Judge my gear! (Cat version)

Guess what! Let’s have some fun!

After last weekends’ ‘oops’ moment on my chestpiece, I thought we could have some good times.

I’m going to post my current Cat DPS gear, no fudging, and where it came from. You can have fun looking it over, and then critique my stuff, and tell me what I should be using, and where it’s from!

I get to trick you into advising me on what I should look for in upgrades, the experienced Druids get to sneer at my welfare epics, and the Druids on the way up get a whole lot of helpful advice on where the stuff they will drool over can be found. Everybody wins! Yay!

So without further ado, let’s get this show rolling!

P.S. I ain’t gonna talk enchants or gems. We’re just talking baseline gear, folks.

Head: Deathblow X-11 Goggles (crafted BOP Engineering item)

Neck: Worgen Claw Necklace (Karazhan Drop, Attumen the Huntsman)

Shoulders: Bladed Shoulderpads of the Merciless (Karazhan Drop, Chess Event)

Back: Vengeance Wrap (crafted BOE Tailoring item)

Chest: Shadowprowler’s Chestguard (crafted BOE Leatherworking item)

Wrists: Shard-Bound Bracers (Reputation item, Exalted Ogri-la faction)

Hands: Windslayer Wraps (crafted BOE Leatherworking item)

Waist: Dunewind Sash (Heroic Underbog drop, Ghaz’an)

Legs: Leggings of the Unrepentant (Heroic Blood Furnace drop, Keli’dan the Breaker)

Feet: Edgewalker Longboots (Karazhan drop, Moroes)

Ring 1: Slayers’ Mark of the Redemption (Quest reward, Dissension Amongst the Ranks, Shadowmoon Valley)

Ring 2: Garona’s Signet Ring (Karazhan drop, The Curator)

Trinket 1: Skyguard Silver Cross (Reputation item, Exalted Sha’tari Skyguard faction)

Trinket 2: Hourglass of the Unraveller (Black Morass drop, Temporus)

Two-Handed Weapon: Terestians’ Stranglestaff (Karazhan drop, Terestian Illhoof)

Idol: Idol of the Wild (Quest reward, Colossal Menace, Hellfire Peninsula)

That was fun! I really need to spend the Badges to get the Shredding Idol for raid DPS someday… but I like the Idol of the Wild for soloing.

I heartily encourage my fellow bloggers to do the same… show your current gear, where it came from, and open the floor for recommendations and some good natured ribbing.

I’m not gonna call anyone out specifically… but I would love to see other bloggers do this for fun… and not just druids, either! Give me something to think about as I level my alts, too!

Hey! It’s all in fun!

12 thoughts on “Judge my gear! (Cat version)

  1. One other resource that is helpful for evaluating Cat gear (or potential cat gear) is the sandbox at warcrafter.netwww.warcrafter.net/sandbox


  2. I would recommend using the Crystalforged Trinket with the Hourglass. I only use the Skyguard Silver Cross if I’m soloing and I remember to equip it.Toskk’s Feral Gear section on druid.wikispaces.com has a nice feral gear list generator. The +damage on the Crystalforged Trinket is pretty handy.Another thing to consider is that having some expertise is a pretty nice stat. It reduces a mob’s chance to dodge and parry, so it is equivalent to +hit, but it continues to give you *effective* +hit after you’re already hit capped (142).


  3. Gah! What useless gear! Not a single piece of plate armor – how cans ya even call it “armor”? What’re ya thinkin’ there, BBBBBBBB?Probablies not ribbing yer after, but it’s what I gots. Not knowing diddly about duids, ‘cept some of thems turn inta walking trees, which be downright creepy.I has a love/hate relationship with me Skyguard Silver Cross. It be awesomes when it procs, but it tends to hold off ’til I’s farmed a whole bunch and is about ready to sit and eat a bit, then it up and procs. Buggerin little trinket …I hadn’t noticed that cloak before – looks pretty dang choice. Maybes I’ll start saving up fer one of me own.


  4. Hey guys, interesting stuff so far… you’re a little light on poking fun, though. Need to ramp that up imo.Urthona, I do have the Idol of Terror. I just have it set in ItemRack as part of my tanking set.I will say that the damn thing seems to proc in bear tank mode about 50% of the time. I really need to number crunch that, but I’m not kidding, it feels like every other Mangle pops a big blue paw print over my head (the visual indicator of the effect).Sad to say, I have not equipped it in cat even once. I’ll have to try that tonight.


  5. Nice, your gear is fairly similar to mine, although im still waiting for the %*$ing stranglestaff to drop.Head – Cowl of Defiance from netherspiteNeck – Mithril chain of heroism from chessShoulders – Bladed shoulders of the merciless (chess)Chest – Tunic of assasinationBack – Capricious cloak of calibration (mech)Wrists – Bands of the swift paw (badges)Waist – Girdle of tretchery (chess?)Hands – GODM from AttumenLegs – Midnight Legguards from heroic SP (I actually have skulkers greaves but these are socketted from tanking atm)Feet – Edgewalkers (moroes)Ring – Eye of the stalker (UB)Ring – Some blue thing with +crit, cant remember the name atm. have a feeling its from heroic ramps.Trinket – SkyguardTrinket – AbacusWeapon – Earthwarden (curse you illhoof)Idol – Terror / EverbloomPotential upgrades:-Staff from illhoof when it finally drops!!-garonas signet ring from curator – as i spend most of my time tanking i have been passing this to hunters/shammys/rogues so far.-bloodlust broach from badges-Dory’s embrace from badges (not sure its worth them though)-HourglassI have also been considering PVPing for a bit – if I hit 27k honour before illhoof coffs up i’ll buy the gladators maul and if I get the drop in the meantime the points can go towards the gladiators chestpiece or something like that.Problem i find with kitty dps gear is that im always second in line for drops as I have priority over tanking items. Ho hum. fair enought i ‘spose.


  6. Mmmm Trinket 1: Skyguard Silver Cross (Reputation item, Exalted Sha’tari Skyguard faction)Trinket 2: Hourglass of the Unraveller (Black Morass drop, Temporus)I have these on my BM hunter, and I’s love ’em! Cool graphics when the Skyguard procs, which is a LOT!


  7. My DPS gear:Head – Gladiator’s Dragonhide HelmNeck – Mithril Chain of HeroismShoulders – T4Back – rare cloak from Mech, that I can’t spell.Chest – T4Wrists – Season 2 Honor bracersHands – T4Waist – Girdle of TrecheryLegs – T4Feet- Edgewalker LongbootsRing 1 – Curator RingRing 2 – Nexus-Prince’s Ring of Balance (Yor, summoned boss in Heroic Mana-Tombs)Trinket 1 – Darkmoon Faire: Crusade Trinket 2 – Crystalforged Trinket (macro’ed to Rip)Staff – Illhoof’s StaffIdol – Shredding Idol


  8. I recently made a list of kitty items to work for in an effort to upgrade it once I’m done with my bear outfit. I’ll post my current kitty suit and my ‘to get’ list on my blog!


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