The Lunar Festival can wear you out!

This is my third Lunar Festival in the game. Big whoop-de-doo, right?

The first time, I was fairly new to the game, I think I was around level 50ish, not really sure.

At that time, I went around dutifully, grabbed some coins, and Teleported (as Druids are wont to do) to Moonglade. There, I grabbed a nice pretty purple Festive Dress, and had a couple Coins of Ancestry left over.

I’ve had that purple Festive Dress ever since. Periodically, I would do a ‘spring cleaning’ of the crap in my bank, and I’d come across that dress…. and somehow, I couldn’t part with it. After all, Lunar Festival only comes around once a year, right?

And when my account was hacked, and anything worth selling or D/Eing was cleaned out, that dress remained… apparently not even worth the bother of tossing by the burglar.

Last year, a bit more jaded, quite a bit more seasoned in the ways of the WoW, I took a pass on the holiday events.

“Can I get a new pet? No.”
“Can I get any gear drops? Not really.”
“Does Omen drop anything good? No.”
“Do I want a little lantern? Not if I have to try wrangling cats to get enough guildies to help down ’em.”

So I took a pass. After all, I already had a purple Festive Dress. I was good.

Well, it’s that time of year again. The Lunar Festival has rolled around, and Blizzard was kind enough to reset the Coin of Ancestry drops, so if you ever did a partial collection before and couldn’t remember where you’d been, well, now the slate is wiped clean.

Guess what? Awww, I bet you can guess just from the picture. 🙂

That’s right, last night I got a wild hair up my big bear butt, and decided to go get me every single last one of those little coins.

And I made this decision after knowing that there wuoldn’t be any rewards. I just wanted to catch ’em all!

Well, I didn’t do any of the research. I was lazy as heck. I called up the “Walkthrough for all Coins, Alliance” from Wowwiki, and started following it.

When you’re 70, your hearth is set in Shatt, you’ve got an Engineering teleport to Gadgetzan every 4 hours and you can stealth, the thing is easy as sin.

The only parts of excitement were;

  • Entering Stratholme via the main entrance rather than the Servants Entrance, and aggroing 50+ mobs when someone in the middle of the instance finally saw through my stealth. I lasted a remarkably long time in Bear fighting my way back to the exit.
  • Getting frustrated trying to figure out how to get to the Scholomance Elder. I never knew you could climb up to the top of that damn tower. Go figure.
  • Stealthing through the west entrance of Orgrimmar, and finding out that as soon as you set foot on enemy territory, you get flagged. Whoops! Again, go figure.
  • Having a guard in the heart of Orgrimmar see through your stealth (by walking right on top of you coming around a corner down the tight curved ramp) when surrounded by players of the opposite faction, and watching them freak. And rejoice at being able to pop Dash, get the hell out of aggro range and re-enter stealth JUST as the hordies catch up to where they think you were, and dance around invisibly as they try to find your ass.
  • Remembering to grab your Scepter of Celebras at the very last minute before entering Maraudon to get the Coin near the Princess and Rotgut.

And finally… finding out, after nabbing all 50 coins, that when you go to Moonglade to turn it in, not only do you get recipes to make fireworks launchers and cluster rocket launchers, but you also get recipes for making 12 different kinds of rockets to use in those launchers!

And even better… the two tailoring recipes to make Festival Dresses and Festival Pant Suits are not BOP, so you can get them, and mail them to your tailor alt.

Woohoo! Score!

Cassie tells me the red Festival Dress looks quite nice… I think I already have my first customer 🙂


5 thoughts on “The Lunar Festival can wear you out!

  1. I wish I could bring myself to do these things, but it just won’t happen. I came close to doing the xmas one, but got bored pretty quickly. I am looking forward to hitting up Brewfest the next time it comes. Wouldn’t mind a Brewfest Ram mount. 🙂


  2. I just finished collecting 40 coins on my Warlock, so that I could get all of the patterns. Wasn’t too bad, although the forrays into alliance territory were interesting at times.I don’t think I’ll bother with the last 10.


  3. I managed to wrangle all 50 with my 66 gnome rogue. Made for an interesting five hours and I even took the blimp back to Undercity from Org just for kicks.


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