I love bacon

I love bacon.

More on this fascinating topic follows after the break!

I mean, I really love bacon. My wife wants something? All she’s got to do when we’re grocery shopping is toss a pound of streaky bacon into the cart, and it’s pretty much a given, she’ll get what she wants.

And I’m not alone. Every burger joint in the country, you got your basic burgers… but you want to make it a deluxe? Throw a few strips of bacon on that sucker.

Crumble it on salads, wrap it around steaks, scallops, shrimp, is there anything that isn’t made better just by wrapping a strip of bacon around it?

I’ve even seen those freaks on Iron Chef America make bacon ice cream. I wouldn’t eat it, but they made it.

Now, back in the service, one of my favorite little snacks to fix up prior to a game or movie with friends was to take mini-sausages, wrap ’em in bacon strips held on with wood toothpicks, dump them in a slow cooker, and cover with a sweet and hot BBQ sauce liberally mixed with straight brown suger and let ’em bubble real good. Good stuff.

Now, for those of you in other countries, what we here in America call bacon, and what I’m talking about, is what you might call ‘streaky bacon’… it’s cut from the belly, while most other countries cut their bacon from the back. We just call it bacon, and it’s about half-fat laced with meat, and smoke cured. What you probably think of as bacon, we call ‘back bacon’, or Canadian Bacon if the person doing the talking is not a true bacon lover. Or is ordering a pizza.

Ah yes, I do love the bacon. It’s not commonly known, if you cook bacon at too high a heat, the bacon fat renders differently than slow cooked, and can have an off flavor. In my house, we’ve been cooking the bacon in a George Foreman grill, and while it serves it’s purpose of making my wife happy by removing the fat from the meat, it does leave the bacon with that slight off taste.

On the other hand, if you cook it nice and slow in the oven on a rack like Alton Brown suggests, it comes out great, but in our oven it takes forever to come to temp. So we generally go with fast and non-optimal.

Another of my absolute favorite ways to have bacon is in my mother-in-laws’ bean casserole recipe… mmmm, yummy. If you are lucky, and my wife is feeling nice, she may post her mom’s recipe. But I doubt you’ve been that good.

If you want some fun, go check out Cooking for Engineers, which has some fun comparisons of ways to cook bacon.

Oh yeah, and the point of this post?

The point is…. it’s morning. I’m tired and hungry. I’m at work. And I like bacon. 🙂


20 thoughts on “I love bacon

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  2. Ha! Feral druid, and daughter of a butcher. I like my meat, tyvm.And hubby and I have been heard to agree that “Anything is improved by the addition of bacon. Including bacon.”Now, I’m not american, but he’s turned me on to streaky bacon, but I don’t like it too crispy, because it seems to lose a bit of flavour then.


  3. Alton Brown!! I was privileged enough to get to meet him on one of his book tours. His is one of the only shows Husband and I can agree to watch together (besides MASH). TYVM I am hungry now… I wonder if there is any bacon around.


  4. Someone in my guild said they got a bacon chocolate bar for Christmas. I love bacon, and I love chocolate, but the idea of eating them together doesn’t really have an appeal.


  5. Bacon… Here’s a small trick for you, BBB. Next time you render some bacon fat ‘right’, whip a few tablespoons into about a cup of mayonaisse – make sure you mark the mayo, of course. Yep – bacon flavored mayo.For what it’s worth, I use a microwave to cook mine. I’ve got a ridged-bottom plate that keeps the bacon out of the rendered fat, and have to use a paper towel to stop the major spatters (whimper – lost fat). On MY machine, I start with a minute per slice and listen for the popping to stop (when the fat’s out…). YMMV, of course.Oh, and just because… Take a baking potato, and slice it open. Scoop out a small hollow and pack it with bacon. Close, wrap firmly in foil, and bake as normal.


  6. Me loves me some bacon too. Especially flavored bacon. By rolling your bacon in brown sugar, maple syrup, or crushed black peppercorns you can find a whole new dimension in bacony goodness. The only problem is that the wife does not like to wait a long for her bacon and cranks up the heat too high.–Kulak


  7. mmmMMMMmmm bacon sammiches….For you, Mooire, I wish to refer you to the wonderful recipe mentioned above by Kristofar… it’s a sauteed portobello mushroom sammich with soft brie cheese…now, the sammich recipe calls for beef broth and bacon, and I can’t imagine trying it a different way for myself….But if you were to try it without the bacon or beef broth, then try taking a quarter cup of olive oil, mix in about three drops of liquid smoke, toss the portobellos in it and roast them for 45 minutes. Then take the mushrooms out and sautee them in some straight olive oil. At the assembly part, instead of adding bacon, try using bacon salt (www.baconsalt.com).I love me the bacon… but I love the fungus almost as much. MmmmMMMMM mushrooms!


  8. I’m definately going to TriB’s house for the super bowl! I lovez me some bacon. Spaghetti is my fav, but coming in second is a CRISP bacon sandwich!


  9. I wish I knew why “Canadian bacon” is so called, as I don’t know anyone who buys it. I should mention I’m Canadian and have only ever purchased the streaky bacon you discussed. Actually, the back bacon is hard to find and when you do find it, you dismiss it as it is damned expensive.I have long subscribed to the theory that almost any recipe can be improved by the addition of bacon.One of my favourite sandwiches:http://www.thegourmetlife.com/recipes/vegetables/sauteed_portobello_wrap_with_rosemary_brie.html


  10. A tasty little bacon treat that I ran across a couple of years ago includes taking a seeded date, sticking a pecan piece in the middle, and wrapping bacon around the stuffed date. Secure with a toothpick.Bake until the bacon is done and eat. I dare you to try eating just one; they’re mmmmmm, mmmmmm, GOOD!!!Dax


  11. Bacon in norway does not look as delicious as that, skip some over will ya? Btw i am at work aswell, and dam i want some bacon!*calling mum*


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