Concerning raid songs

If you’re finding it hard to search the archives, it’s 100% my fault because I stopped using tags a long time ago… because I’m lazy, apparently.

It distresses me that so few knew that I had Heather Alexander as my Raid Song #1 back 11 weeks ago…

I’ve added a Raid Song OTW tag to all the raid songs, so hopefully it’ll be easier to find them in the future, and I’ve gone back and added the song name in the title like I should have from the beginning.

If you’d find it more convenient, I could put them in their own link list on the side, probably way at the bottom. Let me know what you think!

One thought on “Concerning raid songs

  1. Oh, you definitely needs a way fer folks to find these songs. That Heather Alexander song in particular. Going back and tagging them, then putting a sidebar link to the tag, would work best, I’d think.


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