Bear Video of the Week #3 – A Prince of a Bear


If it’s Friday, then it must be…. Video day!

Today, for your viewing pleasure, I have my guild, Legatum Ignavis, taking down the prince himself atop the sky high towers of Karazhan.

Why yes, that would be me tanking it. How kind of you to notice.

I am especially proud of this video. I was able to tank, while rotating camera views, repositioning myself after knockarounds, and I think I timed the music track to the action pretty good.

Plus, I absolutely love this song. Grinding music for a grinding fight.

Oh, you want to know what song before you waste time downloading this monster?

Why, it is none other than Pantera, with the insanely kick ass Cemetary Gates.

If you have trouble viewing the movie in the player because of it’s size, then why not download it for your later enjoyment, no DRM or streaming or crap like that? WMV format, the full 102 MB size, and free for you.

To quote one of my favorite webcomic writers….

Because I can.

Oh, hell… For Pony!


13 thoughts on “Bear Video of the Week #3 – A Prince of a Bear

  1. Ah, Prince. I used to think that this fight depended way too much luck. Now I know that, as BBB says, it’s about doing what you’ve got to do and being mobile and flexible. Some infernal placements make it quite difficult to succeed, but rarely do they make it impossible to kill him. Well done, BBB, and good music to boot.Messyah – tell your pally tank to L2HolyShield. If it’s ever down during phase two, it’s crush city.


  2. Being somewhat new to playing the druid tank (turned 70 about a month ago), I main tanked most of Kara this week. Prince was easy for a bear tank and as we know, infernals make or break the fight really. The only boss I had an issue with was nightbane. We didnt have a shammy for treamor totems so the fear got me. It was fun to finally take my training wheels off. Can’t wait to do 25 man runs which I default to my main (rogue). Grats to you for a fun blog and a job well done in your vid.


  3. Ah, Cemetery Gates from Cowboys from Hell. That brings back some memories.We use a static placement as well, only gets hairy if we have a LOT of melee and get an infernal that keeps them from being able to run in and out from the enfeebles properly. It looked like you use the far wall, we use the the wall on the right just as you walk through the door, the tank being just past that first dip in the wall and ranged stays backed up right by the door. I’ve never seen them hit by an infernal. I’ve seen an infernal get between the tank and them, or even on top of the tank, but never on ranged.Good job tanking. Phase 2 can be stressful, I know there have been many a times I close my eyes as I watch my health dip only to open them a moment later and see I’m at or near full health ( >.> I have to remember NOT to do that when on my healer though….I tend to hold my breath instead LOL ).GL in continued progress πŸ™‚


  4. I remember when we first started fighting the Prince. Our Pally tank insisted that he could MT him, and yet we kept wiping. He blamed the DPS, the Healers and the Infernal Drops. Finally, I said step aside, tanked the Prince and we one-shotted it.Now, he’s my bitch!


  5. Excellent questions! I’ll see if I can answer them.Yes, we use the static positions. That spot where I jumped once when I reached the wall? that’s where all casters are supposed to stand. Then I run on close to the next dip for my position.First, normally the melee is behind Prince. Because of Infernal placement on this one, they had to move away from the AOE. Why couldn’t I simply move Prince around more so they could regain position?Well, I tried to shake him a bit, but on TS I was being told my range was on the edge from the casters, adn they had infernal also. And I ahve to keep my back towards the wall, because Prince bounces my big furry butt. If you notice, I did a little sliding on a couple of bounces anyway, and had to reshuffle into place. So yes, absolutely, the melee should be behind him, and normally are, but this was a damn good example of ‘you do what you got to’.Our healers kick ass. We also have no Shadow Priest, so you can see they conserve mana righteously.One other thing that I think worth mentioning… after both melee croaked, our Boomkin Jalard tried to battle rez one… you can see him move forward towards Prince to rty to range on one of them. Because of where I had him turned, and where the infernal was, they were running AWAY from teh casters during enfeeble. So both were waaaay outside rez range.Learn from this; we won, but it could easily have gone the other way. When you tank Prince, if you use static postions, try to talk with the casters as you fight, asking about their casting range on you AND Prince, to find a sweet spot so Princes’ ass isn’t in the range of an infernal.


  6. Have to second shrubs’ comment about the melee placement – I guess they attack from the front to escape instagibbing from infernal & enfeebelment due to the static boss placement you’re doing here, but 1) they needlessly cause boss parries and 2) the other feral can’t use shred from the front, which is a big part of kitty DPS.


  7. Long time reader, first time poster. The music choice was righteous! We aren’t quite to Prince yet I’ll be checking out that positioning. I’m a fellow feral druid btw.


  8. So thats the legendary position where you never have to worry about the dreaded bad infernal drop, and never have to move, eh? Now that I have a reference to actually find the spot with, I might have to have my guild try it out next time I’m there. Mind you, I’d much rather fight prince in the middle to give the guild practice thinking on their feet, but we tend to do one night Kara, so by the time we get to Prince, thinking isn’t high on our priority lists.


  9. Thanks BBB, fun video to watch. Your positioning is new to me, so my question is the same as Lypis.Of course I have comments πŸ™‚ :- Highest marks for the healers, impressive job because of:- The rogue and the feral, attacking from the front, causing parries in P2…- You seemed to be taking the aoe from the infernal in P3 (hard to make out, but there’s recurring yellow damage on you).


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