Wait, he said WHAT now?

I honestly thought that we had squeezed all the drama out of the ‘Karazhan Raid ID/Chess looted’ crisis as possible.

I thought that, after all that had happened, the whole thing was going to slowly fade away, like the lingering odor of Jayboi after he leaves a room….

Silly me.

More follows after the break…

When last I left you, my friends, I had regaled you with tales about how glorious Group 1 and Group 2 had rallied, charging boldly into Karazhan and vanquishing all foes.

Last evening, dead tired, I sat at my lonely desk, and worked on catching up on important correspondance. (ie: Reading webcomics and watching Youtube videos).

Mrs BBB, my darling wife, came downstairs and said, “Are you supposed to be raiding Kara tonight? All your friends are in Kara right now.”

Oh yes, this is a 100% true story. My wife has many of my friends in her friends list. But we’re not stalkers. Nope. No sirreee. BTW.. Mrs BBB dinged 50 last night. Grats, sweetie!

I just looked at my wife blankly, and said the most intelligible thing that came to mind… “What?”

So she repeats what she said… and my brain panics, and flashes back to the night before… and hearing someone say, “Okay guys, I can’t play tomorrow night.”

We’re bums… that usually means no playing the next night. Since we only had Nightbane and Prince left… well, we can do that anytime, right? Oh shit… I bet Joppers is impatient to get back into Zul’Aman, and is pushing progression. Crap!

I launch Teamspeak.. sure as hell, there is the entire raid, sans me, in Kara channel 1.

“Umm… hi guys?”

Much beating about the head and shoulders with a Red Snappah! commences.

Fortunately, I wasn’t TOO late, and we went on and downed Prince… with my traditional wiping 30 seconds into the fight from Enfeeble while in Kitty DPS form. I’m just too damn slow on running away… I gotta work on that. LOTS.

That’s not the point of this post, however…

That was just so you’d know why I was online last night and in Teamspeak, when I was desperate to take a break.

No, the point of the post is the discussion we had last night concerning the recent drama with the guild Green Dragonflight, and the traitor in our midst.

Now, in our Kara Group 1 is not only the Raid Leader/Officer Jops, but also the GM Whirl, and other Officers Nawat and Jay and… oh heck, just about all of the really active Officers of our happy little band of homicidal maniacs.

And Jops bursts out laughing in Teamspeak. Just laughing his ass off.

“Guys,” he says, “Guys, I’ve been getting whispers from the GM of Green Dragonflight, Thesphinx, the last few days. He keeps asking if I’ve figured out who our traitor is yet.”

Now, there’s understandable confusion on my part. “Wait Jops,” I say, “Didn’t he and Kaziral tell you outright that Kaziral’s main was the traitor in our Guild? If he knows already, why is he asking if you’ve figured it out?”

Call me crazy… but after all the talks I’d had with Jops, my first thought was still to give them the benefit of the doubt, and ASSUME that maybe the GM of Green Dragonflight was as interested in finding out who did it and punishing them as we are. LOL! I’m such an idiot!

“Yeah,” drawls Jops, “He knows. He keeps asking me if I’ve figured it out yet to taunt me that I don’t know and he does. He just whispered me again, and I told him frankly that we’d probably never know.”

At this point, Jops starts laughing his ass off again.

Jops says, “After I told him that, he whispered back saying that he saw we were in Karazhan again. I told him yeah, but not to get his hopes up, we’d already cleared everything INCLUDING Chess, and just had Prince and Nightbane left, and we’re getting those right now.”

So Jops continues, busting out laughing, “So Thesphinx asks me if he can go to Karazhan with us! Seriously!”

There is a long pause on Teamspeak. Then, simultaneously… “What teh f^*% did you just say?”

Jops repeats, “He asked if he could go to Kara with us right now for Prince and Nightbane.”

We all start to laugh.

But wait! It gets better!

Jops tells him that our group is already full, and even if it wasn’t, we don’t take people from outside the Guild on Karazhan runs. And that’s all he says.

Now, this is amazing restraint on Jops part, as far as I’m concerned. I have to marvel at this, since I’d have put the prick on /ignore after the first time he’d whispered me taunting me that I didn’t know who did it. But hey, I’m apparently not as mature as Jops. Either that, or I nurse a grudge a lot better. Go figure.

Now, (according to Jops), Thesphinx says to Jops… “Really? You won’t even take a GM of a Guild? I’ll tell you what, take me with you and it might help your case in finding out who the guy that gave us your Raid ID is.” I swear to God, that is what Jops said the guy typed. Just like that.

That was it. I don’t know about anyone else, but I lost it, laughing my butt off. That has got to be one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever heard.

I just have to make sure I ain’t imagining this… “Jops, you’re telling us that one of the guys that intentionally screwed us, who has been whispering you for two days taunting you with the fact he knows who our traitor is but you don’t, sees that you’re taking a group to Kara and he seriously expects us to take him along? And he thinks that we should because he is a Guild Master and, therefore, more special than lesser mortals? And he’s willing to bribe his way in by dropping dime on his buddy Kaziral that HELPED HIM NINJA LOOT FROM US?”

And Jops, of course, says… “Yup.”

Just wow. There has never been a time when the words “Sucks to be you, sucks to be in your Guild” were more true.

Oh, for bonus points, if you look up Green Dragonflight in the Armory, you’ll see that our good friend Kaziral is not only IN Green Dragonflight, but he’s Rank 1…. highest Officer rank besides a GM in a Guild. And he is the only rank 1. So not only is one of the highest Officers in that guild an asshat… but the GM is stupid enough to tell us… “Oh sure, trust me, take me to Kara and I’ll throw my good buddy who trusts me under the wheels in my desire to see Prince and Nightbane”, and somehow he expects us to believe him. Right. Sure. Whatever you say, pal.

Right now, I am KICKING myself for not being smart enough to ask for… nay, DEMAND screenshots to post here. I can only hope that when I log in tonight Jops will be on, and will be able to tell me that he took Screenies for our enjoyment and satisfaction.

If he didn’t…. well, then I guess you can believe as much of this or as little as you’d like. I know if I read it I’d have a real hard time believing that anyone is this… well, stupid.

All I can say is, is that I’m not afraid to post all of this on my blog with my character and guild names up there for any player or Blizzard employee to see. If the people involved want to come and comment, and refute anything that I say…. hey, they are more than welcome to, and as long as they don’t swear at or be abusive to anyone ELSE, I won’t moderate the comments.

Damn, I hope Jops took screenshots.


10 thoughts on “Wait, he said WHAT now?

  1. Geez man, talk about DRAMA. That’s some of the BEST stuff I’ve read in a while. I think he just wanted to see how naive his friend is saying your guild is. I’m surprised that the Rank 1 isn’t also on the alt that gave up the ID to begin with. This is the first that I’ve ever seen this but as you’ve said, probably not the first time it’s happened.


  2. Maybe I’m a bit more vindictive than most but I’d have been tempted to do something a bit differently.The evil side of me would have been wiling to give him what he wanted as long as you planned on clearing that night anyway. Invite him to come along but make sure he dies during battle and loot before you rez him. Sure he would have ended up with a few more badges but also hopefully a sizable repair bill. After all, you had agreed to bring him along…ya said nothing about healing


  3. Is he a good player? If so I’d bring him along and then not let him have any loot… at all. Then, if he really hasn’t done the last few bosses of Kara, send him toward a “special way out through Medivh’s chamber.” Have a hunter lead him in there and then feign death. Laugh riotously as he gets eaten alive by demons.


  4. Oh, I don’t think he’s that great a player, if he needs another guild to clear Kara up to Chess or Prince for him. :p


  5. You’re guild is not allowed to have drama until you are out of the kindergarden raids!And YOU aren’t allowed to troll until you graduate from kindergarden.(hint: you’re != your)


  6. @BBB:Here’s what you might be able to do to find out who it is, or a likely suspect.Assuming you know who the 10 people on the run were, anytime any of them log off and do not immediately log back on an alt you have in guild or on friends, do a /who on the other guild and see if the asshat is on. If so, that’s a suspect. If you can find asshat logged on at the same time as a suspect, then that name goes off your list. If they’re never logged on at the same time, they go on your short list of traitors. You ought to at least be able to narrow is down that way.


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