Bear Video of the Week #4 – Shades of Superbeast

Ok, this week’s bear video is of BBB and Legatum Ignavis taking down Shade of Aran, to the tune of Superbeast.Why Superbeast? Because I like White Zombie, and because of the nature of the fight.

See, Shade of Aran is a DPS race. Since there is no viable tanking, cause he targets whomever he pleases, you are free to load up your catform DPS gear and go to town.

And with a hunter and two feral druids in the mix…. Meow, baby!

Next week I fully intend to post a video that is NOT another loud track. I’m thinking I have an idea for what to film…And my idea… will be revealed next week!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this film.

As usual, you can download the higher resolution video directly to your computer for non-streaming watching at
FileFront HERE.


3 thoughts on “Bear Video of the Week #4 – Shades of Superbeast

  1. Excellent – the music is more or less what was playing in my head when attempting Shade last night!

    However our tactics didn’t work out like yours… We kept getting stuck at Sheep and Elementals, ending up in several wipes… After having read up on it since, then there are obvious things that we could have done about it…

    Fab video, though!


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