FYI, World of Matticus asked me 20 questions

Not to overshadow today’s video, which actually took a lot of time to complete (not that you can tell by looking at it), but Matt at World of Matticus interviewed me for his ’20 Questions’ column last week, and he just threw it up on his site today.

He made the worst mistake anybody can ever make.. a mistake so awesome, so beautiful, that I was stunned silent for almost 30 seconds.

He asked me to tell a story. A Marine story. And when I asked how short it should be, he said “Oh, take as much space as you need.”

Seriously… does he even read this site? “Take as much space as you need.”


So yeah, want to read a REAL long Marine story? Go check out his post!


5 thoughts on “FYI, World of Matticus asked me 20 questions

  1. You’d think I’dve learned my lesson by now. One of the officers in my Guild was a former navy guy. I asked him for a story and before I knew it, it was 1 AM. For some reason, I didn’t think USMC had stories that… detailed.


  2. TREMENDOUS story, BBB. Loved every minute of it. I’m REALLY glad your “lethal fashion sense” didn’t leave you dead in the desert! Especially because when they finally found your remains, it would have looked so incredibly unlikely to have happened by accident that they would have probably ruled it a suicide….!(Consider that a “teaser” for anyone who hasn’t clicked on the link and read the story yet. GO DO IT NOW, SOLDIER!)I’m really excited about the prospect of you getting your own domain name and stuff, too. Your blog is awesome and I never miss it. Keep up the good work, and for crying out loud, don’t wear cutlery as a fashion accessory the next time you get the urge to climb something! 😉


  3. So I’m 6 months late answering this… but only just found your blog. I read that whole story and absolutely loved it. Looking forward to following from now on!


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