Weekend after-action report

I apologise for the lack of posting this weekend. For one thing, I was out of town most of Saturday visiting a friend and his family. ‘Tis the season, you know!

On the positive side, my son LOVED sliding down the huge snow covered hill he has on his property… dude has a hill big enough to justify it’s own ski lift. Seriously. Pretty darn cool.

Quite a bit more after the break…

Also, my friend has the whole series of A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, and he lent ’em to me. I’m finding the first one pretty darn good.

And yes, I am aware of the gushing that has gone on at every corner of the globe for this series. For all of you horrified that I haven’t read it yet, let me tell you that sometimes, good things suffer from my prejudice… and I can remember back in high school days, one of my friends was gushing about this awesome series he was reading. And the title was something to do with the contrasts of fire and ice… and when he lent it to me, in my considered opinion, it sucked. It wasn’t George R.R. Martins’ series… we’re talking the early ’80s. But guess what got lodged in my brain housing group? “Avoid the fantasy series that has a title with ‘ice and fire’ in it”.

Well, thanks to Melpo I’m getting introduced to it now.

In other news, over the weekend one of my guildies got his Shaman alt Sanglant to 70… and being a very knowledgeable expert on gear for all classes, not just his own Warlock, as could be expected he had already acquired some pretty hot craftable and BOE gear to deck him out for Enhancement spec. I went on a little run with him in Steamvaults on my hunter, and he asked if I could tell the difference with his new gear. LOL! As if I’m paying attention to how other classes are performing when I’m obsessing over trap breakage and mob control, and getting my pet and DPS out there.

I checked out his Shaman… and what did my misbelieving eyes see, but an epic leather chestpiece with shit hot feral cat stats… crafted by my friend, guild leader, and leatherworker Whirlish! Which one, you may ask? Why, THIS ONE, damnit!

The Shadowprowlers’ Chestguard. A crafted BOE epic chest piece. It takes two Primal Nethers, and 365 Leatherworking and Revered rep with the Violet Eye to learn the recipe.

Look at the mats on that… and think about the recipe for a second. It requires Revered with Violet Eye… which is Karazhan. And what do you get for every complete Karazhan run in one week? About 22 Badges of Honor. How many Badges does it take to get one Primal Nether from A’dal? Why, 10, of course. And where are most guilds in terms of progression? Why, at clearing Karazhan every week, of course.

The chances of there being hundreds of Leatherworkers on a server with this recipe, and enough Badges to make two Primal Nethers every bloody week, is HIGH.

So we look at the mats… Soulcloth, and Primal Earth, and Primal Shadow and a bit of commonly purchased Heavy Knothide Leather.

The leather and Primal Earth are pretty inexpensive on the AH… I’m a miner, so I have tons of Earth all the time, but still, easy to get for anyone. Soul Essence drops in Karazhan, and is used to make Soulcloth. Soulcloth is a recipe all high level Tailors get from the trainer, it’s not a drop. So you need Soul Essence and a friendly Tailor. Soul Essence drops very frequently from trash in Karazhan, and has limited uses, so it is commonly found in the AH… as is the Soulcloth it makes. I picked all that I needed for maybe around 140g total invested, from AH and from Nawat’s kind generosity. That left the Primal Shadow… which on my server is going for around 24g a Primal. Ridiculous!

So what time I spent not raiding or playing a druid alt from 1 to 10 on a PvP server in preparation for tomorrows’ WoW Insider article was spent farming Primal Shadow in Hellfire Peninsula.

It took less than one weekend, and about 200g invested… not including paying my friend for two Primal Nethers… and I got a massive Cat DPS chest upgrade.

Doh! I feel like such a schmuck… because I never really examined BOE patterns when I studied Professions. I was looking at them from a ‘what do I get that’s BOP’ point of view. I’ve been so focused on Bear Tanking gear for so long, that the only real study I’ve made of cat gear is ‘what drops from which instance’.

I hope that you, my friends, are not so close minded, and henceforth run out and find yourself some great kitty BOE epics!

Last note, last night my guilds’ Group 1 decided to get off our butts and go into Karazhan to take down Prince and get someone their Tier 4 helm. It was a last minute thing. It is just stupid sometimes, that we’ll nail Kara our first or second night in, and then never go back to ‘clean up’.

Our Raid Leader, Joppers, has really been loving being Fury specced, so I got to tank Prince on my own for very the first time.

I loved it šŸ™‚

We unfortunately had both of our melee DPS, Joppers the fury Warrior and Rynadur the Rogue, die from Enfeeble/AOE around the middle of the fight. I personally don’t think it was their fault… we’ve been having a little problem with premature AOE after the Enfeeble. It seems to be a rare bug, but when it happens, melee folks are toast.

Even short two, we kicked his butt. I tried to get a screenshot of me standing by his body, but I got fancy making a /flex macro so I could take a fancy screenshot, and his body disappeared. Damn it!

Oh, and a true lol moment… I noticed that when I’m all buffed up, and I hit both trinkets… I had over 75% Dodge during the trinket duration. During Prince, when my trinket cooldowns are up three times over the course of the fight… I’m a happy bear.

Anyway, yeah, we downed Prince, and our Priest FINALLY got her Tier 4 helm drop.

That means that, in terms of DKP, I am now next in line for both the Tier 4 gloves and Tier 4 helm in my bracket.

I am one happy bear…

9 thoughts on “Weekend after-action report

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  2. Isn’t the badge reward Vestments of Hibernation a better choice than the Shadowprey?Sure, it’s more than 20 badges (75), but badges are easier to get than all those primals and nethers.Even with gems, I dont think the Shadowprey would be better than the Vestment’s stats…..


  3. Hee, I had the chestpiece first day it was out. I read about it somewhere before the patch, hubby is a LW, so it was just a case of farming up a few primal shadows (Around the diamond mountain thing in Nagrand easysauce).For the Enfeeble/Shadow Nova – just make sure everyone has deadly boss mods, so they can see the countdown for each. When you see both of em with similar times, run out well before the enfeeble. I hate it when they come at the same time, but DBM has saved my furry behind any number of times.Gratz on tanking Prince – another milestone achievement.I think one of the best “Rawr! I am Bear!” tank spots is Void Reaver, when you gen just so damn much aggro, even with knockbacks that suck 25% of your aggro away, you still tank him 75% of the fight anyway XD You *finally* lose aggro, run off, brez someone, innervate someone else, run back in, start going RAWR again, and next thing you know, you have aggro once more.


  4. Grats on the chestpiece. I actually hadn’t seen that piece either until somebody asked in trade for someone to craft it for them. I did a double take. I was a 375 LW, about to make my primalstrike chest, and I had NEVER seen it o.O I immediately started trading mats around so I could make that instead šŸ™‚ ā¤ it.


  5. Yes, read the books slowly. He’s not done with the 5th book and each book seems to take a little bit longer for him to get out than the previous. I really enjoyed the first 3, but the 4th was not as good, IMO. Rather than splitting it in two down the middle, he split that book in two by characters. So, the 4th one has full stories for half the characters and I feel it loses a lot when you’re not reading about them all. Hmmm…I could keep going on with my thoughts, but I don’t wanna take over your blog!! ;p


  6. I likes me the Fire and Ice books. Hopes you continues to enjoy them. Be warned though – it be a seven book series (used to be six, but he split one in halfers) and he’s only got the first four written. So reads slow.


  7. Yeah, primals are hugely expensive on Kael’thas. I transfered Karellen from a low pop PVP server where primals were super cheap…I wish I’d done just the slightest bit of research on server economies before the transfer, because if I’d played it smart I could have tripled the gold I brought with.Also, I finally got my Earthwarden yesterday! Not at all topical or germane but shit am I stoked!


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