Requiem for a Tree Fighter

Well, I’m annoyed. Something that I had grown to enjoy has now been, effectively, ruined for me in the game.

I’m talking about fighting the giant trees in Skettis.

Now, I’m gonna recap what happened, and then I’m gonna do my obligatory QQ about it. I wanna say up front, that this post isn’t really about anything Blizzard has done, though… it’s just the players we game with. Our so-called ‘community’.

I’ve talked about this before… how I had been in the habit of doing sweeps with my Druid through the various zones, herbing in Swift Flight Form and sending the metric tons of herbs off to Cassie to make elixirs and flasks for fun and profit.

But I had heard that some folks enjoyed taking on the giant trees in Skettis, the Talonsworn Forest-Ragers, killing them, and then herbing them for piles of good high level herbs.

Some research showed me that they also had the best drop rate chance for Black Lotus, the main ingredient in Flasks of Supreme Power.

So I carried myself over to Skettis, and gave tanking them a try. And found that, not only did I successfully take them down and get good herbage each time, but that I enjoyed the fight itself, because it was a clear indication that my gear was pretty good. Not great, but pretty good. And that made me quite happy. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the Black Lotus drop rate, I’d probably not have killed them so often, but put that plus the fun of the fight together, and it was a nice way to farm herbs while actually enjoying the game. MUCH better than mindless circling of zones looking for gold dots on a mini-map, even if it took a lot longer to get the same amount of herb.

Well, last night I have bid a sad farewell to the trees. I won’t be wasting my time going back there again.

Earlier in the week, Whirlish told me that he had been killing the trees, and after he downed one, he went to herb it and got the Herb loot window displayed… and then the herbs vanished. He looked around in shock, and saw a Hordie standing there, who had somehow herbed the tree after he had already started… and taken the herbs that HAD been displayed in his window.

Now, okay, we play Alliance, and a Horde came up on a downed tree when Whirl wasn’t looking, and herbed it from under him. Whirl doesn’t roll with autoloot enabled, so fine. Lesson learned. From now on, enable autoloot.

It did disturb me that Whirl described the situation as being a case where he had already initiated and completed herbing, had the loot window displayed, and only after that did the herbs disappear. It wasn’t me there, so who is to say? But if that had been true, then that tells me someone else can successfully herb a tree even after you start it, IF the other person hasn’t been quick enough to grab the loot.

A heads up if other herbalists have known this for a while… it does NOT work like that on Mining. If you mine a node, and someone else is mining the same node in competition to you, then the first one to open the loot window ‘wins’… the other gets an error message.

Silly me, I expected the same thing on herbs. Not that it would seem to make much difference, in the long run.

So, that’s the story Whirl told me. He killed a tree, looted it, herbed it, and got the herbs taken from him by a Hordie. Haha, didn’t have autoloot on, well played. Lesson learned, move on. Sucks to be you, Whirl.

You think you know what’s coming, don’t you? I know you do. 😉

Cut to last night. Cassie needs herbs, and I am running on short time before I need to go to Kara. I’m already in Skettis. What the heck? Let’s hunt for trees for 10 minutes.

I find a tree right away… I down it just as fast. I look around… no one in sight. I loot it, I herb it… I get the herb loot display window… I see the herbs… the Mana Thistle and Motes of Life vanish, but the autoloot hangs up on the Ancient Lichen… then the Ancinet Lichen vanishes. Just a hiccup, like you might see in a lag spike.

I glance at my chat tab… and see the only loot I got was the Ancient Lichen. No Motes of Life, no Mana Thistle. I only got half the loot from my herbing. I wheel around, and sure as shit, appearing in the middle of what WAS the body of the tree is a figure standing there in herb loot animation… that kind of scrunched over, wringing hands posture we know so well. I just got my herbs ninja’ed… WHILE AUTOLOOT WAS ENABLED.

So I whisper the asshat ‘OMIGOD you just ninja’ed the herbs? WTF?!’

That’s right, I whispered him… because he wasn’t Horde screwing with Alliance… he was a fellow Alliance. I got screwed by one of our own.

He lol’ed me in reply, whispered me to ‘look around next time nub’, and flew off.

Now, don’t get me wrong. He wasn’t talking about looking around because he was getting ready to take on the tree, and I jumped in and stole the kill. He wasn’t anywhere around when I started. I did check. In a 4 minute fight, how the hell do you stop someone from flying by, and then seeing what you’re doing and jumping in?

So yeah, Kael’thas (US) has a wonderful Alliance player named Jimyon in the guild Judgment that is an asshat. Newsflash, whoopie shit. If I had a dollar for every asshat I encountered in open areas in the game, I wouldn’t have a day job. It’s why I don’t pug, and why I typically don’t group with strangers or go into well-populated areas.

Say hello to Jimyon, everyone! Smile for the camera!

Anyway, what blew my mind was that autoloot didn’t prevent the herbs from being ninja’ed!

Holy shitski! Stop the press!

So I do something totally out of character for me. I make an announcement in /1 General chat in Terokkar to watch out for Jimyon, he is waiting for you to loot the skettis trees, and then ninja’ing the herbs.

And, the game and the people playing it being what it is, I get zero sympathy. Instead, I get a nice build up of ‘QQ more’ posts, ‘only whiners play Alliance’… ‘Alliance are crybabies…’, ‘just move on, nub’.. etc.

And as I get ready to fly away from the area, Jimyon, apparently thinking the response I got indicated no one cared about someone getting ninja’ed, pipes in, saying ‘yeah nub, i ninja’ed your herbs, go whine some more’.

Now, I don’t know about your play experience in the game, but I have found that the people who automatically assume that anyone who complains is a liar or whiner, and will GLADLY tell everyone so in General chat, are the same people that will, when confronted with the person who did the deed openly admitting it and bragging about it, wheel on that person with a vicious intensity and open fire.

So did it happen here. The tone of the comments went from ‘QQ more’ to ‘burn in hell you immature little asshat ninja’ in about .3 seconds. And the kid just didn’t get why. He started throwing around the ‘all you nubs are whiners’, and ‘you are all fat nerds that live with mommy’ stuff… and when inevitably people started talking about how sad the little kids who play the game are these days, of course he denied he was a kid. Jeez, someone needs to write a manual for these kids in school, I swear.

Granted, he might not have been a kid. He might have been an older person whose growth was simply emotionally arrested at the age of 12, or stupid. That’s fine, too. If you are stupid, you can’t exactly help it. Ignorance can be cured… stupid is forever.

But honestly, some kids you can just tell… it’s not lack of intellectual capacity; it’s willful ignorance, selfishness and a lack of caring that anyone else may experience emotions. If anything, the thought that they just ‘got someone’ may give them a thrill of power in their otherwise powerless lives.

A manual SHOULD be written, really. In it, the first chapter could say, ‘When you accuse others of things to hurt them or insult them, you often draw unknowingly on the things that hurt you or bother you about your own life, things that you know cause you pain. It is natural to use these painful experiences to attack an opponent, expecting the other person to experience similar pain to your own. This speaks very tellingly to viewers as to your current mental state, and what problems or fears are dwelling on your mind.

In short… if your first response when angry is to accuse other people of being “fat nerds that live in basements in moms’ house with no lives”, and you yourself speak at a sub-literate level, act immature, and are playing the exact same video game as everyone else… well, let’s face it. I think we know what’s on the guys’ mind. Oh yeah, and let me go out on a limb here… and say that I think this also applies to anyone that accuses another person in General chat of being a virgin and never having had sex before. Let’s face it, you don’t know the person, you have no way of telling what they are like… but when you are acting and talking like an immature 14 year old, I think we know why the subject of virgins and not having sex is foremost on your mind. /agree?

Anyway, I have digressed. I’m reading it over, yeah I got sidetracked, but I don’t disagree with anything I said so screw it… maybe someone will laugh.

So recap the recap… I told folks about Jimyon of Judgment on Kael’thas (US), and got laughed at… he came into the conversation, admitted it and lol’ed at me, and got reamed.

Now, there were a couple funny bits there. My favorite, and a situation that never ceases to surprise me, was when Jimyon was gloating over ninja’ing the herb, calling us all nerds and stuff, and telling us to ‘cry more, whatever lols’, you know the deal. And someone asked in General, “Windshadow, don’t you write a blog?”.

I will never get used to having people that I don’t personally know, or people outside my guild, know that I have a blog and mention it in game. Still trips me out bigtime. But in a good way.

I reply back that, yes, yes I do, and that Jimyon has made #1 on the next days’ “What the heck do I talk about today” list.

And Jimyon, god bless his stupid little 12 year old oblivious head, starts telling us that it doesn’t matter that he’s gonna get written up, go ahead and suspend his account for an hour, he’ll be right back in skettis as soon as he can log back in.


I’m sorry, but nothing pegs an emotional age better than being that clueless. Who in their right mind would ever think that any BS on some dipshits’ blog is going to somehow magically get you banned from the game, for ANY length of time? Hell, I didn’t even bother reporting him to a GM, for Elunes’ sake.

As far as I know, he exploited a bug that’s letting multiple people herb the same drop and get access to the loot. It’s not like he physically hacked my system. And I don’t report people just for being obnoxious. It’s his life, he can deal with the trainwreck of his immaturity when he decides to grow up. I’ll be damned before I give him more fuel for his ‘oh owe is me it’s so unfair’ angst meter by reporting him for general asshattery.

But let’s move on. Cause we ain’t over yet. 🙂

I see the reaming Jimyon is getting in General, I search Skettis to find him, and I take a few screenshots for fun. Man, did that annoy him, having me buzz around him taking pictures. lol.

I just now decided to look good old Jimyon up, just for fun. You’ll see why later. It turns out that Jimyon transferred to the Kael’thas server at level 60, from Aggramar, and he has been guild hopping ever since. He was in a different guild just a week ago, and many more before that. No wonder he lol’ed at me, he bounces around like a tried and true loot ninja. As soon as one guild figures his ass out, off he goes to another. Not exactly the kind of person who is going to care about his reputation… because the blame doesn’t ever rest with him. It’s everyone ELSE that sucks. I am laughing sooo hard right now.

Anyway, really, time to move on.

As I’m heading out of Skettis, I happen to see another tree. What the hell, I say to myself, I’ll take him. I figure, either I’ll get the loot, or I’ll get a better screenshot while operation: asshat ninja herb is in action.

Either way, win!

I take down the tree, and as he goes down, I catch a glimpse of a blue blur on the far side of the body. then it’s gone. And I swear, I SWEAR that what I saw was someone actually ducking INTO the dead body of the prone tree.

Now, I think about it for a minute. Seriously. Did I just see someone approach the tree body from the far side and move into it, out of view? Is someone really in there, feverishly clicking away hoping to herb the millisecond I loot the trash?

Well, I still have time before Kara. Let’s see what happens if I sit here a while. This is fascinating. Am I imagining things? Is there someone in there?

And I wait, chatting on TS all the while. And I wait. At least three minutes pass while I sit there, circling the tree to view it from all sides. I can see NO sign of anyone in the tree. But I am patient. A little time in the Marines helps you develop a bit of patience, when faced with the prospect of ambushing someone. 🙂

Five minutes pass. And there he is!

The little asshat WAS hiding in the tree! He finally lost his patience and ducked outside to see what I was doing! Ah HA!!! Gotcha! Screenshot for the win!

Everyone, say hello to potential herb thief number two… Troll Shaman Mechanized, from the guild “The Rapture”.

Remember Jimyon, and his server transfer from Aggramar server? Guess what? Mechanized was first seen on January 14th, 2008 on my server. Can you say ANOTHER ninja server transfer to escape a sordid past? This time, the transfer was from the Eldre’thalas server.

I feel bad for his guild, I don’t play Horde but I’ve heard good things about The Rapture. I hope they keep an eye on him and the guild bank, is all I’m saying.

Now, Mechanized doesn’t really bother me at all. To be honest, it was Skettis, he was Horde, I’m Alliance. Whatever. That is a totally different situation in my mind than some little same-faction asshat being a dick, and gloating about it.

Of course, welcome to the joys of server transfers. Hmmm… what are the odds that I get two herb ninjas, and BOTH are recent server transfers? Seriously, thanks Blizzard. Can you help them change their name to make sure we have no way of tracking ninjas by reputation? Plskthxbi? Oh yeah, you did that too. Thanks a lot.

But yeah, so Mechanized peeks out and I bust him. And he knows because I take pleasure in standing on top of him and doing the bear dance with him in the tree for a couple minutes.

But he’s not leaving… or moving. And that makes me wonder… is he still sitting there, frantically clicking away in the hopes that I’ll loot the tree so he can snag the herbs? He’s got over 8 minutes invested in this by now… the tree has GOTTA be about to despawn… has he given up, or is he really that dedicated? He can’t know when I plan to loot… I have initiative, he is in a reactive posture. So is he clicking? And if so, CAN he beat someone that moves as fast as possible to loot and herb, when he doesn’t know when that is going to happen?

I was going to just let the tree rot, but now I want to know.

So I dance… and then I loot and herb. And before I even start a full second into the herb cycle, he has completed herbing, grabbed the herbs and is starting his mounting animation.

I mean, seriously, that fast. I right clicked autoloot, the loot window displayed, the trash went into my bag, I got the herb icon on the tree body, I clicked and .2 seconds into herbing, the body faded, the Troll /lol’ed, and he started mounting. That fast.

So the lesson I carried away is, if you commit to fight a tree, there is right now absolutely NO WAY to enusre that you get to loot the herbs from the body if someone else feels like taking them from you.

And that ruins the tree farming experience for me, now. I don’t mind the ganking from cross faction, but I refuse to be a sucker for some punk Alliance asshat too lazy to take down his own trees.

I was grabbing far more herbs in a much shorter time flying, anyway. It’s just more boring, darn it!

But yeah… it is a good night when I get so much blog fodder, but I feel sad at the passing of my innocent joy in taking down the trees.


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  1. This is like, WORD-FOR-WORD, the experience I’ve had in Skettis, on my Prot Pally.

    There’s just something about Skettis and those trees…

    I don’t get it.


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