Anonymous comments are once more enabled

Just an FYI… I hated it, you hated it, fine. It’s done. Anonymous comments are live again!

If folks come in and are asshats, I reserve the right to punt ’em like a gnome.


4 thoughts on “Anonymous comments are once more enabled

  1. Heya BBB,Long time no comment from me, have no fear, I have been reading your blog religiously and congratulations on the wowinsider posting. Looking forward for more to come, word of advice there though, the commenters on wowinsider can be very vicious and quick to point out errors, so try not to make mistakes. But anyway, enough of my uncalled for advice. I’m truly sorry for the whole guild drama, and even though its left you bitter, remember that your guild needs you now more than ever, since there is bound to be a morose atmosphere there. I’m sure you and your guild will come out on top. Shit happens, life goes on. I’ll try and comment more actively, but keep up your awesome efforts.p.s I cant wait to hear about your exploits when you enter Gruul’s Lair. I loved it, bear tanks ftw.Cheers mate.


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