Unintentional humor?

Sometimes, I wonder; Am I reading too much into something? Or was that intended?

Case in point.

Over in WoW Insider, Alex Ziebart popped out a little shorty post about the way items are named in WoW.

It was just a little something to throw out there about how some names are manly and some are just the nadir of lameness.

He goes so far as to call upon the spirits of Bruce Lee and John Wayne in his article when talking about a level 60 axe, an act I cannot forgive. Sure it’s an epic axe, and old school even, but come on. It’s Bruce Lee and John frikken Wayne for crap’s sake. If you’re gonna summon THAT kind of mojo, talk about a lengendary weapon. Or TWO. Or a Heroic Class (if we get one other than Death Knight… which some speculate Blizz may do, and are just keeping the news close to their chest right now as Warhammer and Age of Conan get closer.)

A level 60 axe? pfft. Well, to each his own I guess.

But that ain’t the point I’m going to. Nah, It was the first commenter that chimed in that made me laugh. Let me quote him or her here;

Meira said;
The Ashbringer

That and Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood, plus Frostmourne… you have a winning trio of badass named weapons!

I wish WoLK give us badass named weapon as well, maybe even an Omega Weapon! (Come on, they ripped off Sephiroth, Jenova and Chocobos with the Blood Elves XD)

Now, I read that… in a comment about a post about manly and lame names, and what my brain saw was…

The Assbringer… and Asscandy.

Now, maybe it was just that I was listening to Sir Mix-a-Lot singing “Baby Got Back” this morning on the way to work. But maybe not. Ii wouldn’t have been as bad if Meira hadn’t called thenm ‘Badass’.

Is it just me? Really?


9 thoughts on “Unintentional humor?

  1. There should be a whole post about inferred item names. 😀 We’ve been calling it Asscandy for a while now. There are also the Boots of Udder Darkness and many, many others.


  2. I think he was talking more about the coolness of the name, Crul’shurokh, Edge of Chaos sounds a lot more “badass” than Warglaive of Azzinoth may I have a bit more ponce with that please?Just saying, barring knowing anything about the weapons if I told you I was going to cleave you into two halves with Crul’shurokh, Edge of Chaos you are going to be more scared than if I ponced in and declared you will die under my Warglaives of Azzinoth.Thats what I think anyway.In my opinion Warglaive of Azzinoth sounds like the superman of weapons whilst Crul’shurokh sounds like the batman…and we all know that batman would kick Supermans ass.


  3. Even awesome names can be bad.True Story: I had a childhood friend named Bruce Le. His family was Vietnamese and On Purpose named their kid Bruce so that he would be “Bruce Lee”. Too bad he turned into a skinny chatty otaku instead.Be careful what you name people!!


  4. One of my favorite pieces of gear, the ones that made me actually go back to leatherworking to learn to make: Boots of Natural Grace (BoNG)Wanna get hiiiigh?


  5. I still chuckle every time I see “The Stoppable Force” drop. There’s no real hidden meaning to it. It’s just amusing.Or maybe I’m just simple…


  6. The Stoppable Force is actually a reference back to the uber weapon that was an exalted reward from Alterac Valley called The Unstoppable Force.Okay, so it really wasn’t uber compared to the great raiding stuff that was available at 60, but it was much better than what you could get out of the non-raid instances.


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