Raid Song of the Week #9 – Paralyzer

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I apologize if this song seems either too new, or ‘flavor of the month’ on your local radio station to be on the Raid Song list, but it’s become my new ‘it’s stuck in my head’ song, and I’m loving it for the raidage. Or, as Mrs BBB said, “What did you buy on iTunes THIS time?”.

Maybe after a week or two of overplaying it, I’ll hate it, but for right now every time I hear Paralyzer by Finger Eleven, I think of the fight against Maiden of Virtue.

Well I’m not paralyzed, But, I seem to be struck by you; I want to make you move, Because you’re standing still.

Yes, I know, I’m sad. I hear a song on the radio, and my mind tries to see where it would fit in WoW. The more I think about that, the more I think I need to get out more.

I’ve been wondering if folks are actually enjoying the Raid Song of the Week feature, and if there is some way I can make it more fun. The only idea I have so far, is to put up a poll with three song choices on Wednesday, and let you guys decide who goes up Friday. Any other suggestions would also be helpful.

If I don’t see you, have a great weekend!

Wait, he said WHAT now?

I honestly thought that we had squeezed all the drama out of the ‘Karazhan Raid ID/Chess looted’ crisis as possible.

I thought that, after all that had happened, the whole thing was going to slowly fade away, like the lingering odor of Jayboi after he leaves a room….

Silly me.

More follows after the break…

When last I left you, my friends, I had regaled you with tales about how glorious Group 1 and Group 2 had rallied, charging boldly into Karazhan and vanquishing all foes.

Last evening, dead tired, I sat at my lonely desk, and worked on catching up on important correspondance. (ie: Reading webcomics and watching Youtube videos).

Mrs BBB, my darling wife, came downstairs and said, “Are you supposed to be raiding Kara tonight? All your friends are in Kara right now.”

Oh yes, this is a 100% true story. My wife has many of my friends in her friends list. But we’re not stalkers. Nope. No sirreee. BTW.. Mrs BBB dinged 50 last night. Grats, sweetie!

I just looked at my wife blankly, and said the most intelligible thing that came to mind… “What?”

So she repeats what she said… and my brain panics, and flashes back to the night before… and hearing someone say, “Okay guys, I can’t play tomorrow night.”

We’re bums… that usually means no playing the next night. Since we only had Nightbane and Prince left… well, we can do that anytime, right? Oh shit… I bet Joppers is impatient to get back into Zul’Aman, and is pushing progression. Crap!

I launch Teamspeak.. sure as hell, there is the entire raid, sans me, in Kara channel 1.

“Umm… hi guys?”

Much beating about the head and shoulders with a Red Snappah! commences.

Fortunately, I wasn’t TOO late, and we went on and downed Prince… with my traditional wiping 30 seconds into the fight from Enfeeble while in Kitty DPS form. I’m just too damn slow on running away… I gotta work on that. LOTS.

That’s not the point of this post, however…

That was just so you’d know why I was online last night and in Teamspeak, when I was desperate to take a break.

No, the point of the post is the discussion we had last night concerning the recent drama with the guild Green Dragonflight, and the traitor in our midst.

Now, in our Kara Group 1 is not only the Raid Leader/Officer Jops, but also the GM Whirl, and other Officers Nawat and Jay and… oh heck, just about all of the really active Officers of our happy little band of homicidal maniacs.

And Jops bursts out laughing in Teamspeak. Just laughing his ass off.

“Guys,” he says, “Guys, I’ve been getting whispers from the GM of Green Dragonflight, Thesphinx, the last few days. He keeps asking if I’ve figured out who our traitor is yet.”

Now, there’s understandable confusion on my part. “Wait Jops,” I say, “Didn’t he and Kaziral tell you outright that Kaziral’s main was the traitor in our Guild? If he knows already, why is he asking if you’ve figured it out?”

Call me crazy… but after all the talks I’d had with Jops, my first thought was still to give them the benefit of the doubt, and ASSUME that maybe the GM of Green Dragonflight was as interested in finding out who did it and punishing them as we are. LOL! I’m such an idiot!

“Yeah,” drawls Jops, “He knows. He keeps asking me if I’ve figured it out yet to taunt me that I don’t know and he does. He just whispered me again, and I told him frankly that we’d probably never know.”

At this point, Jops starts laughing his ass off again.

Jops says, “After I told him that, he whispered back saying that he saw we were in Karazhan again. I told him yeah, but not to get his hopes up, we’d already cleared everything INCLUDING Chess, and just had Prince and Nightbane left, and we’re getting those right now.”

So Jops continues, busting out laughing, “So Thesphinx asks me if he can go to Karazhan with us! Seriously!”

There is a long pause on Teamspeak. Then, simultaneously… “What teh f^*% did you just say?”

Jops repeats, “He asked if he could go to Kara with us right now for Prince and Nightbane.”

We all start to laugh.

But wait! It gets better!

Jops tells him that our group is already full, and even if it wasn’t, we don’t take people from outside the Guild on Karazhan runs. And that’s all he says.

Now, this is amazing restraint on Jops part, as far as I’m concerned. I have to marvel at this, since I’d have put the prick on /ignore after the first time he’d whispered me taunting me that I didn’t know who did it. But hey, I’m apparently not as mature as Jops. Either that, or I nurse a grudge a lot better. Go figure.

Now, (according to Jops), Thesphinx says to Jops… “Really? You won’t even take a GM of a Guild? I’ll tell you what, take me with you and it might help your case in finding out who the guy that gave us your Raid ID is.” I swear to God, that is what Jops said the guy typed. Just like that.

That was it. I don’t know about anyone else, but I lost it, laughing my butt off. That has got to be one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever heard.

I just have to make sure I ain’t imagining this… “Jops, you’re telling us that one of the guys that intentionally screwed us, who has been whispering you for two days taunting you with the fact he knows who our traitor is but you don’t, sees that you’re taking a group to Kara and he seriously expects us to take him along? And he thinks that we should because he is a Guild Master and, therefore, more special than lesser mortals? And he’s willing to bribe his way in by dropping dime on his buddy Kaziral that HELPED HIM NINJA LOOT FROM US?”

And Jops, of course, says… “Yup.”

Just wow. There has never been a time when the words “Sucks to be you, sucks to be in your Guild” were more true.

Oh, for bonus points, if you look up Green Dragonflight in the Armory, you’ll see that our good friend Kaziral is not only IN Green Dragonflight, but he’s Rank 1…. highest Officer rank besides a GM in a Guild. And he is the only rank 1. So not only is one of the highest Officers in that guild an asshat… but the GM is stupid enough to tell us… “Oh sure, trust me, take me to Kara and I’ll throw my good buddy who trusts me under the wheels in my desire to see Prince and Nightbane”, and somehow he expects us to believe him. Right. Sure. Whatever you say, pal.

Right now, I am KICKING myself for not being smart enough to ask for… nay, DEMAND screenshots to post here. I can only hope that when I log in tonight Jops will be on, and will be able to tell me that he took Screenies for our enjoyment and satisfaction.

If he didn’t…. well, then I guess you can believe as much of this or as little as you’d like. I know if I read it I’d have a real hard time believing that anyone is this… well, stupid.

All I can say is, is that I’m not afraid to post all of this on my blog with my character and guild names up there for any player or Blizzard employee to see. If the people involved want to come and comment, and refute anything that I say…. hey, they are more than welcome to, and as long as they don’t swear at or be abusive to anyone ELSE, I won’t moderate the comments.

Damn, I hope Jops took screenshots.

I’m starting to understand what ‘farm status’ means

Warning; I apologize if more typos and misspellings than usual make it in. I am a tired, tired bear.

But I wanted to talk about the fallout from the Group 2 drama, and the progress that both Group 1 and Group 2 have made.

A quick note, to let you folks know that things in the Legatum guild are pretty good. I understand the very valid concerns that were expressed about trust issues, and how they can tear a guild apart. And they are very valid points, especially the ones about how it would feel to be one of the people ‘under a cloud’ of stryfe. Cloud… Stryfe. Get it? Sorry, tired.

The reality is, after doing background checks, Warcraft census comparisons, etc, we have developed no proof… but our only real suspect that had a major fight with guild officers a few weeks before the incident… /gquit with no warning shortly after jops spoke with the GM of Green Dragonflight.

Now, that doesn’t prove anything, but it does provide a safety pressure relaase valve of sorts. We are free to make our assumptions on why he /gquit, be cautious, and throw off our suspicions to someone that is now a self-chosen outsider… and move on with our lives.

That alone probably wouldn’t be enough to prevent drama llamas from grazing, but the fact is, the guild is Legacy of Laziness (or Legacy of Bums, however you want to interpret the latin). We’re bums… and the general tone of the guild is very laid back. As far as serious raiding, a bit too laid back maybe in some ways. Things are generally so mellow, with few scheduled events except Kara, and everyone free to do whatever they want when they want, quests or PvP or instances or heroics or whatever, that it often seems like no one cares if you’re late or don’t make it to a raid or something. The truth is, no one makes a big dealabout it or stresses… but people do notice, and if it happens enough to cause problems, then the raiding groups get reshuffled. You can easily think everyone is cool with you going afk in the middle of a raid for 20 minutes, or not showing up except for Tuesday nights… and then the next week see that you’re no longer part of the active line up, you’re now in the reserves for that group.

Does this kind of fuzzy approach cause drama? Yeah, sometimes, a little. There have been a few folks that hit level 70, tear through their attunement, and instantly began demanding when they were going to Karazhan. And when a few weeks pass with the pestering not getting them immediately on Group 1 or Group 2, they /gquit.

Eagerness is awesome, but I think everyone at this point playing the game is aware that you can’t just ding 70 and walk into Kara. You need to achieve a certain level of skill in your class and your role in a raid, as well as a certain level of gear, before you can contribute to a Karazhan raid. Blizzard has given us PvP, crafted epics, and Heroic isntance runs to give us plenty of choices… so there really should be no excuse for someone thinking they can bypass the steps that help encourage them to learn to play and work together. I love Heroics as pre-Kara preparation, because you WILL be critical to the runs success, and will have to learn how to function as a team. If someone dings 70, wants to go to karazhan right away, has the expectations explained to them and choose to sit on their ass for a few weeks without any effort to gear up or skill up… well, I’m personally not sorry to see them go.

Legatum has a ton of players, of all playstyles and levels of participation. We are NOT a ‘raiding guild’, we are a guild that also raids… and the only real drama we have is from newly invited members that instantly begin spamming chat channels for ‘run throughs’ of Scarlet Monastery, Deadmines or other instances. In all such cases, I simply think back to Egos’ awesome series of guild articles, (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3) and shake my head.

Wow, when I’m tired I’m even more rambly than normal. Ick.

Anyway, the point I was wandering towards was, please do not fear for our guilds’ stability… the folks that were in Group 2 for the run taht was hacked, that are still in the guild, are all of them great folks, and the general feeling of everyone is that the culprit pretty much flushed himself from cover, broke and ran for it. Group 1 AND Group 2 ran Kara last night on the fresh start, and to my knowledge Group 2 enjoyed even STRONGER success than the week before.

In fact, let me congratulate Legatum Ignavis’ Group 2. Last week, they went into Kara several times over the week, making slow and steady progress. They downed Prince before server restart. They did great.

Last night, they went into Kara, and in one evening downed Attumen, Moroes, Maiden, Opera event, and Curator.. and that’s just what I know of before I went to bed.

To me, that’s not exactly a sign of a group thats falling apart. πŸ™‚

Wow, I’m so tired I’m dizzy. lol. What you poor folks don’t see, is my being called from my desk every other sentence to fix something on the floor… so I come back and try to remember what the heck I was thinking… and then give up and move on. Been three hours coming back to this post so far.

So Group 2 did well… and I assume made sure Chess was looted before they closed up shop for the night. πŸ™‚

And, of course, since Jayboi was in Group 2 last week, there is a new Legatum catchphrase in Teamspeak that has replaced the classic “That’s it jayboi! Screw you! I’m deleting my character and quitting WoW!” Well, okay, nothing could REPLACE that. But it has temporarily overtaken it.

Yes, that’s right… our new catchphrase is “Hey Jay, what dropped in Chess the other night, anyway? Any good drops? Or didja have to shard it?”

Yeah, I know. We’re terrible.

So… why am I so tired? Aside from being old, and getting up at 4AM to go to work…

Mainly, I’m tired because my dumb butt keeps staying up until midnight each night.

Last night, Tuesday, of course Group 1 went in to Kara.

We started promptly at 7, went in and cleared Attumen, marched back and up the stairs and smacked Moroes around, slid along the walls and beat up Maiden, then trotted down the hall and taught Romeo and Juliet to get a room and chill out. Then, of course, it was outside and up the stairs to the back door, and a quick clear to down Curator. (nope, still no Druid gloves… the hilarious thing is, in all the times I’ve helped take down Curator, the druid gloves have NEVER dropped… you’d think a 33% chance would let it happen at SOME point. I’m starting to know how Occulus felt.

Okay, cleared Kara through Curator in one night. No wipes, no waiting… except on me. Sorry guys, but when a 4 year old calls, needs must. But I think I kept it to under 5 minutes.

But wait! There’s more! See, it was only 9:30 at this point… and we’re still going!

So on we go, clearing our way to Shade of Aran. We down Shade, look around, and then go beat up Illhoof too. A quick pause, look around… and say, screw it. time enough to sleep when you’re dead. We headed over to Chess… then took the high road and slapped Netherspite around. THEN we went and finished Chess.

Sadly, we wiped a couple times from lacking enough DPS on Netherspite, it ruined a perfect clear and ate up about 30 minutes. But we swapped out one person for a Mage, and Netherspite go boom!

Karazhan cleared except for Nightbane and Prince in one night…. about 4 hours.

And if we hadn’t wiped twice on Netherspite, Prince would’ve been down in that amount of time, too.

I’m finally seeing how a solid team can put an instance like this on farm, and clear it so fast.

Sometimes I think posts like this sound like nothing much except bragging… but I don’t feel like it’s bragging, when there are so many guilds that are regularly downing Gruuls and Serpentshrine Cavern and far, far beyond.

It feels more like everyone else is already way past where we are… but we’re starting to do good, and getting excited, and saying, “Mommy! Mommy! Look what we did!” And the more advanced guilds are all looking upon us with a gentle smile, and saying, “That’s nice, dear.”

You folks have a happy…. tonight, I’m getting me some sleep.

What do you mean, it was looted already? Ninja’d???

Ninja story mode ON.

Logged in last night, hoping to see Guild Group 1 finish our Kara of last week. Seems silly to have 1 great day, with zero follow up. On the other hand, well… Thanksgiving!

Now, I was online, WITH the guild officers for the most part, until midnight the night before, running Heroic Slave Pens and chatting on TS.

One MIGHT think that, hey, I played with ’em for hours until midnight, logged in right away next day… must be dialed in to the latest gossip, right?

As Oxhorn might say… ROFLMAO!!!

I log in. I pop into Teamspeak. (Does ANYONE use Blizzards’ built in voice chat? Anyone?) And I say “Hey guys, we finishing Kara tonight?”

And I get told that we’d see, our Raid Leader was talking to another guild about the Kara hax this weekend.

Ummm…. WTF you say?

And I hear… “Oh, hadn’t you heard?”

I swear… makes me want to slap the stupid out of people, sometimes. “No, I hadn’t heard. [sarcasm on] Apparently it wasn’t a topic of conversation for the two hours we farted around together last night in Slave Pens. So, like… can you tell me WTF is going on?”

Nutshell: Group 2 went into Kara last week. They went in several times, and by Saturday evening they had successfully cleared up to and INCLUDING Curator. They kicked ass and did a fine job.

Now, Group 2 is 100% guild member based, and last week three hardcore members of Group 1 ran with them to help out on the pulls and organization. In one case, there was a substitution within the guild when one person couldn’t go. So apparently there was a total of 11 guild members that had been in Kara Group 2 clearing bosses through Saturday night. The three of them from Group 1 were Levi, Guild Raid Leader Jops and Jayboi.

Well, Sunday night rolls around, and they go in to take down Illhoof. And there is a pile of skeletons in and just outside of Illhoof’s room. The group goes on to down Illhoof, after several shots at him, and the victory tastes sweet for them. And guess what? The tanking cloak that both I and Jops had wanted from Illhoof drops… but I’m not there, and Jops likes the new Badge cloak he bought better now. So sharded it goes.

On Group 2 treks, deeper into Kara. They have never gone this far, and finally they have the ‘free epics’ of Chess to look forward to. A nice little “Oooh, you made it this far, time for fun” interlude prior to Prince.

Except… the Chess event is already over. It’s already been completed, and looted.


According to Jops, the way it breaks down is, one of the guys that had been in Kara last week in Group 2 decided to ‘share the Raid ID’ with another Guild, Green Dragonflight on Kael’thas… and the other guild attempted Illhoof and failed several times, before going on and doing Chess and looting the box.

My first thought was, “How the hell can that even happen?”

Well, it turns out to be fairly obvious… in hindsight.

When a group of folks enters the Karazhan instance, a Raid ID# is generated, and everyone currently in that group gets that ID# tagged to them. They are now ‘saved to instance’, and cannot go into Karazhan with any other group of folks that have been in already that week… cause their ID#s won’t match.

However, if someone has NOT been in Karazhan that week yet, they are free to come on in… and if they come in as part of the same group as the person that already has a Raid ID#… they all get assigned that Raid ID# also.

Now, you can see how it’s this way so that a Guild can swap people in and out of Karazhan groups based on what skills or abilities are needed for a specific fight, or based on needing a replacement for a single player who can’t make it one particular night. A guild might end up with 13 or 14 different characters that have all been involved in a single weeks’ Karazhan run.

The big hullabaloo about Tuesdays, is that it is the night the Raid ID#s are ‘reset’ for the entire server. Everyone’s number is wiped clean… and people can mix and match new combos of folks into runs, and the instances themselves are all fresh and new again and ready for looting.

It was my previous understanding that you could go into Karazhan with a group and clear ‘trash’ without having a Raid ID# set… that you were not officially ‘saved to an instance’ with a Raid ID# until a boss was downed.

In practise, I have found that just being in Karazhan and clearing trash HAS saved me to a Raid ID#. There have been occasions where I was tanking for Group 2, and we had not downed a boss yet… and Group 1 needed me to off tank… and I could not enter their instance as part of their group. So at what point exactly you become ‘saved to instance’ is still a bit unclear to me.

Where my assumptions got rocked, was that I had assumed there was some kind of threshold… that you needed a certain ratio of ‘saved’ raid ID#s in a group before you could add new people in. As I said, it was a partially formed assumption… the idea I had was that you needed, say, at least half the group be people that had already been saved to the instance in order to be able to add more folks in.

The reality is, all you need in a group is one person with a saved Raid ID from a partially complete run. And that one person, as soon as a party enters Karazhan, has just ‘shared the Raid ID’ with the rest of the group.

So someone from the successful Group 2 raid had, while still in the guild, gone to Green Dragonflight on our server, and got some of them to group with him to attempt the higher end content that Group 2 had cleared to. They attempted Illhoof, and sucked so bad they wiped multiple times trying to clear it…. but their skills were up for doing the Chess event. The fun, no stress, ‘easy epics’ event. And they did it.

Now, what guild was involved is well known and confirmed. That is the only reason I am posting the name. Our Raid Leader spoke directly to the GM of Green Dragonflight about this, in an attempt to find out exactly which one of our Group 2 members was the ‘traitor’. The GM of Green Dragonflight did not deny it happened, in fact the GM even brought the traitor directly into the conversation. A player in Green Dragonflight named Kaziral directly admitted to our Raid Leader Jops that it was HIS main in Legatum Ignavis that had been in Group 2 and ‘leaked’ the Raid ID# to his buddies in Green Dragonflight. But he refused to name what his Legatum character name was… the secondhand quote I heard, was that he told Jops… “I’m not gonna tell you my mains’ name… if you can figure it out, go for it. I’m not worried.”

Now, researching this kind of thing this morning, it surprises me how often this seems to be happening out there. It just blows my mind that an activity I think is clearly cheating, is so prevalent. I know that to get loot a raid still needs to down a boss… but the Chess event is so easy that I really think you could make a reasonable claim that it is ninja looting to let someone else make the progression to that point, and then swoop in, clear a few trash pulls, and do the Chess event for the loot.

What really stuns me is that there are that many people in a guild that, if approached about doing this, would say “Sure! Let’s go!”

If you assume the coldest scenario, then a member of Green Dragonflight said to his buddies, “Hey we cleared Kara past Curator in my mains’ guild. You guys wanna go into Karazhan and see if we can clear Illhoof and Chess?” and at least a few other guys said “Sure!”.

Personally, I would prefer to imagine that the person is really pissed at some interpersonal dynamic within Legatum, and approached his good friends in Green Dragonflight and told them, “Hey, those jerks have done this, this and this to me… it’s totally unfair and BS… can you help me teach them a lesson by going into Kara on their Raid ID# and snagging Chess loot?”

It wouldn’t be right, but at least it wouldn’t be a cold hearted and soulless betrayal of people who trusted you, for no other reason than boredom.

As far as I know, the only thing we as a guild want to see happen out of this is the identification and removal of the traitor from within our ranks. Jops had even stated he was not originally planning on kicking the person from the guild… he wanted to know who it was to talk to them… let them know that, if it was an accident and he thought it was safe to enter Karazhan with another guild, that it was not appropriate guild behavior, and doing it again would result in a /gkick.

But now, after personally speaking with Kaziral, it’s pretty clear… we want to know who this guys’ main is, and boot his butt out.

Sadly, Blizzard has not shown any interest in helping. A long chat with a Blizzard GM yesterday resulted in that GM stating that they would not reveal who was in the group with Green Dragonflight from our guild sharing the ID#. So we seem to be blocked from doing more than either dropping he issue, or starting some kind of ‘witch hunt’ that would cause divisiveness and drama, and only succeed in putting a big smile on the corpse of McCarthy.

I find myself saddened that there are really that many… asshats, for lack of a better term, that would do this kind of thing. I mean, it’s not like anyone is sitting here wailing and nashing teeth over lost epics, or crying ‘ninja’!. If there are really that many people wanting to screw over others, well, they have to live with themselves, I certainly don’t. They inconvenienced members of our guild for a few days. They have to live with being asshats for their entire lives… Sucks to be you. I win.

And I’m not alone in not getting too worked up about the whole thing. As Clint Eastwood said in one of the greatest Corps movies of all time… (even if it does co-star a rocked out Mario van Peebles).. Don’t give the prick the satisfaction… sir.

I wish I could find a resource that would let me look up all the names of a players’ characters on one account… find out who Kaziral’s other alts are, get it over and done with. But barring that… there will always be that little uncertainty now, wondering which one it might have been.

The whole thing just saddens me greatly. Why would anyone want to have that kind of reputation? Is having a couple pieces of epics and a couple Badges of Honor really worth the drama and reputation? Or if you did it for some kind of ultra-cowardly version of revenge, a stealth revenge, did it feel as good as you hoped? And what about all the people who were once IN that guild? There are only so many players on any server… and only so many end-game guilds. A fair number of damn good folks are ex-members of Green Dragonflight… and I doubt if any of them would appreciate having a reputation of having once been in a guild of ninjas… I just find it hard to believe that an entire guild was ‘in on it’… but on the other hand, some of them certainly, self-admittedly, were. And enough of them were to attempt Illhoof, so it wasn’t just two or three guys doing Chess event.

Just blows my feeble little mind.

Webcomics shout out!

As I peruse my daily “thank god for webcomics that help keep me sane-r” list, I realized… some of y’all might not be familiar with some of these.

Each and every one of these brings me joy… I hope that, by sharing the linkage, I will earn positive karma. Enjoy!

In no particular order come my favoritist webcomics of all time:

May some of these be unknown to you, and bring you sudden joy.

Geniuses, one and all.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets shot in the leg…

Okay, there was a short post on WoW Insider about Practical Jokes in Alterac Valley

and it reminded me of a classic joke that, if you’ve been playing any length of time, you’ve probably seen already.

In fact, you’ve probably seen it done to someone, and known about it so long you have trouble remembering how anyone ever fell for it.

I am talking, of course, about the incredible [Alt-F4] command, and the MANY ways to which you will see it used.

Let me paint a picture, of an evening earlier last week…

The usual suspects were on Teamspeak, shooting the breeze (Gotta remember; family-friendly).

We were all doing different things, some PvP, some quests, instances, yadda yadda yadda.

Someone logs into Teamspeak… we will withold the name to protect the innocent. Naive? No, innocent. Innocent is a good word. Trusting is another.

And he asks in TS, something along the lines of “Anyone know how to show honorable kills in AV?” (or something close to that… it was a casual comment, so I wasn’t like focused super razor sharp on it at the time…)

And just as fast as the question is asked, Jayboi responds back with “Sure, Alt-F4”.

You would think people would learn not to trust him. You really would.

We all chuckle at Jayboi trotting out the tired old chestnut… and then the person that asked for help went offline…. suddenly. Very abrubtly. Shall we say… suspiciously abrubtly. Almost as though they had typed Alt-F4, which instantly shuts down World of Warcraft, logging you out and booting you to desktop.

Now, you might think that, being nice people with kind hearts, we all were mad at Jay.

Unfortunately, you’d be wrong. Sadly, my character is weak when it comes to practical jokes, especially ones I fell for 2 years ago. I try to compensate by having a good sense of humor when someone nails me to the wall with one.

Yes, that’s right. After we got over our stunned surprise, the laughter began… rolling out like waves… and spread for 10 minutes.

Do I feel sorry for him for getting nailed by Jayboi? Sure.

On the other hand… been there, done that, and what goes around, certainly comes around.

I wonder… are there any other good practical jokes you guys have seen? Aside from getting a lowbie to accept a Duel invitation right before the Ship comes at the dock on Menethil Harbor, and Mind Controlling them off the pier so they miss the boat, of course.

EDIT: I do want to correct an impression I left earlier… Alt-F4 does close World of Warcraft… but it does NOT instantly log your character out, unless you were in an Inn/Major City and resting. If you were out and about, then World of Warcraft closes instantly, but your character remains logged in the normal 20 seconds, remaining in danger the entire time. You’ve been warned.

A weekend of changes

As I promised on Saturday, I bring you less tease, and more info.

I’ll be up front with you… the weekend was a bit of a blur. I’m sure many of you can say the same, but I have no alcohol to use for an excuse. In my case, it’s just a combination of age, lack of sleep and a general state of confusion. You get used to it.

FYI, the sound you hear most often from this species of male is, “Sweetie, have you seen my keys?”

Let’s move on…. last week, I had set myself a few goals. I’d received some nice drops in Kara, and I had the intended goal of getting them properly kitted out with gems and enchants so I could replace my existing gear. As Karthis said recently, in general I like Agility enchants and Stamina gems (although if you check out my Armory, compromises have been made). I had the darndest time finding someone with the new +15 Agility to gloves enchant, though. Even advertising a 50g tip with my mats, it took 4 days of searching to find someone. But once I got it, I was good to go.

My other goals were concerning my alt hunter, Windstar. My poor hunter has been level 69 for, oh, I dunno… at least 3 months. Somewhere towards the end of last week, I got lucky in the AH and found the new 24 slot Ammo Pouch (Netherscale Ammo Pouch) for only 300g, equippable at level 70. Since I only had the 16 slot ammo pouch at the time, and had ‘farm Consortium rep’ to get the bigger pouch on my list of things to do, I wooted quite loudly when I snagged it. But now I had a 24 slot Ammo Pouch, and the Ornate Khorium Rifle both waiting for me to squeak out that last level. Grr!

On a side note, I imagine some folks may call me an idiot for paying 300g for the Netherscale Ammo Pouch… but an upgrade of 8 slots over what I had is crazy, and the pouch does take a Nether to craft… in my opinion, it was WELL worth it. Hell, I’ve spent more than that on enchanting mats and gems to kit out a single upgrade. This was a one time purchase. And it saved me having to farm Consortium rep… again. Yay!

And finally, Mrs BBB has reached level 48 on her Rogue, and her Alchemy has reached near-300 ranks. At the start of the weekend, she was getting blocked by lack of high level herbage… and I finally looked at my Professions and realized that I didn’t REALLY need TWO 375 Engineers…. so I dropped Engineering on my hunter to take Herbalism.

Somewhere over the weekend, I managed to ding 70 on my hunter, mostly by questing in Evergrove in Blades Edge Mountains. It doesn’t hurt that I was 2% into level 70, and 98% rested XP… I guess sitting in the Inn for three months will tend to rest you a bit…

I also leveled Herbalism up from 1 to, I think, 365 at this moment in time. I would like to thank Ten Ton Hammer and Amanna of Adventures of Azeroth for inspiring me to level Herbalism, and for showing me the fastest way and the best places for herbs. I’ve seen lots of places that advise on leveling Herbalism, and the various info Ten Ton hammer has is pretty sweet.

On the topic of Herbs… it amazes me how awesome Swamp of Sorrows is for leveling off of Blindweed. It seemed as though, at peak playing server time Saturday afternoon, every Blindweed node was up and available for farming… must’ve got 30 points right there. I wonder if people hate the Swamp so much they avoid farming those herbs?

On the other hand, once Mrs BBB hit higher levels of Alchemy, she needed tons of Plaguebloom… and wow, scouring Eastern Plaguelands for an hour came up with what I think are paltry Plaguebloom results… one stack of 20, and some scattered Sungrass and Mountain Silversage. Must be a highly farmed area, even to this day. Oh, and another wierd note… I was still getting skill points in Herbalism off of Plaguebloom, at level 360. Wow.

Anyway… yeah, the forecast is scattered thoughts for the morning, followed by a chance of fog creeping in towards the afternoon.

To recap.. my hunter is 70, and has Herbalism high enough to help my wife level her Alchemy… she should hit 300 Alchemy today. Goal for today… find out what character level you have to be to get Master level Alchemy (300-375).

But wait, I hear you ask, what about the gear on your dr00d? Well, For one thing, except for Idol of the Wild, I no longer have greens stinking up my Tanking gear. πŸ™‚

This weekend, I replaced Verdant Gloves, Delicate Eternium Ring, Manimal’s Cinch and Heavy Clefthoof Boots with…..

Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation, Ring of Unyielding Force, Tree-Menders’ Belt and Zierhuts’ Lost Treads.

All I can say is, pretty scary. Loot dropped last week like snow on a Minnesota Thanksgiving.

What’s even funnier is that the Tree-Mender’s Belt dropped on my first full run through Heroic Ramparts… which stunned the heck out of me. Then, last night, I came in to pinch-fill in for a guildie in a Heroic Slave Pens run, a run that was mostly to let our new feral bear tank, Fandamn, get his first Heroic run in, and the Midnight Legguards dropped. That’s funny because that was the first time I ran the whole thing through in Heroic, and Fandamn insisted on /rolling for the legguards, even after I refused to take them. Based on his roll, if I’d wanted them they would’ve been mine. Can you have too many upgrades in a single weekend?

I think so… it was far more fun to encourage him to get them, and have some epics showing for his first Heroic.

No matter how you slice it, a whole lot of changes happened… and I still haven’t touched my Priest alt. Or my fishing. As Mrs BBB takes such joy in mentioning… her Fishing is 239 atm, by the way. I don’t know where mine is exactly, but I think it’s less than 150… lol. All I can say is, to all of you that have the patience for Fishing… /salute.

Well, not a lot more to say, I could /rant about people stealth-quitting guilds (WTF? At least 4 times over the weekend, chatting on Teamspeak and see a note in Guild Chat, wisenheimer has left the guild. And it’s always the same… no words, no nothing, just a stealthy /gquit. And I’m left wondering, “Does anyone even know who that was? Or why they quit?” with the answer being, “No clue man.”

But that is a topic for another day….

Welcome to the new week! Prepare for the onslaught of CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!! Arggghhhh!!!!! /bang head on concrete walls.

EDIT: It looks like you can get Alchemy Mastery at level 50, and Alchemy skill of 275, for 10g from the Alchemy Trainer in Shattrath. So she’s only two levels away from that! Yay!