An original Star Trek joke by Manny

By request, I am going to share with you a joke my friend Manny told me.

The setup here is, he used to live in the same area as I, and we got together and played tabletop roleplaying games, what folks seem to be calling pen-and-paper RPGs now. GURPS and AD&D 2nd Edition, homebrewed, by preference.

Three guesses who the GM was.

Anyway, so now that we live in different states of the US, when we chat we tend to talk about how gaming is going in our respective worlds.

In my world of Minnesota, it ain’t. If I had a campaign world to write for, I wouldn’t have a blog.

He has started a new gaming group out in Virginia, and the way he did it was to advertise in gaming and comic stores, at colleges and campuses, and on gaming BBS systems and ‘gamer connection’ type websites that he was ‘looking for more’.

That’s right, there are real life examples of basic WoW mechanics. LFG didn’t start with WoW.

So he’s got this gaming group, and they are a widely varied group of folks. And the stories of some of the folks that respond to those kind of cattle calls would make for funny posts in and of themselves, if you couldn’t see them for yourself just by attending a local Sci-Fi or gaming convention.

And I am flat out refusing to segue into a digression on some of the interesting folks that you’ll meet at a gaming or Sci-Fi convention. I love enthusiasm, I really do, but some folks just take things to the level beyond the next level.

I will say, this trend of ladies wearing costumes to conventions is one I heartily approve of. I don’t even care what the costume is, just seeing women get enthusiastic over gaming or anime or Sci-Fi gives me hope that my kind of folk might have a chance to survive into the next generation.

Damn it! I digressed anyway! Arrrggghhhh!!!!!

Manny, telling me about his Virginia gaming group. right. Okay. Continuing on.

Now, Manny is letting me know how his evil plans are progressing. And he shares a cute moment from the group in between games.

Now, I’ll let Manny tell you his story;

The group was sitting around before a session, and we’re trying to explain realistic space combat to a Star Trek junkie. You know the kind, the guy that thinks the physics displayed in Star Trek are somehow accurate.

And somehow we got on the subject of kinetic weapons. One of the players used an example of how kinetic weapons would work; “If we opened up the cargo door and threw out the sofa you’re sitting on, and it hit a ship, it would likely vaporize the ship.”

The Star Trek fan got a very disbelieving look on his face, and asked, “So what would you call that?”

That’s when I popped up and said, “A futon torpedo.”


I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.

And okay, no more off topic jokes. 🙂


14 thoughts on “An original Star Trek joke by Manny

  1. These jokes are naughty and bad and very off topic. Do bring us more.The Irish joke brought me a lot of pleasure. Thank you.So one in return.Q: How do you kill a Circus?………..A: Go for the Juggler


  2. A dad and his son are driving home when the little boy sees two dogs going at it on a neighbor’s lawn. He turns to his Dad and asks, “What are they doing?”The father looks over, stumbles on his words for a second and then replies, “They are making puppies.”The kid smiles and says, “Coooool.”That night, the kid has a nightmare and sleepy-eyed, makes his way to his parents room. He opens the door and sees his Dad on top of his Mommy. The both freeze and gasp as the kid startles them by asking, “What are you doing, Daddy?”His father agains stumbles for a moment and explains, “We are making a baby.”The kid looks perplexed for a second and responds with, “Well, flip Mommy over cause I want a puppy.”:-)


  3. That’s funny.I found your blog as I was searching for info on Druids. Currently I am a feral druid (Darkwolfe on Stonemaul, lvl 63), and might change to balance or resto… feral has gotten kinda boring.table top RPG’s rule! I’m a longtime Star Wars d20 GM myself….


  4. Thanks BBB! I keep coming back to read this one. XDI like what you’ve done with your blogroll. Very colorful, very awesome!


  5. Why, O why are you PUN-ishing us so??I’m having dinner with a Trekkie friend of mine this weekend… HAVE to share that one.Hilarious, thank you! 🙂


  6. That was a great geek joke/story! However, the “Watch out for the Klingons near Uranus” phrase always puts a smile on my face.


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