Okay, for the big super-duper announcement I promised you….

WoW Insider has a weekly column for Druids, called Shifting Perspectives. It usually goes up on Tuesdays, and covers everything from stuff for brand new Druids and players new to the game in general, to the role of Druids in end-game raids, and everything in between.

As of today, around 11:15 AM Central time (Edit: wrong, it went live at 10:15, darn it!), my first article as a writer for WoW Insider will be going live on the Shifting Perspectives column.

As I’m just starting out as a writer for the Druid column, I thought it would be the perfect time to start a new series of articles, right from the beginning of what to expect as a brand new Druid, and eventually following the course of leveling your Druid all the way to 70. I expect to touch on button bar arrangements, UIs, useful addons, quest chains and abilities, and a whole lot more.

As it’s only one article a week, I don’t see it affecting the frequency of my writing here… except that my language will most likely become more workplace safe. Have no fear… I will remain as prolific and random as ever.

So, I encourage you… go to WoW Insider today, after 11:15 AM central, and check out my first article in Shifting Perspectives. By all means, let me know what you think… both the good and the bad.

And if you have an idea for something you’d like me to write about in the future, a question or a screenshot in-game that’s Druid related that you would like to see me use, and that you’d give me permission to post, please email it to me. I’ll give full credit for any questions, ideas or screenshots I use.

Wish me luck!

EDIT: And, apparently, the article is up and live NOW! So much for one hour warning… I guess wheras I’m on Central time… it went up an hour earlier than I expected. Oops! Go! Go check it out now!

Last edit… I have been asked, so yes, that is Cassie in the middle, decked out in her Defias set. I’m the cat, and a guildie named Vanai is the bear. Next time, I’ll be in a better area for color, and I’m definitely gonna have to change my graphics settings away from performance to quality, darn it. But it was lots of fun getting the screenie taken๐Ÿ™‚

25 thoughts on “Announcement!

  1. It was great! I read it first, then came here hoping that was the surprise. :DNow if you can only find a place to hide all that hunter stuff. ๐Ÿ˜› J/k I’ve been using your tips on that, too.


  2. Sigh “Do I even play a druid”… I shouldnt have looked at the comments over there… I knew I was going to get hammered. It didn’t matter who the article was written for… and since I never ever ever play as a moonkin or balance caster, of course my dumb butt wrote down the wrong name for our CC, Whirlwind instead of Cyclone.Sigh.Well, at least I got to make trolls happy, so that’s something.Oh and someone wrote that they’ve never seen a druid do the mix of abilities on the pull… what, no ones ever seena druid leveling? I know when I was leveling I used every trick in teh book to take down higher level opponenets…a dn without mangle and other abilities we take for granted, I was pulling with Wrath, hitting a moonfire, popping a HoT and then shifting into cat and using faerie fire and claw, etc. Lol.


  3. Grats BBB!!! I’m happy to see you posting for WoW Insider!! When they lost the other Druid writer a month or so ago, my first thought was, “They need to get BBB!” Clearly, they read my mind. ;pAlso, I commend you and anyone who writes for them…not only do you have to deal with the pressure of deadlines and writing for an ‘Official’ source, but you have to deal with all the nit-pickers and meanie-heads too. /bow/cheer


  4. Hell yeah, sometimes you need to use nearly every ability to beat some elite or higher-level mob. It’s certainly viable. It doesn’t happen as much at 70 though, i think, because you will be wearing gear tailored to one form that will make your efforts in other forms nearly pointless. Also, you probably shouldn’t fight enemies on which you have to use every trick for every fight because, well, there are lower level enemies out there. :)So, screenshots. I have tons, although what of them are useful, i’m not sure. If i ever get around to picking out a few, i don’t know if i should email them, but i can email a link to my photobucket account or something.I’m rather disappointed that i have to log in to my google account toleave my mark now, though. It’s going to use my stupid email address name instead of the one i prefer to post with. I humbly submit a request to have non-signed-in-names post again. I’ve never understood the point of requiring registration, unless you charge money per registration (somethingawful) or are actually trying to discourage people from taking the time to post.


  5. Thank you for your kind comments…the reason I added the need to register to leave posts was to discourage anonymous asshat trolls.I’m thinking strongly of changing back. I promise.


  6. Congratulations!Wowinsider is one of the few other WoW-related sites that I can read from my phone. Great to know you will be writing there too. You are a great asset to learning druids like me.Hail To The Night!!!


  7. I want to thank BBB for joining us at WoW Insider. We have been enjoying (and linking to) his blog for quite awhile. When we had an opening for Druid blogger, I knew just who to lure with promises of epic purples and 800ac leather wristguards. They’re in the mail. Really. No, really!Dan O’HalloranLead Writer, WoW Insider


  8. Grats BBB!I came THIS close to posting on the Insider article to tell off the last troll, but I was afraid I would get too carried away (“thou art not worthy to lick the dried blood from BBB’s claws, thou filthy mongrel! Flee to the musty crevice from whence thou came, and trouble the Great Fuzzy One no more!!” or something like that…)So instead I came here to congratulate you and tell you to ignore the haters. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also want to take this chance to thank you for ALL your hard work, including your blog. I am leveling a Druid, and your insight is invaluable. Keep it up. RAWR!


  9. Nice post! I’m looking forward to reading more of your writing on Insider, you’re always a pleasure to read.Really don’t let the trolls get you down, if they were worth a jot they’d be out there sharing their knowledge, but instead they are there to spread negative vibes and generally be horrid. #$*/ ’em!Oh, and when levelling my druid I did as you did with the multi-form thing, and in fact, I still do similar on pulls when grouping.


  10. I dig the column. Good info for leveling, and good tips for people learning the druid whatever level they are. My GF plays my druid for farming herbs every now and again, and I had to explain the dot, hot, bear-stun, cat-dps/bleed, bear-tank-frenzied regen, shifting version of mob killing when she wanted to solo some hi-level elites. It rocks, and i’m glad you pointed it out. Some people (myself included) just get used to using 1 form and not shifting when needed, like the resto druid we had in a slabs run the other day. Aggro’d one of the demons because our tank was feared, and rather than shift into bear he freaked and ended up dying. Anyways, enough ramble, wanted to say good column, great blog, good on ya, thx for the hard work.Beats the repair bill.


  11. If its not too much to ask I would like you to post that column here as I cant see WoWinsider here at work and would love to read your column. Gratz on the job!


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