Tanking kara update with wtf action!

I just wanted to give you a quick observation I made last night while in Kara.

Now, I know my signature panel up there is still ancient, and all. Last I checked, I still can’t get it to generate a new sig for me, no matter what computer I use. And I consistently forget to log out with my bear gear equipped, which makes a difference to Armory of course. It makes it real hard for you to see waht I ahve equipped. FYI, my Armory gear is almost always my cat stuff, with maybe a flight or running speed trinket in one slot. It depends on whether I was farming ore when I logged or not πŸ™‚

But, well, I still don’t have any Tier 4, but my gear is pretty darn good. I think I have everything possible from Heroics or badge rewards, short of the stuff that costs 50+ badges. It’s just right for where I need to be.

Everything is gemmed and enchanted according to what I have talked about on the blog before.

Last couple of times into Karazhan, our traditional main tank, Joppers, has been speccing Fury because he wants to kill something, damnit!

So, accordingly, I have been main tanking. And it’s been a bit of a struggle to keep a good balance of rage vs threat output going on. I love pouring out as much threat as possible, because that lets all DPS do that much more damage themselves without exceeding my threat.

In fact, I think it’s safe to say that I’m entering that zone that Karthis at Of Tooth And Claw talks about, where you really need to micromanage your threat output, and reduce Mauls when possible because they steal your rage.

Last night, after downing a Warp Burger and an Elixir of Major Agility before Curator, I happened to pull up my character page to glance at my current defenses.

I knew that, with my latest upgrades, I was over 27k in armor. It’s pushing closer to 28k, but it’s not quite there yet. Still, thats 72.xx% Damage Reduction, which makes me a happy bear.

My Defense is at 421, and with my gems, there just isn’t any place to cut it that would benefit anything. So, that’s cool.

My Health, depending entirely on what buffs are going around, starts at 12500 unbuffed and goes to 18500 with buffs and when Nawat pimps his imp out for me.

That’s all great, but nothing that really surprises me. And of course, my more experienced and progressed readers are thinking ‘You n00b’.

What gave me pause and blew my mind a little, was that my Dodge was sitting solidly at exactly 49%.

I’m sorry, what was that? wtf? WTF?!? 49 percent?!?

That’s right, it’s not a typo. My Dodge without using either of my ‘oh shit’ trinket activations (Badge of Tenacity or Moroes Lucky Pocket Watch), just sitting there on my big bear butt watching Curator, was 49%.

Umm… guys, I think I’ve figured out why my rage generation has been slower lately. LOL!


17 thoughts on “Tanking kara update with wtf action!

  1. Whoa, nearly 50% dodge? Yeah, I think we might’ve isolated your lack of threat generation problem! =)Big Bear Butt now known as Small Bear Butt :O.


  2. I’ve had that same problem! Dodge is great for damage mitigation, but it can be disastrous to get a chain of dodges right at the beginning of a fight or threat phase. I’ve been hunting down other sorts of mitigation (especially maximizing my armor) to substitute for dodge in an effort to keep my rage generation more predictable without going all stamina and making my healers run out of mana. It’s a tough balancing act.


  3. Kinslayer, I have not in fact checked out rpgoutfitter before. I will go do so… when I get home tonight.Nawat… that would be a great plan, if in fact the Tier 4 pieces for druids ever actaully DROPPED in kara… let’s face it, in teh time I ahve ran in kara… from start to exalted and WELL beyond exalted….I ahve never, ever, seen the Atier 4 pieces for druids drop from Prince or Curator.Including, need I remind you, last night. Where Shamens got the love… again. Can you say Tier 4 token picked up for a D/E… again?And as far as the head piece… as we both know, Kel the Priest has over twice the DKP I do… TWICE… adn SHE has never seen our shared Tier 4 Prince drop either. So if by some miracle it does drop this week… that just means my chance gets reset… for what, another 3 months? Lol.Nah, I’d love the Tier 4 two piece set bonus, LOVE it, but instead of whining about it, I’m gonna have to adjust my playstyle accordingly.This is what I get for stacking agi so damn much.


  4. Fallen Defender helm has in fact dropped once. It’s the war/priest/druid item and the first time we killed prince it dropped and went to Joppers.But you are right the druid drops are proving to be annoying slow to drop.


  5. Ouch, ouch 49%….ouch. I have my unbuffed agility at 32%, and it seems ideal to me, with raid buffs and everything it hits around 42% and in case my Idol of terror procs, even more. But that has generally been enough to keep me rage happy as well as healer easy. I tanked High King with this setup and if I ever felt an O-Shit situation, Immediately popped my one of my trinkets (same ones u showed), making me extremely hard to hit. This way I have 15.3k hp unbuffed and 29k+ armor, and with Demo roar every hit is about 3-4k at best, so almost as good as one dodge in your case plus I get more rage. Though aggro isnt really an issue there, since you are exclusively on HKM. Maybe you should switch around some gear and see what fits your playstyle best. I plan on increasing my dodge, but 49% is probably overkill. Maybe you can even swap out one of your trinkets, for a darkmoon faire card for the +51 stam and in case of the furies deck, some added threat. Best of luck with t4 drops though, they really help with the chance to get extra rage. Its an awesome set bonus, better than t5 imo.AdiosArgonaut


  6. lol .. whenever I have gotten T4.. its just been my night. First time ever in gruuls with a brand new guild. I got both my t4 leggings and shoulders.. all in 1 night!!!Just last week. I joined a new guild and went to Kara, I won both the gloves and helm!!!I’ve never ever seen the tokens drop!! and i won both in 1 afternoon!You’ll get em πŸ™‚ (Being resto the t4 is actually not that great for me lol… but RL gave em to me without question so I used em up)


  7. Okay, i’m starting to get upset. My gear seems to me to be pretty good, but while my armor is now at around 31k unbuffed, my stamina feels low (around 13k to 13.5k health unbuffed) and my dodge is only probably 32% unbuffed. I don’t see where i can increase my stamina or agility without dropping huge amounts of the other or of armor. Well, there is the SSC staff that i eagerly await…I’m also logged out in my cat gear, but i’ll try to switch to bear gear later. Character name Melnayo, realm Eldre’Thalas.


  8. Hey BBB,I know where you are coming from. I changed from the old Mangle Maul combo to Mangle Lacerate and it is so much more effective. More TPS and oh so much rage. I then use Maul to Rage Dump. Do not worry about having high dodge, I am on 40% Selfbuffed and have no threat problems.RazorThreedruidnoob.blogspot.com


  9. On my Warrior tank i’m about 30% i think atm… and with 20% parry i’m about that 50% complete avoidance aswell and when tanking Karazhan i’m already having rage shortage in the lower part of the instance where the mobs don’t hit that hard.The higher i get in Karazhan, the easier it gets to keep ahead of dps on threat.


  10. I run with nearly 40% self-buffed dodge, and it seems just about right for the early SSC tanking I’ve been doing. I have found, however, that it’s a bit much for Karazhan – rage generation is a real issue on a lot of the trash in there.


  11. 50% dodge is actually a very good number to shoot for. the higher the better with +dodge since it’s 100% avoidance of the attack.It’d probably best to let your dps know to check Omen before opening up. They should all be familiar with how much threat their opening salvo does if it crits, and wait until your threat is above that. that way if you get 4 dodges in a row on an untauntable mob, or your hunter falls asleep and doesn’t misidrect, your mage won’t die by default.


  12. I have 2 pieces of Tier4, but gem them for cat DPS. I use arena gear (S2/S3) for the massive stamina. Raid-buffed, I hit about 30k armor and 21k HP. Only 25% dodge unbuffed, but we make sure to run with a shadowpriest in the healer group, so mana is not an issue.


  13. I must be stealing your luck. I have gotten both the T4 helmet and gloves withi0n a month of kara. Got the gloves after I bought the PvP S1 gloves 😦 Our main tank let me have the helmet and I won the roll for the gloves πŸ˜€


  14. Hello! I just came over from WoW Insider. Enjoying your articles there so far. :)Armor-wise, you’re coming close to where you want to cap out. 29k is a really good number for raiding. As 36k is the damage cap for 75% reduction against level 73/boss mobs, and with a holy priest and/or resto shaman healing you, you’re inevitably going to get their heal buffs that up your armor to the 36k mark. So, awesome. :DI think your dodge chance is sweet, but… I can’t see the armory right now, as it seems to be borked more than often lately, but what’s your stamina like? Maybe try building more of that and somewhat less agility. I hope the T4 pieces drop for you soon! :)-Akiduskflower.blogspot.com


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