months ago, but you wanted to grind Kurenai reputation to get a Talbuk Mount, and farm money to get your epic flying skill, and then pound out Sha’tari Skyguard and Netherdrake rep for your wriggly sky worm and dragon mounts. [Not that I know anyone that did that :)]

Maybe you’ve already been tanking Karazhan, and you’re guild is rarely getting past Maiden, and NEVER getting to Illhoof, and you’re sick of seeing the same three boss drops over and over and over. Sure, the rep is getting you fantastic Tanking Ring upgrades, but you are getting burned out and miss that excitement at knowing that your tanking just got better. You know that the time has come to finally look at getting keyed for Heroics. But which one to choose first?

Well, there are two possibilities. First, maybe you’re a Pokemon Master, and you ‘gotta catch em all’, and you want exalted with everyone, all at once. You go ahead with that, I’ll admire your dedication and work ethic… from a distance.

The other possibility is you want to know how you can get the most potential return on your time investment. Time is valuable… you are going to have to spend some of it running instances to attain reputation with a faction to earn that Heroic Key. You want to know that the choice you make is going to give you the best chance to get some good upgrades. Right?

There are two different kinds of rewards for achieving reputation with a faction.

  • First, there is the immediate reward; a faction Quartermaster has different items to sell, depending on your reputation level with them. As soon as you have the right reputation to qualify, boom, you can buy the item.
  • Second, there is the potential reward. As soon as you buy your Heroic key at Revered (soon to be reduced to Honored in Patch 2.3), you can begin to run Heroic instances, with the potential to earn one of the Heroic level rewards. You also earn a Badge of Justice for each Heroic boss you kill, which you can save and turn in to G’eras in Shattrath City for even more epic loot upgrades.

Now, my first recommendation, unsurprisingly, will be Cenarion Expedition.

The reason why is that at Exalted, the immediate reward you will receive is the ability to purchase [Earthwarden] as your new Main Tanking weapon. You won’t have to try to get it to drop, and you won’t have to find a solid group to run Heroics. As soon as you hit Exalted, it’s yours. On the other hand, of course, you have to climb all the way past Revered to Exalted to get it. But frankly, in my opinion, it’s worth it. [Earthwarden] will last you for a LONG time. The next time there is ANY upgrade to your tanking weapon is the [Wildfury Greatstaff], which drops from trash mobs in Serpentshrine Cavern. SSC is a fairly long way down the raiding path for most guilds. You will first need 25 people that are solidly geared from Heroics, Karazhan, AND Gruuls’ Lair before you can realisticly hit Serpentshrine Cavern. Let’s face it… getting [Earthwarden] will likely last you for a long time in your tanking life. Also, don’t overlook that at Revered you can buy the [Strength of the Untamed], which is a pretty darn good tanking neck piece. It’s not quite as highly ranked as [Mark of the Ravenguard] or [Necklace of the Deep], but if you’re focused on Cenarion rep instead of questing you can be happy with this, and you won’t have to buy expensive gems to trick it out like you will with the [Necklace of the Deep].

The only real potential upgrade from Heroic Coilfang Reservoir instances is a fairly nice one, the [Argussian Compass] from Heroic Underbog, which drops from The Black Stalker, the final boss. The [Argussian Compass] is ranked by Emmerald as the highest of all bear tanking trinkets, but as has been pointed out by Kadaan, this is based off of being able to use the effect very often. I personally use the [Commander’s Badge], a trinket that is obtained through Netherdrake faction, which cannot be gotten until after you have epic flying skill. Kadaan also points out that [Moroes Lucky Pocket Watch] from Moroes, second boss fight of Karazhan, and the [Darkmoon Cards] (very high Stamina trinkets) are great choices over this also. Regardless of whether you go after this, or if you prefer a higher Stamina piece, or maybe one of the engineering crafted trinkets, most of your options here can be obtained from the Auction House, professions, reputation, or this instance.

Wow, so with Cenarion Expedition reputation, a profession or the Auction House, you could conceivably max out your Two-handed Weapon and both Trinket slots, lasting well into Serpentshrine Caverns. And no raiding yet!

After Cenarion Expedition, you have a few choices to make. If you are obsessed with getting your Epic Flying Form, than you’ll need to be able to run Heroic Sethekk Halls, which is based off of Lower City reputation. But if we’re talking about tanking gear upgrades, then my recommendation unquestionably has to be Honor Hold/Thrallmar.

Honor Hold/Thrallmar reputation does NOT provide any immediate tanking benefits. In fact, aside from the Quartermaster of Keepers of Time at Revered, there are NO other immediate Quartermaster rewards for feral bear tanks. Sure, there are plenty of professions patterns available from the Quartermasters, but as far as tanking upgrades go, there is zilch.

But the potential upgrades…. Holy Elune! Just look at this stuff…

From Heroic Hellfire Ramparts, we have [Tree-Mender’s Belt], which drops from the chest off the final boss. From Heroic Blood Furnace we have the [Mantle of Shadowy Embrace], which drops from Kel’idan the Breaker. This item should be sending up bright flares to draw your attention, because of the massive pain in the butt finding good tanking shoulders has become. Well, these shoulders kick big butt. And better yet, both of these Heroics are reasonable to run.

Finally, for the insane among you, you can take on Heroic Shattered Halls, and you can shoot for the [Forestheart Bracers], which drop from Warchief Kargath Bladefist. I personally think that this is too small a potential reward in exchange for the massive challenge of a Heroic SH, but since there is very little else to choose from as a bracer upgrade, if you have a good, GOOD group, it may be worth a try. It’s still a solid upgrade from your [Umberhowls’ Collar].

Regardless, the belt and the shoulders alone are awesome upgrades. It is possible to get a comparable upgrade belt from Hyakiss the Lurker, one of the three randomly generated critter bosses in Karazhan. And of course there is PvP gear that is better. But if you do not PvP, or your guild is not raiding Karazhan, or is bypassing the critter bosses, then the belt and shoulders here are just outstanding.

Now, if you’ve gone this far, lol, and you’ve gotten those two Heroic keys, and run those instances to get your [Argussian Compass], [Tree-Mender’s Belt], and [Mantle of Shadowy Embrace], then you should AT LEAST have 25 Badges of Justice.

RUN, don’t walk, over to G’eras in Shattrath City, and buy your [Ring of Unyielding Force]. This ring, coupled with the [Violet Signet] from Karazhan reputation, will be your final two rings well into Magtheridon’s Lair. Starting to look like we’re getting our end game raiding gear here, doesn’t it?

We are now left with Caverns of Time, Auchindoin, and Tempest Keep to choose from. Unfortunately, as I said before, NONE of the three Quartermasters here benefit a feral bear tank, even at Exalted. At Revered, the Keepers of Time Quartermaster, Alurmi, will sell the [Glyph of the Defender], the best tanking enchant for your head armor slot. But you probably got to Revered with Keepers of Time just by running Karazhan attunement, and then running Durnholdt/Old Hillsbrad a few times trying for your [Iron Band of the Unbreakable]. Either way, reaching Revered with Keepers of Time isn’t a difficult grind, and the [Glyph of the Defender] is worth it.

If you carefully compare the potential rewards you can obtain from running the rest of the Heroic instances with the gear that you can obtain as suggested by the beginning guides, you’ll find that none of them are worth your effort. Crazy, isn’t it? Caverns of Time, Auchindoin, and Tempest Keep can all be safely ignored by a feral TANK. There are plenty of DPS cat form rewards, of course, which is well worth an article all on it’s own, but as far as tanking gear… nada.

But after getting this far, and having two rings, two trinkets, a two-handed weapon, shoulders and belt… it’s looking pretty good. Your [Heavy Clefthoof Vest], [Heavy Clefthoof Leggings] and [Heavy Clefthoof Boots] are also solid pieces that can carry you well past Karazhan. So where else are you looking to get gear now?

Well, let’s take a look. First, let’s see what else we can get prior to seriously 10 man+ raiding.

From those Badges of Honor come two more great rewards. For an Idol, coming live in Patch 2.3, is the Idol of Terror for 20 Badges of Justice. (Edit: I know that the hotlink on the Idol wasn’t working right… so I’m going to make it a pagelink for now. Sorry.) For a neck piece, we can get the [Necklace of the Juggernaut] for 25 Badges of Justice.

If you are raiding Karazhan, the Maiden of Virtue can drop the [Barbed Choker of Discipline]. It’s not ranked quite as highly as the [Necklace of the Juggernaut], but if it drops then by all means take it, and save yourself the 25 Badges of Justice for when the new 2.3 Badge rewards are released.

Now we are finally into Karazhan. What you will be looking for are;

That’s it. No, I’m serious. That’s it for Karazhan for bear tanks. If you don’t believe me, go back and look over all that gear again. It’s okay, I find it hard to believe too, but there it is.

That just leaves the Chest and Leggings. And it’s not pretty, because unless you PvP in a good Arena team, the next upgrades past Heavy Clefthoof are Tier 4 rewards past Karazhan.

For the [Greaves of Malorne], the Tier 4 armor token drops from Gruul. For the [Breastplate of Malorne], the Tier 4 token drops from Magtheridon himself.

I know that there are many dedicated players who actively raid these battles, and well beyond. I believe that if you are one of those players, then you are probably fully aware of what drops from whom, and also where you will be looking for your next upgrade. And if you are actively in The Eye and Black Temple, then bless you. I wish you good luck, and great rolling!

I hope that this greater in-depth look into bear tanking gear beyond the pre-raid warm up opens your eyes to your other options besides Karazhan, helps you to set some achievable goals, focus in on where to go, and exactly what you want to do next.

Until next time, peace out, my friends.

Is your guild your relationship?

There have been quite a few posts lately from bloggers I respect, but they have mostly been aimed at the intellectual side of the guild life. How to manage a guild, how to deal with discipline, or organize events, or recruit new people, or balance raids or loot or DKP issues. That sort of thing.

Well, I’d like to talk about some of the emotional issues of being in a guild.

I want to preface this by saying that I am fairly active in my mains’ guild. I have my main character and my main alt both in the same guild. All of my friends have their mains in the guild also. I run Karazhan fairly regularly, and I try to help out guildies whenever possible. As an example, I ran a heroic underbog last night, when I planned on doing very little, because the main tank for our OTHER Kara group wanted me to get a Nether so I could make him the epic tanking gun. And as far as I know, the other four guildies on the run were there for no other reason that so that I COULD get to the Nether to make that gun. Five guildies pulling together to run a heroic just because a tank needs a gun to manage Karazhan a little better. Guildies help other guildies, and we have fun doing it. And even when I’m on an alt that is not in the main guild, myself and many of my friends share a dedicated private chat channel so that no matter what the status of the character we happen to be on, main guild, alt guild or unguilded, we can still see each other log on and give with a “hello”. Even if I’m on an unguilded alt, if someone in the guild needs to get ahold of me, I can generally be gotten ahold of.

But this last weekend was pretty stressful. I had taken last week off of Group 2 Karazhan to try and regain some balance… and on what I laughably called my ‘week off’ I found myself getting tells fast and furious, usually within seconds of logging in to my main, from guildies needing a tank… either to fill in for one that bailed, or for someone that needed an attunement run, or a big group quest chain, or whatever.

As Napoleon once said, “Time! Time! Ask me for anything but Time!” I certainly know exactly what he meant. I’d rather get tells from guildies asking for 100g than a tell asking me to run Shadow Labs. I’ve GOT money, what I have precious little of is Time.

I’ll tell you, I’m not really gonna complain. It’s very nice to be wanted. But when you’re a big softy it’s also stressful to have a set plan in mind, a short amount of time budgeted to get stuff done, and then to log in quick to make some Daily Quest money and have multiple requests from guild members that all need help. I’m sure other people are able to say ‘no’ pretty easy, but it’s a struggle for me to disappoint people like that. So I unless I need to be somewhere to help someone I already agreed to help, I’ll typically say yes.

The stress of the weekend made me remember quite clearly the last big guild I had been in, the way it became engulfed with drama, and how I dealt with it.

I can remember the whole situation pretty well, although not what exactly started it. Drama flared high in the old guild, for whatever reason. I had been in that guild for a long time, and had a lot of pretty good friends there… but there were also many cliques within the guild, and tensions between them mounted. Some good friends ended up with hurt feelings, or leaving the guild altogether. Within a short period of time, it got so I didn’t want to log in on my main character at all, because I didn’t want to have to deal with the stress of people being mad, or grumpy, or having subjects that are taboo to bring up because ‘someone might get upset at what someone said or they THINK someone said’ and all the other wonderful stuff that goes into guild drama. Every one of you that has been in a guild when this crap flared up knows exactly what I mean.

When you have a lot of people you think you are friendly with in a guild, and drama breaks out, it is very hard not to be drawn in whether you want to or not.

So, I started hiding from my guildies. I’d make alts to play so I was still having fun in the game, but without anyone I knew from the guild seeing ‘me’ log on, so I could play without fear of drama or of possibly hurting anyones feelings.

Here’s the wierdest part; The whole thing felt insanely like I was cheating on the guild, skulking around behind their backs.

Honestly… isn’t that crazy? Are you supposed to have a ‘monogamous’ relationship with your guild? Are you supposed to be faithful to your guild, and not go cheating on them by joining other guilds with an alt? Even if your alt goes unguilded, and you’re just playing solo, aren’t you lying by omission to your guildmates by not logging in and checking with them to see if anyone needs anything?

Is it wrong to come to feel like a guild membership is a serious commitment, and that joining another guild or hiding from your guild would be breaking that commitment?

Lately I’ve been playing a couple alts that are in an old friend-only alt guild we created back when many of our mains were in monogamous guild relationships… but not in the same guild. We made a small guild just for our alts, so we could remain faithful to our ‘official’ guilds on our mains, but have a little ‘side action’ with our alts. This was before we began using the dedicated private chat channel.

Seriously, the whole idea seems absurd, doesn’t it?

But I’ve been thinking about the whole thing a lot lately, because my wife has begun playing, and like I said, I’ve been alternately helping her with my main on group quests, or playing with her on the alts that are closer to her level, alts that are in this alt guild.

And there have been a few times where my guild sees me on my main, asks for help, and I tell them that I can’t, because I’m busy playing with my wife… who isn’t in the guild.

How the hell do you get to the point where you feel like you are cheating on your guild to spend time with your WIFE?!?!?!

[pulls hair and cries—> breakdown imminent]

Anyway… all this stuff has been going around, making me think of old bad times as well as how wierd the whole damn thing feels, and it made me realize that I certainly can’t be the only one that ever hid from their guild by rolling an alt. OR the only person that feels that being a responsible member of a guild, even if you’re not an officer, can require as much of a personal commitment, if not more, as a real world relationship. And I can’t even imagine the level of insanity actually BEING an officer of a large active guild must be like.

What do you think?

Do you ever hide from your friends or guildmates by rolling an alt?

Have you ever hurt your spouse or significant others feelings because you were spending more time with your guild than with them?

And finally, god forbid… has anyone ever been accused by their loved one of WANTING to spend more time with their guild than with their significant other? Or of “liking your guild friends more than you do me!”[Thank god I haven’t… but the horrible thought just occured to me that someone out there may have.]

Let’s face it though… the rest of the questions aside, the time may come when you need to excape the stress and the worries of day to day WoW life… when guild drama is running high… or you just Vant to be left alone

ALTS – when you absolutely, positively want to hide from your guild.

Apathy Inc, and Blizzard Customer Service

A very nice post over on Apathy Incs’ blog about all the reasons why Blizzard SHOULD hate you… and why we should all just shut the hell up.

I pretty much agree with most of the points made about why we should all stop complaining about game based mechanics that annoy us or drive us crazy.

The only things that tend to get me really worked up in the game aren’t those things that Blizzard has any control over, but rather the personal behaviors of some other players, especially behaviors that tend to either waste the time of others, or cause emotional distress.

Granted, there are always exceptions. But I know that I remain eternally amazed at the massive depth of gameplay that World of Warcraft has to offer, and how incredibly smooth it runs networked over the internet with millions of other people to interact with.

One of the biggest things that amazes me, that I have discussed with my wife many times, is how remarkable it is to log into any application that allows me instant communication with friends from all over the world. I live in the central United States, and many of my best friends in the game happen to live in Singapore. Friends that I met, and got to know, within the World of Warcraft. Instant worldwide communication… and grouping up to squish monsters together. It’s just remarkable. As the novel Snowcrash addresses, the potential of the Internet to bring strangers from all over the world face to face to conduct business or get to know each other is simply phenomenal.

I will, however, have to personally disagree with the concept that Blizzard as a company is working hard all the time to improve the play experience of their customers, and make them as happy as possible, as a group.

The following is a true story, and hopefully will serve as a reminder and a warning to anyone that is lax about their security.

Last Christmas, the evening of December 24th as a matter of fact, at around 11:35 PM, my WoW account was hacked by person or persons unknown. I was online at the time it happened, in Ventrilo conversation with others in my guild, in the middle of a Scholomance run. I was booted out of the game, and while trying to log back in got told by my friends that I had just D/Ced for a second… and then they asked me why I hearthed to Ironforge. I told them that I didn’t hearth anywhere… and they said “Well, your character is back online and sharding your stuff as we speak.”

I will never forget those moments of confusion… that quickly grew into panic as my friends, who were still grouped with my character, gave me a running commentary of my purples that were being sharded, the shards’ announcements popping up in party chat as any D/E does.

At one point they said that it must be something else, some kind of bug, as they saw well over 14 shards being created… and then I quietly reminded them that as a druid, I had two full sets of epic gear in my bags that the person was sharding, not just one. Wonderful that I was a max level Enchanter, that the hacker had an easy time of sharding my epics, eh?

My friends actually went to Ironforge, surrounded my character, and screenshotted continuously as he ran from the bank to the mailbox to the vendor and back again repeatedly. All the while, I was flipping through pages of Blizzards’ account management website trying to figure out what to do.

I acted fast, saw advice that I should log into account management, change my password, and then try to log back in using the new password. It worked, and I booted the thief in mid-rape of my main character, before he could go after any other alts.

But not before every item I had was sharded, including my bank stuff… and all but about 50 gold and 8 shards were gone, mailed off to places unknown.

As you might imagine, I was upset that my Christmas present was a hacked main character. But I was thankful that I was online at the time, that I had friends that had screenshotted the entire process, and that I had seized my account back before any of my other characters were also looted. Surely, I said to myself, with the smoking gun held in my hand, with the shards, with the screenshots mailed to me by my friends, with an instant report on an open ticket, with an instant post in the customer support forums, surely my case will be addressed, my gear would be returned, and all would be made right. The accomplishments of an entire solid year of playing would be restored to me.

If you think that way also, you would be very wrong.

In the open ticket, I was infomed that Blizzard had a department that would investigate the matter, and I would be notified in email to my listed account contact info the results, and I was to refrain from making any other contact concerning this matter. I was to remain patient, and await an email response.

In the customer support forum, I had a blue response saying I was to open a ticket ni game to address the problem, and that they could not address my issue in any other way. I also had a number of players comment in my post that it was my fault for sharing my account info, and many others calling me a noob and saying flat out that if my account was hacked it was 100% my fault. This despite the fact that I have never shared my account info with anyone, ever. After doing a LOT of research, I found evidence that my wifes’ work computer, with which she works from home as a website design consultant and project manager, had been infected with a keylogger that my active McAfee virus-scan and Spybot S&D had not caught. I finally found it with Yahoo Toolbar’s built in Spyware checker, sad to say. I had sometimes played WoW from there, and of course checked the many websites for WoW info. Did I pick up the keylogger from Curse Gaming, as was rumoured to be happening at the time? Who knows? Since then, of course, I have taken extreme security measures which I have recommended to my friends… measures that you also can read more about here.

Regardless of the players that seemed to take great joy in my account being hacked, and posting that it served me right, and who made a great many assumptions as to my internet usage and habits, I fully expected Blizzard to patiently investigate my character data, and come to a just result.

As the weeks passed, I posted a few times in the customer service forums asking for any information as to how long such an investigation may take. After all, I gave them the ‘smoking gun’, the exact time and day of the hack, and what activities were performed. I had a ticket generated within minutes of the hack, and was very precise as to what items were gone, since my ItemRack addon had every item name listed in it’s inventory. EVERY ITEM that I regularly equipped.

To my shock, my posts in the forums were not simply ignored… they were removed as if they had never existed. As I began to watch the customer support forums and refresh the post list on a continuous basis, what I found was that I was FAR from being alone. MANY MANY others were posting that their accounts had been hacked… and their posts were also removed within seconds. Not angry or abusive posts, but posts that honestly were pleading for help.

The conclusion I came to at the time was pretty simple; someone within Blizzards’ customer support office had decided to remove any trace of unhappy customers due to account security issues. I do not know why. Thinking about it now, I could speculate that maybe someone was worried that the issue, if widely reported, might affect the sales of the upcoming Expansion. That sounds like a stupid idea, but who am I to guess at the reason for what I saw happening? The facts were straightforward; anyone that posted requesting help because their account had been hacked had their post removed within seconds. For over two weeks, until I finally moved on and stopped checking the forums. For all I know, it’s still done to this day. The only posts that were left behind were concerning extremely minor issues that only affected single persons and did not represent large scale issues.

Now, this angered me a great deal. But I also continued to have faith that, no matter what one department of Blizzard may be doing on their forums, the department that was investigating my issue would still come through.

I was 100% wrong.

What I received was an email from Blizzard, a form letter, stating that they were unable to verify that anything that I said was true concerning my account or any items I claimed to have lost. Therefore, they were sending me generic items to replace what I claimed was lost to enable me to get back to playing, and I could look forward to improving my gear when the new Burning Crusade expansion went on sale and increased the level cap, introducing exciting new equipment for all classes. I’m almost positive that I saved the letter. I say almost, cause I honestly haven’t had cause to worry about it for most of a year now, so i ahven’t gone looking for the letter.

How long did I wait before receiving that email? Over 1 month. That’s right my friends, it took Blizzard over a month to get that response to me. I got an email telling me they didn’t have any proof I ever had anything (including a Carrot on a Stick or other quest rewards, BTW), but they were gonna send me some stuff, and I should suck it up until Burning Crusade was launched.

I logged in and checked my bags… and not in the mail, but placed in my empty bagspace, and not only on my main, the only character that was affected, but on EVERY other character I had on the server no matter what level, were new items of gear. What gear? Why 100% random underleveled greens, of course. At least they were all the right armor type for the characters. No blues, no purples, no special items at all, and all of it what I consider vendor trash.

Now, this made me very incredibly angry… because this was a customer service slap in the face. I waited for over a month, and I received a form letter. no personal caring, even in denial of my claims. My personal pleas on the forums were deleted unanswered. All in all, it was made as clear to me as humanly possible that my concerns were unworthy of the personal attention of anyone within Blizzards’ customer service department, and that I should shut up and soldier on. Or quit.

My gear was gone, and while I’m not a loot whore, it gets REAL old trying to explain that, yes I know the Mark of Tyranny is an awesome Bear Tanking trinket, and yes, I WAS smart enough to choose it as a quest reward the first time, and NO I never sold it to a vendor, but NO I don’t have it anymore. Nor did I have any of my enchanting rods, which at the time you needed every rod in your inventory to be able to do every level of enchant. The hacker had sold them all. And had thrown out things he apparently had no need of, such as my epic land mount. You know, those things Blizzard said they could never prove I had.

I went out on the internet, and what I found was that other World of Warcraft news websites were reporting that there was an epidemic of hacked accounts… and that instead of actually trying to return the lost items, Blizzard had sent that same form letter to many others that were hacked on or after Christmas. It wasn’t personal, it was apparently just business. But with information controlled so tightly that it was nearly impossible to spread the word on the forums, how do you gather any kind of data on numbers? Whether it is true that many others received that form letter, I couldn’t tell you. I know I saw at least three other people report on the issue that week at other sites, including at one of the gaming news sites. But it’s been a while, and I can’t find raw data on numbers, so if you do not believe me, I won’t hold it against you :).

So you see… I agree with anyone that wants to talk about what a wonderful game World of Warcraft is. I love this game, and I am always impressed by the brilliance of the designers and artists that are responsible for it. I enjoy playing it, and can’t wait to see what the new patch may bring, or the new expansion. And I still love playing my main, and making alts, and playing with my friends.

But at the same time, I never mistake Blizzard ‘as a business’ as being worthy of the same respect and admiration as the folks that design and program the games. Because I have never experienced personal customer service that has been as truly horrible as the impersonal service I received at what was arguably one of the worst gaming moments of my life. And the utterly pathetic way they chose to handle one of the worst things that can ever happen to any faithful subscriber, and completely control and rigidly remove any mention that customers were even experiencing this issue for weeks at a time, is contemptible.

When you accept the agreements on login, you can’t call this kind of behavior criminal… but I suspect that it is highly unethical. And it certainly removed any respect I might have ever had about Blizzards business practises.

Maybe the experience is one of the reasons I don’t get too excited by ‘chasing the loot drops’. It’s loot. It’s nice to have gear that helps you help your friends and it’s exciting to see something new, or to attain a new symbol of progression. But at the same time… tomorrow, it could be gone. Poof. Or a patch or expansion could come out that truly replaces all that you stressed over. In the end, if someone else wins a drop… or even wants it bad… why not give it to them? Take pleasure in their pleasure over gaining new loot.

Unless, of course, it’s the Iron Band of the Unbreakable. Someday, that bastard ring WILL be mine!

Oh, and if this story saddens you, please don’t be sad on my account. It’s all been a LONG time ago at this point, and I am quite happy with my gear and I have tons of fun playing. Do I miss some of the stuff? Well, there were certainly some Molten Core drops that I would have kept for old times sake, but in the end… nah. It’s all good. It’s the fun playing with friends, not collecting gear like they’re Pokemon, that keeps me coming back for more.

Less stress incoming!

I have two things to kick your week off with a smile!

First, let’s see a show of hands of folks that have been level 70 for months now, and still don’t have all the Heroic keys for instances.

Anyone out there besides me? Anyone?

I know that it was a big day when I finally hit Revered with Cenarion Expedition, and could get my Coilfang Reservoir Heroic key.

Of course, reaching Revered with Keepers of Time was also exciting at first, until I tried my first Heroic Durnholdt run and got my big butt handed to me. Not so happy with the Heroic Keepers of Time instances….

But to date I still don’t have any other Heroic keys… time after time, my guild has called for tanks for Heroic Mech, or any of the Honor Hold instances… and Big Bear Butt can’t join in their reindeer games.

In my own defense, I could have done the grind for rep, but I was too focused on getting 5000g, and then on getting a big flying dragon. Now others run heroics, and I fly a dragon around. Such is life.

As many of you might have guessed, this is leading somewhere…. it has been confirmed by a Blue poster over at Blizzard that as of Patch 2.3, the requirement for Heroic keys is being downgraded from Revered rep to Honored.

Let’s let that sink in for a minute…. if you have not, as of yet, completed your 10+ Shadow Labs runs to get Revered…. now you don’t have to. You can run other Heroics for Lower City rep instead.

Of even MORE importance to my Druid brothers and sisters…. if you have the Epic Flight Form quest (like I do) and have been stuck at the last part, requiring the Revered rep with Lower City so you can do a Heroic Sethekk halls run (like I am), this means that you don’t have to grind that rep anymore… at Honored you can get your Heroic Sethekk Halls and go get your Epic Flight Form.

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t done it because I hate Shadow Labs. So this is welcome news.

Of course, every Hunter that counted on PUGs wanting Lower City rep to help them get their Sonic Spear from Murmur are now gonna be pissed, but what can you do?

The other thing that I hope will put a smile on your face is this Coke commercial from our friends in China. I’m not going to ruin it; you simply have to see it to believe it.

I may have to give over my allegiance to the Dew if Coke can pull something this cool out of their butts.

Raid Song of the Week #3 – Do What They Told Ya

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Thank you to everyone that had songs to suggest last week, they have ALL been listened to, and I consider it a big win in my book because I got introduced to new music that I find I’m liking quite a bit. So again, thank you all.

While the suggestion of Mahna Mahna was funny, the fact that I actually HAVE that song is kind of scary. And I do mean the Muppet Show version. Regrettably, I don’t really see that as falling under ‘Raid music”. I also have the Muppets’ Swedish Chef on mp3.

On the other hand, it does beg for a new category, ‘Boss music’. Something to think about for the future.

So far you’ve had a couple of Irish songs, or at least celtic, and Elune knows I’ve got a ton of that on my raid music playlist. The other stuff that fills out my raid playlist mostly falls under the category of goth/techno. But there is a lot of eclectic stuff, that frankly probably comes under the heading of ‘wierd stuff that the old fart likes’. Just as a friendly warning :).

Some of the music suggested last week are now on the list, but one song a week means it’s gonna be a while before you may hear yours up here. Please be patient.

In the meantime, here is one that I find perfectly fulfills what I want to listen to on a raid run…. a hard driving adrenaline pumping beat, good background filler, and a refrain that I can chant that matches my feelings at the time when the raid leader is giving his isntructions.

I hope you enjoy.

Remember, your suggestions for Raid Song of the Week are welcomed and encouraged! Send em’ in!