In Patch 2.4, Bears get improved Lacerate damage

Per Blizzard Blue poster Bornak, in this post on the official WoW forums, let me quote;

The Feral bears will be seeing an improvement with Lacerate dealing additional damage based on your attack power.

Damn nice. Damn nice.

Blizzard Blue posters have been releasing tidbits of news about Patch 2.4 from everywhere on the forums, starting about 45 minutes ago. But instead of one consolidated list, it’s all dribs and drabs like this.

Expect MMO-Champion to gather them all together, or WoW Insider, at some point.

Oh, spell casters? You want some lovin’ too?

According to Drysc in this post, Spell Haste will reduce the casting GCD. Check it;

Although not terribly relevant to your discussion I thought I’d jump in and let you know about some Spell Haste changes in the upcoming patch.

In 2.4, Spell Haste will reduce the global cool down on spells, down to a minimum of 1 second. It won’t apply to melee and ranged abilities though however.

Lots and LOTS of new shit.

Thank you to James/Melpo for pointing this out to me on Yahoo Messenger… now get back to work!


8 thoughts on “In Patch 2.4, Bears get improved Lacerate damage

  1. Even if we got the ability to use potions/injectors in bear form, I would STILL use my macro to shift out to use them. Remember, you have less health in caster form, so potions fill a larger percentage of your bar. And when you shift, its the PERCENTAGE thats preserved, not the life total.


  2. Surabear – That’s nice and all, but I have absolutely no intention of shifting out of Bear while fighting Nalorakk, Halazzi or any of the bosses of TK or SSC.Btw, Blizz needs to fix shifting from one animal form to the other. It still cycles your humanoid form into the shift, thus making it so you can be stunned in that form by a swift-sticking rogue.


  3. Any word on how MUCH spell haste will have to be stacked to get the GCD down to the minimum of one second. Currently it’s not unreasonable to shave a half second off of regular spells’ cast times, but much more than that means a severe sacrifice to other states (at least with the current loot tables)… If the actual time reduced is the same with both regular spell cast spells and instant cast spells, then this change could mean some great new itemization options for those of us who like to dot stuff up. :)


  4. @surabear – /agree. I want to use consumables in bear-form. Yes, I can do it now via macros. And about 10% of the time, for unknown reasons, the macro leaves me in caster-form. Not worth the risk. :(Additional dmg in bear-form? Meh. If I’m in bear-form, I care about threat, not dmg. Yes, I know dmg results in more threat, but what I *really* want is for swipe’s threat coefficient to be higher. Right now, I still need to tab-lacerate when tanking multiple mobs. That’s not the end of the world, but I’d still rather have a buff to swipe’s threat than to lacerate’s dmg. *shrug*


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